Naive Encounter

By: Verballyenticed

Page 1, A woman summoned by an email meets her lover for a night of raunchy demanding sex.

It starts with the email. There is no subject line and no signature; only three little lines.
Harrison Motel
8 O’clock.
Room 13
 A three line assault on the body that awakens a frenzy of lust and needs. Needs so instinctive she trembles just reading it; so frantic that only one thing can relieve it. HIM. Any plans she may have had are gone. Her concentration shattered. A seemingly normal day changes in the blink of an eye at the impending night.
They come randomly with no pretense or pattern; one day just showing up in her inbox with no end in sight. Not that she’d want one anyway. Why she answered the first one to begin with not even she knows; but she did. Maybe it was curiosity or an unspoken need to bring excitement into her life that propelled her forward to the motel that first night. Some might say a death wish. She had no idea who he was and still doesn’t.
They meet at the room, two strangers in need of release. He greets her at the door with a crushing kiss full of animal hunger. She responds to the kiss with a hunger of her own her whole body melting under his touch. She instantly gets wet and a slow burning coils in her body. Just one kiss awakens her desire for him. A desire she had not known possible until him.
He grabs her by the hair and drags her into the room slamming the door behind him. Tonight will be rough. He is demanding and she wants to please. There will be no slow going tonight. No romance in store. Just hot animal sex.
He rips off her shirt exposing the black lace bra she is wearing. He lingers on her ample breasts appraising them with his eyes. The look is pure pleasure and desire. “Take it off” he demands. She fumbles with the hook trying to comply. He gets impatient and rips that off as well. He reaches down and lightly pinches her nipples, rolling them between the pads of his fingers. She groans from the pain and pleasure of it. The conflicting sensation is pure sin.
His mouth is on hers demanding and taking. His hands stroking her nipples into taut nubs. Her body screams from the torture of it all. Just when she thinks she can’t take anymore he changes direction throwing her off balance.
“On your knees” he says. She is obedient. She is his slave. He releases his large throbbing cock from his pants. He strokes it in front of her. She licks her lips imagining the taste of him in her mouth. “You want it don’t you” he asks “beg for it”. She does.
She wraps her wet lips around his shaft, taking the whole thing in one easy motion. The move makes him groan in ecstasy. She teases the tip with her tongue alternating between sucks and licks. She takes him to the brink of no return.
He grabs her hair thrusting in and out of her mouth. When he can take no more he pulls her off the floor and tosses her on the bed like a rag doll. He strips off her remaining clothes and throws them in a heap on the floor. He cuffs her to the bed naked and exposed. He runs trails down the length of her body with his tongue.
His fingers probe into her wet pussy stroking her G spot, while his tongue runs circles around her clit. Her body bucks against the restraints. Her mind is a pile of mush. She does not think she just feels. Her body a trembling mass of nerves, she cum’s quickly and hard.
Before she can recover he teases her to release again. She screams in pleasure and begs for him. He enters her fast with one thrusting motion. He throws her legs up on his shoulders and drives deeper and deeper. Her hips meet his in response. They ride the wave together building the intensity to a fevered pitch. Their moans are unison, their bodies are one. They cum together. She sleeps. She wakes to find him gone. Another encounter past. Like an addict she yearns for more.

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