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When We Kiss Fire

Short story By: Urania

Rick and Maggie are going to celebrate their wedding anniversary

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"How was your flight?" he asked taking my bag and my one hand putting his one arm around my waist

"Fine" I said as we started to walk

"So how did it go?" he asked with genuine concern

"Really good we finalize the deal next week," I said faintly

"Maggie something wrong?" Rick asked

"No, just tired" I said with a yawn

"Ok we'll get you home" he said

We walked hand in hand to the car as I still tried to take in everything from my trip and looking forward to sleeping in my own warm bed.

"Want me to get your something to eat?" Rick offered putting my bag in the backseat

"No just something to drink" I said getting in

Once Rick got situated putting the key in the ignition I took his one hand and held it as he turned to face me I leaned over giving him a deep loving kiss.

"I missed you so much," I said looking at him with watering eyes

"I missed you too," he said resting his one hand on my cheek brushing it with his thumb giving me a small kiss we headed home.

Once we had gotten home, I had gotten something to drink, changed into one of his shirts, put the TV on and got into bed going through my mail.

"Their clean" I said as Rick unpacked my bag

It was not long that Rick had gotten into bed as we lay facing each other he pulled me toward him as I started to caress his one arm.

"Want to full around?" he asked

He had just made me an offer I wanted to accept instantly but right now, I needed something more important.

"Just hold me," I said molding myself to him

He put his arms around me completely as I lie on his chest and fell asleep.

"Maggie get up" Rick said standing on the side of the bed toweling his head.

I heard Rick but just couldn't move

"What time is it?" I asked

"1130" he said

"Oh" I said

"Come on let's go" he said getting dressed

"What were are we going," I asked still with my head on the pillow

Rick had leaned over to hand me a cup of coffee, gave me kiss, and went back to getting ready after coffee I took I quick shower putting on a pair of jeans and one of Rick's shirts and headed out of the bedroom.

"Rick I'm ready" I said grabbing one of my light jackets

"I'll meet you outside" he said yelling back

"Ok" I said heading outside

It was not to long when Rick came out

"So which car are we taking?" I asked

"Which one do you think?" he said

Once we got ready he let me choose which car to take and I opted for my favorite which which was his blue coverette convertible we headed into town when Rick pulled up in front of a local lingerie shop.

"Go buy yourself something" he said

"Are you sure you don't want to come in" I said

"No surprise me," he said leaning over giving me a kiss

"Ok I'll try and not be too long," I said

"Take your time," he said

I got out of the car and headed into the store knowing how Rick wanted today to be special for me I took my time looking for something that I liked.

"So aren't you going to show me," he said with a small smile

"Like you it's a surprise," I said

"Fair enough" he said pulling out of the parking spot

Once we got out of the city, we talked about the things he had to do and what I still needed to be done.

"Just us tonight" he said heading onto the exit ramp

"Ok" I said still not knowing where we were going

"You know where we are?" he asked

"No I'm a supposed to" I said

"It's ok," he said

We drove no more then a few more minutes when we pulled up along the coast to Nick's Cove a restaurant and lodges.

"Look familiar now," he said

"Is this the bed and breakfast place we came to a long time ago?" I asked

"Yep" he said getting out the car

"Well then you got me," I said

"See I told ya it was a surprise," he said giving me a quick kiss on the lips; he said taking my hand as we walked into the restaurant.

I stood off to the side as Rick went up to the front desk.

"Come on" he said taking my hand as we headed back out

"Aren't we going to eat?" I asked confused

"Yeah I rented a cottage," he said

"Oh" I said thinking what else did he have planned

Heading over to the section of cottages called bandits bungalow that had a view of the bay with a fireplace and with the autumn sky-approaching sunset, it was a gorgeous view.

I walked into the cottage feeling the warm ambience and a small smile when I noticed a bouquet of red, white, pink and peach roses.

"Happy Anniversary" he said putting his arms around me

"Thank you," I said giving him a kiss

"Dinner will be here soon," he said

"Ok I'm sorry I didn't get you anything," I said

"Doesn't worry about it just be happy tonight?" he said with a smile

"Ok" I said

When dinner was brought to us we had the option of eating outside but choose to eat enjoy the view inside the living room dinner included Rick getting me to try oysters and caviar for the first time our main course was Dungeness Crab Risotto and for desert Warm dark chocolate espresso cake. Along with a bottle of wine, Rick handpicked.

