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Exercise - Is it really good for you?

Short story By: Tale writer

Belinda's quest to reach the peaks of physical fitness, led to her reaching a few other peaks as well.

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Was it all worth it? Was it worth the punishment she put her body through, day after day? Belinda asked this question every time she went out jogging. She was much fitter than she had been, but still some way off her target weight. She'd only taken up running to lose a few extra pounds and it had recently become an unwelcome obsession. Despite being much fitter, she still wasn't a big fan of exercise and would much rather be watching her soaps with a glass of wine and something sweet.

Her husband hadn't said anything about her weight and in fact, he liked 'something to get a hold of'. Nor was she was seriously overweight, but the signs of getting old and saggy were there. She was only 36, but was feeling every one of those years. She didn't have a job, but had her hands full with the kids (James and Sarah) every day. They were good kids, but were hard work.....as all kids are.

Belinda had made a pledge to get a little more exercise. She started small. She would walk to the corner shop instead of jumping in her car. She'd take the stairs rather than the lift, as long as it didn't involve a lot of steps. She also walked around her local streets if the weather was nice. She would tie her walk into a bit of shopping, by walking the long way round to the shop. Before long, she had graduated to defined walks in a local wooded area. It wasn't far and she could do as much or as little as she pleased. The area was used by lots of different people. School kids taking a shortcut, people walking their dogs, men and women exercising and at weekends, families out for? bike ride.

She enjoyed walking there, especially as it had its own community. She hadn't known a single person who used the area by name, but she was on nodding terms with them all. Everyone greeted each other and said good morning. Occasionally she had a brief conversation with one or two of the 'regulars', but nobody wanted to break into their regime to chat. It was a strange phenomenon really, because nobody ever greeted each other when she walked around the streets. It was as though you had joined an exclusive club and membership was only gained after you had served your trial period.

For around 6 weeks, Belinda just walked up and down the track. She wasn't fit enough to jog and she knew that to do too much too soon would be counter-productive. But then she started to introduce some jogging. Still walking most of the track, but occasionally she would jog to the third tree along or to the next bridge. Eventually, she was able to jog the full 2-3 miles. Still very slow, but enough for her purposes. She wasn't planning to get into the London Olympics after all.

There were a couple of notable regulars down in the woods. An elderly man who was most pleasant to her and a young bloke of around 25 years old. The older guy was very nice. He gave her some tips on which tracks to follow and he stopped for a brief chat from time to time. He put her and many younger people to shame, because he could out-run most of them and still looked seriously fit for his age. It did help spur Belinda on though. The reason the other guy was notable was because Belinda had a bit of a crush on him. They'd never spoken, but as they passed in the woods, they each nodded and he gave her a lovely smile. Belinda often had little fantasies about him. Nothing sordid, but she pictured herself kissing and hugging him. She refused to let her fantasies go any further. She loved her husband and to think of this handsome young man doing anything else to her, felt like adultery.

One day, she was jogging down her regular route and decided to try one of the tracks that the elderly gentleman had suggested. There was a fork in the track and Belinda took the other track today. As she did, she looked left and saw her usual track disappearing through the trees. As she jogged further, the other track seemed to be getting further away until it was gone. She didn't know how far this track went, but she felt good and decided that she may extend her jog to see where it took her.

After a while, she had still not reached the end of this new track and she had already gone further than usual, so she turned back along the track to make her way home. She also decided to walk for a while, bearing in mind that she was getting tired and she had to get all the way back. About 15 minutes later, she needed to pee. She felt that she could wait, but to be safe, she decided to start jogging again. This was a mistake though, because all that movement just made her need greater. She slowed to a walk again and that felt better, but she also realised that she might not make it home. This was a problem, because she wasn't in dense woods and there was very little cover for if she needed to 'go'. At one point, she even had to stop walking because she was struggling to hold it in. She had to go soon, but where.

Then, she recognised where she was and realised that she was approaching the fork in the track that she originally took. As the original track came closer on her right, she noticed that in between the two tracks was a little tree cover. Not dense by any means, but enough to give her at least some cover. She had no choice really, she was fit to burst. She ran quickly into the woods, took a quick look around and seeing nobody, she yanked her jogging bottoms and knickers down and crouched beside a tree. The relief was immediate. After what seemed like forever, she had finished. She started to stand back up and as she did, pulled her knickers and bottoms up.

Just then, she heard a noise. Someone was creeping around the woods. Belinda panicked and realised that someone had been peeping at her as she pee'd........"Sick bastard" she thought. But seeing nobody, she quickly ran out of the woods and back onto the track. She looked around again and saw no one. She decided to just start walking and get the hell out of there. Then she heard a noise in the woods again and this time, she could hear where it was coming from. She stepped back into the woods and tried to be as quiet as possible. The noise was coming from a large tree and Belinda found a convenient bush from which she could look without being seen. Stood by the tree was her fantasy boy. The guy who always gave her a cheery smile as he passed. "No wonder he smiles at me the pervy bastard, he's followed me into the woods." thought Belinda. But it soon became clear that she was wrong. He seemed oblivious to everything around him. He hadn't followed her, he'd just walked into the woods as she was finishing.

She was curious as to why he was in the woods and then realised that he too must have been caught short. "Great minds think alike" thought Belinda. She started to back slowly away from the bush as the guy started to drop his trousers. Belinda didn't want to watch this guy peeing, but she couldn't help but linger a little longer just to get a glimpse of his manhood. He dropped his trousers to reveal a flaccid cock, about the same size as her husbands (above average). He took it in his hand as Belinda made a tactical decision to retreat. But as she did, the young guy didn't start to pee....but to wank. He leaned against a big tree, almost facing her and just started wanking. As his cock hardened and grew, he started to pump faster. A shocked Belinda backed slowly out of the woods and back on to the track. She then turned back to where she'd just come from and scurried away. She couldn't go the other way as he might have seen her as the paths converged. Belinda was genuinely shocked by what she had witnessed. Anyone could have caught him, from either pathway, but he just stared to the sky, closed his eyes and wanked!!

