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Tags: Sex, Rape, Break, In

DO NOT read if under age as this contains explict stuff, not actual events

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"mom grab the movie" I said from the door

"I am" my mom said form the car

"what are we watching tonight" my dad said as we came in

"hills have eyes" I said and my dad groaned

"oh come on you like the cannibals" my mom teased

"it's a pointless movie all those movies are pointless" he grumbled

My two younger siblings were eating ice cream and bouncing off the wall like always

"did you get us a movie too" my little sister asked she just turned five a couple of weeks ago

"yup you and your brother get to watch" I pulled the movie out " Casper" I said and they grabbed the movie and my dad went down stairs to put the movie on for them

My mom and dad and me sat down and put the movie on the sky was just getting dark

"this is really dumb" my father said and me and my mom laughed

there was a bang outside

"what was that" I asked and my mom looked out the window

"I don't know I cant see anything" she said and we went back to watching the movie

Knock knock knock

We all looked a the door, it was almost ten o clock who would be here at this time

I got off the couch and went to the door and pulled it open to see three guys standing there all young but older then me, I was only seventeen.

"may we use your phone" one of them asked

"um no sorry" I said and tried shutting the door but one of them pushed it open and I fell backwards onto the floor

"what the hell" my dad said and he got up

"sit your ass down" one of the guys said and one pulled me to my feet by my arm roughly

"get out of my house" my mom yelled at them

"no sorry we aren't done here sit down" the guy who asked for the phone said an my mom sat down

I could hear the little kids down stairs

"now is everyone up stairs" he asked then he smirked

"Joey I think someone is down stairs go get them" he said and done of them went down stairs I heard my little brother and sister come up the stairs

"now you go to your mommy now" the lead guy said and they went to my mom and my mom hugged them.

"please what do you want" I asked and the guy holding me pulled me harder against him and I shut up

"now we are going to play a little game its called who has the best body to fuck" the lead guy said and my mother started crying

"this is Joey and this is rick and im Jason" Jason said

He walked over to my dad

"what is your name" he asked and my dad got to his feet

"sit your ass down" Jason said and pulled out a gun and pointed it at my dad who sat down

"actually I don't care about names" Jason said and nodded his head to rick who was holding me, rick pushed me towards Joey and he caught me he held my arms behind my back

"lets see what's behind door number one shall we" Jason said and he came over to me and slid his hands up my stomach and in between my tits

"get your hands off of her" my mother yelled and rick pointed a gun at her and she just started crying

"jealous are we well we can see what's behind door number two" Jason said and looked at my mom

"hmm but I see someone has a few extra pounds I prefer the young ones" Jason said and slapped my right hip "they are so much tighter" he said

He kissed my cheek his chest pushing against mine

"stopping touching her" my mother screamed and Jason pointed his gun at her and then switched and shot my dad in the shoulder

My dad doubled over in pain and rick grabbed two chairs and put them in front of the TV

I was pulled to the rec room

"now honey what's your name" Jason asked as he sat down on one of the lazyboys

Joey let me sit on the carpet

"name" Jason said and I didn't say anything

"you either tell me a name or im gonna have to make one up for you" Jason said and I looked at him

"its taylor" I snapped and he smirked

"that's a nice name" Joey said and sat beside me and touched my cheek I flinched away

"your parents are going to be tied up when we go back into the living room now its up to whether or not they live and those little kids can be annoying so you either do what I tell you or they die" he said and I nodded

"good now" he said and Jason nodded to Joey who grabbed me again and pulled me up to my feet and we went back into the living room

My mom was tied up and sitting on the couch with the two little kids with her and my dad was tied up sitting beside her his shoulder bleeding

"now no one make a sound" Jason said and Joey sat on one of the chairs and I was in front of him he was holding my hands behind my back tightly

Jason put his gun on top of the TV and then he turned his attention to me

His hand went from my knee up and roughly grabbed my thigh and pulled my legs apart, my skirt riding up on my legs and my black boy shorts showed

"oh mom you should be proud of her she is truly a gorgeous girl" Jason said and his hand touched my inner thigh I jerked away but Joey held me tight

A tear fell from my eye and Jason touched it with his finger then sucked on his finger

"cant wait to fuck you honey" he said and Joey and rick laughed

Joey and rick pulled one of the lazyboy chairs into the living room and Jason sat down and pulled me on top of him, my back was against his chest and his hands rested on my bare thighs

"now as you two sit there and watch just think about how is only you had said yes for us using the phone" Jason said and his hands slid up my inner thighs

"stop touching me" I said and tried getting of his lap but Joey stepped in and held me where Jason wanted

Jason pulled my skirt all the way up so it rested around my stomach then he slipped a hand into my boy shorts

"damn boys she's shaved too" Jason said and my cheeks flushed

he ran his finger over my clit and I struggled in joeys grasp

"oh she's on fire boys" Jason said and he turned around so he was now pinning me to the chair and he slipped on of his fingers deep inside of my cunt

"how tight is she" Joey asked

"really tight" Jason said and added another finger working ti in and out his thumb was going full board on my clit rubbing it hard, I was going to cum but I didn't want to and Jason knew it too

He went faster and I came I was so humiliated

I could faintly hear my moms sobs

"oh your wet now babe" Jason said and he ripped my boy shorts off of me

"no please god no" my mom screamed and there was a noise and my mom shut up

I glanced to see her holding the side of her face

"please don't do this in front of my parents if you bring me somewhere else and they don't have to see I wont fight you and ill do what ever you want" I begged and Jason looked at me

"fine" Jason said and he yanked me up and dragged me to my room, he slammed the door and locked it

"take everything off" he said and turned on my stereo really loud

I pulled my shirt over my head and I reached behind me and un clasped my bra and pulled it off

Jason pulled me to him, he was sitting on my bed and he pulled me so I was between his les he pinched on of my nipples and I cried out a bit

He took my nipple into his mouth and rolled it between his teeth

"that hurts" I said and he smirked

"I know" he grabbed my arm and laid me down on my bed

"don't move" he said as he pulled his pants down he didn't bother to take them off he pulled me towards him, I felt his hard cock against my thigh

He adjusted me and then he thruster into me hard and I cried out

He thrust into me again and again and again I felt like I was dying I was a virgin this hurt

He went slower and lifted my hips as he went in deep,

He shot is cum deep into me and then pulled out and then left me on the bed I curled up and didn't say anything

"damn girl" he said as he turned off the music

I heard them talking and then ricked walked in and I coward a bit

Rick came over and he fucked me harder then Jason had his thrusts shallow he pinched my nipple hard and he held it as he fucked me

"stop" I said but he didn't

"you still have one more bitch" rick said and slapped me across the face hard

He finished and pulled out of me

I curled up once again and waited the door opened again and I saw Joey

"Taylor are you okay" he asked

"do I look alright to you" I said and he shook his head

He came over to me and I just flinched when he touched my leg

"look if I don't do something my older brother is going to kill me" he said so I nodded, I turned around and he made me get up on all fours he slid into my very sore cunt and went slow until I came he didn't, he pulled out and then left the room I laid there shivering and pulled the blanket over me

I don't know how much time passed but soon my mom came in and she told me they were gone and an ambulance was on the way.

I cried forever and when the ambulance came I was driven to the hospital along with the rest of my family, and when we got to the hospital my doctor was Jason.


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