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A girl is raped by her two best friends.

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"The Cremlin Party?" Abby asked.

"Yeah...?" I questioned suggestively into the receiver.

"Sorry, it's just--haven't you heard the rumors?" Abby was all about the gossip.

"Rumors?" I scoffed, "What rumors?"

"All the sophomore say that the Cremlin party is where all the freshman's...lose it."

"Lose what?" I asked even though I could have guessed by the tone in her voice.

"You know..." She started, "Their virginity."

I almost laughed, but held back although the urge was exhilarating. "Those are just rumors Abby, it's just an innocent get-together, and besides, Juan and Justin are going, and I can tell you that is not their intent."

"Fine, go," She told me, "Whatever, I have algebra, don't wear something too...revealing. Okay?"

"Okay." I said mockingly.


Bye." I hung up the phone. It was the biggest party of the year, and it was an all freshman party, I had to go. I threw the phone on my bed atop a messy pile of unfolding clothing and trodded over to the closet. I dug in the back past masses of hangers and hooks and pulled out my dark blue dress.

I had worn this once and it was to my mother's charity auction last year. It was hemmed a couple inches above the knee, and was spaghetti strapped. It had a black underlining and a big black bow/belt around the waist.

I threw this on my bed along with the phone and checked my appearance in the mirror. Feeling that the hot curlers in my hair were now cooled, I proceeded to the bathroom to take them out.

***************** (Change in perspective)

"I'll get it!" Juan yelled as he proceeded to the door, which was being knocked on mercilessly.

He yanked open the door by the handle, and saw Justin standing there his strawberry blonde hair ashy in the rain.

"Oh hey--" Juan started but Justin just prodded in. Juan followed him up the staircase, trying to communicate with him some how but Justin didn't speak a word. As soon as he reached Juan's room he shut the door and locked it. "Dude what's up?" Juan asked quizzically as Justin dropped his bag on the bed and unzipped it.

"Sorry," Justin said pulling something out of his bag, "You know what you're gonna wear to the party?"

"Yeah, I was gonna, oomph!" Justin tossed a bottle at him, and Juan caught it just barely. "What's this?"

"The stuff," Justin said with a wide arm motion.

"Stuff?" Juan knew what he was talking about.

"We went over this dude," Justin said walking over to him and taking the bottle out of his hand, "Your gonna slip this into Tami's drink," he handed it back to Juan and closed him hand around it and hit him playfully.

"Um--yeah, about that dude--" Juan said walking over to him, "I don't think I can do this."

The look on Justin's face was something Juan couldn't explain, "What do you mean you can't do it?"

"I can't do it," Juan choked.

"Why not?" Justin said scoffed.

"It's wrong Justin, we can't just---rape her." the word was one he didn't use often.

Justin looked even more bewildered, "no, no...no...no....we're not raping her," He smiled funny, "We're just...you know... gonna have some fun,"

"It's wrong, Justin." Juan said.

"Fine dude, it's your choice Justin said walking to his bag, and pretended to dig in it, "But it would have been pretty fun wouldn't it?"

Juan knew what Justin was trying to do.

"Her clothes off, legs spread, mmmm..."


"Well you like her don't you?"

"Well--yeah, but--"

"Come on, it harmless--"

Juan huffed, he wanted to, but he knew it was wrong...but, the image of her in his head was all to swaying. "Fine." he said and tucked the serum away in his pocket.


The door clicked as she locked it. She didn't want to sneak out, but her mom had said no. "I don't want you going to an unsupervised party," she had said. But she didn't understand.

I slid open the window after picking up my blue purse, and took one last glance in the mirror. Perfect. I climbed out the window, right leg, left leg, and fit myself through until I was standing in the dim light of evening of the green of my yard. I took a breath and closed the window as much as I could from the inside. Then proceeded to walk.

The house the party was going to be held at was just a couple streets down from mine, and although it was chilly with out a sweater, I kept warm with the lively thoughts of fun I would have at the party.


"This the place?" Billy asked as he pulled up along side a 3-story house with all the lights on and kids crowding around.

"Yeah, Thanks, Bill," Juan said opening the car door and climbing out.

"No probs, what time should I pick you guys up at?" Billy said tapping on his steering wheel.

