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Who said married sex was boring sex? The passion remains if you know how to bring it out!

Submitted:Dec 23, 2009    Reads: 782    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

They meet in the dark as they normally do. Two lovers whose bodies are so attuned to each others' touch they respond instantly; the familiarity of longtime lovers a comfort not a curse. He strokes her lightly from her thigh to her hip. So light she feels nothing but flutters like the wings of a butterfly. He kisses her softly at first, increasing in intensity as he goes. She responds with a fervor so hot he knows instantly what she needs.
The pressure in his touch increases. No longer soft. He pulls her in his arms up off the bed. He yanks her shirt over her head and grasps her full breasts in his hands. He runs his fingers over her nipples; watching her face for the signs of pleasure he knows so well. He lowers his mouth to the first; sucking and twirling it with his tongue. She drags her nails down his arm in pleasure. He administers to the other in the same manner leaving no sense untouched. She moans in response and sinks her teeth into the flesh at his shoulder. He groans in pain and pleasure.
He pins her arms above her head in one of his hands. She loves the restraint and the demanding nature. He returns to kissing her. Their tongues intertwine in a sensual dance of lust and need. He runs tongue and kisses down her neck and into her cleavage. He probes her with his large member through her panties.
He grabs her dark curly hair in his fingers and uses it to steer her on the bed. He positions her so her head is hanging off the side. He then pins her so she can barely fight back. They both know the fights in vain. He is over her taking off her panties. His tongue finds her budding clit. She is hot and wet for him. He probes into her snatch with a finger, then two. His tongue and fingers working her to frenzy. He knows her body cues like his own. He works at her until she comes close to cumming and then lightens the pressure. He wants to delay the gratification, building its intensity.
While he works to bring her pleasure she finds his shaft. She strokes firmly in her hand releasing only to grip his balls lightly. She drags her nails down his ass cheek inducing a lustful groan from him. She surprises him by taking him in her mouth deep throating him until he pulls away from her, not able to take anymore.
He makes her cum fast and hard. She rides the wave of it on his hand unable to control the thrusting of her hips. He does not stop but continues to stroke her clit and G spot until the intensity of her orgasm heightens to sweet pain
Her head hangs off the bed as he thrusts deep inside her. The joining of their body brings sweet relief. Her legs go up on his shoulders. He thrusts deeper and deeper slamming into her wet center. She stifles her moans but her face shows all he needs to see.
He slams harder and harder into her. Her body begins to slip from the bed. She throws a hand behind her to the floor to brace herself. She does not want to stop they are both so close. She slips more and falls to the floor her feet hitting the door behind her. They laugh it off but do not stop.
He slides to the floor. She is on her knees and he slides into her from behind. He continues to thrust into her; lifting her hips as he does. She screams out as she cums not able to hold back any longer. He groans in unison; their ecstasy matched. They ride the wave and peak together.
He remains inside her as the last wave ebbs, holding her close to his body. Their bodies are flushed in the cold room. There are no inhibitions or vulnerability here. No embarrassment over the mishap. There is none needed. They curl into bed and sleep in each others' arms, knowing after 9 years they are still perfectly matched.


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