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In The Heat Of The Night

Short story By: Urania

The hottest day the power goes on in Zoe and Steve’s apt find new ways to keep cool.

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Today's temperature reached 100 degree mark making it the 10th consecutive day it had registered into the triple digits making the usual Manhattan Friday gridlock more then just a little unbearable. Tempers and temperature had surpassed boiling points with no relief to either that anyone could for see.

"Hello" Zoe picked up her cell phone

"How are we?" Steve asked

"Hot, Hot, Hot and I am tired being of hot all the time" she wined

"Well do not let the un hot girls hear you complain," he said

"Well aren't you the comedian today" she snipped

"Just trying to lighten the mood here so we are you?" he asked

"14th street" she sighed

"Ouch" he said knowing she was not even close to their apartment

"Yep and how is your day going" she yawned

"Nothing the normal insanity" he replied

"That's good to hear" she yawned again

"Having you been driving without the air on again?" he asked

"I got as far as 10th street and surrendered," she said

"Well if you can get onto 16th and take it straight home," he said

"Easier said than done but I'll take your advice" she said

"Good I should be home about 730 and I'll make a pitcher of margaritas," he said

"Sounds wonderful," she said

"Ok I got to get back to work love you" he said

"Love you too," she said clicking off the phone

Zoe turned the radio on finding a smooth jazz station to calm her from the long workweek and road rage. She slouched in her seat and let her mind drift off where she and Steve were on some secluded beach sipping something cool. Almost missing the 16th street exit Zoe put on her right turn signal pressed her foot on the gas pedal rolling down the window and knew she would be home in the next 15 minutes. Once she pulled into her parking space, she turned off the engine and let out a deep breath looking in her review mirror seeing the sweat over her face, her eyes were heavy hot, and tired that is what she was. Getting out of her car and having to lug her briefcase and laptop bag wearing a drenched linen business suit in her high heels gave her incentive to walk quickly to the elevator. Feeling the humid stiff breeze sent warm shivers through her body knowing that she had to cool down her body soon. Stepping into the stifling elevator she leaned against the wall about to close her eyes not realizing it had stopped at the lobby of their high rise went and got the mail.

"Let's try this again," she said heading back into the elevator

She was lucky that she did not have to share or stop for anyone and in a few minutes relief.

Heading off the elevator and down the hall looking out the window of the Manhattan skyline with the sun blazing through the window smiling she was glad to be home. She put down her bags, went into her purse, and got her keys. Opening the door, she was greeted by a blast of cool air pushing her bags into the apartment shutting the door. Zoe immediately took off her shoes first with her suit jacket along with her pants and nylons letting her body absorb the cool air. On instinct she took off her bra rubbing away the sweat from underneath her breasts as her nipples became pointed from the cool air grabbing the mail she lunged herself onto the cool couch. She quickly skimmed through the mail tossing it onto the coffee table and succumbed to her closing eyes. Taking a 20 minute nap know she was groggy and still damp she got up and took a shower. As the warm water fell onto her hair, she instantly felt cool. Slowly running her soapy hands over body not only relaxed her but also now she was becoming a bit aroused. The thought of having to put on type of clothing did not appeal to her and opted to keep the towel she had wrapped around herself. Feeling much better Zoe went to kitchen and started to make a pitcher of margaritas.

"Zo" Steve shouted noticing her clothes still laying in the living room

"In the kitchen" she said taking a sip

"Well what do we have here?" he said noticing Zoe's attire

"Why are you home now?" she asked offering him a sip from her glass

"Umm perfect due to the air going out and the lights flickering a few times" he said

"Ahh" she said wrapping her arms around his neck

"What time did you finally get in?" he said kissing her shoulders

"About 40 minutes ago 16th was free and clear like you said" kissing the side of his cheek

Zoe felt the sweat on Steve as they continued to kiss.

"Let me hope in the shower and we can continue this," he said

"Ok" she said softly

Steve slugged down the rest of his drink and headed into the bathroom

Zoe took the pitcher out onto the balcony sat down resting her legs up on the ledge that warm humid breeze now actually felt good. She slowly sipped her drink with her eyes closed going back to her daydream when she was in the car.

"Hey" Steve said softly kissing her lips

"That was quick," she said

"Lights started to flicker," he said sipping his drink

"Oh great" she said

"I'm surprised they haven't gone out by now" he said

"Now you cursed us," she said

"What do you think that the past ten days with all this heat and every air conditioner and fan known to man would be on and not have a huge blackout?" he said

"Just let it not is tonight that's all," she said with a yawn

He took her hand "So what you do want for dinner?"

Zoe had closed her eyes "I do not feel like eating"

"Got to have something in your stomach from the alcohol and not having anything since lunch," he said

"Order us a pizza then" she said drifting off

"Perfect" he said getting up

Then the lights flickered again and went completely off "Sorry Zo the lights are out"

Zoe had come out of her little doze with a stiff neck and feeling damp again from the heat and the moisten towel she was wearing. Going back into the apartment she instinct put on the lights "Steve "she yelled

"Didn't you hear me the power is out" he said

"Oh sorry" she said

"Can I use your phone my died" he said

"In my purse" she said

Steve went to go get the phone "Shit yours is dead too. Well I don't know what to do now for dinner," he said

"Hopefully the power will come on soon," she said

"Do not bet on it, it's New York after all it could be days," he said

"So now what" she said sitting on the couch

"Don't know what to tell you," he said sitting next to her

Zoe was becoming cranky the alcohol had gone to her head and her stomach growling and she was starting to feel warm again resting her forehead on her one hand.

