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Surround Me Chapter 2/ another story from Sexually Starved Woman

Short story By: ToyaJordan

The conclusiion of Surround Me wishes down come true.

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Chapter II

She places a small golden box in his hands while saying "be gentle my love with my favorite toy." He beckons her to come to bed. She slides into the bed facing him, and smiles deeply whiles anticipating the pleasures that were about to plague her body, as she readied herself for her first attempt at being entered by the stem of her flower.

For this was the only thing left to give to her lover. There was a slight tinge of fear mixed with excitement. She wasn't sure if she would be able to go through with her request but she was going to give it a try.

She leaned into her lover's body and kisses him very passionately whiles moving her hands over his chest, as she felt the heat from his hands moving slowly over her body.

He lifts his head from her breast, and says,"Close your eyes and imagine your wish is coming true." He lower is head back to her breast and started sucking her nipples, while enjoying the softness of her back, and starts moving his hand to the warmth of her inner thighs

She was doing what her lover had instructed her to do, she imaginedthat there was two pairs of hands touching her. She moaned as his kisses got closer to her flower. Then she felt his lips brush across her flower and the warmth from his tongue as it moved over her flower in search of the bud.

Her lover gently licks and sucks her bud as he moves her toy in and out of her flower slowly, an immediate hunger emerged, she wants his crown jewel deep inside of her mouth, and she asks her lover to reposition his self so she could give him pleasure as well.

She stroks his crown jewel as she guides it into her mouth and tighten her lips around the head, as she begun sucking it. She felt his jewel getting bigger as she now had every inch of it in her mouth.

Then suddenly her lover pauses and pulls his crown jewel from her mouth saying softly, "I do not want to come yet, I must make your wish come true." He left the bed and sat down in their favorite chair. Then he motions her to come and join him and to get on top of him.

She climbs unto the chair and lowers her flower to his crown jewel. Tightening her muscles around his jewel as it slid deeper within her flower, she felt her lover running her toy over and down her back, until he reach the stem of her flower, then she felt a gentle push of her toy penetrating the stem of her flower, he pushes it gently in and out.

The sensations from her toy in the stem of her flower, was driving her insane with passion. Her wish was coming true.

Her lover continued to push her toy into her stem a little deeper with each push until he felt a resistance. He stopped he did not want to caused her any discomfort only pleasure.

When he felt her body relaxing he tried once more to push more of her toy inside of her stem. He moved her toy in and out of her stem trying to keep up with the movement of her hips.

With her eyes closed she tighten the walls of her flower around his crown jewel he did not want to have and orgasm so he asked her to go back to the bed. He wants to see if he could enter her stem with his crown jewel, he excusesd his self and left the room. When he returns he found her on her knees with her fingers buried in her flower. The sight of her masturbating heightens his desires.

He takes her hand and places her toy in it saying "I think you well get more pleasure from this," she inserted her toy deep inside of her flower as he generously rubs the lubricating oil over every inch of his jewel, and outside and inside of the stem of her flower. He proceeded to push his crown jewel into the stem of her flower.

He tells her "if you do not wish to continue I will stop upon your request. He pushes his crown jewel into her as carefully as possible, and when she protested he did not push any further but waited until she assured him that she was ready, deciding that he had gone far enough he started moving in and out of her stem very slowly hoping her stem would yield to him totally.

The pleasure she felt from her toy and her lover crown jewel penetrating her stem, relaxed her and her stem yield to her lover to go deeper inside of her. Her wish had come true. Their passions spread throughout their bodies pushing them towards the greatest eruption, either of them had ever experienced. As the eruption pour over them she graciously thanked her lover and fell into a blissful state of mind with her lover jewel inside of the stem of her flower. The end


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