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A great fuck session with a cheater

Short story By: XxDarkTemptation94xX

No summary
This is my first written erotica story ever. Hate or good comments are welcomed. I hope you enjoy.

Submitted:Jul 29, 2010    Reads: 2,668    Comments: 10    Likes: 6   

It was a cool night. The stars were out. I, Ashley Green, was sitting in the kitchen, wearing just a bathing suit with a robe over it. I was drinking a cup of coffee while I was waiting for my fiancee Kevin to come back home from work. I had been thinking for the past hour.

After a few more minutes I heard Kevin drive into the driveway. I got up from my seat and walked to the hallway. Kevin opened the door and put his suitcase down. He looked up and saw me.

"Hi honey." I said, seductively.

"hi dear." Kevin said. "What's going on?"

"I was thinking that you would like to join me in the swimming pool."

"Sure. Let me go change into my trunks."


Kevin went upstairs and changed then he came down and we walked to the backyard. We got to the pool and I pulled off my robe, revealing my black and white bikini that barely covered my breasts.

"Wow." Kevin said. I blushed.

I jumped into the pool, making a healthy amount of water land on him.

"Oh my gosh." he said, looking at his shirt.

"Haha, sorry." I said, deviously.

"Very funny." He joked, pulling his shirt off. I stared at him. He had an athletic and sexy body.

He jumped in beside me and grabbed me and started tickling me. "Kevin!" I laughed, "Cut it out!" I threw my arms at him and grabbed his shorts to pull him away from me. He immediately stopped ticklng me. I realized where my hands were. He started getting hard.


We walked back into the house. We had been outside for about three hours and decided to go in for some dinner. "What do you want to eat?" Kevin asked.

"Um...I don't know." I said.

"Ham and cheese it is." He laughed.

He made the sandwiches and we ate in silence. When we were done I got up and was about to start washing the dishes when Kevin grabbed my hand. I looked at him. He pulled me closer to him and kissed me. He pushed me against the counter before I felt his tongue invade my lips, he swirled it around mine and I felt like I was melting.

I reached down and rested my hand on his boxers; I squeezed his cock gently in my hands, feeling him get twice as hard as before. He picked me up and sat me on the counter, resting himself between my legs; he pulled off my top piece of my bikini, revealing my perky breasts and my erect nipples. He pressed his soft lips onto my breast and opened them, letting his tongue flick my nipple. His hand found its way to my other breast and massaged it gently as he sucked my other one. I moaned and began to breathe hard.

He pulled my bottom piece down to my ankles and kissed down my flat stomach before resting his head between my legs. I felt his tongue sliding its way across my inner thighs, I could feel more and more hot juices leaking from my pussy the closer his tongue got to it. I wanted him there; oh I wanted him there so bad. He teased the lips of my pussy, flicking his tongue near them but not touching completely. I moaned in eagerness, pushing myself towards his mouth. He opened my pussy with his fingers and as his tongue touched me, I let out a quick shrill of excitement.

I felt his tongue sliding up and down my pussy, flicking my g-spot fiercely. "That feels so fucking good." I moaned louder and gripped his hair in my fingers. He slid two of his fingers inside me and fingered me slowly as he licked me, flicking his tongue faster and faster. I felt my body tensing, my back arched and I let out an extremely loud moan as my orgasm took hold of my body. My pussy tightened around his fingers and he licked the juices from me.

When he finished I was breathing hard and even hornier. "I want you." I told him. He smiled at me and kissed my lips, I tasted myself on his tongue. He pulled down his trunks and his nine inch cock sprung out into the air.

He kissed my neck and rubbed the tip of his cock up and down my pussy. I felt myself becoming wet again. I kissed his lips and I pulled him on top of me on the counter. He slowly pressed his cock inside me, the tip stretching my pussy. I moaned against his lips as he worked more and more of his cock inside me. Finally his entire cock was inside me, it felt so good, "Fuck me," I told him. He kissed me with his tongue and began thrusting himself in and out of me. "Oh, my, gosh" I moaned, his cock hurt me but felt good at the same time.

He went faster and faster, thrusting himself inside my pussy so hard that our hips slammed together, moving me backwards on the counter with every thrust. Finally I felt my body tensing once more, and suddenly I erupted with a delicious orgasm, moaning at the top of my lungs, my body exploding in ecstasy as he rammed into me. He grunted and pulled out of me quickly, cuming onto my stomach and chest. I pulled his lips to mine and passionately kissed him. "That was amazing" I said to him, breathing hard against his lips.