"What is wrong?" he asked

"Don't feel good like I am getting a heat headache," she said

"Here why don't you lay back?" he said pulling her to him

She rested up against his chest while he got an ice cube and slowly ran it down the back of her neck and down her arms.

"Feel better?" he asked

She softly nodded her head "Yeah"

Steve took a few more ice cubes and ran them down the length of her legs and back up her inner thighs. Zoe once again began to fall asleep while Steve slowly opened her towel and ran an ice cube down the middle of her chest down her stomach. He took one more ice cube this time slowly rubbing it over both of her breasts kissing the side of her neck. Zoe let out a deep sigh feeling her nipples become Popsicles feeling the beads of water on her breasts. Steve continued to melt the ice cube in a circular motion over her belly until he was small it was almost a sliver sliding it over her the small tuft of hair that was between her legs then slipping it inside her.

"Ahh" she moaned squeezing her legs tight

"Feel better now," he said

"God that was cold" she said

"But I bet it felt good" he said

"Yeah it did," she said

Zoe put her hands on top of his thinking he would move them upward onto her nipples but instead he rested his hands on the underside of her waist feeling the tips of his thumbs on her tummy as he planted kisses downwards as it ached for more stimulation and it was needed between her legs. Wanting him to pleasure her, Zoe let him take his time absorbing his touches as she grew more moist feeling his hands inside her inner thighs then. "Oh" she moaned feeling his folded tongue hit her throbbing bud

She tried to sit up but he steadily kept a swift motion inside her which was making her ache She tried to keep her legs parted for him to for him to complete her. Zoe opened her eyes looking downward she saw her nipples erect the rise and fall of her stomach and Steve's head between her legs making her loins feel good as he slowly started to make her tingle. She put her feet on his shoulders closing her legs around his head and pulled his hair. "Ahh right there" she cried feeling his tongue go deeper inside her rubbing her with full licks Zoe stayed still as she came with heightened sensations against her bud "Baby it feels so good" She moaned feeling his fingers rub up against her trying to maintain her climax.

Zoe felt him slide up the length of her body and rested his hands on the back of the couch as he hovered over her with a low deep whisper "Are you ready for me" he said

Letting her fingernails glide up the sides of his body "Always" She said with a loving smile, she looked downward seeing, that he was hard and stiff she wanted him. Laying herself back on the couch so he could get on top of her "Whatever you want baby," She said putting my one hand on his cheek

"Are you sure you want that" he said with a smile

"Yes" She said

He ran his hands over her legs crossed them and lifted them onto his chest as he placed himself inside her and started to thrust with firm strokes. Zoe kept still letting him feel the sensations and expansions of being deep inside her as he started to feel himself reach his climax. Keeping his upper body off her resting his hands on the side of the couch he started to move faster until she felt him release inside her.

"Feel good," She said pulling him down on top of her kissing him

"Yeah but I'm not done" he said rubbing his one hand over her body

"Now what did you have in mind" She said arching my back as he licked her nipples

"Me to know and you to find out" he said lifting her up

"Sounds like fun" She said kissing the side of his neck

He sat up crossing his legs putting hers around his waist as she took all of him inside her he was somewhat firm feeling his head up against her clitoris that was starting to pulsate with him inside her.

"Now what" She said wrapping her arms around his neck

"We let nature take its course," he said rubbing his hands along her sides and breasts

"Ok" she said leaning over to take his lips into hers

Once they had reached the plateau of desire and feeling him growing stiff inside her he gently put his hands on her hips as she started to swivel her hips letting him move freely inside her as she tried to make a tight fit for him to feel a strong orgasm when he came. She held his gaze as they climaxed together she pulled him onto the floor and straddled him Pinning his hands above his head only using her breasts to gave his chest a rub down letting their arousals come slowly as she lightly grazed her loins against his.

"Are you done?" he asked with a smile

"Maybe" She said licking his fingers then putting them on her nipples

Looking at each other Zoe laid on his stomach as he brushed his fingers over her nipples their bodies and breathing in sync. Leaning over him, she kissed him when he started to run his fingertips all over her body moaning how much she loved it. Her lips made a trail over his chest and stomach while her hands caressed his sides. Feeling his hands glide over the back of her upper thighs as he entered her firm. While riding him she lifted her hips seeing him moving in and out of her as they held hands as they started to faster feeling him move harder and faster inside her waiting to be taken over the edge.

"Steve" She cried feeling her insides exploding nerve and liquid warmth

Their bodies still joined she leaned back resting on his legs letting her body come to a rest. Zoe nestled against him as he put his arms around her as she lay on his chest Steve start to rub her back nibbling on her shoulder. She started to shiver feeling his breath on her damp skin

"Done?" he asked

"Maybe" She said sucking on his shoulder

"No you're done," he said

"Are you asking me or telling me?" She said

"I'm telling you," He said rolling her onto her back

"Oh since you put it that way" She said putting her ankles over his shoulders

They began to move feeling him expand inside her hitting her g-spot building the growing sensations inside her. Once their rhythm became steady and fluid looking into his eyes he lowered his lips to her and kissed him tenderly. He started to moves faster as he started to moan with both of them reaching their peaks when he was about to release She pinched his nipples almost loosing his erection.

"Are you done?" She asked him

He thrust hard inside her until he came to completion.

"Now I am," he said laying his body over hers with a smile nibbling the inside of her neck

"God we could use another shower" she said pressing her sweaty body against his

"Kind of hard now since its pitch black in here" he said rolling onto his back

Both of them falling into a deep sleep only to be awaken by the power coming back on and a blast of cold air from the air conditioner.

"I'll order the pizza," he said getting up off the floor







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