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Sexual experiences in the Shower

Short story By: The Anonymous Author

Tags: Erotica

It is what it says on the tin!

Submitted:May 31, 2012    Reads: 2,194    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

I approached your house and knocked on your door, there was no answer but the door opened slightly. I saw the bathroom light was on under the door which was at the top of the stairs but I turned right and approached her room, I walked in and saw the pile of clothes on the floor- her tank top and shorts and her lacey bra and underwear too. She must be in the shower, I approached the bathroom and I knew from previous experiences that the lock on the door didn't work. I opened the door slightly and saw the glass was steamed up, I began to slowly undress and I was now also naked, I opened the door and you looked at me, startled at first but as you looked down, you soon felt a lot more comfortable. I climbed inside the shower and watched as the hot water ran down your body, droplets of water on your boobs and you began to put soap on, the foam covering your body and I pulled you closer, I began to nibble on your neck, the water made my lips wet but I kissed your neck passionately and I felt you My hands slid down your back and I felt your bum.

I spanked you hard and you winced but looked like you wanted more. You spread your legs and placed your hands against the wall stretching out, I began to spank you more freely. Harder and harder, your cheeks turning red. I pulled you towards me, your hands latched onto my erection. You began to pull on the shaft, the head coming to the surface every now and then, your other hand cupped my balls, rubbing them and squeezing them with different degrees of strength. I repaid you by slowly massaging your clit, your hands worked magnificently but I could tell on your face as you bit your lip that you knew that I knew what I was doing. I began to slowly rub the lips of your vagina.I used my fingers to widen the lips as my finger slipped inside. I began to feel a warm moist flesh around my finger and I quickly added another one as I delved deep inside you. I picked up the speed and power and went upwards inside your vagina, this was a more delicate spot as your breathing deepened and you bit your lip like mad, I heard a slight moan.

I continued but you were being pleasured, I stopped abruptly and watched you kneel down, you looked up at me as water fell on your face. You licked your lips and lifted my cock up slightly, you held it gently and began to lick the head with the tip of your tongue and you did it a few times, the last time you slowed it all down and went around the whole of my head covering it in your saliva.You then began to nibble on the shaft and move you placed the cock in your mouth. You began to gag as it entered further and further. The head began to swell with cum as your tongue played with my cock. I pulled out and our bodies locked together. I pushed you roughly against the wall, your fingernails pierced my back and a trickle of blood ran down my body and created a pool on the floor. I winced but pulled you closer and held you against the wall even tighter, your body rose slightly as I slid myself inside you. I began to thrust my way through you as clung on and tried not to scream. The water was hitting us causing constant lubrication as I continued ramming you hard. You writhed in pain and your back began to arch:You looked like you were going to orgasm; your palms were sweaty and clammy and your breathing had sped up and I could see it in your eyes.

I made you make your legs parted and I saw the opportunity to delve inside you. I licked my fingers and stuck it inside your vagina feeling the tightness of it and making wet inside you. I prodded and poked and ran my fingernails inside it, seeing your reaction before I raised myself up and slid my cock inside of you. I pushed it in deep and it was a tight fit, you screamed but didn't tell me to stop so I carried on ploughing my way through, holding on to your thighs, spanking you whilst I fucked you. I felt a surge of cum run through my cock and I splashed it on your lips and inside too. I massaged your clit whilst penetrating you and the screams became louder and louder. I slipped my finger in and it became soaked but I continued fucking you harder and harder. Gripping hold of your hips more and more and then I finished cumming, I released all my juices and finished the job.


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