Unwilling Partner

By: Verballyenticed

Page 1, Shannon is alone in her house when she is attacked

Shannon enters the empty apartment after a long day at work. Her husband, Dave, is out of town for a business thing and isn’t expected home until the next day. The place is unusually dark and she swore she had left a light on. “Must have blown a bulb” she thought.
She steps into the entry way and begins to remove her coat. From behind her the front door slams shut. Before she can turn around a hand clamps over her mouth and the blade from knife is pressed against her neck. “Scream and I’ll cut your pretty little throat” her attacker hisses at her. “Follow my instructions and you may just live through the night”
“Do you understand?” he asks her. She nods her head slightly in answer to his question; her blue eyes burning with rage and fear “Are you scared of me” he asks almost sweetly “you should be bitch”.
His grip tightens on her as he drags her into the front room. He uses the knife to cut her shirt from hem to throat. It barely misses drawing blood as he performs the action swiftly. She is left standing exposed from the waist up. Her milky breasts reflected in the light from the window. She looks around hoping to find something she can use to fight back. The action does not go unnoticed by her attacker. “Don’t even think about it! There is no escape for you and you’ll just make me angrier”
He is really close to her now. With one hand on her throat he uses the other to explore her body. His touch is rough and angered as if she purposely pissed him off in some way. “You are such a tease aren’t you” he asks. “You drive men crazy with your body but never give them what you promise.” As he firmly grabs her tit in his hand he mutters “you will give to me tonight though”.
He releases his hold on her throat long enough to grab her hair and shove her to her knees. He holds her there while he uses his other hand to release his cock from his jeans. He masturbates in front of her for a second seeming to contemplate his next move. “Open your mouth and if dare try to bite me I will cut out your tongue”. He shoves his member into her mouth and thrusts deeply. She gags on the size not quite able to relax enough to allow the penetration fully. “That’s right you dirty little slut” he groans “Take it all.” She continues to gag as he thrusts to completion. “Swallow it you whore” she complies hoping he’s finally finished with her.
He slaps her hard across the face and pulls her to her feet by her hair. He then proceeds to rip her pants and panties down. He shoves his fingers into her resisting flesh. Her body responds to the action. Unwillingly she gets slick and moist. He continues to thrust his fingers into her with brutal force. She groans in shame as she feels herself close to cumming. “Please stop” she begs, unable to hold back. He refuses her and continues to stroke her. “Shut up bitch, I make the rules here”
When she can hold back no longer he drags her to the couch and turns her around so she’s bent over it. With the knife at her throat he thrusts into her ass. Immediately she screams in pain. He thrusts deeper and harder into her yelling obscenities at her all the while. Before she can black out from the pain he pulls out of her and thrusts into her tight snatch. He continues to alternate between holes, giving pain and pleasure. His breathing is sporadic and coming in huffs. Shannon can’t figure out what’s getting him off more the brutality or the sex.
She resists everything he gives her, not willing to succumb to the violation or the pleasure. He spanks her hard enough to leave marks when she complains. The knife is dangerously close to breaking the delicate skin at her throat. The torture seems to never end.
When he gets close to release he pulls out of her and strokes himself. “Turn over bitch” he demands. When she complies he forces her to watch him masturbate. He gets close to her and drags the knife down her breasts. As he strokes himself he says her name over and over again. Finally he cums with a loud groan spewing hot semen all over her tits. “Did you miss me” he asks “More then you’ll ever know” she replies.

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