A Meeting.

By: TheCookieMonster

Page 1, The sweeping, passionate love between Scott and Florence that abruptly turns animalistic and dirty. Brace yourselves, it's quite long!


It, was spring again. The young man had always loved spring on campus, he could feel the entire place coming to life again, college students waking up from their long winters nap. “Perhaps,” he thought to himself, “the best part of spring is the change in uniform.” He was thinking of the sweatpants and hoodies it seemed all students started wearing sometime in November, and how glad he would be to see them go. He walked in a happy daze into the library. The bright afternoon sunshine streamed through the windows in the ceiling, giving light and life to the particles of dust, built up from a long gray winter as they floated about the long hallway. It was warm and pleasant here, and he liked it because it was the perfect place to daydream; and study, sometimes.


He sat down at his favorite table, facing the entrance to the library. He loved this table in the early afternoon. In the morning the light hit it directly, making it hard to see and sometimes a bit hot. In the afternoon, it was still warm from the sun, and it felt to him like returning to a chair he had been in only moments before. It was the little things he had learned, like sunlight on a chair, that he found the most valuable; this knowledge of the small pleasant things that could be found if a person were not staring at some sort of screen.


It was in this fashion that he set about enjoying the cheery spring day. With an unconscious tuneless whistle he removed several Latin books from his bag and dropped them irreverently onto the table. He was thumbing through the middle section of the first book he had grabbed, for some help on gerund nouns, when he noticed another of the campus’ springtime traditions. Tour groups were streaming in and out of the library on their prescribed routes. The groups of young men and women were perspective students for the following year, some already accepted and some still hopeful. He enjoyed seeing these groups. They were accompanied by a warm nostalgic feeling for his own orientation, and the first year that had followed. They had been happy times for him; everything was so new, so possible. He felt the limits that had been placed on his life by others around him lift, and relished the freedom. He had watched others like him blossom similarly, their minds and spirits opening and blooming like the flowers of spring. Though he had seen others turn their faces away from the sun, from the bloom all around them. They turned to televisions and computers, video games, and cell phones. He could see the utility in all of these things but he worried that they were slowly replacing his classmates need to experiences the world around them, and it was such a beautiful place. This group of perspectives were all walking slowly behind their guide reading on their phones about the campus history, emailing their parents about how things were going, or taking pictures of the college library with appropriate reverence. They seemed bright and astute, using their technology to learn even more about their school of choice.


The young man watched them and a shade of sadness passed across his face, they were learning so much, but missing what the guide was saying about the rooftop terrace being open one Saturday each month at midnight for stargazing. They were like so many students before them, abandoning the subtle magic of reality in exchange for their miraculous gadgets. The boy returned to his reading, conjugating verbs and rearranging sentences but what he really wanted was to be spending this moment working on something, being with someone, doing something truly important, something slightly more meaningful than latin. He shook his head and decided to get a drink, clear his head, and then return to his work. He rose from his seat and took a few steps when he was struck by one of the brilliant streams of sunlight from windows above, he froze loving the feeling of warmth that instantly filled him. His face broke into a wide smile, he closed his eyes and raised his head to soak up the sun, he needed to borrow some light, to steal him against his moments of despair.


He stood like this for some time, loosing track of the moments, all else forgetting in the warm embrace of the Sun, back to bless the winter hardened world. He might have stood like that forever had he not heard the laughing coming from his left. Lowering his gaze and cracking one eye open, her turned his head in the direction of the laughter, he wondered at his blurry vision before realizing his glasses had slipped while he looked at the sun reaching up he slid them off his forehead over his eyes. A tour group had come in and was standing in the lobby occupying themselves while the guide chattered. Three or four in the back had turned to face the young man, and had begun to laugh, clearly uncomfortable with his showing of unbridled reverence. He looked at them and smiled, maybe they would be the ones to blossom this year, he wouldn’t influence them with a defensive scowl. He waved and walked back to his table, emboldened enough by the sun to shrug off their confused giggles.


Before returning to his book completely he looked back at the group, scanning it closely. He knew what he was looking for; it was hope. He needed at that moment a sign of hope, someone who would be one to blossom and open to the world this year, some eager eyed boy, or curious looking girl. He searched, seeing ipads and earbuds, fierce amounts of attention focused on infinitesimal spaces, six inches from their noses. He blinked, maybe not in this tour, maybe he just couldn’t recognize it in them, he lowered his gaze back to Latin.


Moments passed, then he heard a voice ring out, clear and crisp, “Oooh, is it the same Saturday every month?” Latin forgotten his ears perked up and his head snapped to attention, eyes seeking the source of the question. At the front of the tour a girl had stepped forward, he hadn’t seen her when he looked before, she was talking to the guide, not loudly, but her confident voice carried across the lobby. “Do they let you bring pillows and blankets?” He chuckled to himself, certain now that she had heard the guide mention the open roof access. When he had shown up on the first Saturday the roof was open he had arrived pillow in hand and had laid there for hours. Here was some hope he thought, there are still people willing to look for beauty. He smiled, eyes studying her as she spoke animatedly to the guide.


