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All I ask- Just one night, tonight.- Part Two

Short story By: XUXIKI

Payback is a b@#$h, they say!

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All I ask- Just one night, tonight- Part Two


"Johnny-boy, on time as usual," I smile because I know he hates it when I call him that. He pushes the door open and enters the house.

"I don't have time for your games. I'm only here to tell you it is over, in person." He looks into the sitting room and sees the settee on display, then looks back at me.

"Not even time to play?" I ask as I let the robe fall from my body. I stand in my birthday suit wrapped in fishnet stockings with kinky stilettos. I know he loves the sight of my curvaceous body, my round firm breasts, the way my waist tightens before rounding over bootylicious buns. My hair curls around my face and I shove it out of my face as I turn to let him see my stocking covered behind. I don't even check to see if he is following as I walk towards a chair, place it in front of the settee and sit with my back to the door. His breath behind my ear, hands on my shoulders and lips on my neck weakens my intent for a second, but as I turn my head and look into those deceitful eyes I grow strong again. I let him slide his hands down my arms and then cover my breasts with his middle fingers on my nipples. The exciting light in his gaze makes me want to laugh, so predictable! And he thinks I am the fool.

I rise from the chair, turn around and bury my hands in his hair as I eat his lips as if it was strawberries and cream offered to me on a hot summer's afternoon. He grabs my buns and says, "Darn Beverley! Why didn't you kiss me like this when we were together?"

"Forbidden fruit always tastes better," I say as I take his hand and invite him to sit on the chair. I place myself on his lap, sitting astride; I take his hands in mine and cross them behind the chair.

"I thought you like it when I use my hands," he murmurs as he sucks my right nipple in his mouth.

"Not tonight lover," I increase my hold on his hands as handcuffs are put on his wrists. He turns his head to the side in surprised response to the cuffs and duck tape is expertly applied to his lips before he is able to utter anything.

"Be still lover, it's just Maggie," his fiancé walks into his line of sight. "Tonight you will live your fantasy," I whisper in his ears. I see his eyes cloud with lust again. Maggie hands me a pair of scissors and I cut his shirt from his chest while she removes his pants and briefs. He sits there naked, drooling from his eyes and mouth. Maggie is wearing the see-thru red negligee I bought with the black stilettos. We look like ladies from an infamous bordello. I move behind the chair and take the cling wrap in my hands. Expertly I start wrapping it around his torso and chair, then wrap it around the back feet of the chair and then bind his legs to the chair. I leave his erection to move freely above the bound wrap. Certain that he will not be able to move from the chair, I extend my hand invitingly behind him.

"Meet the third party in our ménage a trios, Luke" I say as John's best friend places his hand in mine. He walks naked from behind the chair. I lead my party to the settee and let them sit on it while I move back to stand in front of John.

"This is your fantasy John, watching your girlfriend, ex and best friend having an orgy. This is our gift to you," a devilish glint fills my eyes. Only he sees it. I remember hearing him say countless nights before that his worst nightmare is witnessing a ménage a trios involving his best friend, his girlfriend and his most recent ex. He use to tell me he told Luke and Maggie he loved voyeurism, thus getting them to agree to this was easier than baking pie. He tries to protest, but it is his own fiancé that answers him, "Honey, I'll be good to them, I will make you proud."

If vengeance is ever going to be painted a color, I think it deserves gray, like his face as I move towards Maggie.

The sloppy M and the Eiffel Tower

I stand in front of Maggie as Luke positions himself behind her. She curves her back and offers her mouth to her ex. Yes, Maggie is Luke's ex. She and John had an affair for three months behind our backs. I put my hands on her small perky breasts and bury my face in the cleft between them. The material of the negligee gives way and I lick a pink nipple as she shivers and devours Luke's mouth. Her scent is intoxicating! I move my head lower and she opens her legs inadvertently. I lift the material and find her naked before me. Luke's indrawn breath tells me he waits in anticipation. I lower my head and smell her crotch, she smells like a floral bouquet and I bury my face in her petals. Luke moves his head to her nipples and sucks on them, while Maggie curves her back more, grabs his buttocks and licks his glans. I imagine we look like a sloppy M as we pleasure each other.

Her scent is driving me mad, now I understand partly why John craves for her. If eating a woman feels like this, I understand why women become lesbians, what I don't understand is why men don't do this more often. I devour her crotch as she tortures John. We are all oblivious to the prying eyes sitting in the chair. I lift my head as Maggie screams my name and her body shakes involuntary. John turns her around and lifts her buttocks as he plunges himself in her deep recesses. She lay there with her face buried in the fabric on the settee. John looks at me as he rocks in and out of her. I place my knees on the settee and entangle my hands in his hair as I kiss him. Suddenly I shiver as a tongue flicks across my clitoris. I look down to see Maggie grab on to my legs as she evokes throes of pleasure from between my legs. She locks her legs behind Luke's butt and invites him to thrust harder. Her body is so supple, so splendid I think as I cling to Luke to keep my sanity during this assault of the tower. I think she could turn me into a lesbian, reverberates in my head as my body splinters. She laughs, releases the hold on me and lifts her torso, trying to put her arms around Luke. He resists, pushes her down and then thrusts harder till she comes again. Luke moves out of her, I can see he is still hard.

I kiss Maggie and then lay on top of her. Breasts against each other squashed between two soft bodies' drives me wild again. I feel a hand groping for my crotch and see Luke behind me. He looks at me and then enters me. I lift my chest and push my butt out, letting him thrust deeper. He feels so good! I fondle Maggie's clitoris and she reciprocates. Luke moves like a madman behind me as I tighten and clench and then we both explode. Luke falls between the two of us on the settee. I remember John and look up to see him stare at the three of us. His eyes, they almost break my heart, almost. I turn away and look into Luke's face.

His eyes shine! I cannot look away, I am drawn to them. He pulls me closer and whispers, "I have always wanted you, but not like this. Not for John's pleasure or displeasure. I have always loved YOU."

Suddenly all the puzzles fall into place. The best friend comforting me while my boyfriend philanders around, listening to my silly tales while my boyfriend sleeps, kissing my forehead when I fall asleep in front of the television, supporting me when my grandma passed on and accepting a hideous profane suggestion just to be able to touch me. I see him for the first time and my eyes and heart open to a truth I have denied myself for ten years. I love Luke.

I pull his face closer, drown in his eyes and say, "show me how much I love you." He blinks, smile and laugh as he pulls me closer and kisses my mouth, my eyes, my ears and my face. I glimpse Maggie on the floor, John staring at us, both with tears on their face realizing they have just lost us. Luke pulls my gaze back to him as he devours my mouth and I am oblivious to the world. I awake later on the settee with Luke by my side. The chair is empty and John and Maggie are gone. I walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

"You know, I love these fishnet stockings. No matter how hard I tear them, they cling to you like a second skin," he puts his hands on my stomach and presses me into his erection.

I turn my head and whisper against his lips, "Have you ever been to the local massage parlor?"

"Nope, but I have heard about the ice to fire routine," and he grabs my breasts.

"Well, I've never had my front done," I place my hands on his buttocks, "maybe you could do me?"


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