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All I ask- Just one night, tonight.- Part One

Short story By: XUXIKI

Payback is a b@#%h they say!

Submitted:Aug 28, 2007    Reads: 2,648    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

All I ask- Just one night, tonight.

The invitation

I pick up the phone, start dialing his number, and then erase it again. I put the phone down and walk to the window. Just one night, that is not much too ask in a lifetime of possible 21900 nights. Just one night, he surely can't deny me this one luxury. He owes it to me. I look out the window but see nothing except his face smiling back at me. I see his eyes taunting me, daring me to call.

I move back to the phone again. I stand with it in my hand. What will I say? How will I approach him? What if he says no? I put the phone down again. I move to the couch and sit down. I see him sprawled above me; feel his breathing fanning my neck. I feel the pressure of his erection between my legs; I jump up again and move to the kitchen.

I switch on the kettle while I get milk from the fridge. This will not do at all, either I call him or I stop this nonsense totally. It is now or never, do or don't. I splatter milk all over the table as I put the carton down with force. I am a woman of substance; I do what I say and mean what I do. This ends here! With new found courage I stalk the phone. I pick it up disdainfully and punch his number in with vigor. I will not ask him, I will tell him I want one night!

I hear the phone ring on the other side. A husky voice enters a croaky, "Hello?"

My courage almost drains from me, but I persevere. "I want one final night, then she can have you forever." I am never one to beat around the bushes. Why waste energy on foreplay?

"Beverley? Is that you?" his voice sounds clearer as if he just woke up from a nagging nightmare. I remain quiet, what's the use in confirming what he already knows? I hear his breathing, can almost smell his musky scent, and taste him on my lips. I sigh.

"Are you fucking mad? I'm in another relationship now, I don't want you anymore. Could I spell it any clearer than I already did?" before his last words hit my grey matter, I have already switched to deaf mode.

"Tonight, my place at eight sharp. Tell her you won't be coming home till the next morn. I will be waiting." I end the call immediately. He owes me this, I need this. I move back to the kitchen and switch on the kettle again. I pour three teaspoons of sugar in a cup and half fill it with milk. I stir the sweet milk mixture and then microwave it on high for one minute. Just before the milk starts boiling over, I remove it and add the hot water. Now the flavor has really blossomed in my cup. I can see clouds of aroma escape the frigid hold of the tea bag, just like he escaped me. He says I am frigid, says I am conservative, says he wants fun and sexy, well I will give it to him. I will show him just what he is about to throw away, and what he will never have again. He thinks he punished me? I will show him what punishment is really like. So he wants a sadist-masochist relationship, well he is going to get one. Johnny-boy, this is one ride you will remember for the rest of your life!


I finish cleaning the house and make an appointment for a whole body massage at the local massage parlor. There is a masseuse named John, how appropriate! Unlike my John, this guy can perform miracles with your body. He makes you tingle in places you have never explored before. My appointment is for one in the afternoon. I have time to quickly enter a shop and leave with the perfect negligee and fishnet stockings. Stilettos are next on my list, a red pair and a black one. You never know when you need to change quickly. At twelve o'clock I am ready for John, with still an hour to spare, so I decide to eat a quick lunch at a small coffee shop. Couples walk past me totally in love with each other, I snort at their stupidity. Love is made for fools! I will take what is rightfully mine tonight.

When I enter the parlor, John is setting up his bed and switching on soothing music. He has a leotard on, bulging in all the right places! Too bad he is already taken, I can see myself performing miracles with his mold. I remove my clothing in the change room and fasten the string of my robe. He tells me to lie down on my stomach. I open my robe and press my naked front on the table as I relax on the bed. I feel oil dribbling on my back, bums and legs. Next, ice cold wind moves over my bare back, making all my hairs stand on end. Then follows the anticipated warmth, it starts in my toes and moves up my feet. It is his hands, hot as it removes the cold and warms the oil on my body. The tingle starts moving from my feet up my legs, to the center, but does not enter it. He is so good, I can feel my body turn to liquid. Then the warmth moves from my buns to my back and to my shoulders. I am so relaxed now, he can murder me and I will smile gladly. John calls this water changing from ice to fire, just what any girl needs to get fired up for her guy at home. He never does the front side, says it is virgin territory left for the man in your life. John, every woman's dream, but as always the good ones are always taken or gay. He leaves me to reflect on my inner fire for an hour while Babyface fills the air.

John wakes me up after a nice nap. He has to help me get up since my body feels like I don't have any bones. I dress quickly and am surprise to find it is already four o'clock. I leave the parlor invigorated. I unlock my door at exactly five o'clock. I move to the kitchen and remove the colored candles in the back of my cupboard. My granny gave them to me on my sixteenth birthday, "in case of an emergency, you never know when you need one," she said.

I move my lover's settee in the middle off the room and place candles all around it. All the other furniture I move to the edges of the room. Now there is enough space to maneuver. I go upstairs and run a tub filled with aromatic salts and relax in the water for an hour. When I get out of the water, I rub my body with scented baby oil and put on the fishnet stockings and the red stilettos. I fasten my bathrobe just as my door chime sings away merrily. Just in time, eight o'clock on the dot.


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