She was small, slim, with beautiful long black hair. Still speaking with the guide she turned her face toward him. His eyes rose to take her in, and upon reaching her face, froze, incapable of diverting their gaze. Looking at her in that moment he was certain she was glowing. Light seemed to radiate off her and a similar warmth to that which he had felt earlier flooded his body. Her tiny face was mostly covered by a pair of overly large glasses, the frames drew his attention to her brown eyes, it was hear that he lost himself. Basking in the glow he felt emanate from her he knew in his gut that this girl was special, he didn’t know why yet, but she was curious, and beautiful… and radiant. He came quickly back to reality and found her staring at him, looking slightly confused. He blushed, and smiled, embarrassed to be caught staring. Raising his hand in a brief wave, he smiled at her, returning to his Latin. Not however before seeing her smile back, and curl her fingers in her own silent greeting.


He focused on his work, embarrassment quickly faded and was replaced by a sudden drive and desire to finish his work, and go immerse himself in the outdoors, in the sunlight and birdsong. That feeling of despair he had felt initially upon observing the tour group had faded as well, in its stead was a brightness, an energy that the boy could not explain, nor did he feel the need to. When he focused he was able to fly through the Latin. Fifteen minutes of concentration and he was done, hoping he had correctly translated the quote from Plato he read the line written on his eraser marked paper;


“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”


It seemed right to him, certainly sounded smart, words made sense and there were no glaring grammatical issues. He decided he was done, and rose to leave the library.


            At no point did he actively identify where he was going, but his body knew what it wanted and chose a path accordingly. He wandered at a leisurely pace to a small group of trees and a bench just outside of the student center. People were coming and going in and out of the center, where most of them went for lunch or a drink in between class. Many were sitting at the tables inside studying or editing papers. He enjoyed the quiet bench, and the small trees because they made the place feel secluded and private, yet he could watch the world come and go through the busy doors one hundred feet away. He was watching the people when he saw a familiar tour group. First he noticed some familiar faces around the back of the group, the ones who had thought he was funny standing in the sunlight, he dismissed this fact, instantly interested in what else it meant. His eyes searched the front of the group, now standing gathered in front of the doors to the student center. There she was, eyes moving over the giant building in front of her, wide smile on her face. It was as though he melted to look at her, there was something about her, something so real and yet completely intangibly. It was more than beauty, that much was obvious to any fool, it was that she felt, familiar to him. I stared without thinking, wanting to implant her image on his brain. He didn’t notice when the group began to move. He didn’t notice them stream into the student center. He noticed her looking up to the sky, squinting and brushing her long hair back off her face. He noticed her walking towards the building, with grace and confidence. He noticed her turn, noticed her face move to look in his direction as she grabbed the door. For a moment their eyes locked, surprised that he hadn’t reacted quicker and been caught staring again, he did nothing, staring blankly at this beauty. She laughed quickly, and smiled at him, her eyes sparkling. Before he could do anything to prevent it the young mans face broke into what he knew was the most foolishly happy grin he was capable of making. He quickly corrected himself, but it was too late. She covered her mouth as she giggled, waved to him, and walked into the student center.


            The young man was in a state of dismay, he had made a fool of himself. He might never see the girl again. He had been given two chances to be suave, debonair, cool even and twice he had blown it. Instead flashing blank stares and goofy smiles. He resigned himself to the reality of the situation. The truth was he hadn’t found many women who intrigued him. He had made many friends, male and female, he had no problem with that. But love and its related affections were more personal, he seldom opened up to people on such matters, but when he found them he knew them instantly. He followed his instinct this way in many decisions, and he trusted it, it had led him correctly up until now. The problem was that so few women stirred the instinctual reaction in him he found necessary for pursuit; he was looking for something specific, for the perfect beautiful mix that is so uncommon in man or woman. Empathy, curiosity, a hunger for life, and fortitude to hang tough, this type of woman grew from those who walked past him every day, but most weren’t there yet. He had accepted this as fact long ago, known that what he wanted most likely wouldn’t come along until later in his life, he accepted it.  But this girl might have been what he was looking for and he had let her pass by, twice, it left a bitter taste in his mouth.


            He resolved to sit, enjoying the sun filtering through the still bare branches on the trees above him. He would enjoy this day, close his eyes for a few minutes, and then return to his dorm. He might check on his employee at the front desk, he was the acting manager and enjoyed checking in on his staff. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, smiling faintly, spending a little bit of his focus on thinking about good team building activities, but the rest listened to the wind and the birds, the faint footsteps and muffled conversation of the students moving in and out of the building. His mind drifter from team builders to the beautiful olive skinned girl, how she had sparkled like the sun. He gave way to his daydreams and began to think of how their exchange might have ended differently, much more presently. He grinned, lost in his fantasy he did not hear one of the soft set of footsteps get louder, moving closer.


