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I had been planning this for months, I had routes sorted out and specific areas circled on the map, I had been looking to experiment sexually and this was on my sexual bucket list, not that the girl I was about to surprise did. I pulled up outside her house and beeped the horn a few times, she was excited and skipped out and saw in the passenger seat. She buckled in her seat belt and I switched on the ignition, I swung out and glided through the neighbourhood precariously however as soon as I hit the country lanes, I shot off down the roads, making hard turns and she became a bit nervous as she rested her hand on mine which was on the gear stick, I had make this journey at least a dozen times and as I was approaching the spot. Her hand reached across and rested on my thigh which ran up and was now resting on the bulge, I wasn't concentrating at all and I was swerving all over the place as she giggled although I sure did know that she was in the mood.

I reached the destination and noticed a few other cars but I wasn't bothered, I parked and I pulled both the chairs back giving us both room. The view was across the lake and it was nice scenery but we hadn't drove here to look at the scenery. I was hoping more to test the suspension as I laid back and waited to see if she'd make the first move, she did. She straddled me and tore off her tank top, I noticed she was wearing a bright red lacy bra, it was the incredibly expensive lingerie I had bought her for Christmas but it appeared to be worth it now as she flung it off and it hung off the top one of the chairs, she began to grind me through the clothing and she quickly undid the belt and unbuttoned the jeans before pulling them down and throwing them in the same general direction as the bra and she saw that the boxer shorts had begun to raise gradually as my eyes were fixated by the large breasts which were before my eyes, she could see the glint in my eyes but she was teasing me by keeping her distance. She teased me even more as she unbuttoned only the buttons of the boxer shorts and fed my long throbbing cock through the hole, the veins on the shaft were popping out and she bent down and began to lick it, swirling it around in her mouth as she always did. Her long red hair just covered her breasts but the was a small sly smile which spread across her face as she lifted her skirt up showing that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

She tore the boxers off and delicately placed herself on my cock as she began to ride my cock, the windows had began to steam up as she bounced up and down on my cock, she moaned after every bounce and I began to thrust upwards in synchronisation with the bounces. It was deep and penetrative and I also rubbed her clit at the same time which all added to the experience. There wasn't too much room and every so often when she did hit one of my pressure points, I jolted and my elbow slammed against the steering wheel causing the car to beep. As she got into full swing of things, I noticed numerous car lights flash on and soon I saw piercing eyes from all windows, she froze and look at me in discomfort, I laughed warm-heartedly and we decided to give them a show worth watching. She continued riding me and I watched her boobs bounce up and down wildly and often in my face.

After a while, I lifted her up and pinned her against the floor in the car, in the traditionally missionary position however whilst I continued to slide in and out of her, I could focus on her neck which I knew was the key to her orgasm, If I found all the correct orgasmic spots and hit them all in rapid succession then this could multiple orgasms. I scouted her neck and the tip of her collarbone before roughly spanking her and grabbing on to her bum to give me more leverage and an easier angle to get even deep inside her. After making a mental note of when there were sharp intakes of breath when I was nibbling on particular parts of her lips, neck and collarbone. I now focused on her breasts, I continued to thrust but I used hands to play with her boobs and move my face closer to them, I kissed the underside of them and squeezed them together before latching on to one of the nipples and sucking on them, when I sucked on them, I felt the softness of them disappear to be replaced by hardened nipples as your head flung back and you let out a loud moan. I thought I heard cheers and an applause but I didn't want to be distracted so I continued with the job on hand.

I let her decide what is next in store and she pushed me off before getting on all fours, I got out the car and walked past the gathered crowd, most of which were masturbating themselves. She looked perplexed but I opened the boot and she shuffled backwards with her hands gripping the car seat. My hands were firmly placed on her lips and I widened her tight anus before sliding my throbbing thick cock inside, every time I did thrust she winced with pain but it was pleasurable and each wince was accompanied by a scream of approval and her fingers stretched out as I thought she might tear the chairs out. She demanded 'more, quicker and deeper' and that is what she got as her screams became continuous, my cock had began to burn and I wasn't entirely sure what I was meant to do so I continued until I got my next demand but instead of waiting, I took the initiative.

I flipped her over and now her back was pressed against the cold metal floor of the car in between the carpets, I lifted her legs up and stretched them wide, resting them on my shoulders. I played with her at first, rubbing her clitoris extremely fast before slowly gliding my finger along the outside of the lips. I rested my finger on the pink flesh before sliding it deep inside, I slid three in immediately but added a fourth, she moaned and I liked the surface area, I was now covering inside her, she was moaning and her muscles were tightening and wanted to contract and as the orgasm took over, she became more delusional and delirious and incoherent with her demands. I braced myself for when the orgasm kicked in and it did moments later. It took over her body like she was possessed and her body contorted into numerous positions, I smirked and used this opportunity to try something different. I took out the four fingers which was followed by a gush of juices and instead replaced it with my fist. Each time my fist entered her pussy, she howled like a wolf and the pack were outside watching and admiring my handiwork, the only sound now was the thumping of my fist and the squelching as it made contact with her now completely soaked pussy. To finish of the show, I took a step back and finished my spraying all my jizz all over her body from her thighs to her face, she was completely coated in a layer of semen.


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