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One Day You'll Be Mine

Short story By: VolatileVixen

The heat builds between a musician's girlfriend and his best friend. Will they or won't they? Inspired by the Usher song of the same name.

Submitted:Mar 18, 2012    Reads: 1,167    Comments: 5    Likes: 7   

"So, is tonight the night you let me buy you that drink?" Jordan sidled up to her with a sexy grin, leaning close to her ear.

Ava chuckled softly, her blonde hair bouncing and shimmering under the dim lights of the club. She fought against the goosebumps that threatened to raise on her skin as she turned her head towards him. Her body remained facing forward, but she leaned ever so slightly into his direction. "'Fraid not, handsome."

"Aw, c'mon. Why you gotta torture me like this?" Jordan leaned against the bar, facing her. His mouth pulled up on one side, his mischievous eyes sparkling. She took him in, drank him up with her eyes. Damn, he was sexy. His slightly broad shoulders, muscular chest slimming down to the vee of his waist. She could only imagine that his abs were as chiseled as his chest appeared to be in his shirts. His black leather jacket was covering his arms, but she didn't need to see them tonight to know how the muscles bulged when he moved. She had his body pretty much memorized- with his clothes on, at least. She forced herself to stop there, never allowing herself to picture him naked.

Tonight, however, she couldn't seem to stop herself from at least imagining the way his arms would feel wrapped around her, how his hardened body would feel pressed against the length of her. It was becoming more and more difficult to resist his advances.

"Not buying me a drink is torture?" She took a sip of her Long Island iced tea. "Interesting."

"Not allowing me to do anything for you... with you... is torture." His voice became low and wanting as he moved closer still, brushing her hair back over her shoulder, his fingers grazing the sensitive area where her neck and shoulder met. She couldn't stop the goosebumps this time, and Jordan nearly groaned aloud at her reaction to his simple touch. He was dying to see what her reaction would be if he could touch her in other areas. God, he just wanted to run his fingertips over her entire body, let her get a taste, have her craving more before he gave her what she really wanted.

And he knew she wanted it, wanted him. He knew probably even before she did, when she didn't tell anyone after the first time he came onto her. He knew she probably told herself it was no big deal, that she didn't want to cause unnecessary conflict between he & her boyfriend, one of his best friends. Avoiding her was impossible- he could hardly tell Donnie not to bring her with him places anymore- and the more time they spent together, the more he wanted her. He pushed the envelope a little more each time, always keeping the banter light, wondering how far he could go before she became angry with him. She never did. He could feel her want for him now, growing stronger with each passing day. He was building her up and wearing her down at the same time, and he knew it wouldn't be much longer before he had her.

She closed her eyes, trying to calm her heart, yet reveling in the feelings he caused within her. "Jordan..." His name came out as murmur from her lips. She sucked in her breath and held it as she felt his fingers underneath her hair, curving around the nape of her neck. She could feel his warm breath against her skin, invoking an entirely different set of goosebumps, this time traveling down the entire side of her body, and accompanied by a shiver.

"Ava..." his voice was strained, longing. She brought her bottom lip between her teeth and Jordan could see her fighting against herself. "Ava," he said again, calling her out of her reverie. She opened her eyes then, turning her body towards his. They were nearly touching and she came close to pulling him to her, finding out if he felt as good as he did in her mind. Her eyes were slightly glazed, and he could only guess that it was more from desire than from her drink.

"Jordan..." she breathed, yearning for him now. His fingers tightened around the back of her neck and just as he was about to bring his lips down to hers, they were interrupted by a movement behind her.

"There you are, baby," Donnie crooned in her ear, wrapping his arms around her waist. His eyes were closed against her neck and Jordan used that opportunity to take a step back and slide his fingers from her hair.

Ava jumped slightly, startled from her near public indiscretion. Where was her head tonight? "I'm right where you left me," she responded. "Where else would I be?" She forced herself to keep her voice light.

Donnie chuckled. "Well, there are quite a few guys in the crowd tonight. Never know when one of them will try to hit on a beautiful girl." He winked at her. She felt herself blush, but Donnie was already turned towards Jordan.

"I can always count on Jay to keep an eye out for you, though." Ava saw Jordan wince before Donnie smiled at him and reached around her to slap Jordan's hand. They snapped their fingers apart and Jordan said, "You know it, D!" Jordan then turned to lock eyes with Ava, his gaze smoldering.

"Just don't go getting any crazy ideas," Donnie said as the bartender brought him another beer. He raised his bottle to Jordan, that teasing grin plastered on his face. Jordan laughed, a little uneasily, and raised his bottle, as well.

Ava stood there between them, unable to tear her eyes away from Jordan. Her heartbeat was accelerated, her skin still searing from his touch, her lips tingling in anticipation of his kiss. She subconsciously licked her lips and Jordan stiffened slightly.

"Hey, I still have some things to take care of for tomorrow night," Donnie began, brushing her hair back much the same as Jordan did before. She briefly thought that she should feel something more as Donnie touched her tenderly, but there was nothing akin to the fire as when Jordan barely looked at her. "Will you be okay without me until we leave?" His voice was apologetic.

Ava smiled as her hand came up to touch his cheek. "Of course, baby. I am perfectly capable of entertaining myself."

"Hey, what- is my company that bad?" Jordan stated in mock resentment. Ava couldn't help but laugh. Donnie pulled her close to him, resting his chin on her shoulder. He nuzzled her ear lightly with his nose, and she wasn't even that surprised when she could easily ignore it.

"Of course not, Jay," she said. "But I'm not gonna assume that you have nothing better to do. Don't you need him for anything?" she questioned Donnie. They were in Atlanta for Donnie's cd release party, and Jordan was acting as manager and assistant. Ava halfway hoped he would be needed to help set it up.