            The first thing he heard was the sound of someone clearing their throat. Ahem. His eyes flashed open. At first he thought he was still lost in a daydream, it was her, the beautiful girl, standing in front of him, smiling and saying something. Her smile made him flush with warmth, “Would that be ok?” she asked him. He shook his head, confused, “Sorry, I didn’t hear you, I was… thinking. What did you say?” he managed to stammer. “I seem to catch you thinking a lot don’t I,” she smiled, “I was wondering if I could sit with you, its so nice outside.” “Of course!” The boy stammered, remembering his manners he stood up, and picked up his backpack that was sitting next to him. “I would be happy to have you join me, I’m Scott.” He extended his hand to her. She reached out and took it, he took her hand gently in his, and shook it politely, secretly thrilled at the touch of her. “You can call me Florence .” He smiled instantly, “Thats a beautiful name, Florence . Its very fitting.” His gaze lingered on her face for a moment, before he could tear his eyes away and feign interest in the foot traffic in front of him. “How are you enjoying your orientation Florence ? What do you think of our school?” She smiled and they began to talk about what she thought so far, Scott listened eagerly, thinking about what she was saying, eager to provide help in any way that he could.


            She asked him about what he was studying, and he had to struggle not to careen off topic and go into great detail about the thesis he was currently immersed in. Talking to her he could feel his passion bubbling over, he wanted to share the things he thought were amazing about the world with her, he knew that she would find amazement there as well. She told him about her plans to study English and they began to discuss poetry, and the writing that had influenced their still young minds. The conversation moved quickly and naturally, one topic leading to another, not a pause to be had, they both found themselves completely engrossed in the conversation they were having to the exclusion of all else. Scott found himself telling her stories about the classroom he was working in part time for his internship credits, he wanted to share the humor and insight he had found so rewarding. When he had finished talking he found that his hand had slid over to rest on hers, unaware in his speech, it now startled him, and he wondered what to do. She smiled, her eyes, still sparkling with the laughter they had been sharing, darted down to their hands resting together one on top of the other. She didn’t move her hand but looked up at him, “I was hoping to find others as full of excitement for life here…” her voice trailed off. Scott slipped his hand underneath hers and gave it a squeeze, “We tend to find one another Florence ,” he responded, “I knew there was something the moment I saw you, you felt so… I don’t know if it will make sense…


“Familiar.” She finished the sentence for him.


“Yes, there was something about you I recognized, something that makes you different, the same thing that has always made me feel different as well.” They smiled at one another for a moment, and both turned back to watch the people coming and going. They sat silent for a moment, then she let out a quick gasp, and looked at the clock on the Union. “Oh no! My tour left ten minutes ago, we were only supposed to take thirty minutes for lunch!” She stood up looking a bit distressed, rapidly unfolding an itinerary from her pocket. “Don’t worry,” he said, trying to calm her, to help her, “where were they going, I can help you find them.” She looked over the schedule in front of her, “After lunch they were going to visit a dorm, the new one our guide said.” “Sure,” he said quickly, “I can take you there, no problem.” She looked at him her beautiful eyes had him trapped, he would do anything to help this girl, he knew that then.  “Thank you so much” She said. Shaken from his moment of reverence he began to walk towards the part of campus where the dorms were, beckoning her to follow. It felt wonderful to walk across campus with a beautiful girl by his side, even if he was just showing her where to go, he swelled with joy and contentedness to spend even these moments with her. They arrived at the dorms, and he pointed out the one she was looking for, “It looks really nice, I wanted to live there but all the rooms were full, I don’t know why I would want a tour, they aren’t even taking us into the other ones where I’ll be living. “ she sounded so disappointed. Scott however brightened immediately, taking her hand, “Come with me!” Holding her hand he walked over towards the older dormitory, the building where he operated the front desk. “She stopped, I thought we needed an ID to get into the old dorms, that’s why the tour guide said I couldn’t go look during our break.” Scott turned to her and smiled, “He was right, but were not going in the front way.” He smiled and led her around to the back of the building, exhilarated at each moment spent with her.


Shortly they were standing in front of a large metal door with a keyswipe to the side of it. Scott reached into his pocket and pulled out an ID card. Handing it to Florence  he suggested, “Why not give this a slide, but no peeking at the picture, I don’t know if I’m much of a swan now but I certainly started here as an ugly duckling.” He chuckled as he handed it to her. She stopped and stared at the picture, the looked at his face, he smiled at her, reaching his hand up to brush her shoulder, “Now I told you not to look.” She stared back at him, both of them momentarily entranced, before starting, “Well, I’ve never seen a swan with stubble like yours, but I don’t think you’ve done badly at all.” she blushed as she spoke. He smiled, “Your being sweet, why don’t you swipe that card and I can show you around.” She swiped the card, the door chirped and he swung it open for her, holding it as she stepped inside.  They entered into an empty stairwell, “This is the basement level, we can take these stairs up to the first floor, I can show you the the size of a hall and the common rooms there.” He motioned up the stairs, letting her go first in an effort to be polite. Feeling quickly guilty for having done so because as she climbed the stairs in front of him, his eyes couldn’t leave her small firm backside as it moved back and forth. He felt a stirring, but quelled it quickly, assuring himself that it could wait until later, when he had dropped her back with the tour.


