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Foster Daddy Ch. 3

Short story By: thewriter1234

Amanda is finally ready...

Submitted:Jun 25, 2013    Reads: 7,029    Comments: 1    Likes: 6   

"Knock, knock. I'm coming in.....naked" I grinned and put the soap down. "Oooo come on in...I'll wash you." Daddy laughed as he came in to join me in the shower. I turned to face him and was immediately pushed up against the shower wall with his lips pressed against mine. I responded right away, wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him into me. His thumbs brushed against my nipples and I moaned and broke away. He automatically went to kissing up and down my neck. I bit my lip. "Mmm...daddy. I've...I've been thinking. I'm ready." He pulled away and looked at me. "What?" I pulled his ear down to my mouth and whispered "I want you inside of me" He shuddered. "Holy shit baby girl. Are you sure?" I layed down on the bathtub floor and spread my legs wide open. "Fuck me"
Daddy kneeled down in front of me and looked at my body. "Ohhh baby I am so horny for you right now." First he kissed me. It was tender at first but I was hot and horny for this man, so I took it up a notch. I took his tongue between my lips and grazed it with my teeth. That got him. Then his lips were harder on mine. Sucking my lips like candy. He broke away and kissed down to my throbbing nipples. I closed my eyes and sighed in pleasure as I felt his hot mouth take in my throbbing nipple. He played with it, flicked it with his tongue and sucked it, which had me moaning like a whore trying to get a big tip. Then he licked his way down to my soaked cunt. He didn't even tease me this time. He got straight to the point and shoved his magic tongue in there. In and out, in and out. "AHHHH...shit daddy. Ooo fuck yea, fuck yea..." I moaned. I couldn't handle it anymore. "Daddy...please daddy...take me, oh god do it NOW!" He gave my aching pussy a few more licks and finally put his erected cock near it. Teasingly, he rubbed the tip outside my lips and said "Sorry baby, I just like to see you begging" he licked his lips and looked at me "Ready baby girl?" I nodded and he slowly entered himself into me. The pain was indescribable. It felt like someone was ripping something inside of me. I screamed out in pain.
"It's alright..it's alright..." I heard him say but he was grunting in pleasure. His brows were furrowed and his mouth was slightly open as he squeezed his huge cock into my pussy. I could feel every inch of him slowly going into me. As the pain goes away, I start to moan and grip his shoulders. He starts to move faster, forming a rhythm. My eyes roll back in my head. He moans against my nipples. "Oh daddy. Your cock feels so good....mmmmm fuck." He brings his lips to mine and kisses me as he continues to pump into me. "So....tight" he groans against my mouth. I wrap my hands around his ass, pulling him closer. "Faster daddy, fuck me harder" then he brings to fuck me harder and faster, our bodies moving together. "I'm gonna...oh shit daddy" and I cum all over his delicious dick. He reaches down and massages my cilt, riding me through my orgasm. This orgasm is more powerful than any I've ever had with him. I drag my nails down his back, my back arching, while screaming his name.
I feel him tense up. "Yes daddy, cum in me. I want to feel your cum shoot inside of me." He fucks me hard, slamming into my pussy. Our moans loud, he shoots his thick white liquid into me. His body stiffens as he pushes ever farther into me releasing it all. I love every second. He leans his head on my breasts and I put my head on his, breathing heavily. He holds me close, his hard cock still inside of me. "You are amazing baby girl." He moans, trying to catch his breath. He pulls out of me and helps me to me feet. He brings his lips to mine and kisses me passionately. His hands rub from my lower back to my ass, squeezing it. Then we get out and daddy turns off the shower. He dries me with a towel savoring my body and I do the same with the same towel. I make sure to dry his cock extra well. I put the towel down and he takes my hand, leading me to my bed. We layed down together, him spooning me, running his hand up and down my thigh. "I love you baby girl."
"I love you too Daddy." And we fall asleep.


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