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Daddy's Sexy Little Girl

Short story By: Vivianne Cruise

A girl loves her daddy, and he really loves her, too. He loves her in the morning, in the kitchen with her mother in the next room, he loves her when she's down, and especially when he's up. Daddy loves his little girl. All night long.

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I skipped down the stairs in my short white skirt, and as I reached near the bottom, I noticed my step-daddy watching me over his newspaper. Mother had her back turned to him so she did not see the way he gazed longingly at my tender thighs. I bounded off the bottom step and smiled teasingly at daddy before walking up to kiss him on the forehead. Mother was in a mood again, so she quickly said hi before scampering away to finish her morning duties. I sat down to eat breakfast next to my daddy. He was so handsome. Short black hair, dark, but kind, eyes, and an amazing smile set into his hardened jawline. He worked out a lot, and you could definitely tell. My step-daddy was sexy. "Good morning angel, sleep well?" he asked, with a wink. Of course I slept well, I always sleep good after step-daddy fucks me. Mother never hears though, she's always knocked out on painkillers late in the night. I slowly rub his inner thigh, as close to his member as I can without actually touching it. Daddy loves when I tease him. As I near closer, a huge bulge forms in his pants. I hear mother returning to the kitchen and I quickly snap my hand back into my lap. Step-daddy sighs, relieved from my teasing. For now.

"I'm off to work dears, see you later tonight!" She hugs me before kissing daddy goodbye. It doesn't bother me, though, I know he's all mine. She quickly dashes out the door. Daddy and I sit at the table awhile longer. He reads his paper as I finish my cereal and when I get done I rise and slowly strut past him to the sink. My skirt had risen even higher since I sat down, but I didn't worry to fix it. I could feel daddy's eyes staring at my bare ass cheeks peeking out from the bottom of my tight mini. Daddy loves my ass. He said my legs and ass are my best feature. I leaned over the sink a bit as I rinsed my dishes, enough for daddy to see my thong barely covering my twat. Daddy shuffled his paper and I turned around to catch him looking at me with his dick still tightly folded in his pants. He took his time as he stood up and walked over to me; he stared deep into my eyes, and in silence I could almost hear his cock pulsating as blood pumped into it. I wanted my daddy so bad, and I knew he wanted me, too. With his left hand, he slid up my smooth inner thigh from just above my knee all the way up to my pussy.

My daddy didn't waste any time when he wanted something. My panties were already wet from when I had been teasing him at the table with mother in the room. With two fingers, he rubbed my clit over my panties. I whimpered a little and sunk a little into relaxation. He leaned into me and nibbled on my ear before whispering, "You look so sexy in that skirt. It's my favorite one, you know?" I said, "I know daddy, you bought it for me, remember?" He laughed a little and continued rubbing the outside of my clit. I wanted him to move my panties so bad. I wanted him to thrust his hard dick into me right now. I wrapped one arm around his neck and began to kiss him from his ear to his Adams apple, and then back up again. He reached his free hand up to my hair and pulled to the side, exposing my neck. He licked and bit all around that area. It hurt because I was still sore from last night, but my daddy always knows how to make me feel good.

"My sweet girl," he said, sighed heavily as I began to rub the bulge in his pants, then continued, "Sweetie," he stopped to sigh again. "Yes, daddy?" I asked innocently. But before he could answer, I slowly dropped down to my knees and rubbed my face against his bulge. He splayed out, his back against the counter, his arms behind his head, his head slightly tilted back, and his eyes closed. I loved to please my daddy. I unbuckled his belt, then slowly unbuttoned his pants. I want to tease him just a little longer. I drew down his pants, but left his boxers on. His dick straightened out after I slid off his pants and I could feel my panties get even wetter as it stood erect in my face. I rubbed my face against his cock again, then used my teeth to pull down the band of his boxers down to his ankles, staring up at him the entire time. From there, I licked my way back up, working around his balls for a bit then continued down his long shaft to the tip of his penis. I stayed there for a bit, flicking my tongue around the head and when I could feel him tightening up, I sucked the whole head with my mouth, and then shoved his entire cock deep into my mouth. It rammed against the back of my throat and I could hear daddy moan ferociously. I sucked all around his dick in every way possible. Daddy removed his arms from behind his head and braced himself against the counter. I started off hard and fast then, when he was all worked up and ready to explode, I began to slowly bob my head back and forth, making sure to suck extra good for him. I stopped with my lips around the head of his huge cock, then played around the rim with my tongue again. Daddy shifted one arm from the counter to the back of my head and began to shove my throat deep around his shaft, hard and fast again. He grunted with each thrust and after a few hard shoves, he tightened up, pushed my face into him and blew his load deep into my mouth. I could feel his thick, warm juice slide down the back of my throat, and I swallowed it, happily. "Mmm," I moaned with a smile, and licked my lips. Still on my knees, I looked up at my daddy. He held my face in two hands and smiled down at me. "I love you, my angel," he said, then slid his arms down mine and lifted me to my feet. "You better hurry up and fix yourself up, I can't have you late for school again," with a wink, he kissed me on the lips and I skipped off to my room to grab a fresh pair of panties.