On the first floor they wandered up and down the hallway, looking at the way residents had decorated their door. She admired some of the whiteboards hung and the decorations on display up and down the hall. They looked in a community room and Scott spoke to some of the residents sitting there who he knew from his work at the desk. They asked who his friend was and Scott took her hand and introduced Florence  to the table of boys. When they had said hi one began to look at Scott and laughed, “Getting in there early eh buddy?” The table erupted in laughter, Scott turned red, chuckled and quickly corrected “Just showing her around Sam, try not to be too rude, wait until she moves in to show off your talents for embarrassing yourself.” Scott patted the grumbling Sam on the shoulder and again taking Florence ’s hand walked out of the room, leaving the table of boys laughing behind him. Halfway down the hall they could both here Sam call a parting blow “Yeah, well you two have fun!”


“I’m sorry about them,” Scott began, “they’re all nice guys, but we all take jabs at each other here, I learned early on, that’s how men seem to communicate best in these hallowed halls.” Scott smiled as he explained. “I’m not embarrassed,” Florence  answered, “although they did make clear to me that not all guys here will be like you.” Scott felt her squeeze his hand gently, and looked over, squeezing back encouragingly, “I guess I could be a diamond in the rough, that’s certainly what I have you pegged as.” They had reached the end of the hall and were staring at one another again. Scott felt his stomach clench, this girl was like none he had ever encountered, when she spoke, he heard his own voice. Similar enough to feel a strong connection, but from what she had shared about herself different enough that he wanted to learn from her, in that moment he found himself wanting her badly, not thinking, he leaned in and gently kissed her on the lips, lingering there for a moment, gently nestling his nose against hers. “I’m sorry,” he stepped back, flustered, she stopped him, leaning in and pressing her mouth to his. Scotts hands went out to her, pulling her towards him, moving one hand to circle her waist and draping another around her shoulder he resumed the kiss with gusto. They exchanged a long series of brief kisses, hungrily pressing their mouths together, grasping the others body. Scott raised one hand to cup her chin pulling her face up to his, and pressed his lips to hers, sustaining a longer and more drawn out kiss. The kiss seemed to go on for an eternity, neither of them wanting it to end. Scott withdrew slightly to nibble on her bottom lip, both breathing heavy, blood pumping from the mutual excitement. “I should really get you back to your tour.” Scott whispered, caressing her face with his hand. She raised her eyes to meet his, “The tour will be there for a while, they wanted us to meet with current students,” as she spoke Scott looked into her eyes, holding his hand in his he raised it to his lips and kissed it reverently, listening to her speak kissing each finger, her palm and wrist. She faltered, eyes closing for a second, loving his lips on her skin. “I suppose,” she gasped, “I could just spend the time here… with you.”


“You could,” He whispered to her, pulling her toward him again, kissing her neck, breathing deeply the delightful smell of her hair, “if you wanted to Florence , you could stay.” She gasped in delight as his hands began to move up and down her body. Scott began kissing her neck, kissing her chin, her cheeks, kissing her earlobes he whispered, “I hope you understand, I’m in something of a state of shock,” taking her chin in his hand he peppered her lips with small sweet kisses, “only an hour ago I had to come to terms with the fact, that nothing in the world, will ever seem so beautiful, as what I see before me right now.” “Oh Scott,” Florence  gasped as they pressed their mouths together again, both completely lost in the passion they felt for one another, no circumstances were too absurd, their connection was immediate and persistent, there was no giving heed to logic or foresight, nothing could derail these newly forged lovers. “If im visiting the dorm,” Florence  looked up into Scotts eyes, “You should probably take me to your room.” She blushed deeply and looked away but Scott, taking her hand, smiled sweetly, “We don’t have to Florence , I can take you back to the tour now if you like.” She was young and sweet, and despite Scotts lust, he knew that in such a new situation as this a gentleman would give a lady room to maneuver, not press himself. She looked up at him for a moment, hurt, “If you don’t want to, then tell me.” She said quickly. Seeing that he had offended her he leaned in to her, and whispered earnestly, “I want to be alone with you,” and then insistently, “now.” Florence  looked at him, smiled and kissed him happily, Scott smiled back, warm with delight and tingling now, in anticipation of what might lie in store. Grabbing her hand again Scott led her toward the door at the end of the hallway, she got there first and turned the handle, it was locked. Scott stepped in place behind her, putting no space between their bodies he wrapped his arms around her, placing a key in her hand. Kissing her neck he reached down and playfully pinched her behind. “You need to unlock it first beautiful.” Taking her hand in his, continuing to kiss playfully he helped her to unlock it, when finished he took her hand, still holding the key, and slid it into his own pocket, “Leave it there babe.” He lead her into the stairwell and they began to leap up the stairs, at the first landing Scott stopped her, grabbing her waist and pulling her in to kiss her deeply, surprising her. He pulled away, laughed at the look of shock in her eyes and bounded up the second flight. Florence  caught up with him on the second landing grabbing his hand to stop him this time she stepped behind him, reaching around to trace her hands up and down his body, sending shivers of pleasure down his spine. Her hands rubbed his sholders and chest, brushing his stomach and pelvis, stopping for a moment Scott could feel her pressing herself against his back, such bliss, he enjoyed the moment of happiness, then her hands dipped lower, brushing his crotch and he was startled back to reality. He spun around, looking at the beautiful face before him, pulling her body close, “Now what are you doing there you little nymph.” He smiled down at her as he began to grind his hardening member into her own pelvis. Florence  closed her eyes for a moment delighting in the contact. “Mmm, Im having trouble waiting baby,” she whispered breathless, “are we almost there?” “Its only one more floor,” he whispered into hear ear, “but why wait.”


