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Just a sexond hand emotion.

Short story By: VelvetAssassin

When Pheobe met Kat she never planned on feeling something so raw, so hot, so passionate, it was everything she never knew she wanted.

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As Kat looked across the dancefloor, she saw her, a petite brunette, her eyes glowed with her sweet innocence.
Kat was an experienced bisexual who knew what she wanted and right now it was the sweet girl next door who looked so out of place in this club that Kat could only assume she'd been dragged here by the two very handsome but very camp guys she stood with.
Kat couldn't take just looking at her, she wanted to touch her. She walked over and after she'd got about halfway she felt herself get nervous and noticed the sweet innocent sexy girl was looking at her.
"Hey." She smiled at the girl. "H..h...hey." she replied nervously.
"I'm Kat, and you are?" She had regained all confidence, hell yes she wanted this girl.
"I'm Pheobe, I've never really done anything like this before."
Kat laughed. "What? Talked to a strange girl in a bar?"
She nodded. Oh wow. This girl really was different.
"okay, well Pheobe, how about I buy you a drink?"
"sure, i'll have a coke."
Kat laughed again. It was pretty damn cute how shy and sheltered this girl seemed to be.
Kat ordered the drinks but asked for JD to be added to Pheobe's coke.
"So... Pheobe, why exactly did your friends drag you out?"
She giggled shyly. "oh well... They didnt exactly drag me out, they just said I needed to meet someone new."
"Well, you've done that. Now what?" Said Kat.
"Oh, I don't know, I don't exactly know you." Replied Pheobe.
"Maybe we should change that then." Kat said, eyeing Pheobe up seductively.
Pheobe just smiled and slowly bit her straw, indicating nervousness. Kat stood up, grabbing Pheobe's hand, she pulled her towards the dance floor, leaving their drinks at the bar.
"Where are we going?" Pheobe asked. Kat didn't reply, she just showed Pheobe a way through the dancefloor, past the back and up some stairs.
Kat stopped abruptly, putting her hands over Pheobe's eyes. "Just trust me." She whispered.
Pheobe didn't know why but suddenly she did, she no longer worried about where they were going but just let Kat direct her.
Pheobe stepped up and felt the cold air blast her. "Kat? Are we on a roof?"
"We are on the rooftop of the club. Open your eyes."
When she looked around, it was breathtaking, the darkness only enhanced the starlight. There was a tent set out with a double sleeping bag in and the entrance was lit by fire light from a nearby camp fire.
"I...I..." Kat shushed her before planting a kiss on her soft supple lips.
Pheobe kissed her back as they engaged in a passionate embrace.
Kat felt her whole body tingle, and even though she'd been with plenty of women, nobody had made her body tingle this way. Guy nor girl.
Pheobe suddenly placed her hands upon Kat's hips and feeling her do this, Kat grabbed her ass. She kissed her neck slowly, placing sweet kisses along the trail of her neckline, before planting her face firmly upon her right breast.
Pheobe let out a moan of pleasure. Kat stopped and held Pheobe's hand, directing her towards the tent.
She kissed her, placing her head upon a pillow before removing her own top revealing her 36DD's.
Pheobe lay in awe of the beautiful woman before her, she'd never even kissed a woman before tonight, and now here she was ready to fuck one.
Kat caressed her cheek before resuming where she had left off and kissing Pheobe's breasts before freeing them of their cage and sucking on her sweet innocent nipples.
Pheobe was in ecstasy already and Kat had only just begun. As Kat sucked on her tits, Pheobe found herself exploring her body and sliding a finger into her tight wet pussy.
She moaned more and more. Kat noticed where her hands were and reached down into Pheobe's underwear to tease her flit as they both pleasured her. Kat waited until Pheobe was just about to cum before moving her head down and lapping up the juices with her tongue.
This was unlike anything Pheobe had experienced and she found herself reachong out for things to hold on to for fear she may fall as he body thrived with the pleasure, Kat giggled as she saw Pheobe battling with her inner sex demon.
Pheobe mumbled and Kat didn't quite catch what she said, she just kept going loving the way she was driving this sexy bitch wild.
"Too...much...pleasure." Pheobe murmured.
"Oh, say my name and maybe I'll stop."
"Kat..." Whispered Pheobe.
"Louder... Now."
Kat continued sucking her pussy giving her every bit of the pleasure.
"KAAATTT!" Yelled Pheobe.
"Better...much better."
Kat moved and collapsed upon the pillow next to Pheobe as Pheobe placed her head upon Kat's beautiful perky breasts.
Neither of them cared about how they would be found the next day, they only cared of what had taken place that night.


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