It was a few nights later when Belinda saw the guy again. She had been down the new path as before and on the way back, instinctively, glanced into the woods. There was movement near the tree once again. Like a magnet, she was drawn back into the woods and settled behind the bush she had discovered before. Crouching down, she peered through the bush to see the young guy in the same position again. More to the point, he was also wanking away and oblivious to everything around him. Belinda was still shocked, but not as much as the first time.? As she watched, she started to get quite turned on by what she was witnessing. Placing her hand between her legs, she rubbed herself slowly. She didn't climax, but came very close. When the guy came, his cum shot out like a bullet across the foliage and all over his hand. After replacing his clothing and wiping his hand on some leaves, he walked out of the woods and started running again.

Belinda's fantasies now had an extra element. She no longer dreamed of kissing him, but of him wanking in the woods. This liaison became a regular event for the two of them, although he never knew anything about it. Belinda always made sure she timed her run so that she was there for the show. Her own preparation became more elaborate as well. She visited the woods alone one day and made placed some foliage behind the bush so she could sit or lie down without injury. If she wore jogging bottoms, they were always elasticated and loose, so they could be pulled up and down quickly. They also meant that she could sometimes go naked underneath them when she felt particularly horny. If she wore shorts, again they would be loose enough to allow a finger or two to slide underneath them. Once, she even took a mini dildo with her (along with her keys and phone in her 'bum-bag') and used it as she watched the young stud thrashing away.

Then one day, things went slightly wrong. During the show, Belinda climaxed, as she often did. This time, she let out a little whimper. Not loud, but loud enough for the guy to hear. She looked straight at him and froze, waiting for him to catch her red-handed, but he didn't. He too froze as he listened carefully to pinpoint the location of the noise. The initial panic was over. He didn't spot her and rather than look around, he pulled up his pants and ran off. After a discreet break, Belinda was back on the wooded track and jogging again. The first time she jogged past the young guy, she was terrified that he would suddenly realise that she had been spying on him. But he didn't. He obviously had no idea who or even what it was that had disturbed him.

That was the end of the peep shows for Belinda. She vowed never to do anything like this again. Her husband could have found out about this and it would have killed her if it had affected her marriage. She'd had a lucky escape and life went on. Over the next couple of weeks, she was back into her regular jogging and things were back to normal. The community was still there and the 'friendships' she had built there were strong. On what was to become her last ever venture into the woods, Belinda was jogging on her usual route when she came to a clearing. There was a couple of huge tree trunks in the clearing where people sometimes rested. This particular jog had been a fast one for Belinda and she needed a rest. This was a good place to get her breath back, so she slowed to a walk and then bent forward with her hands on her knees, gasping for breath.?

As she was regaining her composure, a voice she knew greeted her. "Hello there.....tough one today then?" said the voice. As she looked up, she saw a familiar face. It was one of the 'community' of people from the woods. They'd often greeted each other on the track, but had never had a proper conversation. He was around her age and clearly in good shape. It looked like he'd stopped to re-tie his shoelaces. "Oh hi.....yes, I'm knackered to be honest" said Belinda, "How are you?" The man responded, "Oh good.....good. Just stopped to tie my laces." Belinda nodded and smiled knowingly. The man, looking nervous as he spoke, then went on. "I'm glad you've stopped because I've been wanting to talk to you for some time." Belinda picked up on the man's tone and demeanour and was immediately nervous. He seemed a nice man, but was he about to try something on with her? Surely not. This track wasn't that private. Belinda could never have guessed what was coming next.

Belinda looked around for support as the nervous man started to speak. "Look, you're a lovely looking lady and all that, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm already taken." Belinda was too mystified to speak. "I know that you like me and I just wanted to say that if I wasn't with someone else......then.......you know.....I'd be interested. I think I'll just leave it there now, but I just wanted you to know." This got worse. What the hell was this guy blabbing on about? Was he simple or something? Belinda said, "I'm sorry......you must be mistaking me for someone else. I've never even spoken to you before?" The man, not knowing where to put his face went on. "No, I know, but I got the message loud and clear."

By now Belinda was getting a little angry at the man and it showed. "Look, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I can promise you that I'm not after chatting you up or anything else. I'm a happily married woman and it's going to stay that way. I'm not interested in you in any shape or form. When have I ever given you reason to think otherwise?" The man blushed bright red and was almost apologetic. "Well the things you did in the woods all those times.......why would do that and then claim you don't even fancy me?" Despite trying to bluff it out, Belinda knew exactly what he meant. "You were in the woods......but.....how did you.....I don't understand?"

The man then told his story. As he passed the clearing one day, he saw Belinda in the woods looking furtively around. She seemed to look straight at him and then disappeared. He assumed that she had seen him and was deliberately eyeing him so he would follow. He did just that and perched behind a tree to watch as Belinda rubbed herself to an orgasm. He explained that although he knew he shouldn't, he couldn't help but return each time to watch the show she was putting on for him. It soon became clear. Whilst she was getting off by perving on the young stud, this other guy was getting off by perving on her. The bush she had used for cover also hid the young stud, so the man thought this was an exclusive show for him!

Belinda stood open-mouthed for a few seconds before turning and running away from the man. She ran faster than she ever had before, proving that all the training had done her some good. 3 days later, Belinda joined a gym!!


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