Donnie raised his head, but kept her close. "Nah- you know how I like to oversee everything personally. Besides, it won't be much different than the after parties we've done. I just need to make sure all the sound stuff is set up properly," he waved his hand dismissively. "You two have fun. Go out there and dance or something."

The thought of having Ava pressed up against him made Jordan's heart skip a beat. Damn, he was tired of jacking off to make believe scenarios of her, sick of only imagining the way her body felt. He wanted to grab her, crush her to him, until every inch of him had her memorized.

'That's a terrible idea,' Ava thought just as Jordan said, "That's a great idea!" Her skin warmed at the mere thought of his touch; she would probably catch fire if they actually began grinding against one another.

"Workaholic," she said, wrinkling her nose playfully up at Donnie.

"You say it like it's a bad thing," he returned, his smile never leaving his face.

She took a long sip of her drink through her straw, finishing it off. "Ok, babe- You just do what you need to do and come find me when you're done." She kissed him on the cheek. Taking her waist in his hands, Donnie pushed her towards Jordan.

"Go," he said. "Both of you. Have some fun for a change!"

Jordan's hands replaced Donnie's, his thumbs pressing into the front of her hip bones, his fingers splayed out across her lower back and tops of her hips. Donnie was gone a second later and Jordan pulled her closer.

Ava's arms came up between them before things could get out of hand. "Jordan..." she trailed off, looking around her uncomfortably, still aware of her surroundings. Her eyes settled on the dance floor.

"Alright, come on, then." Jordan took her hand and led her to the middle of the crowd. He kept a safe distance, waiting for her drink to take effect. He knew she rarely drank something so strong, and the way she seemed to down half of it in one gulp, it wouldn't take long. He knew she just needed to relax, have a reason for letting go tonight.

There was a surprising number of people for a Thursday night, which Ava chalked up to the dj and dance mix. They were playing a good mix, and before long, she was able to lose herself in the music. She hated over thinking, and dancing was a good outlet for her. By the time they had danced through Rhianna, Christina Aguilera, and Ludicrous, she was feeling great, the blend of the five alcohols settling nicely in her system, warming her veins.

When 'Shots' came on, the club went crazy, including Jordan and herself. Waitresses maneuvered their way through the room with trays holding a variety of shots, and as one of them reached the couple, they each plucked a glass from the tray. Jordan had shed his jacket sometime ago, and as he threw back his Jaeger bomb, his neck was exposed to Ava's lustful eyes. She quickly downed her Buttery Nipple, not noticing Jordan swallow hard as he watched her. She let the liqueur slide down her throat, savoring the sweet smoothness of the butterscotch. She smiled as she raised her head, and began pumping her fist. "Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots!" she and Jordan both chanted along with everyone else. The song was an instant party booster and the energy in the room was palpable.

"Let's go round two!" Another tray came around, this time with a colorful array of Jello shots. Jordan and Ava each took two; between the two of them, they had one of each color. "It's a rainbow!" Ava said excitedly, giggling slightly before she downed one then the other. Jordan grinned at how the alcohol was affecting her before swallowing his own, thinking how contradicting her giddiness was against what she was wearing. A halter style black satin dress with silver and rhinestones at the neck, it was loose-fitting down to her lower abdomen, where it pulled tight around her hips and upper thighs. Backless except for the silver and rhinestones that connected at her neck and hung all the way down the middle of her back, the material wrapping around her front hung loose and draped over the tight curve of material that barely covered her ass. Jordan didn't know how the dress stayed in place without exposing her breasts; as it were, with every sway and dip of her hips, the hem of her micro-mini seemed to ride further up. Yet it was not dis-tasteful in the least. Ava exuded class and sexiness.
Jordan took a moment to appreciate her from head to toe. The front part of her hair was pulled up and fastened at her crown, her long blonde curls cascading over her shoulders, swinging gracefully as she moved. He thought of pitting his fingers deep into her hair, holding it out of her face as she sucked on his cock... Although the front of the dress was loose, Jordan could still make out the outline of her luscious breasts, her hourglass figure adding dimensions that most women would kill for. He wanted to slide his hands in the sides of her dress and squeeze gently, toying with her until her nipples peaked and hardened... If her dress rode up any more, all he would need to do was covertly slip her panties to the side and pump her with his fingers... The muscles in her toned thighs begged to be wrapped around his waist and the black and silver stilettos she was wearing highlighted her calves perfectly. He didn't have a foot fetish, but hell, even her feet looked sexy, and he could almost feel her running them up and down his legs as she was wrapped around him.

Ava watched Jordan as he looked her over. Damn, his expression had her hot. His eyes were growing darker, his jaw tightening, and his features hungry. He wanted her. Not that he had ever hidden that fact, but until tonight, it had been mostly playful, as if he knew she would only tell him no. But tonight at the bar had seemed to change all that. She wanted nothing more than to grab the back of his head and kiss him breathless. She could see herself trailing her fingers down his neck, across his chest and gripping the soft, worn fabric of his black t-shirt, tugging it up and off. She could see his cock already thickening in his black dress pants, and her fingers twitched, wanting to reach out and release him from his confined space. With his jacket removed, she saw his biceps flex and release as he pumped his fist to the music.

Jordan smiled when he caught her eyes roaming over his body. She surprised him by holding his gaze and they each took a step closer. Jordan grabbed her around her waist, his fingers sliding into the side of her dress. They began grinding against one another, Ava rolling her body, Jordan running his hands up and down her back. They began finding some relief to their sexual tension, only to feel it climb to another level. Ava's body was on fire. His lips looked delicious, and she wanted to lick them, taste them. The only way she could think to stop herself from doing just that was turn her body from him. She twisted around in his grasp until her back was to him.

