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Yeah...another weird piss story. rofl

Submitted:Apr 15, 2012    Reads: 666    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Urine Trouble

I wish my life were a cliche. I wish I could say, "He doesn't know I exist." But that's not true. If he didn't know I existed, I could just go up and introduce myself and I'd know better than to make the same mistakes. But I can't do that, because, truth is, he hates my guts. A harmless little from his boy best friend turned into a guy hanging onto him 24/7, which turned into a broken heart and scarred trust.

Unfortunately, Kevin and I have band together. And unfortunately as well, we both have small bladders. Luckily for me, I like watching dudes piss, and Kevin and I, finally, went to the bathroom at the same time. He walked up to the urinal and whipped out his huge cock. I walked in behind him and approached the urinal, pulling out my dick. I quickly peeked a look at his cock, stream flowing out of it, and then I moved my eyes up to his face. His eyes were closed and his mouth open with relief. I pictured my cock entering his mouth, his tongue swirling up and down my cock. I started to get hard. I looked back at his cock, and I was rock hard. He was huge, just so wide. I loved it. I looked back at his face. He was looking at me. And he was not happy.

Kevin held his piss and turned to face me. He pushed down on my head, causing me to get down on my knees. He whacked my face with his cock, and it started to harden in his hand. "Yeah, you like that, don't you, bitch?" He moaned. I didn't want to tell him how much I actually was enjoying it.

Finally, Kevin's member was standing at perfect attention, and he shoved it down my throat. I gagged at his length, but he kept pushing. His huge cock down my throat made it hard to breathe. I choked on his length, but he kept pushing. Finally, he pulled back out, only to push it back in again. Soon, he began thrusting at a slow but steady rhythm, and his tempo gradually accelerated. That's when I noticed the strain on his face. He still had to pee.

Despite the obvious pain in his bladder, he kept thrusting, moaning occasionally. I had learned to breathe through my nose, and had begun to enjoy the mouthful. I swirled my tongue around his shaft and shoved my tongue in his piss slit, tasting the remnants of his unfinished business. I slapped my face, which made me groan in pain, but I liked it all the same. "Hey," he shouted. "Don't do that, you're gonna make me cum!" I smiled with a mouthful of cock. That was just what I wanted to do to him.

Finally, he pulled out of my mouth, and I finally remembered the severity of my own desperation. I slowly started to stroke my cock, but Kevin stopped me by rotating me and pushing me down on all fours. He waved his huge member at my entrance and finally entered my ass. I screamed in pain, but it hurt so good. His length and his width tore up my insides, and I was screaming louder. Thank GOD no one heard us. Kevin's moans became more frequent, and I realized that they were more groans than moans. The pressure in his bladder was getting to him, as well as mine. I winced at the pain in my groin, but he took no notice to his, as I felt my ass begin to fill up with his warm juice. He sighed with relief, but his steady rhythm didn't falter. I started to squirm, finally realizing I could not contain my urine, and his piss began to slosh out of my ass. Kevin suddenly thrust ridiculously hard, and the jolt made me lose my control, and my bladder leaked out of my throbbing dick. Kevin moaned ferociously, as if my losing control actually turned him on. His thrusts became more ravenous, more beast-like, and I soon found myself pumping my still leaking dick as hard as I could as the boy I once was obsessed with reached the peak of his sexual experiences in my behind. We both jizzed simultaneously, and we both screamed each others names at the top of our lungs while it happened.

Kevin's sighs and deep breaths slowly returned to normal along with mine, and he collapsed on the floor as my bottom released its grip on his love stick. I fell back on him, and he caught me in his arms, cradling me. "I guess I never really realized how much I cared about you," he said. I smiled, and slowly kissed him on the lips.

"Well," I said. "Now you do."


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