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Tags: Erotica

The realistic nature of this story is not viable however it's a hot read!

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I saw her come in, despite 29 other souls come in, she was the one I noticed. She sat down and I admired her for a moment or two. She had tied a knot in her shirt as the weather was extremely hot and I noticed her bronzed slim but curvy physique and her long smooth legs which were dying to be touched. She looked and saw me looking at her, she giggled and I began to blush. I stood up, double checking not to have an erection and began to talk to the class. Most of them were ignoring me but I occasionally glanced at her and noticed she was giving me her full attention.

I walked around the classroom and I noticed her eat some gum so I walked over to her and asked her to open her mouth but she was too scared, I bent down next to her and whispered in her ear, 'detention after school' she looked ashamed as this was the last period of the day, she also looked upset. I told the class they could go early if they whispered for 5 minutes. They did so and I allowed them to go early, she sat there, her head down and didn't ever get in trouble. I walked to the door and shut and locked it, before pulling the curtains shut also. She looked at me in curiosity and I pulled a chair up at the edge of the desk and a tear ran down her face. My finger delicately wiped it off and I held her hand.

"Look you are the most amazing pupil I've ever met. You are beautiful, amazing and I'm sure you have an amazing boyfriend" I said slyly.

She shook her head and I gasped, I moved closer. She held my hands and I gazed into her eyes and she gazed into mine. I moved into to kiss her and she moved in also, our lips collided and I was having second thoughts but she slipped her tongue in my mouth and we began to make out. My hand ran up and down her smooth legs. I found the clip for her skirt, and undid it and allowed it to fall to the floor. She looked at me mischievously as I gazed under the table and saw a hot pink thong.

My strong arms moved the table out the way aggressively and pulled her towards me, she landed on my lap and looked at me like a naughty girl which she was and I undid the knot of her shirt before pulling it off revealing a cami. i slid that off also and she stood up and tutted at me as she fell to her knees and undid my trousers before pulling them off and she played with my cock through the boxers before running her hands up my body, pulling my shirt off and stopping and admiring my body. I picked her up allowing her to feel my pecks and abs before put her on my chair for a moment and told her to write on the blackboard, 'I've been a very naughty girl' as she did, I began to spank her with the wooden ruler, she screamed at first but it was late now. It was just her and me; she screamed at first but began to enjoy it.

I did it harder and harder and she turned and faced me and ushered me to come close. She widened her legs and I pulled her panties down slowly, revealing her shaven tight pussy. I moved my head in between your legs and began to lick the clit and suck on your lips before I delved inside with my tongue, eating up all the excess juices and licking the tender spots. She moaned and I give her a fast clit massage whilst licking her out. She moaned louder now and I lick faster and faster and I penetrate her as deep as I can. I remove my tongue and slide two fingers in; I begin slowly and shallow but quickly pick the pace and strength. I add a third finger in her tight vagina and finger her as deep as possible as hard as possible, she moans. I stop and help her down before I throw all my stuff on the floor and aggressively mounts her on top of it, I pull down my boxers and she is gobsmacked by the size of cock. I slide it inside her which had become wet between me fingering her and me mounting her. I decide to surprise her and begin really fast but shallow, she moaned surprisingly and I increase the depth but keep the speed extremely fast, her moans had turned into screams as I felt my cock warming up from the friction inside. I was so deep my balls were slapping against her lips.

I quickly realised I hadn't taken her bra and pulled it off dramatically revealing her perky medium sized breasts. They were firm but her nipples were soft. I placed one in my mouth and began to suck it aggressively, frustrated with myself for making such an amateur mistake but she wasn't too bothered as she began to work her vocal chords. I carried on sucking and nibbling and then I began to lick hard and fast, taking no prisoners but just working on make them hard. As they harden, I began to slow down and continuously lick them but carry on ramming you at the same time. I did it aggressively and deep and you were red raw and you were in an orgasmic state. I picked you up and swivelled pushing you hard against the blackboard, you wrap your legs around me and play with my abs whilst I continue to penetrate you hard, chalk rains down on top of us but I keep going harder and harder, you were moaning more and more now and the need to cum was at an all-time high but I didn't. I held it in and carried on ramming you, placing my face between your breasts as you rubbed them against me.

I kept being spontaneous and mounted you against the desk again in a split second, this time with you bend over the desk. I began to spank you with the ruler and my hand before I slid myself inside your anus. I penetrated you as hard as I could and you screamed my name intensively. You beg for me to stop but I keep going and going for what seemed to be for hours.

You began to orgasm and I fingered you and rubbed your clit whilst fucking you from behind. You were almost from tears from the pleasure of it all and I you slid to your knees; sucking on my hard long hairy semen-swollen cock. You licked and sucked and nibbled all over the shaft and head before licking my balls too. You expected me to cum but I held it in and I was going to surprise you…

You began to give me a titwank as your breasts brushed against my cock and I slide it in, you rubbed and pressed your boobs against it, bouncing up and down and holding them at the same time, I kissed you again whilst you did this, biting your lip.

I managed to get you to bend over as I put my finger in your anus and fingered you that way and I quickly spat on your back, you turned around and i gave you a powerful facial which covered most of your face.


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