Jordan's breath hitched in his throat as he felt her ass move against his cock. Both her dress and his pants were made of thin material, and he knew she could feel him harden. He didn't even try to conceal it; he wanted her to feel him. He gripped her stomach with his right hand and pulled her to him. He pressed his body to hers and they began to move in synch with one another, dipping and grinding, and getting their fill of each other.

They were still dancing this way when Pitbull's 'Calle Ocho' pumped through the speakers. Ava laughed aloud at the irony, throwing her head back into Jordan's chest. She could feel rather than hear his laugh, his chest and stomach vibrating against her back. She reached her arm up behind her and let her fingers lightly trail down the side of his neck and onto his chest as she dipped her hips sideways, lowering her body in front of him. When she was as low as she could go, she turned to face him once more. Her mouth was directly in front of his cock and she smiled sexily up at him before shimmying her way back up, sliding up his body slowly. She pressed her breasts to him, he rolled his body, and when she was face to face with him, he leaned in to her ear.

"Fuck, Ava- you are one hell of a tease." Her closeness had him going crazy with desire. He wondered what the hell was keeping him from grabbing her ass and fucking her here on the dance floor. The bass was pumping so hard they could feel it in their bones and the atmosphere practically screamed sex at this point.

Her body movements shifted at that moment, became more fluid, and he'd be damned if it didn't feel like they were having sex with their clothes on. She brought her lips to his ear. "Who said I was teasing?" She let her tongue trace along the edge of his ear, sucking his lobe between her teeth, and sending a shiver down his spine. He clutched at her then, jerking her to him, and knocking the breath out of her in a gasp. He bent her backwards, pushing a leg in between hers, gripping her ass to hold her steady, swiveling his hips and thrusting into her. She let her head fall back, hair practically grazing the floor, and openly groaned. Dear God, she felt like she was going to go to pieces if he didn't stop. She tried to speak up, but with her head back, all she could manage was a guttural moan. He held her so tight, her toes were barely touching the floor. God damn, he was strong! Her mouth fell open and she clawed at his arms, trying to get him to raise her back up.

Jordan took one look at her face, at the way her body flushed, the slight arching in her back, and he knew what was about to happen. Christ, she was going to cum. Jordan couldn't explain the feelings this caused in him, but the realization sent him into over-drive. He knew she was trying to get him to pull her up, but there was no way in hell that was going to happen. He gripped her tighter, one hand on her upper back to better support her, and he grunted when he felt her arch farther. Her dress was barely covering her now, and he knew her panties would be exposed if he wasn't leaning over her.

She ground down on his leg and he closed his eyes, taking in the feel of her moisture on him. She was growing wetter by the second, and he swore he could feel her twitch against him as her climax finally took her. She tried to raise her head, but only caught a glimpse of his face before she succumbed to the bright light exploding inside of her.

Her entire body tensed in his arms, then relaxed completely. His eyes never left her face as he watched her peak and then come down. His cock was so hard, he wondered if she could feel it throbbing between them. His heart was beating furiously, and he could tell hers was doing the same as he watched her chest rise & fall rapidly. He could feel her pulse between her legs and he just wanted to tear into her. He gave her a few seconds more before he pulled her up to him.

She hadn't been hanging long, but still the blood began to rush from her head, making the room spin. She closed her eyes and leaned into Jordan, her hand on his chest. She felt his heart, his increased breathing, and as she opened her eyes to look directly into his, she forgot how to breathe. His eyes looked black under the lights, boring into her with such intensity that she forgot how to speak, as well. Her stomach was in knots again instantly, and she might as well just throw her panties away. How did he do that?!

She slowly became aware of her surroundings again, and even though there was no way anyone around them could have known what just happened, she felt the sudden need for distance. Dancing was one thing, but... She tried to take a step backwards, but couldn't seem to disentangle herself from Jordan's hold.

Jordan could see the instant Ava realized what happened. No. He wasn't about to let her go after what just passed between them. It was no longer an option, not to have her, feel her, taste her. Every fiber in his being craved for more, her soft sweet lips on his, her tongue licking it's way up his body, down his stomach... Earlier at the bar, he had thought to himself 'One day you'll be mine.' That day- or night, if you will- had come. If he had to go back to his hotel tonight and beat it while thinking of her one more time, he was done. It was now or never.

Ava saw something different in Jordan's eyes and she closed her own again, hoping to break the connection. No such luck. When she opened them, she was able to identify what it was she saw- determination. And damn, if it didn't make her want him more. She was damned either way. Part of her hated to succumb to the heat, but did she really have a choice anymore? If it was going to happen, it was going to happen tonight. 'Now or never', she thought.

Both of them were oblivious to whatever song was playing now, and each of them were only thinking of a way to get the hell out of there. Ava pushed against Jordan's chest slightly. "I need some air, Jay."

"Oh, so we're back to 'Jay' now? I rather love hearing you say my name, baby." He loosened his grip on her and she stepped out of his grasp.

"So, now I'm 'baby'?" she asked as she turned to make her way off the dance floor. She had to admit, her heart flipped a little more hearing him call her that. And he liked her saying his name, did he? A sly grin spread across her face as she thought of how he would react to her screaming it...

Jordan placed his hand on her lower back as they walked. He started to respond as he saw Donnie making his way towards them, his brow furrowed and a scowl on his usually pleasant features. Shit! There's no way he could know...

Ava nearly stopped in her tracks when she saw Donnie heading their way. She pulled herself together, refusing to let the alcohol in her system make her jump to conclusions. He didn't look angry, just peeved about something. "Hey, are you okay?" she asked when they reached each other.

Donnie sighed, his features softening the instant she touched his arm. "I'm fine, just frustrated," he said, subconsciously rubbing his hands up and down her arms. "There seems to be something wrong with the cables or connectors to the mics. Not just ours, either, or it wouldn't be a big deal; we could just use the club's. But..."

"But since you can't use the club's you have to find out what's wrong to fix it." Ava finished for him.

