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The Car's in the Shop PART 1

Short story By: Veronica Lodge

Veronica needs to pick up her car tonight. She stumbles upon an unexpected encounter that provides pleasure for all concerned.

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Ronni raced through locking up her desk and checked the time on her cell phone - she needed to get to the automotive shop to exchange the loaner for her car before they closed at 6:00. "Where's the fire, Veronica?" her boss said as he walked by, and chuckled. "Oh, no fire - It's just that my car is in the shop and they close at 6, so I gotta get out of here! I already put the monthly report on your desk." "Ok, thank you….just slow down and drive safe."

She walked into the car shop at 5:55 pm. "Yes, I made it!" she thought to herself. The mechanic came out to the lobby and let her know they were still working on her car. "Will it be a problem for you to wait? I can stay and finish or you can come back tomorrow." "No problem - I can stay", said Ronni. She needed her car back!

The lobby was one of those typical automotive shop lobbies. It had a leather couch and was surrounded by glass obviously designed so that patrons could keep an eye on their cars while they waited. There was a Wheel of Fortune episode playing on the corner TV. Ronnie grabbed the remote and hit mute. She grabbed a magazine and sat on the end of a couch next to a table.

At 5:59 pm the door flew open and the most beautiful woman Ronni had ever seen rushed in. She wasn't usually attracted to women; she definitely preferred cock, but this girl was absolutely stunning. Ronni caught her breath. Maybe of Native American origin, Ronni couldn't tell for sure, but this girl was certainly exotic. Long brown hair, big eyes, and luscious thick lips. And legs for days. The second mechanic came into the lobby and said the same thing to this woman. He called her Ms. Jones. Ms. Jones also decided to wait. As the mechanic went back into the car area, Ms. Jones walked over and sat down right next to Ronni. There was plenty of seating space but she plopped down on the couch right next to Ronni. It startled her! The woman said "So glad I made it before they closed! I have to have my car tonight and was afraid I'd get here late." "Same here", responded Ronni and as she did Ms. Jones's left arm reached across Ronni to the table next to her and began to flip through the magazines. The woman tossed the magazines back on the table and whispered "there's nothing readable here" with those lips that were now so uncomfortably close to hers. Ronni actually became a little dizzy and confused. She licked her lips. "God you have great tits" Ms. Jones said. "May I?" Ronni was still so startled all she could do was nod her head. This woman was incredibly mesmerizing and erotic.

Ms. Jones reached in to the V-neck of Ronni's sweater and into her bra. She cupped her breast with her hand and popped it out of the bra and sweater rubbing her thumb around the nipple. "I want a taste" she said. Ronni felt she had never wanted anything so much and nodded her head. So new, so … forbidden. Ms. Jones sucked and licked her nipple and then playfully gave it a little bite. Ronni sucked in her breath and felt as if she were at the top of the long drop of a roller coaster. Ms. Jones smiled as she stood up and walked to the front entrance. She locked the door and pulled down the shade. When she came back she knelt on the floor in front of Ronni, pushed her skirt up and tugged at the sides of her panties. Ronni obliged by lifting her ass slightly off the couch and Ms. Jones pulled her panties down to her ankles. She kissed her knees and then the insides of her legs by her knees and then moved her lips slowly up to her thighs alternating left then right. Ronni could not believe how turned on she was. She grabbed the arm rests and involuntarily thrusted her pussy towards Ms. Jones's lips but the woman wasn't giving her what she wanted just yet. Her fingers and lips continued to tantalize her with light touches and kisses on the insides of her legs and thighs. Ronni moaned.

"What's your name?" she asked as she looked soulfully into Ronni's eyes. "Veronica. Ronni. Call me Ronni." She could hardly get it out. "Ok, Ronni." She dove face first under Ronni's skirt and inhaled deeply. It was intoxicating. The bridge of her nose rubbed against the hood and she was very soon pleased to see that Ronni's clit had come out to play. She used her fingers and gently pushed Ronni's thighs apart and spread her cunt lips apart with a long lick of her tongue and tasted her. Oh, Hellllllllo. Her tongue took another long slow lick and then she began licking with more of a firm pressure and rubbing her tongue up and down and around on Ronni's bulging clit. Her flavor was divine. Mildly musky and sweet. So sweet. She began alternating kissing and gently squeezing and sucking Ronni's clit into her mouth and mashing her tongue in varying directions across it. She kept surprising Ronni with the variety of her motions. Up, now down, now across in soft circular motions, now lightly nibbling with her wonderfully soft lips. Now a little more pressure. Now, a little less. Softer, slower. Amazingly Exquisite.

God how this woman made Ronni feel. Ms. Jones was so enthusiastic and hungry for her pussy and made her feel so incredibly desired. Ronni had had lovers in the past that knew how to give good oral sex but this woman knew how to make it a whole body and mind experience.

Ms. Jones slid a nicely manicured wet finger into Ronni's pussy without missing a beat with her tongue. Ronni let her know with her moaning that she could insert more. Ronni opened her eyes and through the glass across from her saw one of the mechanics had pulled his cock out of the slot in his overalls and was stroking it while staring in at them. His watching her made things all the more erotic. Ronni lifted her sweater to give him a good view, popped the other breast out of her bra and began playing with and squeezing her nipples. She bit her bottom lip and licked her lips slowly and then moving her breast to them began to suck and lick her own nipples. Ms. Jones lifted Ronni's right leg up over her left shoulder and again tantalized her with those slow and long clit licks. "Oh … my … god", Ronni moaned and could not concentrate on the mechanic or her tits any longer. As she began to writhe with the familiar sensation of an overwhelming and unstoppable orgasm she fumbled to grab hold of something. Finding the seat armrest and seat back she opened her eyes one last time to see the mechanic stroking faster in the window in front of her. That was all she needed before cumming intensely and squirting all over Ms. Jones's face. She had never been aware of ejaculating like that in any oral encounter before. It was an unbelievable and erotic feeling.

Ms. Jones sat up on her knees and took Ronni's breast in her mouth. "You are soooooo tasty but I desperately need some cock now." Ronni nodded. "Me too" she said, and before getting up slipped her panties off her ankles. The two remaining mechanics were the only two employees left in the shop. Ms. Jones walked out to the one who had been stroking his cock while watching them. Ronni walked over to the bay where the mechanic was working on her car. He had missed the previous action having been down in the bay. Ronni walked over to the edge and put her right foot on a stool while hiking her skirt up just enough so he had a nice view of her now glistening pussy. She sassily asked him if he was almost finished. He looked up at her, smiled wide, and said, "Oh, I haven't even gotten started".


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