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Love-making in a whole new atmosphere

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He wished she would stop being so damn polite and jump on it already. He knew she was weak. Maybe wet even. Down there. In that soft flesh hidden by what his hands had made. His mind and his heart raced at the thought. He could always tell. He knew women like the back of his hand. He knew every curve, fold, and lines of the 'apple-disiac'. His term. This well sought-after lingerie designer, slow to anger and great at listening. His advice to every woman he ever met worked every time. There was nothing he did not know. No body language mysterious enough to cover up what he knew too well. His favourite thing of all was knowing when a woman wanted him. Inside. Inside her interior vaginal walls so he could compose a symphony of sex.

Positioning himself behind her, heading for a supple destination. Intentionally close. Tight, to a light shiny miniskirt, so much, it almost rose high up away from her dimpled waist. Magnetic feel. Her soft lips quivered as a breath escaped. She swore inside of herself. She could almost feel his manhood becoming erect. Exhaling his subject. Neck point. "Hmmm. Blueberries and vanilla" said Joel in his manly sexy voice. Anais trembled slightly. Not looking back for fear of wetting herself before this gorgeous 6ft tall sensational man, she began to speak. Her nervousness obvious, she said "you, you like, like the smell ?" she struggled to say quickly clearing her throat. He grinned at her sudden lack of composure. His penis hardened slightly. "Oh yeah, I think I can feel that" she said inside her head. She bit down on her nude glossy bottom lip. Joel reached into his cardigan pocket and pulled out a diamond shaped object. So slender. Anais now realised it was a key. He used it to unlock the gate, his strong hand grazing a breast in the process. He tucked the naughty nipple on the right that managed to escape back into her white sequinned halter neck top. She gasped but acted like that did not just happen but already felt a nerve deep inside her genitals tick. Squeezing her thighs slowly and tightly together, she tried to control the urge to cum. Her eyes pan across a beautiful house which looks more like a beautiful paradise. "Welcome home" he said pecking her on the neck. Her smokey eyelids closed but she quickly opened them still trying to maintain order. Inside his head he said "Do not waste the night. Surrender".

Side by side, walking across a blue carpet whose texture is like silk, they head for door number 12. She had dreamt of twelve mind-blowing astronomical sexual positions. Once or was that twice she thought. She smirks remembering. He smirks too because he thinks he knows what has crossed her mind. Only they never make it to the door. He moves closely behind her and she can feel his heart beating strongly wishing that was his 'piece' throbbing inside her. "Just do it Joel," she said within herself. He directs her to an enormous garden at the back of the house. She is confused but curious to know the need for the diversion so questions nothing.

She composes herself trying not to be amused but all the same gives him a compliment worthy of what her eyes take in. Inside she is screaming for joy like a little girl running wild through a wonderland. To the laptop, specifically incorporated into the garden to operate everything naughty and nice in his gardenia nemesis, boldly stated on the golden panel embedded in its floor.

Sitting her down, Joel behind her. So close she can smell all the notes to Gucci. "Welcome to fuck land Anais" said Joel softly not rushing the words wanting to make sure she could fully register the words. Little beads of sweat started to gather at her heart shaped forehead. Her thighs quivering. His right hand over hers, he slowly and seductively goes over every application, pushing buttons targeted to devices and objects he was going to use with her. Now she realised he was introducing her to sex with him. Each tap, each push and click had its own pressure, driving her crazy but she controlled it as she always did with everything in her life. With each action, things moved to their allocated positions in the garden. Anais had seen many things in her lifetime but this? His voice whispered in her ear "fairly wet aren't you?" She let out a breath, her heart frantically racing. Uneasy. Cumming. Happy. She wanted him greedily. Wanted to feel him, really wanted to feel all he had to offer. Wanted to know how well he controlled his stick. Inside her. His hand. Big and slender, long. Semi-cold. She shivered and gasped. He reached so high, so deep inside, she felt the lace material of Joels' latest limited lace underwear tear. Its pure white glory shattered. To her horror, her excitement. Her dirty wishes come true. "Do you see everything I am trying to show you clearly now?" he said. "I do" she said. "Good" he finished.

