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An Interesting Experience

Short story By: Vampy2034

First bondage threesome experience for a woman looking for excitement.

Submitted:Apr 4, 2012    Reads: 4,688    Comments: 5    Likes: 5   

I was blindfolded, on my hands and knees, with my ass in the air. I was restrained, my wrists and ankles tied. Thundering footsteps approached me and I shivered in a mixture of anticipation and slight fear. Fingers entangled themselves in my hair and yanked upward hard, causing me to gasp in surprise and slight pain. The hand pulling my hair kept my face turned upward.

A set of hands lightly started to grope my ass, catching my off guard. The hand that was once pulling my hair cupped my jaw. My heart was racing, I was terrified but yet so aroused at the same time. The finger traced my lips and a demand roared through the room to suck on the finger that was doing so. I parted my lips, allowing it into my mouth and sucked on it gently.

The hands that had been groping my ass suddenly stopped and moved away. I jerked in surprise as a hand smacked my ass hard. I felt myself grow wet as the hand smacked my ass again and again, harder and harder. It stung and I whimpered quietly, sucking on the finger in my mouth harder. The man pulled his finger from my mouth and suddenly I felt something warm against my jaw. My heart jumped when i realized it was the man's erection. He rubbed it against my lips and I flicked my tongue over the tip, tasting his pre-cum. The hand that had been assaulting my ass stopped and gripped my hips. The man pushed his erection against my lips and I took it into my eager mouth. Sucking on it hard, my body tensed as hips were pressed against my ass, feminine hips.

My mind raced. A woman was touching me, something that I had always wanted but was too scared to try. She dragged her nails down my sides and I squirmed as my body trembled. Fingers slipped over my clit and I lurched slightly, from the pleasure and the surprise. Her fingers rubbed my clit with such expertise that I was moaning aroundthe erection in my mouth, undulating my hips. My wetness grew as her fingers pleasedand teased me. The man started to thrust against my mouth, forcing it down my throat and I suck harder. I wanted to wrap my hand around the base of it and show him what I can really do but my hands were tied.

Suddenly the man pulled away, telling the woman to trade him places. Her magnificent fingers left and they dragged across my back, leaving a trailof my arousal,as she walked around me. The man roughly smacked my ass once, making me jump. He commanded me to suck her finger, to taste myself and I did, eager to please. His hands squeezed and fondled my ass, his fingers brushing my wet, heated sex. I moaned around her fingeruntil she pulled away and I feltherhandson my breasts. She was squeezing them and teasing my nipples, making them hard and making me moan quietly.

I was stunned when her lips met mine and I felt electricity flow through me, down to my clit. Her lips tasted sweet and they were full against mine. The man was now enjoying himself and torturing me, rubbing against me slightly and then stopping, he did this repeatedly. The woman stopped kissing me and pushed forcefully on my shoulders, forcing me to be on my elbows and knees.

The command that left her lips now, floored me. It terrified me, but I ached to taste her. She moved and I could feel the heat radiating off of her sex. I wished I could see it, to know more of what to do. I hesitated and she growled at me, forcing my face into her wet sex. She tasted sweet and musky. I moved my tongue over her, inside of her, and I sucked on her clit lightly. I was rewarded with moans and gasps.

The man fondling me couldn't take it any more. He rubbed his erection over my clit, then forcefully entered me, which caused me to moan against her sex. She gyrating her hips, rubbing her sex against my tongue and lips. She cried out in orgasm and I tasted her even more. He thrust in and out of me, pleasuring me. His thrust became erratic and I moaned, still licking her. I was so close, so damn close. He thrust harder and faster until I couldn't take it anymore. I cried out and whimpered as I orgasmed, which sent the man over the edge. His cum filled me, it was warm as it slowly dripping out of me and down my thigh. The man told the woman to clean me up and she moved from my mouth. I felt her hot tongue against my sex and I cried out softly. I had never been pleased that way before, by anyone, male or female.

She finished and untied me, leaving me to take the blindfold off when they left the room.


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