School was boring, as always. But thinking about how great my morning was, made the day go by faster. After my girl friend, Jess, dropped me off at home, I dashed upstairs to do home work and watch tv. Around 7 that night, mother came home, followed by daddy soon after. I tended to avoid my mother. Not because I didn't like her, or was jealous of her, or anything like that, but because she was my step mother, so, naturally, I was inclined to dislike her just a little bit. We ate, mostly in silence around 730 and at 8, mother snuck off to her room and her bottle of pills. As I washed dishes, I replayed the morning's event in my head. Daddy was in his study, finishing up some work, but oh how I longed for him to be here, kissing all over me again. And just like that, my daddy appeared in the kitchen entry. He smiled at me, sweetly. "How was school, cupcake?" "Boring, as always," I paused, "But I had a great morning, so that really helped make my day go better. " I glanced at him sideways, and smiled sneakily. "Mmm," he moaned a little, in agreement. "Homework all done?" He asked, getting back on topic. Mother wasn't yet asleep, not that she would notice - she was used to daddy staying up late to finish business. "Yes, daddy." I replied, respectfully. "Good girl." Daddy returned to his office. He doesn't work late in there nearly as much as mother thinks he does. Don't get me wrong; he isn't with me, not always. Most of the time he is in the living room watching sports recaps, or reading in the parlor. Daddy doesn't usually see me until its really late, just before he's ready for bed.

"You asleep, honey?" I was in my room, half asleep, when I heard my daddy enter. I peered open my eyes and was blinded by the time on my alarm clock; it was just after 2 in the morning. "No daddy," I replied, stirring awake and sitting up in bed. Daddy stepped over to me and sat down beside me. "You really did look beautiful today. How did I get so lucky to have you?" He looked deep into my soul with his dark, loving eyes. "I love you, daddy," I said, then leaned over to close the short gap of space between us and kissed him passionately on his lips. He returned my kiss and parted my lips with his tongue. I scooted closer to him and was almost on his lap. He reached up with one hand and caressed my face, then used the other to cup my boob. He tenderly rubbed them, then moved to unbutton the front of my shirt. Our kissing became more heated as our breathing increased. When he got halfway done with unbuttoning my shirt, he slipped his hand in, underneath my bra, and cupped my breast in his large hand. I didn't have huge boobs- a full C - but daddy didn't care - he was a leg and ass man. He groped all over my boobs, pinching my nipples softly, at first, but as our kissing became more intense, so did his fondling. My nipples became so hard. Soon, he flipped me on my back, my shirt completely off. I lay there in my bra and night shorts. Daddy leaned back in to kiss me, still hard and passionately, but this time, he moved his hand from my boobs to my shorts where he slowly tugged them down past my knees. He grabbed my legs and raised them high in the air, then threw my panties off to the floor. As his hand came back up, he stopped at my exposed pussy. Laying next to me, he stopped for a moment to gaze into my eyes. I stared back at him in a way that clearly read, "Give it to me good."

I was so wet. My daddy was so sexy and I wanted him so, so bad. We kissed again and as our tongues danced with each other, he gently began to stroke around my pussy lips, then he used two fingers to pry them apart, while shoving his middle and his ring finger into my juicy hole. I heavily moaned and moaned. Daddy didn't like to use more than two fingers with me, he said I was the tightest little pussy he's ever had, and he wanted to keep me that way. He continued to thrust his fingers inside of me, as he used his thumb to massage my clit. As I moaned and pleaded for him not to stop, he began to pull down his pants. I arched my back in excitement, and shoved my hips towards him. He pressed them back down with his hand, then, while still rubbing my wet pussy, he started to rub his shaft slowly up and down. Never one to miss an opportunity to make my daddy happy, I shoved his hand away and jerked him off, myself. I could tell he loved my aggressiveness, because his cock grew twice its size in my hand. I smiled and moaned into my pillow. His fingers felt so amazing, but I wanted more. I wanted him! "Daddy, I want you!" I half-screamed. Our breathing was erratic. At this, my daddy got a huge grin. "Do you have a condom, sweetheart," he asked, continuing to finger me but slowing down his pace.

I thought for a moment, then sadly said, "No." Daddy frowned, but did not stop massaging my tight, wet pussy. "Baby, you love me right?" "Yes, daddy, of course I do." I panted in reply. "You trust daddy and know I'll always take care of you, right?" I could tell where he was going with this, and my body tightened excitedly. "Oooh, yes daddy!" I kissed him, a little more roughly. He broke away and panted in my ear, "Do you want daddy to put his cock in you now, baby?" I couldn't even reply because at that point, my legs stiffened and my pelvic area convulsed as I squirted all over my daddy's fingers. "Mmm,' he smiled, then licked my juices clean off his fingers. Still over me, he grabbed my hand and brought it down to my pussy. He used my fingers to lap up some of my cum, then brought it up to my lips for me to taste. I looked at my daddy, who stared at me, hungrily. So I sucked my fingers down to my knuckles. "That's my girl." He purred into my ear. I wrapped my arms around his neck then pulled him down on top of me. I moaned into his ear, "I want you to fuck me, daddy. Please stick your dick inside of me. I'm all yours." I nibbled on his lobe for a bit. My daddy tore off his shirt and stepped over me, straddling my hips. His dick hung over my pussy, daring it to enter. He stood over me on his knees for a bit, admiring my naked body. Suddenly he grabbed my arms, pinned them above my head, rubbed my clit then grabbed his dick and rubbed the head around the opening of my tense pussy. I moaned softly as he teased me then screamed into the arm raised above my head as he shoved his hard cock deep into my tight pussy.