            He leaned in to kiss her passionately, their bodies immediately pressing one another, grinding, aware of the pleasure soon to come. Scott stepped forward and pressed Florence ’s tiny body against the wall in the stairwell, needing to press himself closer to her writhing form. They kissed one another fiercely, only coming up to gasp for air for seconds before returning to passionately lock with the other. Tongues slid in and out of mouths, tiny moans escaping from her mouth as his hands moved to squeeze her breasts, rubbing over her shirt. His breath caught in his throat when she slid her hand down and gently cupped his growing manhood. Scott moved his hands down to her hips, and began to move them back and forth, matching the rhythm of his own grinding pelvis. They stayed like this for what seemed like an eternity, grinding their bodies together, kissing deeply, content so long as one could touch the other. Scotts hand slid down her tight and sexy body, and as he kissed her he slid it gently down her pants, feeling the soft touch of her panties underneath. He moved his hand, sliding it over her most sensitive spot, feeling the warmth of her emanating through her dampened panties. She gasped, closing her eyes and rolling her head back. At that moment a door below them opened and they heard it slam shut, voices filled the hall as residents began to climb up the stairs below. “Guess we should be moving on after all.” He said to her, a sparkle in his eye, grin on his face. She opened her eyes slowly, unwilling to abandon the pleasure she was feeling only moments before. “Come on, my room is only up those stairs, and I have a nice big bed, where I can lay you down.” The last part he whispered in her ear as he brushed past her, leaping up the stairs. They raced down the hall of the third floor, laughing like children together, glancing lustfully at each other, each eagerly anticipating painstakingly undressing the other. They finally reached his room, again Scott pressed Florence ’s body to the door, kissing her deeply, while sliding the key in the lock. The door opened, and before she could stop him Scott had scooped Florence  up in his arms, and was carrying her inside.


He had a lovely room.  It was warm and cozy from the sunlight that came spilling through his large windows.  She saw that he had bookshelves for walls, and when he dropped her on the floor, she went over to them and ran her fingers over their spines. Children’s stories. Poetry. Latin books. And some she had never heard of. He had a map on the wall, and red marks over the places he’d like to visit, or perhaps places he’d already been.  As she skimmed through the pages of Peter Pan, she suddenly left soft lips trailing up her shoulder and settle behind her ear. His warm breath tickled her skin as he whispered, “come to bed”. It sent shivers down her spine and made her hot between the legs. 


She turned around to find herself inches from his face. It was a handsome face. She stroked his cheek with the back of her hand, feeling the softness of his stubble. It reminded her of her father a little, and she knew that this man would protect her, would shield her from the world. Her eyes fell on his empty bed, and she was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of fear and anxiety. She’d never slept with a man before.


He put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. His touch was enough to reassure her, and in response she reached up and rubbed his chest.  He pulled her up and she leaned in to kiss him tenderly on both cheeks. She could still smell his after-shave and relished the feeling of his skin against hers. She pulled back to look at him, in the sun, his hair caught the light and turned a light brown. He looked painfully beautiful.  


“Hubba babba, I got lucky today”.  At this, Scott laughed out loud, it was a delightful sound, and said “I think we both got lucky today.”




“Oh yes”, he whispered under his breath, suddenly serious. He took her hand and led her to his bed. They clasped their bodies together and sunk into the sheets.  Her breath caught as she felt him tracing the curves of her body with his hands. They began to explore one another, like curious little children with new toys; eagerly and urgently.


He silently slipped his shirt off and settled himself above her. She pulled his body closer to his, almost desperately…hungrily. “Oh Scott…” she was overwhelmed with ardent desire. She ran her fingers into his hair and pulled his mouth up to hers. He kissed her endlessly, tasting the sweetness of her lipstick. She plunged her tongue into his mouth and played with his. Their tongues coiled together as their lips sensually massaged the others.  She pulled his lower lip up with her teeth and sucked, as hard as she could.


Her hips began to steadily rock as she rubbed and grinded herself into him. She could feel his hardening shaft rubbing against her and her own sex warming up in response.  He reached down with his hand and massaged her between the legs, over the light fabric of her pants.  The contact sent her mind reeling and she moaned out loud.


“I’m going to take you, Florence . I’m going to bed you tonight” He whispered as he sucked the skin over her neck.


He tugged at the seams of her shirt and slipped it off, revealing a black bra with lace trimming.  She wished she had worn better underwear and blushed slightly at the thought of him taking her pants off, and exposing her polka dot panties. She bit her lower lip as she felt his own lips plant little kisses over her bra.


She looked even more delightful to him as he undressed her, shocked at her beauty had had descended upon her delightful bra, gently drifting his fingers across her soft beautiful skin. Again he kissed her lips, unable to stay away, loving the taste of her, he wanted to cry from the joy. This girl, this woman who did these incredible things to him, was one in oh so many million, he hadn’t been with a girl since his freshmen year, none had attracted his attention. This girl however, made all others pale, disappear like shadows in the revealing noonday sun.