Donnie nodded. "Yeah. I'm really sorry, babe, but it looks like I may be pulling an all nighter."

Ava tried not to think about why that possibility excited her. She kept her expression as neutral as possible, letting a touch of disappointment color her tone. "Aw, I'm sorry, too. Is there anything I can do?"

"Yeah, man," Jordan piped in. He knew he should feel guilty for being grateful for small nuances, and maybe that was why he offered to help, as well. "What do you need me to do?"

Donnie shrugged. "There really isn't much we can do. It's a waiting game at this point. I just have to be here while the technical crew goes over everything with a fine tooth comb." He absent-mindedly adjusted his ball cap on his head, though it didn't really need it. "This is part of the work I don't like," he added.

Jordan couldn't believe he was saying this, but.. "Hey, why don't you go- I'll stay and see what needs to be done. You should get some rest or whatever."

"Nah, man- I've been overseeing the project from the beginning, and I can't just walk away now." He smiled. "Workaholic, remember?"

Ava sighed, touching his face and running her thumbs under the dark circles under his eyes. She really did wish he would take a break. "Don't wear yourself too thin, babe." Concern was at the forefront of her voice now, and Jordan had to admit that he was concerned for his friend, too. "If there's anything either of us can do, let us."

Donnie covered her hands with his and brought each of her palms to his lips, kissing them gently. Again, Ava thought she should feel something more. Even a slight turn in her stomach would have been welcome. But there was none.

"There is one thing-" he looked over Ava's shoulder at Jordan. "Jay, would you mind driving Ava back to the hotel?" He turned back to Ava. "It's hardly fair to you if you stay."

Ava's heart flipped and she swallowed hard as she cast a glance back at Jordan. They saw the fire in each other's eyes before Jordan shrugged casually. "Sure, no problem. Are you sure that's all you need?"

"Positive. Just take care of her for me tonight." Donnie focused on Ava once again. "You know I'd love to take care of you myself..." he said a bit lower and Ava blushed. Yeah, Donnie was still sexy.

Jordan was surprised at the small surge of jealously that coursed through him as Ava giggled. He pushed it back, reminding himself of what he just made her do on the dance floor. He hadn't even touched her yet. Yet. He hoped the sexual tension between them wouldn't die out too much with the way Donnie was now looking at her. Damn.

Donnie brought a hand up to Ava's cheek & licked his lips while looking at hers. "Damn my job sometimes," he continued huskily before leaning down close to her and grazing his lips across hers. Instinctually, Ava raised up on her toes, even in her heels, to deepen the kiss. Donnie pulled back gently before she could do so. "If I don't stop there, I won't stop."

Ava let out a small growl and Donnie chuckled, swatting her on the ass. "Now get out of here, before you distract me from getting any work done."

Jordan shifted a bit when he heard Ava growl and saw her ass bounce slightly as Donnie slapped it. If he had the chance, he was going to get her on her hands and knees and spank that just-soft-enough ass of hers until she begged him for more.

"See something you like?" Ava smirked over her shoulder at Jordan before giving her ass a wiggle and winking at him.

His head snapped up. "Huh? Oh, no. I mean, yeah. Wait..." He had been caught by both Ava and Donnie, staring at her ass, while thinking of fucking her.

Donnie chuckled again and shook his head. He knew Ava had a smokin' body- Jay wasn't the first guy to look at her with him around. He ignored it and continued to speak to Ava. "Be careful going back." He brought his lips to hers once more.

"We will." Ava had been momentarily distracted by Donnie and his sexy-ass R&B voice- until she turned around and saw Jordan caught up in thoughts of her ass. She bit the inside of her lip. Donnie handed her silver clutch to her and tossed the keys to the rental car to Jordan. Ava had just turned to go when Donnie grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him. "Wha-" she barely got out before his mouth came down on hers- fierce, but tender somehow, as was Donnie. Her toes curled in her stilettos as she gave into him. Her hand went up to curl around his neck when he abruptly released her. She felt dizzy and staggered backwards, her fingers touching her lips. She was left breathless and wanting more, as Donnie gave her his sexiest smile before turning and making his way back through the crowd. Ava wasn't even aware that Jordan had steadied her when she staggered, and she was now leaning against him, one of his hands clutching her elbow, the other at her waist.

Ava cleared her throat. "Well... um..."

"Are you ready?" Jordan's voice was controlled, but his tone was full of irritation. He could hardly be mad at Donnie for showing his own girlfriend that sort of affection. But hell, after the progress he and Ava made tonight, this had to have brought them back to square one. Then he was angry at himself for wanting to fuck his best friend's girl so hard she forgot her name. Until that kiss, Jordan had been convinced he could give her what Donnie couldn't in the bedroom. He knew D had a way with the ladies, but it was that sensitive side that had Ava's eyes and thoughts straying. Jordan saw the way she reacted to D's touch- he was always so gentle and tender. Her response was usually lukewarm, and Jordan would think of all the ways to set her ablaze.

Ava could only nod. She was still in a bit of a daze and she let Jordan lead her out of the club and into the frigid November air. The night had closed in on them like a steel blanket, and Ava shuddered immediately, gritting her teeth against the biting wind. She had left her jacket in the SUV when Donnie dropped her off at the door earlier, not thinking they would be staying into the early morning. Jordan thought of putting his arms around her to warm her, as he had done in the past, but their relationship was different now somehow. Instead of sexual tension, there was just tension. He took his jacket off, instead, and placed it over her shoulders as they began walking down the street.

