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Tags: Erotica

One for all you sadomasochists

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I pushed you against the wall, panting out of breath, I pinned you roughly against your bedroom wall. I noticed the cute innocent pictures of the younger you but now look at the vicious wild sexual girl in front of me. I ripped off your shirt and boob tube and you did the following with my shirt. Sinking your fingernails into the flesh of my back before running your fingers along my chest.

I did the same but up your leg, resting underneath your shirt. I creeped further up and managed to reach your underwear. I stretched further up and kinkily realised that you were no longer wearing underwear. I shuddered and felt my hand brush against the lips which I began to gently rub as I teased you but then I set to work on your neck, I began to nibble roughly on different areas. The marks of love bites began to appear and I continued but as you began to slightly pant, I decided to rub the lips and inevitably the clit hard and fast. Your body juddered and I unclipped your bra with one hand, releasing your boobs to bounce all over the place.

I nibbled down your body and reached your tits, I began to kiss your boobs and then nibble on the nipples. They were still soft and I began to suck them hard, I was squeezing your bum whilst I did under the skirt and I undid it as I carried on sucking on your nipple and rubbing the other one. The skirt fell to the floor and so did my body as I kiss from your knee up, kissing the inside of your thighs and then being level with your unguarded pussy. You began to spread your legs and I pounced forward onto your pussy. My lips brushed against yours and I took no prisoners as I licked the inside ferociously fast and so deep too. I rubbed your clit with one hand and spanked you with the other. You were moaning loud, you were ready to be fucked.

I pushed you tight against the wall and lifted you up, at an appropiate height you wrapped your legs around me and I pressed you against the wall. You used your hands and delicately un-did the belt and the trousers fell. You held onto the cock through the boxers and even quickly sucked through the boxers, you were so eager. I unbuttoned them and it sprang out, quickly I knocked you back against the wall and slide inside you. Already moist from the cheeky suck through the boxers, I began to lubricate it using your juices as I slid further and further in at more and more pace. Soon, my erection had began to swell from the amount of jizz inside the head. I was bursting to let it out but I held it in and continued to fuck you hard, slapping you and your boobs whilst I did so.

You were crying out for more and I granted that wish, I continued hard and fast, sucking on your tits again why I did so and I pressed my face into your chest. You pressed your boobs together and I was surronded by your firm, round boobs. I began to then hoist you up and angle an even more penetrative stance. I let you down and then picked you up again, this time turning you upside down. You began to suck my long hard juicy penis whilst I delved inside your soaked pussy. My lips were greeted by a sweet taste and slurped up the juices. We continued to orally pleasure each other in the reverse standing 69 position before I allowed you jump on the bed. I pressed on top of you- pinning you down, inches away from each other with sweat from both our bodies sticking us together, you relieved pressure by spanking me but I slide myself in again, my penis met with an immediate soaking but I continued fucking you hard, ramming you so hard, the bed jolted and creaked, louder and louder. Your moans and screams increased too. I flipped and it turned into the reverse cowboy as you sat away from me and I held onto your hips whilst I began to bounce you up and down. You screamed and the sensation was increasing, I needed to jizz but I continued inside the warmth of your pussy. I spanked when you came up and squeezed your boobs as you came down.

You tumbled off my penis and onto the floor, you kneeled there eager to suck my cock again but I slide the lubricated penis inbetween your boobs and felt the pressure of them against my cock as I ran my cock up and down in a rhythmic fashion, you managed to lick the head when I came up and I squeezed your nipples whilst I did. You sat down so now you were level with my cock, I placed my balls above your and began to squat, you widened your mouth and took them in your mouth and wanked me off above your head. I removed the wet balls and allowed you to massage them and pull on my long shaft as I opened your mouth and rammed it in, pulling your hair forwards and backwards at the same time. I reached further into your mouth, I began to hear you gag and I kept it there resting on your tongue, colliding with your tonsils. I pulled it out and watched as I sprayed jizz all over you and my own chest, making you lick it off my abs and savour the taste as jizz ran down your face!


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