Still holding my wrists above my head, daddy rammed his dick into me as he stared at my face adoringly. I firmly closed my eyes. His cock was so big, my tight pussy fully engulfed it. He continued thrusting, faster and harder and faster and harder. "You like that baby?" He breathed. "Oh yea, daddy! I love you inside of me!" He unpinned me, grabbed my hips, and with his cock still deep inside of me, he flipped me over onto my stomach. Laying on top of me, he continued ramming me, squeezing my ass for leverage. He rocked back and forth and I began to match rhythm with my hips. I moaned louder and louder, but I didn't care that mother was just down the hall. Daddy felt so, so good in me. "You love me, right daddy?" He thrusts hard into me. "Yea, baby, daddy loves you." He grunted with each word. "More than mother?" I asked. He stopped then and laid on top of me completely, still inside of me. He softly kissed around my ear and neck, rubbing his hands all down my sides, then began to rock into me slowly. Sweetly. "Sweetheart," he started, pausing to kiss me more, "You know I love you more than anyone else. You're the only one for me. Daddy's little girl." Hearing that made me gush a little. Daddy must have felt it because, while still rocking into me, he reached underneath of me with one hand and massaged my clit. "Ohhh daddy!" I moaned. "Please, don't stop! Fuck me harder!"

But he did stop rubbing my clit. And again, he grabbed my hips, but this time he hoisted them into the air, doggy style. With me on all fours, daddy roughly shoved his cock back into my tight, wet pussy. At this point, my juices are flowing. My cum is all over the bed and his body. As he penetrates deeper, his balls slap against my ass. I love it. He moans and grunts, and grabs onto my shoulder with one hand. Each thrust harder and faster than the first. Then daddy does something new; he smiles at me and sticks his finger into my mouth. I suck on it for a little while, then he pulls it out, soaking wet, and shoves it into my ass. "Oooh my god!!" I scream into my pillow. Daddy presses my shoulder down into the bed. With my ass still hoisted in the air, he rams me with his dick and fingers my asshole at the same time. The feeling is unbelievable. We are so loud now, but still we don't care. His finger drives into my ass and wiggles around a bit, then pulls out, matching pace with his dick as its shoved deeper into my pussy. After a while, he stops fingering my ass, and shoves it into my mouth. I suck and nibble on it. Daddy's panting now. He stops fucking me and rolls over onto his back. I know what he wants. Daddy loves it when I ride him.

I climb on top and straddle over him, with my hands down on each side of his head. My long, curly hair falls into his face. He reaches up and gathers it in his hand, then brings my face into him. We kiss passionately as my hips still stray above his hard cock. As we kiss, I feel the head of his dick brush against my lips. I slowly tease him by rubbing softly around his head with my clit. I moan and moan into his ear. Unable to take it anymore, he grips my hips and thrusts me onto him. His dick rams deep into my pussy. I scream a little as we kiss. I sit up straight on top of him and begin to ride him hard. My boobs bounce up and down as I ride his dick and he plays with them fervently. I bounce harder on his dick then thrust my hips back in forth. Daddy groans and squeezes my ass. "Oh, baby!" He moans loudly. "Yes, daddy?" "Oooh, babbyyy!" I feel daddy's rock hard cock stiffen more inside of me. Suddenly he throws me off of him, then quickly grabs me forcefully, laying back on top of me. He pins me down again and shoves his cock hard into me. He covers my mouth with one hand and holds my wrists with the other. I scream and moan and thrash a little. Daddy likes it rough. The more I fight, the harder he drives into me. He removes his hand from my mouth and leans fully into me with both arms around my head, holding my arms in place. "You know daddy loves you, right baby? Are you all mine, baby girl? Are you daddy's?" "Yes daddy!" I scream. "I'm yours daddy. This pussy's all yours! I love you!" he rams hard and fast into my pussy, I know he's ready to cum. "Daddy, cum in me!" I plead. "Are you sure honey," daddy asks, still thrusting. "I want to feel your cum shoot deep into me daddy! Please! Give it to me, daddy, make me yours!!" And with that, he shoves himself deep into me, pushing his hips hard into mine. I scream when I feel his dick pulsate as his warm cum shoots deep into my pussy. His pussy.

*Inspired by "Sleeping with my DAD" by hotstory4you*


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