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sex with the supernatural: vampire seduction

Short story By: xxxsuclusionxxx

A drunken girl gets seduced by a vampire.

Submitted:Apr 16, 2010    Reads: 16,159    Comments: 23    Likes: 16   

His warm breath flooded my ear, as he hugged me from behind and murmured things into my ear. If i only had my way, id relive this moment for the rest of my life. I knew there was some type of danger going to come from this but i ignored all the signs. A mysterious boy i've just met, who seems to disapear at the drop of a dime. He didnt tell me his full name, only that they simply called him Rio for short. I'd guessed something like mario but he told i was wrong. Dead wrong.

We'd met at a party in East L.A And now we were hugged up in some Beach house just off the coast. It was a cute little place. Nice and clean. you could tell only he frequented it. I was almost certain he was single. I sat between his legs on the edge of his bed. His bed was clad in white silk sheets and soft featthered pillows. His lips exploring my ear and neck. I felt a little lost. Like i was high or something. I might of been. One of his arms were wrapped around my waist holding me tight, the other sliding from my shoulder down my arm: slyly pulling my bra strap off my shoulder. His hand went from my arm to sliding its way to waist and across my torso, stopping at the botton of my jeans. he unbotton my jeans so fast, i barely noticed. I was tired of struggling to see in the dimly lit room, so i closed my eyes and let my senses take over. All but common sense. The hand he had tightly wrapped around my waist soon came up to slide my other bra strap off my shoulder.

I seized the moment of freedom. I stood up and turned to face him. The only light in the room was coming from a sliding glass door at the back wall of the room. I could just make out his features in the moon light. He had hypnotizing hazel eyes that seemed to smile all by themselves, and tempting lips that practically called my name. I sat facing him on his lap and started to kiss him on his neck. my lips made it up to his ear.

"Take this off..." I whispered, tugging lightly on the bottom of his plain white tee. He did as he was told and pulled off his shirt while staring tauntilizingly into my eyes. He pulled his shirt over his head a revealed row after row of washboard abs. he was as white as sand in moonlight. After he tossed his shirt over to the side i dug my hands into his light brown hair and went striat for his lips. He wrapped his arms around me. i felt his fingers locked agaist the small of my back. His hands made their way up my back and stopped at the edge of my tank top. His fingers gripped my shirt and the next thing i knew, he was ripping it off. Maybe i really was high, because went ahead and let him rip off a 300$ top. next, i wasnt even sitting his lap anymore. I was kneeling over his lap as he began to nibble on my neck. It started out as little kisses but then turned into nibbles and then bite. The perfect combination of pain and pleasure flooded over me and i was soon completly indulged in the moment. This time he was gripping the band of my bra with one hand; the other gripping my belt. My hand uselessly held his face. My eyes open but not focused on anything in particular. I felt my bra snap. I didnt even ponder on the thought of why he choose to rip my cloths off. Soon he brought his lips back to mine. I began to press into him harder. Id thought we'd both fall back onto the bed but he was as sturdy as a rock. His chest as hard as a diamond as it pressed agaist mine. My torn bra tossed across the room with out another thought. I could hear a low rumbling in his throat but thought nothing of it.

Without warning he let us fall back onto the bed. My heart jumped at the surprise of it and i pulled away from him quickly. I took a couple deep breaths. He just stared at me or more like my neck. I placed my hands on his rock hard torso for support. He had this wild look on his face. an expression i didnt understand as i heaved for air. I caught glimps of something unusual in the slight moonlight.

"Hey"-I breathed raggedly-"did your eyes just change color?" I asked. They were no longer a breath taking hazel. They had faded into a Bright red. And they were still darkening. I noticed that they slightly fadeing into an even darker red. Before i could be any more observent, he swiftly sat up and kissed my dead on the lips. The motion was so quick i blinked and missed it. Maybe i was a little high. I was starting to hallucinate. He unzipped my jeans and gave me a little time to completly pull them off and toss them aside. when they were out of the way, i climbed back on his lap.He fell back and pulled me back ontop of him, more slowly this time. I lingered over him hissing him fiercely. one of his hands making its way up my thigh and stoped at the bikini line of my panties. Lets guess. he ripped his way through them too. His pants wre still on but unzipped. I didnt notice at first until i felt him slide inside of me. I felt the strangest sensation. A mind blowing chill slid up my spine a quacked my entire body. my body trembled ontop of him. A look of amusement lit up his face.

"Cold?" He murmured, going even deeper inside of me. Hes was ice cold. As if he'd been standing naked in the cold for hours. I couldnt stop trembleing. He simply laughed and started to kiss my neck. i felt frozen in place. It felt like someone had dumped crushed ice into my bikini briefs.

"i se poate auzi sânge curge." He whispered in my ear, then brushing his lips across the pulsing vein in my neck. Either i was on extacy or he just spoke another language. I was way to frozen to even aknowledge him. After a while i shivering, i finally got more comfortable.

"I knew you'd get use to it," He laughed. His hands held my waist. with out a moments notice, he fliped me over, and then i was lying on my back and ha was on top of me.

"mmm...mirosi frumos," He whispered seductivly. I guess i wasnt imagining it. What ever he was saying i was to lost to even understand. My body was still quaking but not from the coolness of his body on mine. i was quaking from pleasure. he kept going deeper and deeper and the more lost my mind went. his lips were still on my neck. i rested on the side of my face so he could resume nibbling my neck. my eyes began to wonder the room now that they had adjusted to the darkess. i caught glimpse of a vanity mirror on an old oak wood dressere just across from the bed. and thats when i saw it. in the mirror i only saw one reflection. Mine. my eyes widened an the reflection in the mirrors did too. I sucked in a shocked gasp of air. he pulled away from me so i could stare him in the eye. face inches away from mine he stared into my eyes. His expression twisted with sincere curiosity. His eyes were pitch black as they stared back into mine. His expression slowly changed as he began to comprehend my horror. He smiled. His smile spread widley across his face, revealing two perfectly carved and sharpened canine teeth. And not the fake rectangle one you see in movies. The perfectly sharp, striat from an animals mouth, type fangs sitting just in the back of his mouth. I opened my mouth and let out a huge scream. My scream was cut off when he gripped my face and pressed my head back on its side and slowly leaned into my neck. I just cringed in horror as i felt the strangest pain in the world. I couldnt even scream anymore. I could only heave for more air as i felt him cut through the large vein in the side of my neck. I watched wide eyed in horror as the reflection in the mirror struggled. The reflection, having a trickle of blood flow down its neck, and its eyes slowly going blank and stained, ceased to struggle and go limp..........all alone in the mirror.

Days later, some family filed a missing persons report on there sixteen year old daughter Racheal Taylor. She was reported to have been last seen going into a mysterious beach house just off the coast of south beach. Police spent continueous days scouring the shore but no reported beach house was found. After 2 years of searching, The police filed the case a rest. The Death of Racheal taylor shall remain a forever unsolved Mystery. As for Rio, He was never to be seen agian in the state of california.


1# i se poate auzi sânge curge- i can hear your blood flowing

2#mirosi frumos- You smell beautiful


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