These were the thoughts running through his head as he kissed her lips, and her face, worshiping her with his lips. Kissing devoutly his hands reached to unhook her bra. He struggled several times, unwilling to stop kissing her to look at his task at hand. After the fourth attempt she giggled, unable to stop himself Scott let out a breath of laughter, they laughed together for a moment, he resting his head on her shoulder. They exulted in the feeling of their bodies pressed together, enjoying one another’s laughter. Rolling up, Scott raised his head to look down into Florence ’s eyes, “I appear to be having trouble my love.” He kissed her lips, then withdrew slightly, holding his face close, relishing the warmth of her sweat breath on his cheek.


He moved his body down to straddle her knees, and lowered his chin so it rested gently on her belly. Scott began to kiss her stomach gently, with a tenderness he hadn’t known he was capable of. He brought his hands up and looking up towards her face, neatly unclasped her bra. His kisses, which had been limited to her soft sweet torso, flew upward. He kissed along her collarbone, ran his tongue deftly down the valley between her breasts, moving to kiss the sweet underside of her left breast, he raised his hand to begin gently squeezing the right. He kissed all around her breast, in a gentle constant spiral, moving closer and closer to her nipple. At the same time as his mouth reached her tender areola the fingers on his other hand had begun to swirl gently around the nipple on her other breast. He heard Florence s breath in short gasps, felt her body arching under him, moving up to meet his. His eyes moved too look at her face. It was lovely, eyes closed mouth gently agape, he returned happily to sucking her nipple, feeling it harden in his mouth.


He shifted his head, giving his mouth the chance to embrace Florence s other nipple. His free hand brushed across her belly and down to begin gently rubbing the fabric of her pants where he knew she would be most sensitive. Florence moaned in delight. Scott rubbed smooth gentle circles, occasionally giving the gentle squeeze. Feeling the urge to press on, to explore more of this heavenly body in his bed he leaned forward and gently kissed her chin, looking into her eyes he asked, “Are you ready for me to get these pants off you.” Her voice was soft and breathy and a little hesitant, “Yes, but don’t laugh at me.” He stared at her, “Your too precious to mock, you sweet beautiful girl.” Kissing her decidedly he drew himself back onto his knees and brought his hands to the waistline of her pants. He lowered his lips to her waist and closed his eyes. Slowly he began to pull down her pants, kissing each inch as the fabric gave way to her lovely skin. He kissed her thighs, her knees, her beautiful calves and ankles, pulling the pants off completely he dropped them to the floor, raising his bowed head, he opened his eyes.


He sat back onto the end of the bed, a smile playing across his lips. Florence lay in front of him, head resting on his pillow. Her beautiful olive skin looked lovely in the dappled sunlight, her crinkled nipples and heaving chest giving way to the passion welling within her serene exterior. Her breasts called to him, but he allowed his eyes to drift lower, taking in a beautiful sight. The tight polka dot panties clinging to her waist, were maddeningly tantalizing. He sat back against the bed rest, catching his breath, in awe of the tremendous beauty splayed before him.


At first she saw his smile and blushed with embarrassment. But when she saw his eyes hungrily roving her body, taking in every inch, when she saw his chest heaving with delighted anticipation of tasting, touching, loving her, the embarrassment melted. She liked the desire she inspired in him, so clearly written on his face as he looked at her. It made her feel sexy, to know he wanted her so badly.


Scott crawled down the bed towards her. Laying down next to her he slid his right arm under her head and drew her to him. He kissed her lips with passion and slipped his left arm over to her, laying on his side, he slid it into her beautiful panties, needing to feel her sweet wetness. First his fingers crept up and down smoothly sliding along her dampened lips, Florence gasped closing her eyes tight. Scott pulled his head back, still moving his fingers he watched the pleasure flash across her face, thrilled at how she seemed to enjoy it.  Still fingering her lips gently Scott pulled her to him closer with his right hand, so her face rested against his chest, he relished the soft breathy moans, as he felt them on his skin.


Now he dipped one of his fingers into her slick opening, sliding it in an inch or so, moving it quickly in and out. The thumb on his hand moved up to begin circling her sensitive clit, not touching it directly, but flirting with it, teasingly. Her mouth opened in a silent scream and Scott moved in quickly, kissing her, calming her, reveling in her pleasure. His kiss gentle and soft, but persistent. She returned eagerly, grateful for the waves of pleasure rushing through her body, brought on by his fingers. They kissed for seconds, minutes, hours, or perhaps mere moments. It was a timeless kiss, one they would both later describe as feeling “eternal.”


Scott pulled his face back from hers, they both smiled at one another, resting their heads on the pillow, in a happy daze. Scott withdrew his finger reluctantly from Florence s dripping sex, and bringing it up pressed it to his lips, sucking it, tasting her on his fingers. His eyes closed and his body shook in a moment of pleasure. She tasted divine. He was filled with a hunger for her. He could feel his cock pressing painfully against his jeans, longing for the nimble body lying in his bed with him.


