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Tasty New Neighbors

Short story By: warlock

Tags: Mm, Ff, Mf

New neighbors get introduced sexually

Submitted:Nov 19, 2012    Reads: 4,732    Comments: 6    Likes: 6   

Paul and Natalie had been married for 17 years. He was 44 and she was 42. He still loved looking at his wife's body even after 3 kids. She was tall, blonde, long smooth legs and amazing 36c breasts with long thick nipples from nursing the children. He watched her getting ready for bed. In the mirror he could see her thick bushy pubic hair. He loved how it covered her across her low stomach and got fuller as it disappeared between her legs.

Her ass was perfectly shaped for rear entry. Everything about her was sexual. He could feel his cock hardening as she moved from dresser to mirror. She looked at him in mirror and knew what he was thinking. She smiled and let her nipples harden for him. Then she slowly walked over to the bed and crawled in beside him.

Her body was warm and soft against his. She whispered "Sure you can handle this all by yourself?" He kissed her long and deep on her mouth, as his tongue played with hers. He could feel her hand gripping and squeezing him. Urging him to swell and fill until he became long and thick. Paul knew she was already dripping as he swung between her legs and penetrated her in one long plunge.

She gasped as his cock bottomed out inside her and she arched her hips up to meet him. He pressed harder and deeper, grinding against her. Her moaning always made him grow larger inside of her as he stroked in and out endlessly. Finally, in a long familiar habit, they both paused for a moment, and let their cum slowly stream against each other like warm pudding.

The next day Natalie was standing at the front window watching their new neighbors move in next door. They were young, probably in their late twenties. It looked like they had a young daughter maybe 4-5 years old at most. He was athletic looking and she was much shorter, with red hair, plump, but not fat hips, and large breasts, much bigger than her own.

She wondered if her breasts were so round and full because she was still nursing. Hmmm.. She would have to find out. Natalie decided to invite them to dinner tomorrow night. She called her husband Paul and told him she was aroused by the new neighbors. He thought dinner was a good idea too.

Natalie fed the kids early and arranged for her three children to play with the neighbor's daughter while the adults had a late dinner. At 8 pm sharp, they trekked over to the neighbor's home while Bob and Jillian joined Paul and Natalie in their home for dinner.

Bob was very young and attractive while Jillian was more plain, but very sexually desirable. Natalie could see why Bob wanted her. Natalie was pleased that Jillian wore a summer dress that was very low cut and buttoned all the way down the front. The top two buttons were not latched and it made for a very erotic look.

After dinner, Paul helped carry dishes into the kitchen with Natalie. She whispered "I want her." Paul understood. He went back into the dining room and poured fresh glasses of wine. Everyone toasted to new friends and let the wine begin to relax and loosen the tension in the air.

Paul sat with Bob at one end of the table and Natalie sat with Jillian at the other end, each couple having their own conversation. Natalie kept staring at Jillian's breasts as they spoke. After awhile, she could tell that Jillian was beginning to get a little dizzy from so much wine, so she said "Jillian... Come with me a minute... I want to show you something upstairs." She didn't wait for an answer. Natalie took Jillian by the arm and led her away. By the time they got to the stairs, Natalie had to hold Jillian a little to steer her up the steps.

Bob asked "Where are they going?" Paul replied "Oh... Natalie wants your wife to see the new drapes in our bedroom." Then he said "Come.. Let me show you our remodeled pool house out back." Paul stood up and he could see that Bob was a bit disoriented, so he helped him up and led him to the pool house. He was surprised at how light he seemed to be as he shouldered him past the pool to the door of the cabana.

Natalie led Jillian into her bedroom and closed the door. Then she leaned her back against it and whispered "Easy there.. Just relax a minute." She pressed her body against Jillian's to keep her supported and she could feel her soft pliant body warm and tender against hers. Jillian felt Natalie's body pressing into hers and whispered "Wait.. We can't do this!"

Natalie kissed her softly. Her lips tasted like wine. Then she ran her tongue between her lips as she slowly ground her pussy harder against Jillian's. Jillian was gasping for air. She whispered "No... Stop... Please.. Bob is downstairs." Natalie kissed her again, this time longer. She let her hand slide back up her body and cupped her breast. Then she whispered back "Shhhhh... They won't bother us... We're alone... Come with me."

Jillian felt herself being pulled to the bed. She tried feebly to pull away, but Natalie pulled her against her at the end of the bed and gently pushed her down onto her back. Then she straddled her and held Jillian's arms above her head. She whispered "Just relax... I'm going to make you cum baby..." Her mouth found Jillian's and she kissed her long and deep. Her tongue snaked inside her mouth. Jillian's tongue involuntarily toyed back with hers.