"Happy" Rick said taking my one hand

"Happy and full. So you want to join me for a bath," I said

"I want to" he said

Walking into the small bedroom, I was greeted to the room being lit with candles with peach interior and a white linen bed.

"When are you going to stop?" I said

"Never" he said taking me in his arms and kissing the back of my neck

"Good because I never want you to," I said

"You look beautiful," Rick said noticing my new blue lace nighty

"Thank you" I said with a little shiver

He took me in his arms "You smell good too"

I rested my head on his chest with a content smile as he kissed the top of my head down to my lips lifting me up and carried me to bed. Laying his body over mind with the candlelight lighting his face I wrapped my arms around his neck running my fingers through his hair pulling his lips towards mine. Our kiss was deep and loving as always but now; it felt we were truly one in every sense of the word. As our mouths ignited our desire, our hands began to ignite body heat as we ran our hands over each other with soft intent holding onto his upper arms I put my feet on his lower back pushing down his boxers.

"God your feet are cold," he said

"We've been sleeping together 23 years..." I said with a laugh

"I'll give you something to laugh about" he said taking my one foot as he started to suck on them, I became quite ticklish and almost kicked him in the face.

"Sorry" I said

He did not say anything but gave me a look as he lightly tried to suck on the other one to no avail as I really began to laugh.

"Rick stops it," I said

"And in 23 years I didn't know you were that ticklish" he said tossing a pillow at me resting himself against the headboard as I laid on the opposite side of the bed I started to rub my one foot over him for a bit then I crawled up the length of his naked body.

"Do you want to find out where else I'm ticklish?" I said taking his hands and pushing them up under my nighty over my head exposing my nakedness to him.

He rubbed his face against my stomach I tilted my head back as he moved his mouth over my breasts his tongue flickering at my erecting nipples making my womanhood emit a tingle.

"Ahh Rick" I moaned clenching my fingers in his hair

"And in 23 years I know that if I wanted to make you come that way I could" he said pushing me onto my back sinking into the pillow.

"You know my body all to well," I said with a smile

We kissed again with our hands touching each other's bodies with passionate desire and our mouths with a loving hunger. Rick had his body hovering over mine feeling his belly touching my tummy as I ran my fingertips over the sides of his smooth skin. He once again lowered his mouth to my chest feeling the softness of his hair on my sweating skin. I watched him rub my nipples slowly back and forth, as they began to harden into the fleshy pink peaks cupping them in his hand. He ever so gently enclosed his mouth around them sucking them softy as I faintly moaned for him not to stop. Being in the moment with Rick I moved my head back onto the pillow getting into position I opened my legs fully to him to enter me as he placed my feet to rest on his lower back and ass. I saw the most sly smile come over his face as he put his middle finger at the beginning of my womanhood then let it slide down off my tuft and inside me. He started to play with the most sensitive tip of my body emitting my scent of desire for him as he lowered his mouth in between my legs. I had no time to dispute what he just done feeling the length of his tongue gliding over every inch inside of me making sure I felt him loving me. Feeling every stroke anticipating him to pick up the pace and bring me to completion the faster he licked the quicker. I was losing the strength to keep my legs up and they started to slide down feeling his hair quickly brush against my inner thighs. I started to grab the top of his head when he took my hands and held them tight until I came.

"Oh my god Rick you never went down on me like that," I said squeezing my legs together as the tip of me still tingled and swelled.

"That's what you get for leaving for 2 weeks," he said coming back up to me almost biting the side of my neck

"God I hate to see what happened if I left you for a month what I'd get it up the ass" I said

"No just short of getting up the ass," he said rubbing his hand over the front of my body

"Oh ok as long as we are clear on that" I said lightly pushed him onto his back and straddled him

"So what you got planned for me" he said rubbing the length of my arms

"What you just did to me that could entail allot," I said lowering my body of over his

"Just don't hurt me," he said kiddingly

"Hurt you never Rick just the same pleasurable pain you just inflicted on me" I said

I bent down to kiss him feeling his arms wrap around my body as I began my own plan of sexual attack on his body. I slowly rubbed his head with my fingers through his hair then moved over to his face with my fingers and lips. I had continued my loving of him with my fingers and lips down his throat neck and started to nibble and suck his round smooth shoulders. Working my way down his arms and back up to my favorite part of his body his chest and stomach running my lips and fingers over him was something I could never get enough of. I absorbed all of him into my sense when I licked his dick. Running his hand over the length of my body over his feeling my nipples became taut again. I took my one hand and began to stroke his manhood lightly then I proceeded to drop playful loving kisses over him then letting my tongue take over ruining it along his shaft. I licked his head the placed him fully in my mouth and brought him to his release as he clenched the sheets with a loud deep moan. Once again, I slowly rubbed the length of my body over his feeling the friction of our heated damp skin.

