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The New Guy (pt.5)

Short story By: twilightleague

He still had his undershirt, his pants, socks, shoes, and a belt. He probably had underwear which is more than I could say. The back of my dress was unzipped and hung loosely on my shoulders. My bra was unclasped and hung loosely on my shoulders under my dress. I had shoes, too but I was clearly outnumbered in the clothing department.

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I removed his white button-down oxford shirt and sat back on the table. Jason stood facing me, his back to the harbor. "You're not finished are you?" he asked.

True. He still had his undershirt, his pants, socks, shoes, and a belt. He probably had underwear which is more than I could say. The back of my dress was unzipped and hung loosely on my shoulders. My bra was unclasped and hung loosely on my shoulders under my dress. I had shoes, too but I was clearly outnumbered in the clothing department.

He leaned over me and I lay back on the table, my legs dangling over the edge of the table. Jason moved closer to me and kissed me softly on my lips as his left hand reached down to the hem of my dress and slid under the hem and up the outside of my right thigh and over - just below my tingling, very wet, shaven pussy. Not now. Not yet.

"Take off your tee shirt," I said as I sat up to grab the bottom of the white garment. He stood straight and wrested it up and over his head. "Now, your shoes. Socks, too." He hopped on one foot to take off one shoe and then that sock. He hopped on the other foot and removed that shoe and that sock. "Your belt, sir," I said and he undid the belt and placed it on the table. "Next, your pants," and he undid the clasp and navy blue pinstripe slacks slid to the floor and Jason casually stepped out of them. All that remained were his silk boxers. He looked so sexy in nothing but his boxers and I stopped to look him over.

"Your turn?" he asked. Without getting up, I wiggled one foot and one high heel shoe flew from my left foot. I wiggled the right foot and the other shoe set sail. "Is that it?" he said. He looked disappointed. I reached inside the front of my dress and maneuvered one bra strap down my right elbow and over my hand and repeated the process on the left elbow. I grabbed the bra and flung it over his head. "That better, Mr. Braun?" I asked.

"Almost perfect," he responded. Then he took my arms and gently stood me up, lifted my black woven dress from the bottom and up over my head.

There, I was completely naked in a strange top-story, glass-walled conference room looking out over the bay with Jason Braun who stood next to me in his boxer shorts. Well, not for long, because he slid those off and stepped out of them and we were both naked in the moonlight reflecting off of the water. I liked the way he looked naked. Apparently, he liked my look, too because his penis was beginning to get hard and I could tell that he had more than enough size to satisfy my need to have a man inside of me. I was ready already but I thought Jason could use some warming up.

I led him to the table and sat him down in front of me. I was still standing as his legs dangled over the edge of the table. I leaned down and gave his now hardening shaft a small kiss and then, I initiated full-on blow job persona. I lowered my hips and I slunk down to about his waist level. I licked and sucked his penis head, licked his shaft, sucked and licked around, over, up, and down as Jason made moaning, pre-orgasm noises. He was very hard by this point and unless I wanted him to come in my mouth, I figured, it was time to change positions.

I stood straight up and between his legs I leaned into him pushing his back on to the table and I crawled up his body and sat above his waist and then lowered my breasts above his face. He lifted his head to suck on my nipple and a jolt of electricity ran from that nipple and straight to my pussy. I had never been that wet before and I was enjoying the feeling. I sat up and slid right over his face and lowered my throbbing pussy onto his mouth. Jason began to lick and suck putting his hands on my ass to lift and rock me. He found my clit with his tongue and placed one hand on my left tit and moistening his fingers on my damp vagina, he began to twist and knead the nipple while his other hand held on to my ass.

The feeling around my nipple, combined with his tongue lapping my clitoris drove me nearly insane and I bucked harder and harder onto Jason's mouth. I was going to explode in an instant but I could not stop myself and I think I shouted "More, More, More!" Whatever I said or meant to say, it didn't matter because Jason put my nipple between his thumb and finger and twisted it harder but not so hard that it hurt. The feeling of his hand on my tit lubricated by my own juices while I was near-smashing my clit on his tongue became over-whelming for me and I had an eruption, more like an explosion of an intense, mind-shattering orgasm. I mean I came and I came hard. I could barely move and I was almost shivering, breathing hard, breasts dangling over Jason's head. I was just trying to regain my bearings when I felt that warm hand on that now-sensitive nipple.

More jolts shot through me and I slid back a little to allow Jason to knead one nipple and suck on the other. I slid back slightly more and raised my ass up and began to tease Jason's prick with my wet pussy. I was rubbing the top with those lips, feeling his hardness but not allowing him to fully enter me. I leaned my head down to suck on his own nipples and simultaneously began to slowly allow him to enter me. I sat straight up with both hands on his chest and began to move up and down on his shaft. He began to moan and put both hands on my tits, me pushing myself up and down with my hands on his chest and we both were getting very hot.

Then, Jason did an unusual thing. He took one of my hands and placed it on my pussy. No man had ever done that with me, before. He returned to my breasts and I began to play with my clit while riding Jason's dick and feeling him twist and rub my tits and nipples. My nips, his shaft, and my clit combined to send me into my second mind-numbing orgasm of the evening and just as I came, I could feel gushes of cum shoot up into me as Jason orgasmed, too. I was a wet, sticky mess. I was ecstatic. Jason's smile and deep breathing made me think that he was happy, too.

I looked over my shoulder and out to the bay. In the distance, the light from a distant lighthouse blinked against the bay and the sky. "Out there," I said, dreamily, half-asleep, pointing to the bay, "a ship had sunk and people perished. Were they alone?"


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