"'Round one will be good," Justin said, then hit him playfully before getting out of the car.

Juan watched as the black truck drove down the road. "You set with the plan?" Justin asked.

Juan snapped out of his daze and answered, "Yeah, yeah-"

Justin huffed, "Come on Juan perk up, it'll be fun-"

"Yeah-but.,. maybe we could, you know, just ask her instead-" Juan choked nervously.

"Yeah, yeah, that's a good idea," Justin said sarcastically, "You'll just say, 'oh hey, Tami, you wanna have sex upstairs?' and I'll laugh when she kicks your ass and calls the cops."

"I know-you're right." Juan sighed.

"Good. then you're set with the plan?"

"Yeah, yeah plan's set."

"Okay, lets get something to eat first though," they both headed inside the Cremlin house.


I could hear the music booming from a mile away, and the lights made it seem like it was day rather than 9 at night. when I saw all the kids I walked faster until I made it to the yard. The song playing was hard to make out but it made me want to dance.

Inside was even louder. I had to push my way past wild partying people until I found an open space. I was looking around for someone I knew.

After looking for 10 minutes, I decided to find a quieter place to hang. so I pushed my way through the dancing crowd and to kitchen. The walls in this house were thick so the music was faint as you closed the kitchen door. A couple people were hanging out in here, just eating and talking.

"Tami!" I heard a voice from behind me.

I turned around happy to see Juan, "Oh hey Juan!" I was so relieved that I knew some one here.

"Music too loud for you?" He asked with an awkward smile.

"More than I'm used to," I smiled.

"Yeah, it's better in here," He told me. I nodded in agreement looking at the floor. "Do you want some punch?" Juan asked.

I look up at him, "Yeah, yeah, sure thanks,"

He smiled and walked out another door which led to the dining room.


What am I doing? Juan thought as he made his way to the large table. He knew it was wrong but he pushed himself any way.

As he picked up a plastic cup he recalled the look on Tami's face, just happy, fun-loving, she trusted him. He choked this matter down as he poured the red juice into the cup with the ladle. and watched how it showed pink through the cup.

Then he walked into a corner and pulled out the bottle. He looked long and hard at it, before popping off the cap, and hesitantly pouring the reddish liquid inside the drink. Tucking the bottle away he noticed how the drink seemed unchanged. Then, sighing heavily, he carried it into the kitchen.

"Here," Juan choked handing the contaminated drink to his best friend.

She too it from him with a smile, "Thanks," and she sipped it.

His heart sank. as he watched the liquid surpass her lips, he felt cold inside. She had no idea.

He snapped out of his daze and remembered the plan. "It's still kind of noisy up here, I her there's an empty place up on the third floor." This was where Justin was waiting.

"Oh, yeah," Tami said wiping the liquid from her lips, "That'd be cool." and she followed him upstairs.

Regret enveloped Juan every step he took, but he couldn't tell Tami what he had done…or why. So once they made it to the third floor, Juan opened the door on the right and went inside.

It was just as empty as Justin had said it would be, and the bed was just as big.

"It is quieter up here," Tami said sipping her drink again and setting it down on the bedside table.

Then the door clicked, "Juan, Tami, what a surprise!" Justin said entering, he was better at this than Juan.

"Hey Justin!" Tami said hugging him playfully.

"Yeah, hey justin," Juan said nervously.

"I didn't know you'd be here-ugh-" Tami said.

"What is it?" Justin said stupidly.

"I-I don't know my head just feels funny, probably all that music."

Juan felt sick to his stomach.

"I'm sure it will pass," Justin said as Tami walked over along side the bed.

"Yeah, i-" But she collapsed right there on the floor.

The sight of her, limp on the floor made Juan want to puke. How could he have done it?

"It worked!" Justin said kneeling by her, "Help me get her on the bed, and lock the door."

Juan locked the door, and helped Justin picked up unconscious Tami and lay her on the bed. "Justin, I really don't think we should do this,"

"Come on dude you don't even have to do anything just watch."

Juan whimpered slightly.

Oh how degrading it was to watch Justin strip Tami of her clothes, of her dignity until she lay there naked on the bed.

