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A Cinema Experience

Short story By: tricksy

A Married woman's visit to the cinema uncovers deeply hidden desires

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A night at the Cinema
Trudy and her husband were having there first night out for ages & had decided to see Avatar the new sci-fi film at the local Odeon - as it was her first night out for ages Trudy had decided to glam up a bit - although 40 she still had a good figure & although happily married liked to show her figure off in expensive clothes
The only problem with going to the Cinema with her husband was that he liked to concentrate on a film so no talking
They decided first to go for a drink in the bar of the cinema - Trudy was amazed at how many young people were there. She felt decidedly ancient.Her husband Gary who was a few years older just told her to enjoy herself & pointed out that she was getting some approving looks from both the young men & women - she assumed the women were looking because of the expensive clothes she was wearing & the young boys well boys will be boys
The film was due to start in 5 minutes so they went to their seats already pre-booked which was fortunate as the cinema was beginning to fill up
Before the film started they were advised that there would be a short break during the film a little unusual but this cinema always had one irrespective of the duration of the film
The film commenced & as usual Gary was immersed in the film - Trudy always had a habit during the film of looking around at other people - all she could see were lots of young boys & girls - she was probably the oldest there
Then all of a sudden without any warning a hand rested on her thigh - it was not her husband - now the most remarkable thing happened Trudy did nothing & what was even more concerning was that the hand most definitely was female - based on the audience being full of young girls there was also a good chance that this hand belonged to a young girl
The hand began to work its way under Trudy's skirt caressing her thighs & reaching up to her stomach - her skirt was now literally riding up so her panties were now completely visible not that anyone saw because they were all too immersed into the film -
A voice then whispered in her ear - "take your panties off now" - the voice was definitely from a young girl but it was so authorative. She felt completely under this person's control.
She had no tights or stockings on, which made it a little easier, however she still had to use all her manoeuvrability skills - eventually after wiggling her bottom she managed to pull her panties down & then kicked them off, where they lay on the ground
The voice then said "remove your bra" - again she complied - this was going to be more difficult but with the audience including her husband captivated she began the process - she made out to be scratching her back whilst unhooking the bra - the bra was released & she let the bra fall on the floor - she was now sitting in her seat with her skirt ridden up so she was now exposing her most sensitive regions plus her breasts were free of their constraints
The voice then said " well done now start to caress yourself ALL OVER " - Trudy although knowing this was so wrong did as she was told - she was completely under the power of this girl -
She undid two of the buttons on her blouse & began to feel her right breast paying particular attention to her nipple which was by now rock hard - the other hand was feeling the hairs gradually parting herself to allow her total access - she was so wet that she could virtually inserther whole hand - she began to play & as she did the juices began to drip down her leg - the feeling was so unreal - inside she was screaming her breast was heaving her nipples desperate to be sucked, her pussy wanting to be licked but this girl did nothing
She just could not believe what was happening. She was in a packed cinema playing with herself on the orders of some young girl
The voice again was in her ear 'come come' - well that was all it took.Trudy exploded her thighs were soaking her breast hurting because she had been so on fire but she did not care - in all this time not one sound had been uttered from her lips
She knew that the intermission was about to commence so pulling herself together she placed the bra & panties in her handbag & adjusted her clothing
The voice then said in her ear "ladies toilets now"
She whispered to Gary she was going to the loo & would see him back at the seat - Gary gave a grunt
She headed to the ladies toilets. When she opened the door no one was there, then the door opened & this very pretty young girl walked in probably 18 - she was wearing a pink t-shirt with a short skirt that showed off the longest legs she had ever seen with high heeled shoes
The girl said "you did well but now you will do everything I say or I go back & tell your husband everything" - she then produced a mobile phone saying she had taken pictures of Trudy
My god this girl was going to blackmail her - "don't worry the girl said I do not wantmoney just you but you must do what I say" - Trudy knowing that she could not let her husband see these picturesnervously agreed
The girl said "go back to your husband tell her you are not feeling well & you will see him at home then come back & meet me in the bar"