Florence  knees were still shaking from the shock of the climax when she placed her warm little hand over Scott’s pants, where a bulge was forming. For a moment, she kept her hand very still, savoring the simple contact of her skin so close to his member. She could feel him throbbing for her and it made her hot all over again. Here was a man who could pleasure her with the same maddening intensity, the same animalistic passion that she so badly wanted to shower him with.  


Florence  climbed on top of Scott, straddling her legs on either side of him, her pussy still dripping and her juices seeping through the fabric of his pants. She rubbed herself over his crotch and felt it stiffen against her in response. She slowly began to unbutton his light blue shirt, her fingers lightly brushing his skin underneath as she worked down his body. When she reached the last button, she slipped the shirt off and rubbed his shoulders. She pulled him up so that they were both in a sitting position, with her settled comfortably on his lap. 


She took her time loving Scott, kissing every inch of his naked chest and relishing the scent of his skin on her tongue. She wanted all of him, slowly and endlessly.  Florence  combed her fingers playfully through his chest hairs as she kissed kisses the curve of his shoulders and nibbled on his collarbone.  She softly rubbed down his shoulders and his arms and upon reaching his hands; she laced her fingers into his. 


Florence  held his hands tightly as she began to grind into his lap. He wanted her, and she wanted him, desperately. She untangled her legs around him and pulled him down onto the bed underneath them. She undid the fly of his khakis and pulled his pants down.  She kissed the skin exposed underneath the fabric, her mouth lingering over the soft skin of the inside of his thighs. She nibbled down his legs and kissed his knees before throwing his pants, along with his boxers, on the floor and working up his legs again.  She could feel his skin getting hotter as she moved higher up his body.  She kisses past his crotch to the edges of his hips and proceeded to lick his bellybutton.


She watched him as she touched him, their eyes locked together. He could see the hunger for him in them, the lust and the need to be penetrated. Using her teeth, she sucked the skin of his neck. Florence ’s hand was on Scott’s crotch again, and this time she was rubbing him, moving up and down before rubbing in slow circles. She had to have him…now. She travelled down Scott’s body with her mouth and held his sex in her hand. She pulled it up to her face where she rubbed it against her cheeks, over her lips and down her neck. Florence  wanted to feel his cock touch every inch of her skin. She was enthralled by this contact and continued for a few moments, finishing by lubricating her lips with his precum.  She could feel his pulsating member harden in her hand and moaned at the thought of him inside her; filling all her holes.  She kissed the length of his shaft and kneaded his balls with her hands. She heard Scott moan silently and increased the pressure of her hands, her kneading turning into a fast massage.  As she kissed his cock, she lubricated him with her saliva, spreading it over his membrane as she pumped it gently. She was overwhelmed with a need to pleasure this cock, to make it explode over and over again. She wanted to feel him tremble inside of her mouth, to taste his deliciously sweet nectar.


Until this specific moment in time, Scott had not been aware that the pleasure he was feeling was even possible. The anticipation built as Florence  played with his stiff manhood, his eyes closed as his body gave little spasms of excitement at the touch of her lips. Speech seemed like an impossible task at a time like this, when his focus was so dramatically split between admiring the gorgeous woman between his legs, and maintaining the self control needed to not throw her down on his bed that instant and bury himself inside of her; he wanted this moment to last, wanted to savor this girl and her body. But there was one thing that couldn’t wait; there was something he needed desperately. After a moment he managed a few words, looking down into her beautiful brown eyes, running his fingers gently through her hair to caress her back and shoulders, he whispered, “I want to taste you my Florence , I’m hungry for you.”

Without giving her time to answer Scott scooped her up and held her for a moment enjoying the feeling of having her in his arms, then laid her out on her back. Coming to his knees beside her, Scott brought his face close to hers, kissing her cheek and trailing kisses along her nose and eyes. He breathed into her ear, his soft warm breath leaving words of beauty and loveliness to linger as he begin to kiss downwards. He followed a course charted firmly in his own mind, kissing her shoulders, trailing his fingers along her back, feeling her body arch to meet his. His eyes flitted upwards to hers as he sucked for a moment on her nipples, smiling as Florence  let out beautiful little moans. They made his member stir. He kissed delicately down her stomach using soft gentle kisses, but once or twice nipping her soft skin with his teeth, causing her to give a small yelp. When his kisses finally reached their destination he was crazed with hunger, and he could feel Florence s pelvis rocking slowly with anticipation. He shifted his body, kneeling at her feet he leaned forward and kissed the inside of her left thigh, trailing his fingers up and down her right, stopping just short of her dripping panties.

His kisses slowed as they reached her dripping sex, the smell of her filled his nose and he nearly lost the control he had been working to maintain. His kisses ended at the point where her skin met her dripping panties, he stayed there kissing softly, then giving a sharp nip. He moved his head over and gently kissed her wetness through the thin layer of fabric. He went back and forth, nibbling and nipping her skin and then kissing her beautiful sex. After several moments Scott moved his head back to her thigh, and took the edge of her panties between his teeth, and gently pulled them off of her.