The image was lovely and awful at the same time.

He watched as Justin climbed on top of her and began kissing her lips violently. Even though she couldn't kiss back, that didn't stop Justin. He kissed her and then he rolled her head to the side and began sucking on her neck, nibbling at it and she began to twitch moan slightly.

He wanted to so bad! But it was wrong!

"You wanna try Juan?" Justin asked sitting up.

There was a long pause and hesitation is his voice when he said, "Sure,"

Justin climbed on top of Tami and Juan climbed on top of her, and felt him self get horny. he would have been fixated on her solemn face, if it wasn't for her hot body, B cup breasts, skinny figure and freshly-shaved pussy.

He turned her head to the other side, and began to suck on her neck. It smelled so good! and it tasted sweeter than candy. he kissed her neck, over and over and sucked it until she moaned, that he nibbled on it, he couldn't get enough. and before he knew it they were off.

Justin held her legs open wide as Juan groped her breasts and teased her nipples. They were hard and soft, and tasty to suck and bite.

While he did this, Justin held Tami's legs open and sucked on her clit, which made her unconscious body struggle and moan. He licked her juices up like it was candy and then began to finger her.

Juan turned himself around still on top of Tami but facing Justin. and watched as Justin fingered her violently, in and out so violently that Juan had to hold her down.

Than Justin began to rub her clit, which made her really bounce, and to make her even hornier, Juan stroked her sides. After a while of this she still had not orgasmed, so Juan scooted up and put his hand over her mouth and plugged her nose so she couldn't breathe, remembering how much better his orgasms were when he held his breath. he hampered her breathing for a while, until she started choking for breath.

"Oh boy is she cumming!" Justin said excitedly, and Juan cocked his head and saw that the bed was wet with her juices. and then her body tensed all over and she tried to breathe, her face turning red. Justin held her down as she orgasmed. once her orgasm was over, Justin began stripping until he was naked and pryed Tami's legs open.

"You can take it," Justin said.

"Take it--?"

"her virginity, you like her,"

Juan nodded and stripped down and positioned him self over her. she was so wet, and smelled so good. Justin was on top of her and was holding her legs open wide.

Juan let the head of his cock stick into her slightly until she moaned a bit. "Do it fast," Justin told him. Juan nodded. and counted down in his head. 5…4…3…2…1… He thrusted himself inside of her so hard it scooted her up on the bed even under Justin.

She yelped and moaned so loud Justin had to cover her mouth. "She's waking up, dude, I wanted to give her anal."

Juan helped Justin flip her over so she was on her hands and knees, and Justin positioned himself over her. he wrapped one arm around her tummy and one grabbed her hair, then he thrust his dick inside her so hard Juan had to suppress her screams. Once Justin pulled out of her, Tami fell on her side moving slightly still a bit unconscious.

"What are we going to do?" Juan asked feeling guilty.

"Don't worry dude, when she wakes up she'll just think it was a dream," He checked the clock, "I'm going to go see if Bills here," and he walked out of the room.

Juan covered Tami's naked body with the sheets and sat on the corner of the bed after putting his clothes back on. Tami began to wake up.

What had he done? He raped her, and wished he hadn't but, it was all so...tempting.

"ugh-"Tami moaned.


I felt awful, my breasts hurt and I felt wet and my vagina throbbed, and stung. I opened my eyes, I was in a room laying under some sheets. I sat up a bit and saw Juan sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Ugh, Juan? Oh I must have passed out…" He didn't answer, "I had the weirdest dream."

He gave me a sad look one of regret.

"What?" I asked.

He looked down, playing with his fingers, "It-" He choked, "It wasn't a dream."

I looked at him with a nervous smile, and then I frowned, "What?" I lifted upt he blankets a bit and saw that I was naked, then I pulled it back on and bunched it around me so he couldn't see, with tears on my eyes. "You-"

"I'm sorry," Juan choked and scooted closer to me. I scooted back.

"You -raped me…" I choked.

"I know, Tami, I'm sorry," Juan seemed like he was going to die.

I couldn't stop crying.

I sobbed uncontrollably into the sheets.

and I felt Juan's arms wrap around me lovingly. My best friend, who I thought I loved had raped me...


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