After speaking to her husband she came back to the bar which was totally empty apart from the young girl - she had ordered Trudy a glass of wine -"from now on you will do everything I say, do I make myself understood" - Trudy nodded
Ok first I want you to open your blouse (slowly) I want to see those lovely big breasts
Trudy realising she had no choice began to release each button in turn starting at the top - the girl was just sitting there watching her every move - she noticed that the girl had began to place her own hand under her skirt - she had this tiny thong on which she was pushing deep into the contours of her private regions - Trudy could not bring herself to say that 5 letter word
Once Trudy's blouse was open she was then ordered to take it off - "are you sure nobody will come here" "look around you" -Trudy realised that the bar had been closed & they were now in a room away from prying eyes - "it will open again in 45 minutes" - Trudy came to the conclusion that this girl had done this before
Realising the power this girl had over her she removed her blouse - the girl then said "open your legs as wide as you can I want to see your hairy pussy" - Trudy hated this word but did as she was told
So imagine the situation you have this 40 year old married women sitting in a bar with her breasts completely exposed her legs wide open with no panties on showing the world her wet pussy whilst opposite her was this young girl eyeing every part of her body whilst at the same time pressing a thong deep inside her pussy which by the ways was completely shaven - if somebody walked in now what a shock they would get
The girl then knelt down with her head burying itself into Trudy's heaving chest - she then placed her hand deep into Trudy's nether regions - "god you have a huge pussy I could put both my hands in you - your husband is a very lucky man
The girl began sucking on Trudy's breasts whilst forcing her hand deep into Trudy - after about 10 minutes Trudy exploded -
"I am now going to drink you dry & you are going to enjoy every second of it" - Trudy just sat back as the girl buried her face into Trudy's pussy licking away at her clit which was by now standing to attention - aftera few minutes she moved away "turn around I want your bum & pussy facing me
Trudy was so under the influence that she would do anything - so she turned around - the girl continued to lick her whist her fingers were now inserted into her anus
Trudy just could not believe what was happening but it was mesmerising - she must have had about 4 orgasms
Then after the final orgasm the girl stopped - "go to the ladies & readjust yourself & meet me at the car park in 15 minutes - we need to get you home before your husband suspects anything"
On the drive home Trudy said "who are you & why me" - "my name is Kim & I am gay and I like older women especially those with the breasts that you have" - "but I am married" said Trudy
"you are but it did not stop you" - "that is because you were blackmailing me" " I never took any photos but then again you did not put up much of a fight- admit it you loved it " " I know & what is worrying I want more" " ok we are just approaching your house & the film finishes in 15 minutes. It will take him 45 minutes to get home so we have 40 minutes" "ok but this time I want something of you & I am in charge said Trudy "
When they got into the house Trudy said right I want to see those small pert breasts of yours with that young figure & I want to see it now - Kim took off her t-shirt & removed her lace bra throwing it over to Trudy who brushed it over her face & pressed it between her legs she wanted to smell this girl after she left
Take that tiny skirt off you little slut & push that thong deep into your pussy - Trudy had now completely lost all her politeness & was now going for it
Trudy then crouched over Kim so she was able to feel & lick all over her stomach & breasts taking great delight in feeling Kim's breasts - pressing them so much that Kim squealed in pain - trudy just pressed them harder - she then ripped the thong off Kim & brushed it all over her face allowing the juices from Kim's pussy to spread all over her -
Kim suggested that they try the position Trudy had heard so much about but had never tried - it was indeed getting the best of both worlds
After about 30 minutes an alarm signified it was time to stop - they exchanged underwear I suppose as some sort of trophy
After Kim had gone Trudy thought about what had happened in the last few hours & had a great big smile on her face - her whole world had been turned upside done but she also had the most amazing time - Kim had left her number & she knew she would call her to renew this acquaintance
Did she feel guilty with Gary - No this did not seem like an affair more an exploration of life & she knew that this relationship was only going to be about sex but so what if young girls wanted her body who was she to argue - Kim had mentioned that next time she could invite some boys round but Trudy felt that this would be wrong
Over the coming months Trudy had sex with many girls all of them young between the ages of 18-23 - it was mentioned about meeting other younger girls but this Trudy did not feel comfortable with & people respected her view s
The good news was that this did not impact her marriage in fact it had the reverse affect - she thought about telling Gary but decided that some things are best not said & she certainly did not want to lose something that gave her so much pleasure
The End


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