He pushed open her legs slightly, and slid his body between them, edging forward, moving his face back towards her now exposed sex. Reaching her loveliness his eyes rose, to look into hers, Florence  saw the anticipation, the lust written clearly within them and it made her crazy, she arched her pelvis eager to receive him. He looked at her and smiled, “I’ve wanted to do this for at least an hour now.” He brought a hand to his lips, blew her a kiss, and dove into her dripping pussy.

His tongue moved up and down her lips, tasting her, savoring her. He slid his tongue into her a bit, bringing his lips to her own, kissing her pussy and tonguing her opening. His hands came up and fingers deftly parted her dripping lips, allowing his tongue to thrust deeper into her. Exploring her wetness was divine, he felt Florence  arching and thrusting into his tongue as it danced inside of her. He began to raise and lower his own head in time with her thrusts, delving deeper and deeper with his tongue into her. One finger slipped into her as well, joining his tongue, pushing her open. Continuing to tongue-fuck her dripping sex, Scott brought his thumb up to begin circling her sensitive little clit, making gentle contact, and slowly increasing in speed. The hand that had been lending its fingers to filling Florence s tightness moved to trace along her spine as she arched her back. It moved down to gently cup her tight ass. Scott licked her pussy from top to bottom, dipping deep inside of her before flicking and circling her clit and then diving back in. He raised his eyes, stopped his licking for a moment and looked at Florence  adoringly. The fingers caressing her ass squeezed gently, one toying with the tight entrance to her other hole. “I want to make you scream Florence , I want to feel your juices dripping down my face.” And then he dove back into her.


She moaned out loud as she felt his tongue move inside of her.  Her heart was pounding in her pussy and her juices were flowing. She could feel her sex throbbing with the pleasure and excitement he was giving her. She felt his hardness brushing against her legs and pulled her foot up to his crotch to lightly massage his sex.


 They went on like this for some time; his tongue gently flicking inside of her and the arch of her foot stroking his length. Her eyes were half closed and dazed when she pulled his face up from underneath her and stared at him lustfully. She rubbed her cheeks against his, letting him feel the softness of her skin against his. He could feel her tantalizing hot breath brushing his neck as she sensually nibbled his ear.  And then she whispered:


“I want you to touch yourself for me, Scott”


In response, he positioned himself underneath Florence  and gently pulled his fingers out of her dripping pussy. He was covered with her juices up to his knuckles. He rubbed his hardness against the inside of her legs before grasping his cock in his hand. She wrapped her legs around him so that the back of his hand brushed against her pelvis as he stroked himself. His eyes never left hers as he pumped his manhood between her legs, lubricating himself with the same hands he had inside of her. She silently watched as he spread his precum over his head, making it shiny and giving his cock a slight luster. It looked painfully beautiful. In response, her pussy dripped again and her muscles ached to squeeze themselves over his hard cock. She wanted to feel his head stretch her open and his length pump inside of her. 


Florence  did not relieve herself, instead, she let the need grow and relished in the intense feeling of want her had for him. Her pussy was actually hurting from feeling his cock so close to her, but not inside of her.


He was pumping harder and faster now, and she could feel the intensity of Scott’s pleasure grow as his hand slapped against her stomach. She felt his hips rubbing the inside of her legs as they moved in sync with his stroking. She watched as the veins began to protrude through the skin of his shaft, as he grew stiffer in his hand and the ache is his balls rose higher and higher. She watched his hand wrapped in a tight fist over his member and how he expertly pumped himself, his hand moving up and slamming against his balls and stroking back down to rub his shiny head.  She couldn’t take it anymore. She reached up and lapped her tongue over his chest, wetting his chest hairs and licking his soft skin underneath.  She drew a trail lower down his body and kept lapping away. She was rewarded with the delightful sound of Scott’s moan which encouraged her to go faster….and further down.  He was masturbating with gusto now and so she wrapped her own little hand over his, making a tight fist through which he penetrated over and over. She made her fist even smaller, so that she could feel every inch of his cock rubbing against the inside of her hand.


Florence felt Scott’s knees shake as she silently gave him a handjob between her legs. She felt him drop his weight on top of her, crushing her breasts and covering her body with a light sheen of sweat. She spread her legs even wider, welcoming him to come closer to her and her dripping pussy, where he belonged.  He was inches from her swollen cunt, but she persisted with stroking him. The sound of her hand slamming against his balls as she hand-fucked him faster and harder- slap, slap, slap- pierced through the silence of the room.


She brought her hand up to his face and slapped him hard.  He looked up at her-eyes bright with surprise.


“I’m going to make you my bitch, love”


She licked his cheek where the skin had reddened and brought her hand to his ass where she slapped him again. She waited for the skin to flush and slapped his ass again. She went on like this for some time-one hand relentlessly pumping his cock and the other slapping his ass.  His skin was very red now, and she knew that the slapping had begun to sting. She heard him flinching and moaning. She wanted him to feel the most intense emotions a man could feel, all at once -pain and pleasure. She wanted to send him mad with lust and keep him hungry forever. She wanted to prolong the exhilarating feeling right before he climaxed- forever. To keep him on the edge of an orgasm for as long as she could. 

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