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What The Dark And The Wild And The Different Know

Short story By: Urania

Jack and Carol two-business rivals end up closing a deal of a lifetime but it is the sexual merger between them they intended to keep behind closed doors.

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Carol sat at the bar slowing sipping her Manhattan letting it slide down her throat with a slow burn. She had just landed another multi million acquisition for her company and a hefty commission for herself. This deal done and it was one the hardest yet it was the most satisfying she ran on pure Adrienne the past six months that voided her need of food and sleep. Now she just wanted to enjoy a porterhouse steak dinner, long hot bubble bath and a chance to sleep in.

"Not celebrating with a good scotch and victory cigar with your shareholders," Jack said leaning on the bar next to her.

She put her glass to her lips "That's were your shareholders old fashioned way of thinking got their company overtaken"

"Let's just say that some of them have a hard time letting a woman in that powerful of a position and in control in this day and age," he said

"I agree so where do you stand on the issue Jack"

"I find it quite sexy and arousing," he said taking a sip of his drink

"So I have one confirmed hard on today," she said

Jack smiled "I can't speak for the rest of the room but I'm sure looking at you was better then the viagara they were taking not to mention how many of them knew you were not wearing any underwear"

"Oh really and how would you know that?" she asked

"I've heard rumors that when you are on the verge of sealing a deal your lack of undergarments emits your feminine bargaining power," he said

"I've never heard it put it that way," she said

"So it is true," he said

"If I told you no I would not want to shattered the images you have and if I told you yes you would have one hell of a hard on wouldn't you?" she smirked

"If you told me you no you would be lying to me," he said resting his hand on her bare upper thigh

"Me to know and you to find out" she said finishing her drink removing his hand

"Oh trust me I will find out," he said

"FYI I take no prisoners in the boardroom or the bedroom Jack"

"I would reckon you would not" he replied

"Maam your table is ready," the waiter said

"Thank you care to join me Jack?"

"How long did it take you to come up with final proposal?" Jack asked

"Six long months and how long did it take you to convince them it was worth doing?"

"A long six months" he replied

"Then we both had our work cut for us on this one" she said

"And it will be a win-win for both of us" he said lifting his glass to his lips

"If you are referring to us sleeping together again I will be the judge of that," she said putting her fork in her mouth

"I bet you look hot with a strap on," he said

"Should I be flattered or insulted by that comment?"

"How so?" he asked

"That you thought I actually had a set of balls bigger than yours," she said

"Never are you all female?" he said

"Are you sure?"

"As sure as I know you are not wearing any underwear" he said

"Is there anything else I can get for you?" the waiter asked

"The check please" Jack spoke quickly

"Is this what you want Jack?" she asked

"We both know we can ride this off as a business expense," he said

Carol blushed with a little laugh "I don't know how you can ride off fucking as a business expense."

"Every business expense is a fuck in some way or another and this one I don't mind taking"

"Even if it's up the ass," she said

"Mine or yours?" he asked

"I won't have a say remember you take no prisoners," he said

"Correct" she said getting up from the table

Riding up the elevator in silence she put her hand down the front of his pants and grabbed his stiff member and squeezed it when the elevator stopped she exited the elevator with a smile. Carol stopped at the door before she put the key thinking to herself was she really about to do this normally the guys she slept with had always been intimated by her sexual aggressiveness most of them thought it was only talk. Once they got behind closed doors they were sadly mistaken she was not kidding. Her career always involved taking risks of uncertainty weather or not a million dollar deal was going to be profitable or not. She had no control what the rest of the business was going to do with her deal. Carol knew that men ruled the world effecting people's daily lives but when it came to any man wanting her sexually, she would always be control. Most men she slept with thought to them for one night they would surrender their control over to her. Carol was smart enough to always let them think they were in control by having them tell her what they wanted but when it came time to the sexual acts in question she control everything even down to them ejaculating. None of them ever thinking she had them by the balls the whole time but Jack knew and that is what scared her. Jack did business with her before and knew the reputation she had of being a ball buster and one hell of a fuck in the bedroom. Carol knew Jack was interested in her but not until this last deal, he actively persuaded her for the first time she felt like the prey and not the hunter. What scared her most was Jack knew what game she played and how he would play it by her rules or her playing by his.

"What are we waiting for?" he whispered onto the back of her neck squeezing her firm ass.

"I have some scotch," she offered entering the room

"I prefer whiskey," he said

"Help you," she said

Jack walked over to the bar "Mind if I make you one"

"No thank you" she said standing in the middle of the room with her arms folded

"Come Carol loosen up I'm sure you will most definitely live up to your reputation" he said putting the glass up to his lips

Carol took the glass from his hand drinking the whiskey in one swallow "Not a word to anyone" she said with a glare

"Carol right now I have the urge to kiss you but that would not be in your code of ethics now would it?" he glared back at her

She stood unmoved and silent

He took off his suit jacket and loosen his tie "Yep Carol I'm going to make you work for this and to make it extra fun you don't know how far I will let you go before you go down in defeat."

"Since I've always found you a worthy opponent this can only end in one way Jack"

"Oh, I agree their will be a winner not so sure it will be you"

"We will see about that" she said undoing the rest of his tie snapped it like a whip

Jack started to unbutton his shirt and taking it off "See Carol most men would be turned on by that and other intimated but me I think it's kind of funny when you women do that"

Carol became fixated on his well-toned and defined chest and stomach she had to gain her control back quick.

She undid his belt and unzipped his pants putting her hands inside his underwear giving his ass a squeeze.

