Little Death - The Interquel


Page 1, She stood there, bare breasted, deep in thought.

LITTLE DEATH – The Interquel


She readjusted the sweater as she looked in the mirror, “Do you think this accentuates my figure?”


I scrutinized her, “Just a little too tight over the breasts.”


“Darn!” and she pulls the top over her head, throwing it on the ground. She stood there, bare breasted, deep in thought.


Somehow I have never really looked at her breasts before, but I was admiring them now. They were perfect! Two round firm peaks resting on a soft, elastic platform. They rose in delight with her breathing, swelling and rolling, never sagging. Believe me, I have seen beautiful breasts before, hundreds of pairs, but hers were exquisite! There was a slightly deepened chasm where I could imagine droplets of sweat forming on a warm day, caressing her skin as they traveled downwards. I could imagine fingers teasing her dark nipples till they hardened with excitement, rivulets of joy then surrounding them. Her breasts were to say the least, magnificent, and I wanted them to be mine! As this thought crossed my mind I could see her nipples hardening, goose bumps appearing all over her skin, just as I imagined they would under scrutiny and a small gasp filled the air.


I looked straight into her eyes and saw a deep hunger just beneath the surface and my throat squeezed tightly, making it impossible to breath. She thought I wanted her! In fact, I wanted her breasts to be mine, but seeing how the possibility of me wanting her, excited her, made me all heated inside. The air was thick with anticipation. Two sets of pupils dilated in the promise of pleasure. She watched my reaction in the mirror as she slowly supported her breasts with her hands and caressed her already tortured nipples. In the mirror I could see my nipples begging for the same attention, crying to be stroked. I gasped.


“Dammed, are you girls going to come down sometime this year?!” his voice splintered the tension in a thousand pieces. I awkwardly looked to the ground.


Unflustered she answered nonchalantly, “Hold your horses lover boy. We are just checking each other out.” And she gives me a quick wink as heat burns my cheeks crimson red.


“Well get a move on, we are going to be late. Should have known I was asking for trouble by letting you two get dressed in the same room. Almost looks like you are having an orgy upstairs with the time you are taking”, and she smiles knowingly at that statement as I almost choke with embarrassment. She moves away from the mirror and stands in front of me, her torso naked.


“Don’t worry love, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him”, she says boldly as she strokes my lips with her thumb. I just stare as she bites her lower lip between her teeth and advances closer. She hovers just inches above my mouth and with a flick of her tongue licks my lips from bottom to top. Heat fired up my desire and I parted my lips as she devoured my mouth in the most tantalizing way possible.


“Are you coming down or should I come upstairs and finish your dressing myself?!”


“Ahh”, she sighs, “Men! Always ruin the mood just as things are getting exciting!” she walks back to mirror, picks up the same top she threw to the ground and pulls it over her head.


“We had better get going before he loses his nuts. Believe me honey, it’s an ungodly sight!” and she walks to the bedroom door as if nothing happened.


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