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Not sure how this is going to go, I will just start writting and see what happens.

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I've robbed banks, stole horses rustled cattle and sold them to the Indians down along the Rio Grand but that was years ago. I've moved on, been working the Big D ranch, been on the right side of the law for the last three years. I've stayed away from the city and thought best to just ride it out at the ranch. But it's been years since I've had a good poke and some good whiskey. The cattle drive isn't for another week and I've got all this money burning a hole in my pocket. I'm perty sure no one will remember that old warrant and besides, I'm just gonna slip into Silver city for a few whisky drinks and find me a good old fashioned whore for a poke, I will be headed out of the city before day light and be ready for that cattle drive.

I set spur to my stallion and ride on into town. It's dark when i get in and i ride over and tie up on the back side of the saloon. I've been riding big red for years now and every Sheriff in the territory knows that horse, I figure its best I leave him hidden and I will slip in and out before anyone knows. I swing open the doors to Jack's saloon and head straight for the bar. Theres dancing girls, men playing card games, bankers and cattle kings, cowboys and whores all hootin' it up and having a good time. I belly up to the bar and hollar for the tender, whiskey bottle and glass mister as i slap down a brand new gold coin. As I get my bottle and glass I turn and lean my back against the bar watching all that's going on. Don't recognize a soul and I'm feeling perty comfortable. That old warrant must be gone, whew. I see a pretty lil gal sitting near the black jack table, tits dam near falling out of her low cut top, a short skirt barely covering her ass. I go sit at a table by myself and she heads right on over and plops down on my lap. (this must be my lucky day.) Well howdie miss, like a drink? Well aren't you just the sweetest cowboy ever, as she puts her arm around me and kisses me on the cheek. I pour her a stiff whiskey drink and before I can even sit the bottle down she has downed her glass and is licking the rim. (this really must be my lucky day!!) She is still perched on my lap and reaches between her legs and goes straight for my crotch. Her hand is massaging my balls and I swear if she keeps squeezing im going to go off right in my pants. Easy Darlin, its been a few years and I'm loaded like a six shooter. Well you poor thing she says, don't you just want to unload that big gun all over me? Well hell yes I do as I reach under that skirt to find she isn't wearing any panties. Well cowboy, you give me ten minutes and then head across the street to the motel, I'm in room 5 and will be waiting just for you. As she gets up I smack her little ass and watch her sway on out the door, mm mmm mmmmmmm. I pour a few more whiskey drinks, slam em down and all the sudden it hits me. SON OF A BITCH, I've robbed banks rode with the all kinds of outlaws, how could I fall for this.....

See I keep my gold coin patch right next to my gun, no man reaches for another man's gun so it seems that would be the safest place for my coin. Without looking down I already know my coin pouch is gone. When ol' fancy ass was massaging that rod of mine she was able to slip that coin pouch right off my belt and slip it right in to her knee high boots. Well no woman is gonna rob me of my hard earned coin. I grab up my hat and storm outta of the bar. I head straight across to the motel and before I hit the door I see her trying to sneak out of town on her pony. As she rides by I reach up and snatch her off that horse and down into the dirt she falls. She jumps up and gives me slap, good try miss but I'd like my coin back. Mister I do not know what your talking about. Ma'am as you were sitting on my lab rubbing that horse of mine you lifted my coin and ya know it. She tries to walk away and reach for her arm, grabbing it firm I spin her around, with my other hand I rip the front of her shirt off. Gold and silver coin fall out into the street and at that moment i hear, HOLD IT RIGHT THERE MISTER.

The Sheriff and his deputy stroll on over to find out what's going. Sheriff this woman stole my coin and I caught her red handed. God dam Mary Lou I thought I told you to get out of this town last week. Cowboy, you aren't the only one she's stole coin from and probably won't be the last. Bill take her over to the jail, lock her up and hold her til morning, we will put her on the next stage out of town. What's your name cowboy?? I am at a loss for words, I never thought i was going to find myself in this position. Well cowboy what's your name. Ahhhh Smith, ya Smith. Smith you say, hmmmmm don't seem to know any Smiths in this part of the country. Why don't you just accompany me over to the jail and I will get you to sign an order for ol' Mary Lou's theft and you can be on your way "Mr. SMith."

I don't want to go but I can see this is my only option of trying to get out of town. The Sheriff and I walk on over to the jail and as I enter Bill is just locking Mary Lou into the cell. The Sheriff and I sit down at the table and he starts to write out an order. As he does old Bill is staring a hole right through me, he walks over to the wall and grabs the wood board full of wanted posters. I turn my hat down low and try to hide my face but its too late. Bill has a six shooter pointed right at me as he hands my wanted poster to the Sheriff. Well I'll be god dammed Bill, we got ourselves a real life outlaw here. Mr. Smith you say, well right here this wanted poster says your Wild Dick Hammer's. Your wanted for Bank robbery and cattle rustling down on the Rio Grand. Throw this son of a bitch in the cell with Mary Lou, we will send em both out on the stage tomorrow Bill. As I get tossed into the cell the Sheriff and Old Bill lock the door and I can hear them talking about heading to the saloon to celebrate the capture of two hardened criminals.

Dam it lady, why the hell did you steal my coin, the last thing I needed was to get caught up in this jail, I've got a heard to be delivered up the north country and now I'm stuck in here. Sorry Mister, I was just trying to steal enough money to get back east. Hell with those tits and that ass you could of earned enough money in one night to get back. I'm no whore!!! Well you sure could of fooled me, and with that I felt a slap across my face, she had one hand on my collar and the other working my cheek. I reached up and grabbed what was left of her shirt and give it a yank. She landed on the cell bunk and her hand still full of my shirt. She was pulling my hair and my hand was moving down towards her skirt, As I got to the bottom of the skirt I lifted it up and slide my hand right to her wet mound. She had a good hold of my hair and my lips were right next to hers, I could think of nothing else to do but kiss and kiss is what I did. It first felt more like she was biting at my lips but after a few seconds we were both locked and a wild kiss. My hand was rubbing her little mound and her legs were opening up wide. The grip she had on my hair loosened and instead of pulling my hair she was pulling on the back of my head. She pushed my head right to her breasts that were hangin out. I licked and sucked on those nipples like a man who hadn't seen any in 3 years would. Before you knew it she had my belt off and was unbuttoning my pants. My hard rod popped out of them pants and her hand latched on to it. She was jerking and pumping on that thing and I knew it wouldn't be long before it went off at least once. I tore the rest of her skirt off and had her on her back while I kneeled next to her, She must of felt the warm spray of cum starting to squirt all over her skin because she pointed that cock right at her mouth and opened up wide. She had that cock deep in her mouth before i knew it and was sucking as hard as she could. My mouth went straight down to her swollen pussy lips and I started licking like I hadn't licked before. She sucked down that first load and i think even a second before I even made her cum. When she pulled it out of her mouth she pushed me away and spun around on her hands and knees on the bed. She waved that little ass back and forth and reached back grabbing me. She pulled the back of my head right to her ass and my tongue was wagging away. That pussy was so wet and so juicy, I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up, naked as ever with a pair of cowboy boots on, grabbed ahold of her hips and buried that cock as deep as I could. She was a wild one I'll tell ya that much, she took load after load and never acted like she was losing steam. She wanted it on her hands and knees, on her back, she stood up and wanted fucked against the cold steel bars of the jail cell. Before it was all said and done I think she emptied me out 5 or 6 times. I don't think I've ever been so happy to be jailed and I'm dam sure that this stage coach ride to the Rio Grand with her is going to be the best "ride" I've ever taken............ (to be continued)


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