Losing focus as he used one hand to ruffle her hair. She only managed to say shakily "whats for dinner?" "You, silly. You think you would have figured that out by now" he said. No composure. Panting. Tearing his garments. Fast. Her garments, torn. Fast. Messy. Loose woman. Bent over. No longer the assistant graphic designer. No longer Anais. Desrèe. The Queen of desire. Opened hair clip. Unravelled ponytail. It all falls down. Wild long hair to the floor. Grazing tulips, freezias, roses and other wild and delicate things he grew in this paradise. Her hands gathering the earth, smelling like it. Her limbs in his strong hold. So firm and steady. No waiting. Fucking! Panting. High. Low. Low. High. Fucking! Fast. Furious. At the hands of so many lovers past she had never felt 69th like this before. "Bend down lower" he commanded. He tore into her flesh causing her to bend even lower. "Ugh, Anais!" "Aagh, ugh! Now that is how you are supposed to bend" he continued. "Joel, ugh, ugh!" she belted out. Repetitive sounds. This assistant print designer under the mercies of a lingerie maker. On all fours as he took her in his mouth. Dissecting her derrière. Grazing the surface of her appledisiac. Inside now. Entering. Deeply. His manhood causing her to quiver and shake. Feeling her insides harden and soften. Heating up. So much warmth. "So good" Anais moaned. "What do you expect" Joel said hungrily.

Inside her. Deeper. Locked in position. One of his fingers rubs her clitoris over and over till she hardens and softens, growing weaker. Her smokey black eye lids flicker. "Discover yourself through me and you will be satisfied" he says twisting her nipples. Squeezing her breasts, fingering her ever wildly as she breathes harder. "Welcome to cumming town princess." Wetness trickling down thighs. Standing. "Walk with me" he says, gripping her hard at the waist trying not to ruin the throbbing feeling of his penis inside her. The texture, the sweetness. Walking to each canvas sprawled in different locations in the garden. Two people in intimate positions. Different positions. "Choose" he says taking one of her hands to the canvas - from the first to the last, slowly, letting her take in the acts, the lines, colours, textures of each subject on all eight canvasses. She chooses one but he says "I'll go you one better". He re-enacts all eight positions and then some. He takes her to his next set. Pulling back the glass encasement he throws her on the glowing white mini slender bed in the center of the garden respectfully. Red and white roses take a fall to a camel haired rug. Turning over, she takes him in. Drinking. Fiercely. Watching his eyes roll back in his head. Cumming. In her mouth but not entirely, controlling the rest. Releasing on her breasts, then her belly button. Inside the appledisiac, he notices how toxically beautiful her hair is. Like musical notes, on the cylindrical pillow. He thrusts toward the different directions her hair strands lay. Fiercely. Like a comet. Discs for mirrors littered overhead and on either side of the bed capture explicit sex. Breathe again. She catches a breath, lowering herself onto him. Her knight. Riding. Gently raising slightly, only to fall on him. Again and again till she could feel him harden and soften, giving up some of his liquid potion. Her, wavering above his dick trying to build tension, he takes a 'naughty by nature' chocolate cube from the mini drawer by the right hand side of the headboard. He takes a bite and puts the other half in her mouth. This wild man fed off building up sweet sensations, sweet pleasure in a woman. He watched her wet genitals for what seemed the length of time it took Rome to be built. He thrust his dick inside her studying a frantic beauty being thrown off course at his will.

Everywhere, red changing to yellow, changing to bright gold, now blue and back again with green piercing in every now and again. These lights and flowers and butterflies of similar hues part of this symphony of sex. This paradisical garden breathed with life and the life of two lovers lost in sexual translation.

"Desrèe" she said. "Yes we are" said Joel. "No. I mean my name is Desrèe now" she added. "Desrèe, spread your legs some more. Fly with me" he said fingering, then sucking her succulent folds. She was there with him. In some place called Paradise. Cumming forever it seemed. Now, coming up to breathe, a flower bomb and her electric soul mate, having raged against this heat of the night. Bodies lost in flaming desire. Joel took the lacey and swiped their meshed cum bringing it to her nose. "Breathe" he said. "Just breathe". Her eyes closed she is greatful for the scent of their creation. "Thank you for your hard work Joel." "Yours too, Anais. This is a team effort" he finished. Lovers like these move away from the bed. Walking to a tree, Joel reaches for a rope of marigolds and freezias placing it around her waist, then his, tying it. They walk over to a spinning plate. Standing on it, he is inside her. Again. No frantic moves, just still. Enjoying the last scene. Their wet hairs basking in the moon's light. Like all shows must end, they finally come away from the platform and head for the shower cubicle in a remote corner of the garden. He cleanses her and she returns the service. Drying off and yet unclothed, they embrace, till well after twilight. Never wanting to leave.


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