Ava was trying to brace herself against the bitter night when she felt Jordan's jacket heavy on her shoulders. The sudden warmth against her cold skin sent a shiver that shook her entire body. She pushed her arms through the sleeves and wrapped the front closed around her. She closed her eyes, and sighed with a smile, savoring the warmth. She inhaled deeply, and was immediately struck with Jordan's scent. The leather mingled with his cologne- a mixture of Amber, musk, sandalwood, and black pepper- tobacco, and something that was decidedly unique to Jordan. Her heart rate increased as she took another breath to steady herself, only to have her nostrils assaulted once more. His smell was intoxicating, and where the alcohol had been a nice start, having his jacket envelope her finished the job. They were walking against the wind as they rounded the corner of the building, and each gust had his scent swirling around her. She felt light-headed, and with each step, each inhale, she wanted him more.

They reached the rear of the building and turned into the parking lot. The wind wasn't quite as forceful here, and Ava allowed her arms to release the front of Jordan's jacket, as she instead shoved her hands in the pockets. Jordan had been concentrating on the ground in front of them, but stole a glance at Ava now. His jacket nearly swallowed her, yet her arms swung just right, allowing Jordan to see how hard her nipples were from the cold, formed into tiny peaks that he couldn't help but to want to flick with his tongue, make them harden farther still. Her bottom lip was pulled between her teeth, and she seemed to be thinking hard about something. Probably wishing he were Donnie right now instead of him. She glanced at him then, quickly looking away again. Jordan was taken aback by the hunger he saw in her eyes. She smiled to herself, still biting her lip, and this only made her sexier. He couldn't look away, and when she looked his way again, she held his gaze. Their walking slowed and they became mostly hidden in the shadows against the building. The street lamp cast enough light for them to see, but not to be seen. They stopped walking as they turned to face one another.

Ava was conflicted. God, she wanted Jordan in ways she'd never wanted anyone before. Not even Donnie. Donnie. She inwardly sighed as she turned to face Jordan. When she and Donnie met, they had been drawn to each other instantly. Everything felt natural with him. He was tender, sincere, the sweetest man she's ever known, and he genuinely made her laugh. She admired his drive and determination, the way he gave back to his fans, and how he always put others ahead of himself. He took care of her, and she cared for him deeply. The sex was amazing, no denying that; but while she and Donnie shared chemistry, she couldn't help but feel like they were missing something.

It became apparent when she met Jordan. The man took her breath away just walking into the room. His aura was strong, exuding power and control. Yet he was approachable. He always seemed to have a mischievous look in his eyes, even while serious, and his confidence was just plain sexy as hell. He was alluring, intelligent, and had Ava wanting to spend more time with him without even realizing it. There was more than chemistry between them. What started out as glowing embers had steadily grown, each look and 'accidental' touch fueling the fire. It was nearly out of control now. Standing in the shadows, alone with the one person she shouldn't be, Ava had a decision to make.

Jordan had never seen Ava look so sexy. Her face partly concealed in the darkness, the flickering of the streetlamp gave her an eerily beautiful appearance. Her chocolate eyes sparkled as her hair was tossed about. She didn't even bother to smooth it away. Jordan could see the conflict, the hesitancy in her expression. They stood frozen in place for what seemed like forever. Jordan fought the shivers that threatened to course through him, only partly from the icy wind beating against his bare arms. She continued to worry her lip, and his eyes automatically focused on her mouth. He licked his lips as he watched her, taking a step forward.

Ava took a step back, but did not stop him. He could see the desire in her eyes, yet she was still trying to fight it. He could not wait any longer. He took another step, then another. Ava started when she felt the wall behind her, and pressed her palms against the rough brick. Jordan moved closer still, but she did not move. She swallowed hard as he invaded her personal space. He stepped as close as he could without touching her. He could feel the heat between them, warming them even outside in the freezing weather. He did not want to dissuade her, but he could remain quiet no more. He took a chance that he would be able to speak through the passion that made his voice thick. "Ava..." He kept still, but bled all of his desire, all of his hunger and thirst, into his eyes. He set them on her as if he had nothing to lose. "Stop fighting it, Ava." His voice held a touch of pleading, and Ava nearly came apart then. "Stop fighting it," he said softer this time.

Ava could feel her resolve crumbling. Every ounce of her yearned for him. She pressed herself up against the wall, afraid to even brush against him. She was barely hanging on. Still not touching her, he leaned his face in closer to hers. She could feel his hot breath against her cheek, her neck, and she trembled, restraining herself. His breathing was becoming erratic simply standing in such close proximity, and when he spoke again, her knees grew weak. His voice was a whisper, and she nearly had to strain to hear him. "Don't... fight... it... anymore..." His lips brushed against her ear. "Ava..." he whispered with such longing, it made her ache. She moaned then, and Jordan could not hold back. His body touched hers and she nearly collapsed to the ground. "Jordan..." she groaned. Her breathing was shallow, and she turned her head to the side when he brought his lips closer to hers, trying to maintain that last shred of self-control.

Jordan was nearly insane in his need for her. "Look at me, Ava."

His voice was husky, yet his tone authoritative. Ava could not keep from looking at him. His eyes were nearly black with lust. They were darker than the darkest rain clouds, and she knew there was more than a storm brewing- there was an all out tornado. She knew she should be taking shelter from him, but in that moment, she was a storm-chaser: excited- no, exhilarated- by the thoughts of the damage he could do. Jordan was dangerous and chaotic and impulsive, and she wanted- needed- to know what he would do to her.

She gasped the moment she gave in, and Jordan took her in a kiss so full of passion, it rocked her to her core. He seemed starved for her lips, his own crushing hers, until his tongue snaked along her lower lip. Out of instinct, she pressed her lips together before completely succumbing to his mouth. Her lips parted and they kissed as if it were the only thing keeping them alive. She was unaware of what her arms were doing until she felt the ends of his hair under her fingertips.

