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Her Naughty Encounter: Part 1

Short story By: Zahraaaaa

He needed that body, and she knows she needs his touch in the one place she dreamed of.

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Jack stared across at the girl swirling around on the ball floor in her silver-lined red dress. Her white pearl earrings and neckace shimmered under the chandlier lights. He would posses her tonight, no more waiting around and no more games.

Linda's been avoiding Jack as much as possible. She felt his intent gaze on her, while she danced with other men. She wanted Jack to leave despite the warmth she felt between her legs and feeling slightly aroused when he looked at her. She needed fresh air now.

"Excuse me sir," said Linda, slowly disengaging herself from the short hairy man she was dancing with.

"What's wrong?" her partner asked, his eyes going wide with panic. "Are you okay my lady?"

"Yes I'm fine thanks. I just need to take a breath of fresh air," she replied hastily reassuring him. She skirted arounded him, disappearing into throngs of people as she made her way out onto the balcony and shut the doors behind her. She breathed a sigh of relief and felt the chill air calming her.

"Well, well, well," said a deep masculine voice from behind her. "I don't think its wise for a lady to be out alone in the dark."

"I could do whatever I wish to do Jack," said Linda staring straight ahead at the beautiful meadow. She wanted him to leave, but he was a very persistant man.

He walked around and leaned on a rail facing her. Linda refused to make eye contact, but felt him staring at her. She felt her face turn pink.

"If you wanted to do what you wished to do, you'd be rolling with me right there on the grass with my dick fast and hard inside you," he smirked.

Linda felt her body instantly heat at the thought. Ofcourse he'd seen her face turn red. She looked at him, to see his hot gaze rake her body as if she were already naked. She crossed her arms over her chest, and said angrily "just leave, I can't trust a traitor to the king. You would kill me anytime."

"Do you even know what the king's doing?" He asked with a laugh. "He's evil and I dont mean to harm you. Quite the opposite in fact."

Linda turned to leave and was immediately blocked by a huge hard chest. "Move," she said haughtly. She tried to push him with her hands, but he caught her hands in his big ones.

"Not so fast m'lady," Jack said, his eyes darkening with lust. He kissed the tips of her fingers, then her other hand, sending sparks of lust shooting through her body. "I want you."

Linda felt her body instantly reacting to those words. Her breasts swelled and once again she felt hot between her legs. Jack brought his lips down over hers fast, before Linda thought twice. His stubble scratched her chin and she was hesitant at first, then kissed back softly. It drove him wild, and he deepened the kiss instantly, wanting this beautiful delicate girl with a passion he didn't know he possesed. She had always evaded him. Linda felt his hard cock pressing onto her waist. She opened her mouth a little more and he immediately took controll of her tongue and tasting. She sucked his tongue, enjoying the kiss immensely. She had never been kissed like this. Never with this much intensity.


Jack grabbed her tiny waist and felt up her sides and rubbed the swell of her breasts from the side. Oh fuck, thought Jack, he needed her now, but not here. He broke the kiss gently, and she opened her eyes slowly a little dazed. "Come, let's go behind that tree over there sweet girl."

"This is not right," Linda said as soon as they got behind the tree, even though her body demanded for more. "We can't." Jack slowly touched her, and unzipped the back of her dress. The feel of his hand on her bare back made Linda forget about her protests. He kissed her again and let her dress fall down, revealing lacey cream colored bra and panties. He pulled away to look at her.

"Your so damn beautiful," said Jack, his gaze lingering on the dark mound between her thighs through the transparent panties. He got down on his knees and pulled down her panties which were damp. He smelled it, and winked at her. Linda was shocked, aroused beyond measure. He dropped the panties to the side and stroked her thighs with both hands. His hands felt rough and big from living in mountains she guessed. He ran his hands furthur up her thighs. "Open your legs babe. For me."

She hesitantly spread her legs. "Wider, come on Linda. Just a little more. I wanna feel your beautiful pussy. I want to feel you on my hand sweet girl."

Jack rubbed a finger around her pussy and felt her damp slick slit. He stuck a finger inside and rubbed her engorged clit with his thumb. He stared at the pink glory, he dreamed of this for months. Linda shuddered, and Jack licked the juices from her pussy.

"Oh Jack," moaned Linda. She coudn't stand this teasing, she wanted all of him. She felt his finger going in and out repeatedly between her legs. His finger was big and he was breathing hard.

"I need you now," Jack growled, unzipping his pants and letting his huge dick free. Linda's eyes opened wide, and he smiled wickedly. He laid her down on the grass and ripped off her bra. He licked her luscious creamy breast and sucked on her nipple. He felt he could suck on her breasts forever and never get enough. Once the nipple was hard to his satisfaction he moved on to other breast, sucking greedily. His hand cupped her pussy, and two fingers immediately went inside the damp folds of her pussy. He spread her thighs wider with his knee. "You're so tight Linda." He rubbed her pussy, up and down and pressed her clit, driving her wild. "Come on my hand sweety." She tried to close her legs, as this was too much for her. "Oh no you don't," he said gruffly, forcing her legs apart even wider. His probing fingers went deeper and he rubbed her clit with his thumb again. She screamed and orgasmed, with him muffling her sounds with his chest. He smiled and licked his fingers.

Oh my god, she thought. Her first orgasm was amazing, and she couldn't believe it was with this man.


Jack inserted his dick inside her, quickly. He was raging for release. He sucked her breasts and bit her nipples lightly, tugging on them. Linda moaned with pleasure.

"Oh please Jack." She needed him to move faster. He couldn't hold back any longer and pushed deeper inside filling her. He rocked back and forth slamming hus dick harder into her. She felt herself rising again and grinded into him harder. He put his hands behind her and spread her buttcheeks, inserting a finger. "Oh my," she exclaimed, the feeling overwhelming her. He was breathing hard, his eyes dark with lust for her. She felt his finger going up and then down, touching nerve endings. She was going to come again, she felt it. He rode her harder and faster. She immediately convulsed around his throbbing dick. He came at the same time, climaxing inside her and she felt his warm seed spilling inside her.

Jack rolled over and held her tightly. He wiped at the single tear from her eye. "I love you Linda. Always remember that."

"I love you too," Linda whispered, having denied that fact for a long time. He finally got to hear those words from those precious soft lips.

" Time we got back, don't you think?" He said with a rogue grin, and a boyish light in his eyes. Linda laughed and hurriedly proceeded to find her panties.


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