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Two people in love seize the night

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Fall. 23:03pm. Diamante piano keys play so softly, as if to a new picture about to be drawn by Picasso. So it is not rushed. Just gently playing, like a slow breeze, in the right hand corner of the glossy white room. Its mirrored top catches the image of tulips and orchids in a vase as astonishing as the star lit sky. This stunning night, glittering fans for stars beat, flit about, shooting everywhere while the moon showcases its light - flickering in and out of objects, things that may not get touched and things yet to be touched and occupied by bodies - Yamaha diamante piano keys, the marble floors, the jet black beaded quilt, the stringed pillows, mirror, the dressing table, Marilyn Monroe on the wall, that wall where the entrance of intimacy leaves her blurry. The giant floor length folding windows soon to screen passionate love-making.

Two hearts, a dangerous duo, race against the night. Whizzing in and out of others and around each other. Their wild hair thrashing about in the wind. In and out of a myriad of places they never miss each other, constantly giggling like little children. Their hearts thump so violently within their chests. Last stop. Knightsbridge. Desire burns in their eyes and within their souls, scorching hot like the sun. He knows. She knows. It is time. Rhythm of piano intense like it knows they are coming. As he parks, she parks. They run toward luxurious doors like horses in flight. Up in the elevator. Breathing so hard it hurts. Bursts of giddy breath. One last woman leaves. Third. Up close and personal. He parts her legs with his. His hand traces the shape of her genitals. She feels him there. He is hard. Fourth. Fifth floor. Inside the room. Sensual sounds and burning candles. Centred in this space they were leaning against nothing yet.

Him behind her. "Undress slowly" he says in a silky tone. "I understand" she says, biting down on her glossy lips, trembling slightly. A sexy shimmering silver dress that could only be made for beautiful sirens he thought and an off white Valentino see-through one piece body suit falls to the marble floor whose surface reflects the golden spotlights in the room. He stops her just before she can take her sheer black lingerie by Victoria Secret off. Her see-through open toe high heels never leave her feet. Just the way he likes it. His eyes explore this shimmering Goddess before him. His white Ralph Lauren shirt drops to the floor. "You are to unbuckle my belt, undo the button and unzip me but do not turn around" he said. Relieving himself from his suede black lofas and the last black trouser leg, he bent her over till her hands touched the floor and let her lace pants find its way to one corner of the flesh of her perfumed thighs and wrote his vision in her. This species of a man entering her hemisphere, her life, moulding his love in her. In and out, in and out, to every second, minute and hour of the clock. He throbs inside her like tides of the wave. In and out of time, in and out of time, and time, it changes like the construction of their love, and the changes bring their seasons. To each their own song, their own rhythm, their own intimate moments. Days, weeks, months, years. The flowers of the garden before them sharing their change, agreeing with their message. All in this night in Paradise it seemed. They were like this.

"Reach for my phone" he says. She stretches her hand toward the phone but before she can even do that he crashes into her as he holds her limbs back toward him. Thrusting with all his might as if he had been searching for her his whole life. As if he had waited too long for this moment and for many repeated moments like this. Riding her and her feeling his strength in her. He raised her up and like a dagger he was so hard inside her. "Spell my name" he whispered in her ear not slowing down, refusing to back away. She tried but he was thrusting so fast and furiously she could not. She could barely usher one letter of his name, only gasping hard at every attempt. "Tsk, tsk, tsk, naughty, naughty, girl" he said. Her head tilted back, happy lived within her as a tear fell from the right side of her cheek and across his cheeks while he still manufactured gasps from her with his forceful consistency and always to the moons' light they would be, like actors on a stage ready for the first scene. Ready for the first applause. He made circles with one finger down in her most inner parts and then he would continue bringing her back to him in loving violence. Playing with her hair to the motion of the moons' light. He was an artist. A perfectionist.

The piano keys caught her limbs with nothing being let out of her mouth except when he entered her. Again. She moaned as he moaned. Frazzled song. No voice. No lyrics. Keys. Sounds juxtaposed against a flesh curating motion in flesh and all so violently yet so softly. "What can you see" he says. "Nothing. My vision is blurred" she says. "Should be" he says and continues exploding within her.

The floor. Breath-taking. The adventure. Different. Intense as he asks her if she likes it. "Yes" she says. "Do you like it or should I try harder" she says. "Yes" he says as he picks her up off the floor to the bed. Lost in translation. The mirror making a scene of them. He is her sky. She is his water. His and her locks meshing in and out of each other. Sweat like raindrops paint the beddings going unnoticed in sheets of ivory and diamond while a jet black beaded quilt is an Angels' backdrop. Automatic piano considers a new arrangement.

To the wall. Marilyns' face almost a figment of her imagination because all she could see was him. Nothing else existed in her sight. The only part of her sight that could focus well. Unfinished business becomes more intense. Like fire. He refuses to back away for one second. To him every second counted. For her she never knew love like this. Varying lights of the moon swap places with one another competing against spinning stars, giving way to new intentions. New desires.

His energy was unmatched. Now she could really see Heaven as he took her high up she could almost touch the ceiling. He navigated her so well. She was moaning so much a record could have been made on that alone. No place and nothing was left unused. He was a planner. He knew his space. He knew how to execute every action to the T. Heaven was so strong now she could almost walk into it. As they both came face to face, levelling with each other, he entered gently, smoothly. "This must be what the new world looks like" he said. "Even more than that" she replied coming so much she could barely focus. Then fingering as wildly as his thrusts, he left her calling his name. Now at the height of intimacy, he called her name as orgasmic pleasure took over them. With every thrust he let them come closer and closer to the ground till they were at eye level with the flowers. She could breathe only so slightly. His breath was a lot stronger now. Gentle thrusts and even more gentler, till they both came some more and collapsed to the floor. "Thank you" she said softly with closed eyes. "No, thank you" he gasped as they curled up tightly together. Lights of the moon finished their composed motions to the end of one last song and rested on bodies drying against midnight. He had found his Rosalie and she, her Maxwell . All stars collide. 00:01am.


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