Prelude to a kiss


Page 1, She could feel her flimsy g-string give way under the pressure of his erection.


Prelude to a kiss


“It will be two minutes only, but believe me it is worth it. This Adonis must have fallen straight out of heaven. He even allowed me to caress his butt. Firm round cheeks that’s softer than a baby’s belly. I am in lust!”

“I don’t know Jenny. One hundred rands is a little stiff. What if I don’t enjoy it? I will end up cursing myself tomorrow morning when I wake up. I can buy a throw for the settee or the blender I always wanted with a hundred rands. There was this beautiful toiletry case I saw on the telly…”

“Beverley, what price tag would you put on feeling sexy?”

“Well, it is priceless. No money in the world could buy you that feeling.”

“My point exactly! All you have to do is sit on the chair and enjoy it.”

“If you put it like that… where is the line?”


Beverley waited patiently in the line. If it wasn’t that Jenny was keeping a watchful eye on her, she would have left this line a long time ago. The lady in front started moving with the grace of a ballerina to the music. She definitely looked in the mood for sex. It only took ten minutes and then it was Beverley’s turn.


“Hi sexy, I am Christoff. I will give you what you have wanted for a long time now. But, there is some rules you have to adhere to. You can touch, you can fondle, but no kissing is allowed. You may undress me, but by no means should you start undressing yourself. Is that understood?”


“Good, let the fun begin,” and he beckoned Beverley to sit on the chair.

She started feeling uneasy the moment she sat down and he came closer to pin her to the chair.

“Wait, Christoff! I don’t think I can do this. Can we just stop for a second? This is about my enjoyment, right?”

“Yes, so if you don’t feel comfortable with this we can stop,” he said as he looked at her understandingly.”

“You seem to have the dog by the tail. I want to do this, but I will feel sexier and enjoy it more if I give you a lap dance. Is that allowed? I will follow the rules, I promise.”


Christoff looked a little taken aback by the suggestion. He certainly was not expecting this.

“I guess there is no problem with your suggestion,” he said as he held his hand to help pull Beverley off the chair. He sat down and made himself comfortable. His muscled thighs were parted on the chair. He relaxed backwards and gave Beverley a sly smile.

“This would be my first lap dance. Wow me,” he said as he slowly put his hands behind his head.

Beverley smiled as she walked closer to the chair and started swaying her hips. In her mind she saw Bob sitting in the chair, Bob looking at her hungrily and her buoyancy sky rocketed. She was dancing for her lover. She moved till she stood in front of his parted legs. With her hands she pushed them further apart as she lowered her head and buried it in his crotch. She smelled his manhood all around her and felt invincible as she felt him rising to the occasion. She lifted her head and started moving up his torso. Her hands followed the path of her nose and lips. She hovered just inches from his lips. Not touching his, her lips moved in an extremely suggestive way in the air. Her hands caressed his arms, till her fingers got strangled in his. He tried to look unfazed, but she knew the truth. Read it as clear as daylight in Bob’s eyes.

She first moved her left leg over his thigh and started moving against his leg. She could feel the coldness in her panty as it started warming against his leg. Her arousal clearly awakened his lust as he tried to free his hands. She refused and pushed his hands behind his head. With her lips caressing his ear she said, “Relax, lover boy. I am only getting started.”

With those words she put her other leg over his thigh and sat wide legged on his arousal. She locked her legs behind the chair and started moving on him. His hands locked behind his head, her legs locked behind his chair, she imprisoned him. She gyrated her hips and then started thrusting against him. She could feel her flimsy g-string give way under the pressure of his erection. With a quick flip of her right hand she pulled on the Velcro from his underpants and within a second he was naked beneath her. With a simple adjustment of the movement of her hips, she thrust against him and felt him fill her totally. They both sighed and then she started moving like a crazed nymphomaniac. He was helpless in her grasp as she tried to rid her body of the tension inside.

She moved up and down refusing to let him fully escape the confines of her imprisonment. Thrusting deeper, moving wilder she clenched the muscles inside her walls, almost crushing the life out of him as they both crashed into the abyss. Both was still pulsing as they moved involuntary to the music.


“It is already five minutes! I want my lap dance too,” a voice said as someone knocked on the door insistently.

Christoff moved forward trying to caress Beverley’s lips with his own.

“Ahh, no kissing. Remember the rules,” she said as she put a finger to his lips.

“Fuck the rules!” and he tried to pull her closer.

With a decisive push she moved off him and positioned her dress again.

“Well, foul language never contributed to a healthy relationship. You still have more women to please lover boy. I would suggest you fasten you Velcro again,” and she moved towards the door.

“You were right. You gave me what I have wanted for a long time now,” and she opened the door to let the other woman in. Christoff smiled satisfied.


“So? Was he everything I said he would be?” Jenny asked.

“Yes he was,” and she smiled. At least now she had closure. She got to make love to the man of her dreams, without breaking her best friend’s heart.

“Bob will flip when he hears I went for a lap dance. Please don’t tell him, Beverley. What he doesn’t know, wont hurt him,” Jenny said pleadingly.

“What he doesn’t know, wont hurt him,” Beverley repeated.

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