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Sounds pedestrian, it's really not! ;)

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I was looking to tease her from the off, it had been quite a few dates now and more and more the topic of sex had popped up in conversation, it hadn't been coincidence, she'd been deliberately doing it and she was practically gagging for it although she did disguise it well. I was going to engage with her sexually the next time we met.

I invited her round and we began to watch television, it was mediocre and boring but as soon as the adverts came on the screen. I came alive, I clambered on top of her on the sofa and began to straddle her. My lips were buried in her neck and moans of both passion and surprise left her lips, she began to moan more and more and as my fingers ran down to check on her underwear, I felt slight moisture. I rubbed my fingers together before licking any of the juices which were on my fingers. As soon as the television programme came back on, I stopped, in my tracks and we resumed the normal procedure. She was biting her lip and looking at me with lust as I noticed the red marks on her neck quickly turn into love bites, I was extremely rough when I wanted to and I didn't hold any prisoners whatsoever!

The next set of adverts appeared to come quickly again she braced herself for engagement but I kept myself to myself, her fingernails were dug into the sofa waiting for the impact but it never came and her shoulders slumped as the tv programme came back on but midway through, I lunged myself at her, pinning her down again I began to dry hump her. I was a very big advocate of dry humping, dry humping in my opinion was one of the greatest turn-ons known to mankind, because it was so suggestive without the actual skin-on-skin touching. It had an element of driving hard for what is inaccessible and she knew that.

I stopped but continued to pin her down, I began to fondle with her breasts, pushing them together and running my finger down the middle of her chest as I returned to her neck once more. I was extremely sensuous and took my time. Using a sexy combination of soft and firm kisses, and keeping the pace on the slower side. I began kissing her neck from behind as it was almost guaranteed to turn her on, and I knew when she turned around to face me, that she'd be ready for more. The back of her neck and shoulders were great places to continue as I progressed onto the sides of her neck, and up by her ears before working my way around towards the jugular. I used Small, soft, closed-mouth kisses before working up to open-mouthed kisses. A warm, moist tongue on her is the wet feeling that may just lurch her into a completely orgasmic state. Also I acknowledged the fact that the strong stiff hands controlling her added to her arousement. I then lingered, after the initial nibbling and now the second attempt, I waited and merely breathed hot air on her neck but again her back began to bend as she was almost turning to an orgasmic state without any actual penetration. I perpetrated the most sensitive area which was just above her collarbone and began to nibble hard.

I stared deep into her eyes, almost getting lost with them and with the loose shirt I was wearing, I saw her eyes flicker at my muscular toned body which she could see as I had left it unbuttoned. Her hands wanted to touch me and stroke my body but I kept her pinned down and now she was trying to kick out but I showed her my strength and soon she was resigned to the fact that I was in control.

I soon had the palms of her hands sweaty and her ultimately with her muscles contracting in the most unconventional manners. I used the art of surprise and expectation as I began a long lingering kiss which appeared to lead to nowhere, I began to lick her lips and nibbling on them and soon she was moaning and sighing. I'd try to be romantic, covering the room in candles but I blew one out and as I skirted down your body and you removed your top and shorts, I poured a small amount of the cooling wax on her stomach allowing it to run all the way down towards her groin. The initial heat made her yelp but soon she was moaning and I poured on more which had the same effect before I stood up and ripped off my shirt, buttons flew everywhere and I poured the rest of the remaining wax down on my body and allowed to cool on my abs.

I turned her over and gave her a massage, I put on a bit of oil, not too much or else that would become itchy and the moment would be lost but I ran it down her body and soon there was bronze shining body in front of me. I didn't tell her where I was massaging but I did take her underwear and I unlatched her bra at the same time. From past experience I had found the easiest way to encourage her arousal was from a bum massage but to keep her interested, I liked to include her inner thighs occasionally, and skate near her anus and vaginal lips, without actually touching them but just very slightly brushing past them with my fingers and I did so professional and with an air of expertise. The tease drove her wild, and before I knew it, she was begging for more of me as she looked back at me, she was so enchanting but I was very disciplined, I smiled at her politely before standing up and leaving the room, as I looked back in the room, her face was a picture as she was completely perplexed.


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