"Oh, God, Jordan..." she managed when his lips finally left her mouth, trailing down her chin, the middle of her throat. She tilted her head back, giving him better access even as she said, "Jordan... we can't..." They both knew it was a half-assed attempt at protest. She groaned as her hands snaked down the back of his neck and across his shoulders before settling on his chest between them. She gave what could only be called a nudge at best and continued her false resistance. "Stop..." Her fingers traced along his chest as she spoke, as he now kissed along her shoulder. He was becoming increasingly frustrated- both with his need for release and her unwillingness to cooperate. His mouth never left her skin as he reached up and laid his hands over hers on his chest, repeating what Donnie had done earlier. But instead of pulling her palms to his lips, he twisted his fingers with hers and pushed her arms against the wall on either side of her head.

"Stop," he murmured, turning her word around on her. "Give it up." Although he was referring to her words, the double meaning was lost on neither of them.

Ava groaned. "No... don't..."

Jordan's face was in front of hers now. "Shut. Up. Ava!" His voice was a whisper, but insistent, exasperated. "Fuck, you make me crazy!" He squeezed her hands as he bit his lip and looked over her features, taking her in before settling on her lips with both his eyes and mouth. She squeezed his hands in return, and arched herself up against him. They moaned into one another's mouths. Their fingers tightened and released over and over again, each wishing it was something else they were gripping.

Ava began to squirm as he pressed his body further into hers. Her earlier climax on the dance floor had come fast and unexpectedly, leaving her heightened for more instead of sated. She was nearly as frustrated as Jordan, if not more so, and she felt the need building inside her with such intensity it bordered on angry. She broke their kiss with a primal noise, somewhere between a growl and a scream. "Fuck!" Jordan repeated, as he began to writhe, himself. He needed her. Now. A primordial instinct rose up inside him, and he pressed his upper body to hers, her breasts crushed between them, their chests heaving, as he all but tore the button off his pants and ripped his zipper from the material surrounding it. Ava barely realized what he was doing as his one hand seized the hem of her dress, yanking it up. She didn't care that they were outside, against the wall of the building where her boyfriend was working, didn't care if they were caught- by Donnie or anyone else. Still, she thrust her hands down between them, grabbing Jordan's wrist and jerking it away from her. Somewhere along the way, they had realized that the resistance, the fighting, was as much part of the foreplay as anything else, and Ava's actions spurred Jordan on even more. "Not here!" she hissed under her breath.

"Yes, here!" Jordan hissed back. Their hands fought with each other's, grabbing and gripping, bodies warring against one another, Ava using the wall behind her as leverage, pushing against Jordan, only to have him push back harder. His strength aroused her beyond what she thought possible, and she struggled harder, wanting him to overpower her. All of this happened in just seconds, but it was several seconds too long for Jordan. He gritted his teeth and brought his left arm up against her chest, forcing her in place. "Dammit, Ava!" he spat, teeth still clenched. He took his cock in his right hand, nearly groaning at his own touch, and again as he brought it up against her lace g-string. Keeping his arm as a vice against her chest, he used the fingertips of his right hand and the tip of his cock to shove her panties to the side. He thrust himself inside her with such force, the back of her head hit the brick wall behind her, squelching her cry as it reached her lips, making the sound barely audible.

Jordan drove into Ava over and over again with quick and urgent thrusts. His arm slipped upward on her chest until it was at the base of her throat. Ava's initial reaction was to let it lay heavy on her throat. She arched her back, allowing her head to tilt back farther, welcoming the pressure and the heady sensation that accompanies lack of oxygen. She smiled, nearly laughed, for one brief moment; she was not so far gone, however, as to allow herself to be choked out. As erotic and inviting the thought was to her, common sense told her that the parking lot at the rear of a club, near an alley at two-thirty in the morning, in chilly November was not the prime spot to pass out in. So she flung her arms up and around his, pulling just enough to keep his arm steady on her chest. She could feel his muscles working beneath her fingers, contracting and releasing with the strength it took to hold her tight against the brick.

Jordan brought his right hand up to Ava's face, palm on her cheek, fingertips in her hair, holding it back from her face. He leaned his forehead to hers. Her skin was warm under his touch, despite the constant wind that still blew around them. He wanted to see her- cheeks flushed, mouth open and inviting, eyes wide and nearly desperate. Their breathing was hard and shallow, and every so often, Ava would clench her teeth, her lips spreading in a smile, eyes narrowing yet never breaking contact with Jordan's. He continued to pummel into her relentlessly, and she could no longer keep her eyes open. Her breathing was so shallow now that her chest appeared to alternate between fluttering and not moving at all. Her heart raced as the wings of a hummingbird, and she began to tremble, her entire body shuddering as if she had been submerged in ice water. Ludicrous when her body was nothing but flames. The core of the fire was in her belly, building and swelling. She thought she was close to burning, but was surprised as the heat within continued to rise. Her cry was high-pitched, nearly inaudible. Jordan grunted in response, and then again a few seconds later, the sound bleeding into a moan.

"Jordan... don't stop..." her voice started out small and breathless, but quickly rose in volume with each utterance. "Oh... Jordan...Oh, God...Jordan... Don't stop! Oh, Don't stop, baby! Please don't stop!" she was all but screaming now and Jordan's moans grew louder, as well. She gripped his arm as if it were a life-saver, and Jordan's fingers tightened in her hair. He fought against his orgasm, which threatened to tear him in two. "Ava," he growled. He hadn't realized he was practically on his toes, and he shifted his weight back, planting his feet on the ground. Ava slid slightly with him, and the altered position had his cock hitting her g-spot at it's most sensitive. Jordan felt it, too, and they both cried out.