Slowly, Natalie unbuttoned Jillian's dress. Her breath caught in her throat as she opened her dress and saw those huge breasts that she had desired all night. No bra beneath, only a pair of small sheer white panties. Natalie's mouth sucked at Jillian's nipples making them red and swollen. She bit softly and felt them grow long and thick. She kept sucking harder on her nipples while squeezing her breasts.

Finally, Natalie felt Jillian's nipples oozing milk for her. She licked and sucked as her breasts fed her warm streams of ambrosia. Natalie whispered "Mmmm.. oh yes baby.. this is just what we wanted" and lowered her mouth to nurse from her nipple again. Jillian moaned and whispered "NO! Please! We can't do this! My husband is..." Natalie simply whispered "Shhhhhhhh... Look at me. Watch me."

She stood between Jillian's legs and slowly pulled her top off. Then she dropped her short skirt that she had been wearing. She was totally naked in front of her. She could see Jillian's eyes looking at her long thick pussy hair. She used her fingers to play with her bush for Jillian. Then she reached down and slowly pulled Jillian's panties off. Jillian was dazed, but she lifted her hips so her panties could be removed.

Natalie lowered her head to Jillian's shaved pussy and began tracing it with her tongue. She could feel her body quivering. She knew this was Jillian's first experience. Her tongue pushed inside and Jillian moaned. She was already soaking wet. Natalie could see her juices dripping down to her asshole. She licked and sucked. She rolled her legs back and let her tongue glide gently into Jillian's asshole, then back to her pussy.

She knew it was time. She whispered "Use your fingers. Pull your pussy open for me." Jillian complied without thinking. She pulled her pussy wide open. Then Natalie pulled her pussy open and slid scissor-like between her legs. She pressed her open pussy into Jillian's and ground as hard as she could. She was clit fucking her neighbor's pussy and she loved it, as she slammed harder and harder into Jillian, wanting to be inside her.

Jillian pulled at Natalie's hips with her legs. Her hands found Natalie's breasts and squeezed them. She moaned and pulled them to her mouth. She eagerly explored Natalie. They both sucked and fucked until finally each of them released long warm streams of cum into each other.

Paul led Bob into the cabana. It was dimly lit by night lights in the wall. He steered Bob to a large stuffed chair and sat him down. He let his hand rest in Bob's lap as he talked to him. He could tell Bob was reacting dazed a bit from the wine. He let his hand slowly stroke Bob's cock through his pants as he sat there.

Bob mumbled "Wait! No! I'm not..." Paul squeezed his cock softly again and whispered "It's OK. Just sit here and relax. Let me help you." He slowly unbuckled Bob's pants and pulled his zipper down. Then he felt Bob's cock again. It was getting harder.

He whispered "Mmmm.. That's more like it. Just relax. We're alone her. No one will bother us." He continued to stroke Bob until his cock was throbbing. Bob whispered "I can't do this. My wife is here. She'll know." Paul slid his fingers inside Bob's shorts and felt his hot hard cock. It was ready. He whispered back "No. This is just between us. No one but us will know."

Paul removed Bob's shoes and socks, and slid his pants and shorts off. He wanted Bob completely naked. As he undid his shirt and opened it Bob whispered "Oh my god!" Paul lowered his mouth to Bob's cock and licked it softly. He let his tongue slip in the opening at the end. It was already dripping with pre-cum. He wanted him hard and full. He pinched Bob's nipples as he sucked his long thick cock. He could hear him moan. Paul slowly nursed and teased Bob's cock for twenty minutes.

He licked and sucked and squeezed until he knew Bob was ready. Then he whispered "I want you to cum for me. Don't hold back. Give me as much as you can, OK?" Then he lowered his mouth onto Bob's cock and sucked him long and deep. Bob gasped "OK" as he arched his hips and grabbed Paul's head and held him in place. Then he let loose a long hot thick stream of cum into his mouth. Paul moaned as he felt it fill his mouth and kept sucking for more.

Squeezing and pulling with his mouth and hands. He wanted as much as he could get. Bob moaned louder and pulled Paul's head down harder onto his cock as he released another load of cum into his mouth. He looked down and watched him swallow his cum and keep sucking for more. It made him stay hard and he slowly started to pump in and out of Paul's mouth.

Paul could feel him start to fuck his mouth. He sucked Bob's cock in time with his hips moving into him. He wanted one more long hot load. Bob finally whispered "I'm ready" and filled Paul's mouth with even more cum then the first two times. Paul sucked him slower and slower until his cock was completely drained and beginning to soften. Paul loved a half-hard cock in his mouth.

Bob lay slumped in the chair still dazed and exhausted. Paul knew he had little fight left. He stood up and took his own clothes off. Then he pulled Bob's hips to the edge of the chair and pushed his knees back to his chest. Paul's cock was long and thick and he positioned it at Bob's opening. He slid forward until his cock was pressing against his warm tender asshole.