We went upstairs and into our bedroom. We jumped on the bed and fell asleep.

****NEXT DAY****

I gently reached over and stroked Kevin's hair. He slept so well i was thankful when my phone began vibrating on my bedside table.

I recognized the number. I quietly got out of bed and walked into the hallway to answer. If someone was calling at midnight it was usually something important. I pressed the answer key and whispered hello.

"I need you Ashley Green." A deep voice responded on the other side of the phone.My throat dried up at the sound.

"Blake, why are you calling me?" Blake is my boss. I'm his assistant.

"I need you Ashley. I've been without your sweet pussy for too long."

"It's barely Sunday morning,"I whispered and hurried into my small bathroom "Just wait today and then you'll have me."

"I hired you to assist me," he tried to convince me. I paused, what would Kevin think if I wasn't in my bed when the sun rose. There was no easy way to go about this without lying to Kevin. Keeping silent was easy, covering up and remembering your lies is another.

"Look, Blake,"I sighed "Kevin is here tonight and I really don't feel comfortable with leaving, or kicking him out."

"Oh, you're soon to be hubby is there!"I could hear the smile in his voice. "Maybe I should come over there then."

"No, Blake. It's better that-"

"I'll show him how it's really done."

I was going to say its better that Blake and Kevin never meet. If I was brave I would have said it's better that me and Blake stop fucking and leave our relationship strictly business. However, I couldn't make myself say either of those things. It was true Blake was a better…kinkier lover than Kevin ever was, but I could never let him know that. Yet I could only feel myself getting wetter at the thought of Blake pounding me in my own bed. A bed I shared with Kevin so many times.

"Ashley?" Blake asked and I remained silent. "You'd like that wouldn't you? I'd show him how to please you right."

"Kevin pleases me just fine."I hesitated.I peaked back into my bedroom where Kevin still peacefully slept.

"You could say that with a lot more confidence Ashley. You've told me yourself I'm bigger than your so-called true love. Let me show him how to love you like I do."

I knew it wasn't love Blake was talking about. It was sex, but God the sex was so good.I found myself needing him as much as he needed me.I licked my lips thinking of Blake's naked body against mine. Gathering up my strength I told him.



"You can't come over while Kevin is here." I paused not believing what I was saying. "I'll…I'll make sure he's out of the house early."I could picture Blake smiling but the call was ended before we said good bye.I had no idea when Blake was coming…This was dangerous business, and I was still unable to sleep that night.

In the morning I explained to my fiancée that I didn't sleep well last night, and wouldn't want to bore him by sleeping all day. In all reality this wasn't a lie, if all went well I'd be sleeping with Blake late into the afternoon.I realized I was looking forward to it too much, and I got that dirty feeling again. Nevertheless,Kevin was out at eight and I got about an hour shut eye before Blake knocked on my door.

I answered the door in my blue night shirt that reached just below my round ass, no bra, no panties.I could feel my hard nipples pressing against the shirt as the cold air from the outdoor hallway rushed in. But I could also feel the heat forming between my legs when I opened the door and saw him.

I had never seen Blake in anything other than a suit, but I was now convinced he looked good in anything. He wore a black t-shirt that stretched across his muscular chest and dark jeans that stretched across his already growing erection. He stepped in without a word and wrapped me in his arms.I pressed myself close against him and kissed him back.I ran my hands down his chest and slipped them under his t-shirt to lift it over his head. It was at that moment I realized I'd never seen Blake shirtless. He had dropped his dress pants every day but tie was never loosened, his shirt was never unbuttoned.I kissed across his perfect chest and was tempted to bite his neck but he pulled me away before I could.

Blake grabbed my night shirt and lifted it off me.My chocolate brown, wavy locks fell just over my breasts.I stood before him in my own living room absolutely naked. Took a step back and stared at me. Every other time had been so rushed, no time to realize how beautiful I was.My stomach was flat, but my ass was far from it.My green eyes shown bright, drawing attention away from my tan skin.

"God you're a hot bitch." He exclaimed and began taking his jeans off. He stood in my living room in just his boxers.I wouldn't mind if Blake took me right there on my living room floor.I was so wet thinking of him there with me.I took his hand in a rush of adrenaline and brought him to my bedroom.