They exploded at the same time, the fire consuming them, clinging to one another, shaking, throbbing, pulling, and biting anywhere they could. Their lips met in a kiss so fierce, Jordan saw a blinding white light as he blew his second nut into Ava. Her teeth pulled at his lip as she let out an animalistic growl. They continued kissing, as they came down from their orgasms, Jordan's pumps slowing, breathing returning to near normal. Jordan slid out of her carefully, setting her feet on the ground gently. They couldn't seem to tear their eyes away from one another. Ava swallowed hard, and was about to say something when they heard voices closing in on them. Their eyes grew wide, as Jordan grabbed Ava's hand and they quickly started walking the rest of the way to the SUV. They both glanced behind them as several couples rounded the corner, and Jordan and Ava giggled. They began to laugh as they sprinted the rest of the way. Ava didn't mind that Jordan hadn't even opened the car door for her. They collapsed into the vehicle in a fit of laughter, the high from their encounter lingering. The realization of how close they had come to getting caught brought a new wave of excitement, and a current of electricity hung in the air between them. Their eyes sparkled and they settled into a comfortable silence as Jordan turned the heater on and began backing out of the parking space, pleased and eager to continue their adventure.

A sense of satisfaction and... rightness... flowed through Jordan as he drove through downtown towards the hotel. He had been afraid that once the sexual tension was gone, there would be nothing left between them. At the time, it had been a risk he had been willing to take. He hadn't really given much thought to it, as his focus had been on actually getting Ava to succumb to him, to realize she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. But he had been wrong. He was glad he hadn't spent much time thinking it over, as it would have been fruitless. True, the sexual tension had nearly dissipated, but it had been replaced with something much more... substantial. They had never really been 'friends' in the true sense of the word, but they had a camaraderie, they understood each other. Now, in the close SUV, stealing glances and secret looks, knowing smiles and eyes glinting in wonder, Jordan knew that this could be just the beginning. Of what, he wasn't sure, but he was going to make damn sure they both enjoyed it.

Ava was soaring inside at what had finally happened with Jordan. She realized that while she hadn't allowed herself to think of Jordan on a conscious level, her subconscious hadn't missed a beat, picking up on every little detail, storing it away for just such a moment as tonight. She had wanted him from day one, the moment he walked in and flashed those dimples at her, his dark eyes blazing with subtle defiance. Her curiosity had been peaked and only continued to grow, drawing her in. She was amazed she lasted this long, and she wondered how long this liaison could- would- last.

Back at the hotel, they stopped at Donnie and Ava's room to drop off her purse and jacket before continuing onto Jordan's room through the adjoining door. Jordan bounced on the bed, laying back on the pillows that lined the headboard. He was propped up against them as Ava climbed up on the bed and straddled him.

"How much time do you think we have?" she asked breathlessly, excitedly.

Jordan glanced at the clock on the bedside table. It was just after 3a.m. "I don't know. I have no idea how long the club will let him stay after closing, if at all."

"So not long, then," Ava reasoned aloud, biting her bottom lip. She seemed to be contemplating whether or not to continue. A gleam flashed in her eyes. "We better make it count." She reached behind her and unfastened the hook at her neck, then brought her arms out to her sides, letting the dress fall down in front of her.

"Shit, Ava," Jordan breathed. The sight of her half naked in front of him, hair mussed and wild, eyes seductive... he had pictured this moment probably hundreds of times, but all of them put together could never measure up to her in the flesh. "You're gorgeous!" His eyes roamed her figure appreciatively- and he had only yet seen her breasts. Her perfect, perky, luscious breasts. He sat up, sliding his left arm around her bare back, his right hand cupping her left breast, thumb tracing over her already semi-hard nipple. She moaned, allowing her head to fall back briefly before looking him square in the eyes.

"Nuh, uh, handsome. If we're gonna make this work, we gotta move fast." She tugged at his shirt, pulling it up and off of him, and tossed it onto the chair near the corner of the room. She wanted to feel every part of Jordan, experience every part of him, but she was taking more than a chance already. Not knowing what time Donnie would be back... hell, he could have left the club already, for all they knew. Adrenaline coursed through her, and she began undressing Jordan with a fervor that even she hadn't expected.

Her eagerness had Jordan moving quickly, as well. As much as he wanted to take his time and enjoy her, caress every inch of her, he knew she was right. His heart felt like it would pound right out of his chest as he pulled her dress off of her hips and down her thighs. She had his pants undone at that point, and they separated briefly, she sliding her dress off the rest of the way, and he kicking off his shoes at the same time he lifted his hips, pulling his pants off completely, then his socks. Ava didn't bother with her shoes, but she did let her hair down. It tumbled around her face, falling past her shoulders, and grazed the skin just above her breasts. Jordan couldn't help but to think of Lady Godiva, riding through town in all her glory, soon to be riding him.

"Come here," he told her, reaching for her. He had gone commando under his pants, and she took a moment to admire him before allowing him to pull her to him. She was a little sorry they didn't have time to do this 'properly', especially after their tryst in the parking lot, and she found herself hoping they would have another night, another chance. She climbed on top of him, and he raised up, bringing his lips to hers. They kissed deeply, and Jordan toyed with her nipples briefly before sliding his hands down her stomach. One hand groped her ass, as his other pulled the thin scrap of lace that covered her mound to the side. His fingertips stroked her lips until he found her clit and began rolling his thumb over it gingerly.

Ava moaned, breaking their kiss, as she ran her hands across his chest and down his stomach, noticing that yes, his abs were just as chiseled as she had imagined; in fact, even more so. She traced her fingertips over the outline of his muscles before her hand came across the tip of his hardened cock. It jumped once at her slight touch, and she skimmed her palm over the top before wrapping her hand around his shaft. It was Jordan's turn to moan, and he closed his eyes, falling back into the pillows. He squeezed her ass, and his thumb worked faster over her. He pushed his index finger into her as her hand moved up and down on his member. They savored the feel of one another, skin and touch, as much as possible. Jordan added a second finger, and Ava's hand tightened around him in response. Their moans had begun to overlap and they called each other's names over and over.

