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She awaites her lovers return

Submitted:Jul 25, 2008    Reads: 2,822    Comments: 8    Likes: 3   

The moon had reclaimed the night sky as the clouds drift away, all that is left of the light rain is the steaming dampness, offering a slight coolness, and a welcome relief from the heat of the hot southern day. I round the corner, and my heart skips a beat when I see you on the steps waiting for me. I slow for a moment just to admire the beauty of you. I see your long bare legs exposed to the night and recognize my shirt, damp from the rain shower and clinging close to your body.

Beyond the breathtaking beauty and sensuality of you against the night, I smile, that you wait for me. Who but my girl could enjoy the freedom to feel the rain and be comfortable doing so, in just shirt and panties. The sensual confidence of you arouses me, along with the thoughts of you soon being wrapped in my arms.

When you see me coming close you stand and I first note the pretty smile, before my eyes takes in the lines of your breast as the wet shirt hugs your body even more. I see your long slender legs covered with the droplets of water, captured in the moonlight. Without a word, you extend your arms up to encircle my neck and your smile turns to hungry, silent passion when I draw your close, our lips touching to reunite the taste and warmth of the other.

Then for a moment I just hold you against me, as your head rest against my chest, and your arms still hold me tight, then I hear your quiet whisper "I missed you". I draw you even closer, one hand moving to lace in your hair and bring your head tight against me, whispering, "I have you now girl, I am here". With my fingers still in your hair, I gently draw your head back to focus on your eyes that intently search mine to ask if I missed you, as much as you missed me.

My lips again find yours to express the answer in a deep wanting kiss, while my arms tighten around you as if to draw you inside me. Still holding control of you with my fingers in your hair, I pull your head back to again see your eyes as I soften the kiss slightly, my tongue lightly flicking over the softness of your lips, then inside to toy with and taste the tip of yours, finding more of your desire as you hungrily try to draw it in to explore with yours.

My fingers tighten slightly to regain your focus, and your eyes submit to mine, when they gently demand your submission, with a soft whisper, "easy baby" "we have time." I feel you calm slightly, but note the pleasurable restraining tension in your body when one hand moves down over your body. My hand exploring over your breast, feeling the steamy warmth of your skin just beneath the cooler wet shirt, fingers finding the firmness of your nipples, exposed for the touch through the thin fabric.

Holding you close I can feel your desire burning inside you, with every movement of your body and see it within every expression of your eyes. I know that no man can or will ever truly understand the many complexities of a woman, yet I have to wonder what thoughts have brought you to this point of desire.

Your breathing comes heavy against my lips, bringing my thoughts back quickly, as I take a wanting kiss, and allow my hand to slip down, brushing between your thighs, your legs open slightly, welcoming my touch. Lost in the presence of you, I almost forget where we are, and my hand fully cups your warmth with a firm squeeze, to feel your hot soft desire, just inside the thin cotton smoothness of your panties.

Your whimper to my touch, and nails digging into my back, causes me for a moment, not to care we are on the steps, and my desire driven fingers has to have one touch of your slippery wet. A moan of pure desire and pleasure escapes both our lips, when my fingers hurriedly slip inside your panties for just a quick touch. I would like to just pick you up, let you wrap your legs around my waist and fill you deep right then and there, but I fight back the raging desire and calm a bit after I roughly tighten your hair to bring your ear against my lips, whispering through clinched teeth, "damn, Girl! You feel so fucking good!"

With my sexual energy in control I pick you up in my arms to go inside. When I move us inside and sit on the sofa, you are still curled in my arms, your arms holding tight around my neck. Your lips find mine and your kisses still hold the more aggressive hunger.

Still cradled in my arms, when I feel your teeth sting my lips, my arms still supports your shoulders, but my hand moves to draw back your hair and get control of you. Bringing back your head my teeth nip at your neck, while my other hand moves down inside your panties. My fingers, rougher this time, again seek your hot desire, finding you wet and slippery, and your cry of pleasure, after a few firm, two finger brushes across your swollen clit, tells me, I have you at my mercy. in response, I feel your teeth nip my shoulder, I quickly with draw my finger and force two back inside you quick and hard, almost doubling your smaller body up in my arms with my desire driven strength.

With your response to my touch, my arm tenses to retain my grasp in your hair, to keep you where I want you. When your breathed moans and movements scream for more, my finger hurriedly slips inside to search your depths. The sudden, rough thrust sends your already aroused body over the edge and with a final echo of passion that fills the room, you slip away from me. My fingers force even deeper, while I still firmly hold you curled up in my arms. My strength tightens even more around you, to oppose the raging force of your releasing tension that causes you to want to yield to the pleasure and straighten your body.

Every fiber of you fights against the grip that firmly subdues you, while the waves continue to sweep over you. "Keep it going girl!" I coach you" don't let it stop!" With my commanding words and a quick reassertion of my strength, a new wave, even more intense than the first sweeps over you. No words can escape your lips, as the release again steals your breath away, but your eyes try to gain focus on mine, as they search for assurance, while you struggle to find your breath.

When you start to return to me, I release my hold on you and take you up close in my arms, just holding you tight as you calm. Lifting you in my arms I carry you to the bedroom. Removing what is left of our damp clothing, we move close. The slight aftershocks of your release still shiver your body as I move to feel your warmth surround me.

The rough hurried touch is gone now as I cradle you tenderly in my arms. My kisses across your face and down over your neck are brushed on to your skin with a loving touch. My rigid length takes you slow, to allow time for your still sensitive warmth to adjust to the sensation. My demanding eyes are gentle now as they seek yours in quiet adoration, my commanding voice as changed to a soft breathed whisper of: "So, did you miss me girl"?


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