Blake threw me on my bed.I arched my back and smiled.I liked it rough and unexpected. He knelt on my floor next to the bed and threw my legs over his shoulders. He licked the slit of my pussy and I locked my ankles together. He licked me slowly up and down and I got wetter and my mind was lost in the moment.I called his name,I archedmy back,I gripped the sheets, and I climaxed hard.

Without missing a beat Blake stood up and pulled my shaking body off the bed onto my knees. "Suck me Ashley."I obeyed.I wrapped one small hand around his throbbing cock and looked up at him. His eyes closed and I licked the tip of his rod with my tongue.I tasted his precum and smiled.I took him completely in my mouth and slowly sucked him as he had licked me.

"Faster, faster" he whispered, and I did just that.I wrapped my tongue around his dick as I moved it in and out of my mouth.My pussy was soaking wet again and I reached down to touch myself. Sticking one finger inside myself I moaned on Blake's cock. He opened his eyes and saw me playing with him as well as myself. "Oh no," he grabbed my hair and pulled me off his cock "That's my job."

He threw me back on the bed and lay on top of me then flipped me over so he lay on his back in my bed. He kissed me quickly. "Get back on my cock." Without hesitation I threw my knees over his shoulders and began sucking his cock again. Now in the 69 position Blake could please me as I sucked him. He licked me again and I sucked his cock faster. Blake took my clit into his mouth and sucked on it.I moaned over his cock again and the feeling made it twitch in my mouth.

I moved over his cock fast and he replaced his tongue with his fingers to stroke inside me. When Blake came he groaned my name and moved his fingers rapidly until I had a second orgasm.I swallowed his hot cum and wrapped my hand around him preventing him from softening.I stroked him hard again as he lay below me. Repositioning myself I couldn't help putting his cock inside me.

I put my hands on his chest as I rode him.I had never rode Blake, and thinking back I had never rode Kevin. In my past, men had loved me riding them, being dominant and staring into their eyes.

"Yeah," Blake moaned. "Ride that cock."I slid over him faster and he reached up to slap my ass. I moaned. "You like that?" Blake spanked me again as I rode him.

"Yes! Again! Uh, UH, OHH!"I rode him faster and almost climaxed again before he rolled me over and slowed down the pace I had started.

"I'm not ready for you to cum again yet." He teased me with his dick pulling out slow and pushing deep inside me fast. The force of his body rocked me as he fucked me missionary. He went from slow to fast in one thrust and I couldn't contain my climax. "Does he fuck you like this huh?"

"No! Oh God NO!"I screamed in ecstasy.

"Tell me his name," Blake whispered in my ear as he pounded deep inside my pussy.

"Kevin!" Blake pulled out, picked me up and put me on my hands and knees and continued pounding me.

"Does Kevin fuck you like this Ashley? Huh? Has it ever felt this good in your bed?"

"No! No! Fuck me Blake! OHHH FUCK ME!"I rocked my hips back against him to pull his big cock deeper and harder inside me. Blake reached up and pulled my hair forcing my head up. It was then I noticed we were facing the mirror on my bureau.

"Does it look this good?!" Blake's voice was deep as he looked in my eyes in the mirror.

"Never! You're good Blake! So…Fucking…GOOOD!"

Blake pulled out of me again turning me on my back and wrapped my ankles around his neck and he kneeled above me. He pushed his hard cock into me once again thrusting the fastest he had all day. My head lay over the edge of the bed and I lost all my senses within another orgasm. I had no idea how loud I screamed, or what I said, and I didn't care. I was absorbed in the best orgasm of all my years in the business and all my times with Kevin when Blake came inside me. Blake didn't slow his pace until he started softening and pulled out.

Blake fell beside me in bed, breathing just as heavily as I was. It was then when everything crashed into reality.My boss was laying in my bed because I had kicked out my fiancée. A box of condoms sat in my night table drawer because I wasn't on the pill, and I had never used one with Blake. He had propped himself up on one arm beside me and was massaging my left breast. He was quickly readying himself for round two.

I ran my hand through his hair like I had Kevin's hair the night before. It wasn't the same, but it felt just as good. I needed to come to my senses. But for now, Kevin didn't know, and Blake was already kissing me deeply again.



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