Bob moaned "NO! I can't! Not this!" Paul whispered "Easy baby, it's just another step in our relationship." Paul leaned forward and his cock began pushing into Bob's asshole slowly. There was a slight pressure at first, then it slowly began moving in. Bob tried to slide away, but Paul pulled his hips tight and leaned into him again.

His cock was growing larger from the contact. Bob whispered "Please. Paul, don't do this to me. I've never done this with a man." Paul let his hands slide up and down Bob's body slowly. His fingers gently teasing his cock, and he could feel it getting hard. Slowly he stroked and squeezed it as he applied pressure at Bob's asshole. "See" he said, "You like this baby."

Paul leaned forward and began licking and biting softly on Bob's nipples as he teased his cock. He was very hard again. Then Paul whispered "Sit up for me, I want to take your shirt off." Bob moaned and arched up as Paul pulled his shirt away. He was completely naked now as Paul wanted him. Then Paul pulled him forward and kissed him as he let his hands slide under his ass.

Bob whispered "Oh my god." as Paul used the weight of his body and his hands to slide his cock deeper into Bob's asshole. Paul whispered "That's it. Just like that. Relax for me. We'll make it fit." His cock pumped slowly in and out of Bob's ass, each stroke going a little deeper.

Bob was moaning steadily now. He was no longer trying to pull away. His hips were arching to meet Paul's cock as he pumped into him. Paul whispered "Mmmmm.. You like this don't you." He pushed his cock in further and moved his hips in a circle so his cock twisted in Bob's asshole. Bob answered "Oh my god!! Yes!"

After thirty minutes of slow easy pumping, Paul had finally fully penetrated Bob. He pressed hard and ground his hips against Bob's ass. He whispered "You took it all baby. First time out. Mmmmmm... Very nice. Very, very nice." He fucked Bob in long slow strokes now, almost all the way out, then a long slow slide back in. Each time Bob would arch his hips to meet Paul's thrust and his legs wrapped around him pulling him deeper.

Then he whispered to him "I'm going to cum in you, OK?" Bob moaned "OK. Yes! It's OK. Do it!" Paul sent rivers of hot thick cum into Bob's asshole. Both men moaned with each release. It was a long slow drain of his fluid high up inside Bob. After, both laid there exhausted, Paul's cock still inside Bob. Then he let it pull out gently and Bob moaned as he felt Paul's cock leave him. Then Paul whispered "We better get dressed."

Natalie kept fucking Jillian long and slow. The bed was soaked beneath them. She loved how Jillian's soft plump body let hers press further into her. She leaned forward over her and whispered "Baby, you are so good. I want more of you. A lot more of you." Then she kissed her. Jillian caught her breath and whispered "Natalie, I'm married. My husband will find out about us."

Natalie let her hands slide up and down Jillian's body as she kissed her. She whispered back "Mmmmm.. We'll be very careful. He won't suspect a thing." Then she kissed Jillian again. This time Jillian's arms wrapped around her and pulled her closer. Their pussies pressed tight, nipples to nipples, while their hands explored each other. Jillian wanted her. It was just what Natalie wanted.

Then Natalie whispered "Only one more thing to do baby." She slowly slid up Jillian's body until her thick soaking bush was above her, and she could see their combined juices dripping onto her face. Natalie whispered "Open for me" and lowered her dripping pussy directly into Jillian's waiting mouth. She could feel her sucking and pulling her inside, her tongue thrusting into her seeking her flavors.

It didn't take long before her body began quivering as she poured her cum into Jillian's mouth. Over and over she paused and released until she was drained and Jillian had swallowed everything she had given her. Then she rolled over pulled Jillian to her and kissed her long and passionately.

She loved the taste of her own cum. Natalie whispered "Baby, we are so good together. I'm going to fuck you so much. Do you want this with me?" Jillian felt her body shake as she thought of what just happened to her. She had never been with another woman before and now it was all she could think of and she could only moan weakly, "Yes!"

Natalie stood and pulled Jillian to her feet. Jillian reached for her panties, but Natalie took them from her. She whispered "Uh-uh. You belong to me now, and so do your panties." Jillian watched as Natalie pulled on her soaked panties under her skirt. She liked the way Natalie's thick curly bush flowed out the legs and top of her panties. It excited her for some reason to see Natalie wearing her used and soaked panties. She liked the thought of her pussy being where hers was. They both finished dressing and came downstairs just as the men were coming in the back door.

Neither Bob nor Jillian looked or said a word to each other. They said their goodnights and appreciation and left. On the way home Jillian said, her voice slightly shaking, "You know.. Natalie mentioned that she and I might become good friends. You know, shopping, movies. Stuff like that. So we might be spending a lot of time together. Is that OK?" Bob said "Sure. Ummmm... That's OK. Actually, Paul and I hit it off too. I was thinking it might be good to have a close friend to spend time with as well."


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