"So Jack is it so hard and stiff yet you can't walk"

"I've been made harder," he said knowing it would piss her off

"That is not what you secretary says" she shot back

"But then again she's not a prick tease like you are" he said

"Yes, I do know a lot about pricks in and out of bed so it's about time to see how big it is" she said pushing down his underwear

She slowly pushed the clothing off him feeling his bulge she had to maintain her composure and slid them off him letting them fall to the ground.

Carol slowly stepped backwards not wanting him to hear her exhale once she looked at what was between his legs she locked her eyes with his making sure his attention was fully on her. Taking off her suit jacket revealing a silk peach bra cupping her round full breasts pulling the bra straps off her shoulders she undid the clasp letting it fall to the floor. She slowly undid the back of her skirt pushing it down over her hips letting it fall to the floor exposing her twat. Now they were both even rather speak with no clothing she slowly lowered her eyes to his penis. He was more than adequate in the size and his girth department feeling her lions moisten. Carol's mind started to wander anticipating him inside her but she knew if that would happen, now it could possibly defeat her. Still in her high heels, she walked over bending down and handed him his tie.

"Tie me up" she said

"As the lady wishes," he said putting her hands behind her back

She winced when he pull the tie tight around her wrists to make sure she could not get out. He then walked her over to the foot of the bed and stood behind her rubbing her breasts back and forth lowering his head to hers.

"I want you to keep your knees straight at all times"

Carol had to say something quick before he could continue getting the upper hand.

"Bring it on," she said

"We both know I will," he said

He moved her a little bit away from him and that continued to kneading her breasts repeatedly she stayed silent until he only rubbed her nipples with his fingertips when she started to moan. Jack slid his hands over her tummy down to her feminity and rested his one hand there giving her a chance to cry uncle once but she was not taking the bait. He stood in front of her, knelt down pushing her legs apart, and started his oral assault on her. Carol told mind told her not to given in but her body did not obliged it was being pleasured by Jack's light flickers and soft licks. She had nothing to lean up against or was able to grab his head and tell him not to stop. She felt her insides become more sensitive by the pressure of his tongue it was a matter of time before her knees gave out when she felt his arm go around her waist holding her up while he brought her to climax.

"Stronger willed then I thought" he said getting up from his knees

"Are you done?" she asked sternly

"Well if you have noticed I need to get rid of this hard on," he said lifting her up with her hands still tied

Jack carefully held onto her while he lay down and positioned Carol on top of him.

"Oh God" She gasped feeling him inserting his throbbing head into her tight wet pussy.

Jack let out a small smile he was slowly breaking her down.

"Untie me now" she scuffed

"No" he said calmly running his hands over her breasts

Carol had to maintain a firm voices in her request to be untied any pleas or begs she would weaken further with Jack and she did not like it.

"Jack" she said breathless

"What" he said pushing himself inside her long and slow?

"Don't stop," she said

Continuing to thrust "I did not think so", he said

The harder and faster he went the more Carol's inside tingled and throbbed almost making her light headed as held her by the waist hearing her ass slap down on his body. She wanted to vocalize her heightening pleasure but feeling her heart in her throat as she felt a warm explosion covering her lions her body feeling sweaty as she leaned her head back breathing heavy. Jack took off the tie and Carol rolled off of him onto her stomach with her legs tightened her body almost at a calm when she felt something pressed up against her ass as he was about to raise her one leg up.

"Oh no you don't," she said grabbing his dick pushing onto his back

Before Jack could say, anything Carol had the length of his shaft in her mouth while she ran her long fingernails over his balls.

"Oh shit," he yelled not knowing if this was going to be painful or pleasurable

Carol had made sure Jack was not going to try anything else it was her turn and she was not going to let up. She had now taken the tie and blindfolded him and Jack was all game but only Carol knew how far he would be taken. She straddled him and started to slowly graze her fingernail over his body letting it build faster and digging the nail deeper to where they left a few abrasions. She had now knelt between his legs and slowly started to rub and lick his balls along with licking the length of his shaft to bring back his arousal. Jack's breathing became deeper and quicker as Carol placed his head in her mouth letting her tongue lick in the same deliberate motion. Jack could feel himself about to cum feeling his semen come to his head having the image of him coming in her mouth made him smirk one way or another he was going to get her. He felt a small stream of semen pour out into her mouth and then he felt pain she had bitten him.

Carol stayed silent as Jack tried to regain his composure and his hard on.

"You can take off the tie," she said

Jack took off the tie and found Carol lying against the headboard with her breasts erect and her legs fully opened. "This is what you wanted Jack so give it your best shot"

They both knew she had him exactly where she wanted him pissed and hard and he was going to give her the fuck of her life. He covered the length of his body with hers so she could not move and returned her bites with him biting her nipples. Once he had gotten his fill of that he entered her not has hard but he knew once he was inside her he would expand quickly. Carol closed her legs engulfing him inside her she wanted to be as tight as she could for him wanting to have another orgasm. Jack started to pound himself up against her needing to building up some type of friction for the both of them.

"Fuck me harder," she moaned

As soon as she heard herself say those words she had told herself she had been defeated now her lions started to ride the crest of pleasure hearing Jack's grunts she joined him.

"Oh God don't stop it feels so good Jack" she said feeling another wave of warmth inside her

"Looks like we have a winner and another satisfied customer" he said

Getting out of the shower, Jack washed his face and looked up into the mirror.

"So you like getting it up the ass Jack?" she asked

Jack's body tightened as he felt something enter his rear end.

"To answer your question Jack I do look hot with a strap on," she said

"Touché" he gasped feeling the cock up ass

When Carol was done giving Jack something he would never forget.

"I win hands down let's do lunch sometime" she said slapping him hard on the ass walking out of the bathroom with the strap on proudly between her legs.




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