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Savanna Dreams

Short story By: warlock

A magical encounter..

Submitted:Nov 20, 2012    Reads: 1,203    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

The house is quiet and everyone has left you alone at home. You walk the rooms in boredom, your mind as lazy as your body feels. Wandering has led you down the hallway and you pause, then enter your bedroom, and as if an afterthought you close your door wanting to block the rest of the world out.

The afternoon is heavy and humid as you lay on your bed in just your panties. The window is open to let a slight breeze waft in through the heat of the day. Your body sweating slightly as your eyes cast down your tanned smooth skin. The room is dark and comfortable and you are alone, except for a wondrous green and yellow butterfly that has flown through the open window.

She is dancing in the still air above you, your eyes following her every loop and swish. Your mind imagining a life with wings and suddenly, magically, she lands at your ankle. Her tiny feet tickled as she walked up your leg, her wings fluttering now and then as if she wants to leave, but she can't.

You dare not move. To frighten her away would break your heart. Closer she comes, circling to the inside of your knee and up your thigh, so soft, yet the feeling so immense. Her fluttering wings brush the inside of your thigh as her tiny body creeps further up your leg and stops at your panty line.

Pausing to drink from a small pearl of sweat, her feelers tickled along the white lace edge of your panties. Then slowly she crossed your panties. You can feel her tiny legs on your skin through the open lace and she lights onto your stomach. You hold your breath, keeping your body motionless and comfortable for her. She meanders lightly up your body, back and forth, exploring.

The sensation of her feet cause tiny quivers in your body and you try to suppress them for fear she will loft herself from you. Slowly she steps as if testing the surface. Her tentacles tap at the base of your breast as she gently arches her body and begins the aching crawl over your tan line and onto the pale skin of your full mounded breast.

Drifting along the side, between your breasts until slowly, like a feather, she draws her body across your smooth tender skin to the top. Your eyes locked on her journey. Your breath held in anticipation as her feathery antennae send her signals of your hardened swollen nipple. Her tiny legs grasp the side of your full raised stack and she climbs and mounts your nipple.

Your nipples stand erect and proud for her. Her tiny legs gripped and squeezed as they urged her body to climb to the very highest peak. Her own private throne, as if she were the queen of elegance and grace and in her true royalty, her legs stiffen and lift her full height in surveillance of your body just conquered.

Then as if she were fully satiated, her wings unfold as gentle as a silk scarf in a breeze. Broad, graceful, and stunning, she lofts her body in silence and you feel the brush of her wings across your nipple. She rises majestically above you in slow motion and as if her parting was that of a broken hearted lover, she dips back down in flight over your body and glides gently across your face. Her wing caressed your lips in a final kiss and glided down your thighs and between your parted feet. Your gasp was the only sound in the room as she fluttered out the open window. The magic was gone.


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