"Feel good?" I asked kissing the side of his neck

"I plead the 5th," he said still a little breathless still a little motionless

"Good now that we are even I want us to make love," I said laying my head on his chest rubbing his chest.

Slowly Rick came back to life rubbing my backside and lifted my chin as he looked at me and said "Maggie I want you to look at me when I make love to you."

Knowing he was not kidding and in the 23 years we had been together there were few moments where we did look at each other during our lovemaking and for both of us this is one moment. I wanted to be lost in his eyes I wanted him to not only feel but see how happy he made me not only when we made love but our entire life together. Giving him a kiss telling him I was ready for him to take me he lowered me onto my back as I watched every part of his body make love to me reacting with moans and sighs to baby that feels good to calling his name. No longer being able to sustain any type of control, I had only needed one thing and that was him inside me making us one.

"I need you now" I said almost in pain and still keeping my word watching him enter me full, thick and hard as I kissed his chest and stomach.

He was completely in me as he fully laid himself on top of me with his weight on his elbows and my legs tightly wrapped around him with my arms wrapped around his neck my eyes locked with his he started his thrusts full and tight up and down we began as the bed started to move. We had wide smiles knowing how much we loved each other and how our lovemaking was beautiful and it a moment another we had become one once again. Hearing Rick start to grunt a little bit louder and me crying out his name as the tip of me exploded wanting to absorb every inch of him instinctually grabbed his ass and felt the tightness of him and the warmth of his love pour into me completing our lovemaking.

"I love you Maggie," Rick said brushing the hair off my sweaty forehead

"I love you to Rick," I said with a glazed look pulling him to me to kiss him

Then he started to nuzzle my neck with his lips and kept saying "I love you I love you" as I began to laugh rolling himself onto his back. I started to kiss his chest letting my one hand caress his body including his member just needing him one more time inside me as I wanted to be on top of him letting us make love that way.

"Ready" I said getting on top of him taking his hands to my breasts letting him get erect again

I took my hands, placed his on top of mine as I ran them over my body letting him feel, and hear what felt good to me including him touching me like this. Feeling his hardness between his legs grow up against me, I was ready to become one. Still looking at each other it was my turn to set the pace starting out slow pressing my hands against his stomach taking every inch of him expand inside me. I began to move a little bit faster feeling him fully and deeply as I felt his hands grab my ass I politely took them and moved them onto my waist with a small smile, which he obliged. We had found the rhythm to excasty as felt him take over the pace still with his hands on my waist. I placed my hands on top of his as felt each other heightened the feeling of being inside each other and our cries of passion signally completion. I felt the heightened excasty of my orgasm Rick moved his hands to my ass and gave me a nice full thrust feeling the warmth of his love for me cover the insides of me as I squeezed him tight around me.

"Rick I'm stuck" I said leaning back up against his upright legs

"Not my problem" he said trying to catch his breath

"Rick please let you out a little," I said

Then without warning he let his legs go down and me with him

"Let yourself out don't drop me" I said with a laugh still laying on him that way

"Sorry that was fun" he said coming up to get me and stared to kiss me

"Fun but exhausting" I said kissing him back

"I love you," he said

"I love you," I said back

Then we continued to kiss each other until we feel asleep

"God I wish we were at home" I said still lying on my stomach motionless

"Why?" Rick asked rolling me over to him

"Cause we'd be in our own bed" I said

"No matter what bed we are in it's our bed?" he said taking my hand and kissing it

"Rick that's a sweet thing to say" I said resting my hand on his cheek

"We got the room till 2," he said as he pulled the covers over us. Then he kissed me insticintly our bodies molded together once again laying on our sides I wrapped my legs around him as he entered me holding me close to him as we began our rhythm slow and full until we became one again sealing our completion with a long deep loving kiss.

"I love you," I said almost out of breath feeling the raise and fall of his chest as I kissed it

"I love you," he said squeezing me to him

As we fell back asleep tired, sexually fulfilled and in love.


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