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Feel my touch

Short story By: The Cowboy

"easy girl" Feel my touch

Submitted:Jul 25, 2008    Reads: 58,753    Comments: 16    Likes: 12   

The soft light of the candles allow me to see the sensual beauty of you, as my hands slowly explore. I feel you start to respond to the touch and my hand gently push you back, telling you too just lie back for a while, feel my touch, hear my words, it is your time.

When you lie back, my hands caress over your face, fingers gently tracing as if to outline your beauty and within the touch, convey to you my silent adoration. Leaning down closer, my lips find yours, for a gentle, but lingering kiss, just to taste and absorb the warmth and softness of your lips.

My fingers move to caress back your hair, and then let my lips brush your forehead to feel and inhale the smell of your skin. While my kisses linger, my fingertips lightly brush the hair from your ear, then down over your neck. My fingertips trace the lines of your neck, and a moment you feel my hand gently encircle your throat, your head moves back slightly, exposing the length of your neck, acknowledging to me, your trust.

My hand moves down over your body, leaving your neck exposed for my kisses and warm breath to brush against the soft exposed skin of your neck. While my lips explore, my hands brushes over your stomach with light palm with trailing fingertips. My exploring hand moves up from beneath, to cup your full breast, light palm brushing over the erect nipples.

My lips move close to allow my tongue to flick against your ear, feeling your body shiver with the touch of warm breath close in your ear, as my whisper conveys words my hands cannot express. When my focus moves away and downward, I nuzzle your breast against my face, and soon let you feel my tongue slowly explore your swollen nipples.

I raise a little to take in all of you, to simply admire the sensuality of the woman before me. As my eyes move over your body, everything male inside me, screams of desire for you. My lips again find yours for a kiss, before drifting back down over your breast, then down to softly brush kisses over your stomach, savoring every inch of your smooth skin. One hand moves to trace the lines of your panties and I hear your intake of breath when my hand moves down and fingertips lightly brush up the tight fabric covering your desire.

I slip one hand beneath your head, lacing my fingers through your hair, to tighten slightly and keep you with me, when your building emotions test me for control. My other hand starts to slowly slip down inside your soft cotton panties, my fingers toy with the faint trail of soft hair. I feel your anticipation cause your body to tense, my fingers tighten slightly in your hair. I whisper" easy girl"

When your body calms to my request, my fingers slowly move on down inside. I listen to your breathing grow shallow, noting the slight shiver in your body as my searching fingers finds your wet desire. With just a slight brush over your slippery clit to tease of things to come, I feel your hips move up to take the full length of my finger. I just hold firm for a moment, as your hips move to make my finger search your wet warmth. For a moment my finger hooks beneath your pelvics, to massage slowly, causing your body to tense with the pleasing sensation. My massaging finger pauses with the touch, but holds firmly against your mound, resisting the movement of your hips. While the other hand in unison tightens in your hair, to regain my quiet control.

When you again calm slightly I release your hair and slip off your panties, then move so my chest rests firmly against your warmth. I still can feel your energy of desire slowly burning as your sensitive bud feels the pressing weight of my chest. For a moment my head rest on the soft warmth of your stomach, and my hands move up to cup over your breast, palms lightly brushing the sensitive tips of the firm full nipples. Then my face and lips start to brush over your stomach, as I enjoy the smooth warmth, and smell of your skin. As my lips move slowly downward, my fingers surround your nipples. Again I let you feel my strength, when my fingers tighten slightly, to remind you, go easy girl, just feel my touch.

Another time, when my touch had first found your warmth, all slippery with desire, I would have lain close beside you, my fingers would have brought up your passion, as my soft words encourage and coach you, to just feel my touch. While my finger alone just moves over and around your sensitive bud, I might whisper to you a secret fantasy. Allowing your thoughts to slip away, until passions fill to overflowing and you tremble with pleasure, while I hold you tight in my arms. However, tonight when I feel your soft warmth around me, I want all your emotional and physical energy on high. With the woman in you, absorbing and responding, to my every touch and whisper, when we finally move as one.

My thoughts return to the moment, when my breath warms and lips feel the tickle of soft hair, my kisses just slowly touch all of your warmth, before I let my tongue taste of your wet desire. With my fingers still surrounding your nipples, I just let my tongue open your lips, and search for your sensitive swollen bud. To hold you slow for just a little while longer I just let the tip of my tongue flick the wet bud, when your sensation build, I just slow, and let my tongue drift away from your erect bud and explore more of the taste of you, then when you calm slightly, I let the flat of my tongue cover and lick firmly over your sensitive clit, until your body tells me you are close to the point of no return.

I then move to enter you; again I pause just as you feel the hard heat against your waiting warmth. I want you physical hungry to subside, so to gain your full emotional attention, when I expand and fill your depths. I want to see the love in your eyes, as your body reacts to our union. I want you to know of the pleasure you give, and see your eyes return to me the same.

I cradle your upper body in my arms, drawing us close as I start to bring us together. To allow us time to feel and experience each emotional and physical aspect of our union, I enter you slow, inch by inch. With each new depth bringing us new emotions, I pause to allow, your mind and body time to deal with each new expansion, and for me to savor the reaction of your body, and time to read the million emotions in your eyes. Finally I feel your flowing warmth fully surround me as your softness accepts my strength. I hold deep as we savor the true emotions when two are now one.

Your body trembles beneath me as you reap the rewards of our restraint, now your hips grind slowly but firmly against me, in your subconscious search for even more of me. However, tonight you will not feel the strength of my body hurriedly moving against you, to give and extract pleasure. Instead we will simply allow our unity of the physical to enhance the emotional, to continue to bring us up.

Although with you beneath me, held close in my arms, our position suggest of my dominance, but in this moment neither is more or neither is less. We are simply one man, and one woman, two halves of the whole, where neither can be truly complete without the other. With our connection we combine our unique differences, each drawing from the other what is needed to enhance and fulfill the other.

Tonight, as the candles dance, my lips brush your face, while I admire and feel all the softness, strength and beauty of the woman that is captured in my arms, and seen in the candles dim reflections. My movements that explore your heated depths are slow and sensual, meant to stir the emotional, and excite the physical. As our passion rise your body gives me all, and your eyes on mine offer up to me your soul, and show to me the very depths of your heart. With our giving and taking, our unity is calling for its completion, and our emotions flow so strong, they can no longer be contained. Your body trembles beneath me, your warmth contracting around my pulsating length, welcomes me deeper inside your warmth.

When the reward of our slow sensual time consumes you, I hold you close, as if to keep you safe, when you slip away to a place of passion I can never fully know. Tonight, I have held your body close with all, the deserved love and tender care, and I have sought to touch and hold all the many complexities of the woman in my arms. To allow us the joy of two in perfect harmony, knowing and feeling as one. As the intimate movement of your body,draws the flood of warmth from within me, our unity will return one more reward, for tonight you will conceive our child.
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