Ava couldn't take much more. Jordan had worked her into a slight frenzy and she moved her hips over him, desperate to feel his thickness inside her. Just as he was about to pull his fingers from her, he hit her cervix and she yelled out involuntarily. "Oh, God!"

Jordan groaned, jerked his fingers from her, and sat up. He grasped her hips and raised her up and over him. She positioned the tip of his cock at her entrance, and he held her at bay as she moved him back and forth against her folds, teasing them both. "Fuck, Ava, you're so wet!" He exclaimed as he felt her juices run down his cock. Her left hand was gripping his shoulder, helping to hold her up, and she loosened her hold slightly, allowing herself to slide down on him a bit. "Aah!"

"Oh, God!" Jordan let out.

"You make me wet, Jordan." Ava's voice was husky, and full of desire. Jordan's cock thickened at both the sound of her voice and her words. He loved the sound of his name falling off her lips, and hearing her tell him what he did to her...

"Say it again, Ava. Tell me what I do to you." His voice was equally as husky, and it sent shivers down Ava's spine. Their breathing was becoming erratic and they knew it wouldn't be much longer...

"You make me wet, Jordan. You make me drip with anticipation."

"Anticipation for what? What do you want, Ava?" She tried to push down further on him, but he gripped her hips tighter and held her in place.

"I want you, Jordan. I want you."

"But you have me- I'm right here." He wasn't trying to tease her or draw it out; but he wanted to hear more. "Tell me exactly what you want."

Ava's voice became a note higher and she began to squirm. "I want... I want you to... fuck me!"

Jordan groaned, allowing her to slip down his shaft a bit further. Once again, she was taken aback by how strong he was. His arms weren't even trembling.

"How do you want me to fuck you, Ava?" He pulled her up, barely leaving the tip inside her dripping pussy before slamming her down on him, thrusting his hips up to her. Ava let out a cry of pleasure and pain. He thrust two more times, not even allowing Ava to find her rhythm, before holding himself completely still inside of her. "How do you want it?" he repeated with more ferocity.

Ava tried to grind against him, but he held her still. "Oh, God! I don't care!" She was clawing at his back now, wanting him deeper, harder, faster, any way he saw fit. "Just take me, Jordan! God, I can't handle it anymore! Just fuck me! Do it, Jordan! DO IT! FUCK ME!"

Jordan growled, and pulled her off of him. She cried out in protest, but it was short lived as he knelt behind her and pushed her down on her stomach. She lifted herself up on her elbows as Jordan yanked her ass up towards him. She arched her back, giving him better access, and he smacked one ass cheek, then the other before he rammed himself into her again. He could feel her contracting around him almost immediately, and he thrust harder and faster, eager for her to milk him.

Ava's knuckles were white, the pillows squeezed tightly within her fists. She buried her face in the pillows, muffling her screams as best as she could, as Jordan fucked her senseless. He spanked and squeezed her ass so hard, she was sure she would have marks for days. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her climax reached its peak. She shoved her ass backwards, wanting to prolong the feelings of Jordan's thrusts in the back of her throat.

Jordan came harder than he ever had before, falling over onto Ava's back, and pulling the flesh between her neck and shoulder in his teeth, sucking so hard, he wasn't sure he didn't draw blood. His right arm wrapped around her stomach, gripping her to him, as his left arm held him up over her, so as not to crush her with his weight.

He had no sooner rolled off of her and collapsed onto his back next to her when his cell phone rang. Ava still lay on her stomach trying to catch her breath. It took Jordan a moment to remember his Blackberry was in his pants pocket. He jumped up to catch it before it quit ringing, and glanced at the clock as he did so. 3:37a.m. He barely caught a glimpse of the number before he answered- Donnie's cell.

"Hey, D, what's up?" he did his best to sound casual. Ava's eyes grew slightly wide as she sat up in anticipation.

Donnie's voice on the other end held a touch of worry. "Hey, Jay. Where are you?"

"I'm at the hotel. Why? What's going on?"

"I can't find Ava. She's not answering her phone, and hasn't returned my calls..."

"Yo, she's okay. She's here with me. She must have left her phone in her purse in your room."

Donnie breathed a sigh of relief. "Dammit, she could have given me a heart attack."

Jordan forced a chuckle before he heard a noise next door. Ava bolted upright in bed. Jordan froze.

"D, where are you?" He asked hesitantly. He knew the answer even before he asked, they both did, but he asked anyway, hoping beyond hope that the noise they heard was outside.

"I just got back to the room. The manager was insistent on closing up for the night, but said I could come in early in the morning."

Time seemed to stand still for a moment.

Jordan's eyes widened, and Ava jumped up even before Jordan began motioning frantically for her to do so.

Donnie continued. "Mind if I come over for a bit to wind down?"

Jordan bent down and grabbed his pants up off the floor, scrambling to put them on as he balanced the phone between his shoulder and his ear. Ava found her dress that had somehow lodged itself halfway under the bed. "Uh..."

It was too late. The doorknob turned and the door joining both rooms swung open. Donnie stood in the doorway, taking in the scene laid out before him. Jordan's eyes clenched shut as he slid his phone closed and slipped it into his pants pocket, which were barely on, flap hanging open. Ava was on the far side of the bed, clutching her dress to her chest, shifting her weight from foot to foot, glancing nervously back and forth between Jordan and the floor.

Jordan opened his eyes to see Donnie toss his Blackberry on the bed in his room and slowly proceed into Jordan's room. Sauntered in was more like it.

One side of Donnie's mouth turned up in a smirk. "Took you two long enough." He took a few more steps and casually took a seat in the armchair. It was then Jordan and Ava noticed something silver and compact in Donnie's right hand. "Don't stop on my account. Please, continue," he said casually as he aimed a small camcorder in their direction. "Oh, and Ava? Keep the shoes on." He added with a wink as they heard him press record.


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