Late Night Surprise

By: TinaLouise21

Page 1, FIRST SHORT STORY EVER!!! Please tell me what you think is about a young couple that Reunites!!!

I look at the calender and i keep counting the days for when he comes home. I keep crossing off the days that go by to help me think he will be home at any time. He has been gone for 6 months now. He is in the United States Marine Corps and it is really hard to be away from someone you love so much for so long. I keep thinking about what we will do to each other when he finally comes home. I havent felt is touch in so long. I miss everything about him. I had a long day at work today. Checking people into their rooms is no fun when the people are rude. My feet are killing me from standing all day. Ill i want to do is take a nice long bubble bath. I get home and walk right up to my bathroom and turn the warm water on and start to undress. I start looking at my self in the mirror and wish he was right ther behind me. I miss him behind me touching me and kissing me. I start to touch my neck and work my way down to my nipples. I pinch them untill they are nice and hard. Then i work my way down to my vigina. I start rubbing my clit until i am wet. I got so excited i almost had an orgasim. When i got in the tub i started to put my fingers in my vigina. Then i got an idea. I put my legs up against the wall to where the water was running down right on my vigina. I started to think about his dick inside me. The feeling made me have to curl my toes. I had to be quiet because it was making me moan and i didnt want to wake anyone up. I finally reached my peak and had my orgasim. i get out of the tub and go straight to my room. Next thing i know it im knocked out and fall into a deep sleep. As im laying there sleeping i feel someone wipe the hair away from my face. Then i feel i kiss upon my check. i wake up and see him. He is finally home. I see him standing there in his Marine Uniform. All i can do is stand up and kiss him. All of a sudden he pushes me off of him. I start to cry. He just stairs at me with this evil look in his eyes. He comes to me and rips my shirt right off of me and pulls my shorts off. Im left staning in my bra and panties. As i stand there he starts to take off his unifrom. The he takes off his boxers and pulls me close to him. We start to kiss and i can feel his dick getting harder everytime i stick my tounge in his mouth. He takes off my bra and pulls my panties off. When his dick gets to its hardest poing he lays on the bed and tells me to suck his dick. I get on top of him and start kissing his neck. Then i work my way down to his stomach and finaly to the tip of his dick. I lick it and start to play with his sencetive part. Then I put his hole dick in my mouth. His moans where getting louder eveytime i went down on him. Then he stops me. He lays me down and does the same thing. He kisses my neck. The he works his way down to my nipples. He statrs to suck on one and takes turns sucking them. He works his way down to my stomach. He pulls my belly ring with his teeth and then kiss my pussy lips. He starts to rub his tounge on my clit and then sticks it all the way in my pussy. I start to moan and he reaches up and starts grabbing my boobs while he is still sticking his tounge in my pussy. I finally cam and he licked it all up and came up and kissed me. Then he spread my legs open and just shoved his dick right into my pussy, It hurt so bad untill if felt so good. Every time he pulls out it goes deeper and harded into me. I moan so loud he has to cover my mouth. I cum again and he is enjoying fucking me. The he turns me around and starts to rub my back. He works his way to my ass hole. i soon then feel is tounge enter my ass hole. I didnt think him putting his tounge in my ass would ever turn me on but it did it really did. So then i tell him "fuck me in my ass please!!" so then he says "i was going to wiether you wanted me too or not."  So he puts one finger in his mouth then puts it in my ass i yell so loud i had to cover my own mouth. Then he spits on my hole then his hand. He jerks his dick till its nice and wet and put it right into my ass. I moan to the top of my lungs. His stroke were getting harder everytime. He puts his hand aroung me and starts to play with my clit. I feel myself cum over and over again. The he finally gives me a couple more strokes and i can feel his cum right in my ass. When he is finished he lays down turns me toward him and kisses my lips. He holds me and and says "its good to be home." I laugh and say "welcome home babe." He kisses me one last time and says "goodnight i love you. We gotta a long day ahead of us tommorrow> I have to make up for lost time."

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