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Naughty Neighbor

Short story By: tick tock

Neighborly dont you think hahaha

Submitted:Jan 11, 2012    Reads: 14,198    Comments: 2    Likes: 6   

I just moved to the neighborhood about a year ago, a small place, my closest neighbors are just a little to the south west of me. They seem like nice people, don't know them to well. He works for the government or so he says, she works in town at a local business. We don't talk alot, but when we do I usually speak to him when he is outside about fishing or sports. I don't think he and I would actually get along if we had to be around each other too often, just doesn't seem like my type. His wife on the other hand, I don't know if we would get along or not but I do know id not turn down a good fuck from her. She has blonde hair, long legs mmm mmm just looks like she would be a great fuck. Oh well who am I kidding they seem to be a happy couple and I doubt id ever get a chance at that. And that pretty much describes my relationship with my neighbors the last year or so, but what happened this last weekend, well no one would believe me if i told them..... but here it goes. I'm outside working on my car and my neighbor comes over and tells me how he is leaving for 3 or 4 days, something to do with his job and having to be out of town for a while. He asks me if from time to time id just check and make sure everything looks ok at his house. I tell him sure no problem, he gives me a spare key and tells me he is leaving first thing in the morning.

I don't think much of it, I wake up the next morning, go to work like usual and come home like usual. His cars is gone like expected but his wives car is still in the driveway. I figure maybe she decided to stay home so i go over and knock on the door, I explain to her that her husband told me how he was going to be out of town and wanted me to kind of watch over the place while he was gone, she lets me know she isn't going anywhere for the weekend and she can handle herself, and that maybe her husband shouldn't be offering for other people to babysit his wife and maybe i should worry about my own house. God dam, maybe this is why I'm not married as I laugh and walk away shaking my head. I talk to myself all the way back to my house, what the fuck did i do to this chick, and why the fuck would this guy ask me to watch his house if his wife was gone, whatever, weird mother fuckers. As I get back to my house i realize i still have the key he gave me in my pocket, ahh fuck it I will give it back to him when he gets back, theres no way I'm going back to that house, no fucking way I'm dealing with her.

I throw the key on the kitchen table, open the fridge and grab a cold beer, love Friday's, I'm going to sit on the couch and watch television all night, probably work a load or two out watching some skanky porn chicks on the net, you know guy shit haha. I still can't believe this chick, I mean really who the fuck does she think she is talking too, fuck her. Its getting late and i go to let my dog out for the night, noticing another car in my neighbors driveway. Probably one of miss prisses friends I'm sure and they are over there talking shit about me, ah fuck em I'm ready for bed. I shut the door, and go up to my bedroom turning out all the lights. As I'm taking off my shirt I see a light on in their bedroom, I look down and can't believe what i see, her curtain is open, to all the way but definitely enough to see she is in her room naked and with another man. I can tell he is in behind her and she is being bent over the bed. Now it all makes sense, why he wanted me to watch the place, why she wanted me to mind my own business. And all the sudden it hits me, I've got a fucking key for the house. I think I'm going over to that house and lets just see how fucking smart she wants to be now.

I sneak over to the house, slowly putting the key in the door and opening it. I can already hear moaning and voices from the back. I work my way down the hallway, peeking into the open doorway of the room, She is on her hands and knees, he is behind her, his hands are on her hips and he is ramming his cock in and out of her, her blonde hair has fallen over her head and waves back and forth, her tits bouncing to the rhythm of his cock slamming in and out of her. She begs him to fuck her harder and harder, tells him that she wants his cum all over pussy. He smacks her ass and calls her dirty names, tells her his big load is ready for her as he pulls his cock out and clinches it in his hand, she turns around on her knees now looking up at him as he starts to jerk his cock off, he shoves her down on her back and squirts his big load all over her tummy and pussy. And at that very moment she notices me standing at the edge of the door, the look on her face was priceless, I just wish I had a fucking camera. She lets out a scream as her fuck partner turns around to see me, he reaches down grabbing his pants trying to make excuses as to who he is and what he is doing. I tell him he better go and not come back or her husband is going to be very very mad. He puts his clothes on as quickly as he can and is out the door before you know it.

Now here she is laying on her back naked, cum all over her stomach and all over her pussy. She asks me how the fuck i got in and what im doing there. I tell her, your husband must not trust you, he gave me a key and told me to keep on eye on the house. Hell i thought you were going to be gone, but now I see why he wanted me to watch the house. You like cock don't you? Well I think we can work ourselves out a little deal here what do you say. What kind of deal she asks, As I start to pull my sweats down, already hard, I mean come on who wouldn't be I just watched a great fuck show. I throw the key down on the floor and tell her I will forget everything I saw tonight baby, and you can have your key back, but im not leaving until i fuck that pussy. I get on the bed next to her, her knees up in the air and close together, trying to hide all of that hot cum just shot on her. I run my hand up her leg and down the other side to her thigh, sliding my hand between her legs and pulling them apart, show me that fucked pussy baby, show me how pink it is, mmmmmm loved watching you fuck baby I want to taste you. She pushes down on my head slowly towards her stomache, telling me to taste that hot cum, lick me clean baby, lick that hot cum off me and clean me. MMMM What a dirty dirty girl she is. I lick around her tummy tasting that cum then diving my tongue deep into her pink hole and tasting that fuck, her hand is on the back of my head and she is grinding her hips into my face. She is a dirty dirty girl, as my tongue is being fucked i think to myself all ive been missing out on. I roll her over on to her stomache and slip my cock in from behind, her ass looks so good and my finger plays with her little hole as my hard cock pounds in and out of her. One hand reaching around the front to play with her nipples, she screams and cums all night long all over me. Ive never had so many orgasms as i did that night.

You know its been 6 months now, and I think I like my neighbor, and ya know I didn't think id like him that much, but I actually love it when he leaves hahahahahah


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