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Some Like It Hot- Pt 2

Short story By: Sweetandspicy

It was a wild night, he met a woman that wasn't all beauty, she had brains, too and something else....

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Some Like It Hot-(pt2)
She reached up gathering her long red tresses with both of her hands, blatantly displaying her totally tanned body, as she arch her back, increasing the tempo of my tongue, sliding in and out of her. Curling my tongue into a fold, I dipped and sipped up into her writhing pinkness!! Pure unrefined sugar! (I always had a fondness for sweets). "Eat it, lick my pussy" she was saying, - as if she had to tell me-I was trying to put my whole face up in there. I haven't tasted anything as sweet as her! Slurping, taking one side of her lip and sucking it, before doing the same to the other, was making her delirious with need! I wasn't through with her yet.
Feeling his fingers slide and glide, over and between her aching folds, spreading her lips, not touching the spot that was waiting for the heat of his mouth to capture it! She wanted him suck it so bad, she started grinding her pussy into his face, again telling-"suck it"- and he did eat- heartily! Oh, the feel of his mouth on her pussy was like ambrosia! She love having her pussy eaten! He was doing everything she needed, and then some! The more she fucked his face with her pussy, the hotter she became-but to feel him insert two fingers into her -drove her into a frenzy- fucking his mouth and fingers at the same time! "You're pure fucking heat!" I manage to say around a mouth full of pussy. Flipping her onto the bed, I removed my clothes, never taking my eyes off her and she- she was focused on the evidence of my desire, proudly standing out in readiness! (Man, I was about to blow a gasket) She looked into my eyes, spreading her legs wide for me to see the puffiness of where my mouth had swollen her, using her fingers to open herself, she said, "Come fuck me now!"
Climbing back onto the bed, I position the head of my cock at her opening (dammit, I could feel the heat), she laid her panting, just as I had described-she was hot, she was needy, she was frantic-she was ready! I savored the moment, before sliding my hand beneath her bottom and tilted her, to savor her with long, slow languid devastating swipes of lips and tongue until she melted! Until she was panting, almost sobbing in her need! I groaned at the pleasure of sinking-inch after delicious inch- of myself into her hot aroused body. She sheathed me in heat, raising her legs to entwine them around my hips-taking me deeper still into her furnace! (Ah, fuck man- I love it). She tight, wet and hot as she moves under me -my surging rhythm- became hers as she began to thrash wildly in random fervor.
I felt her melt beneath me, felt the contractions as they started, sensing her final surrender. With a gasp and a groan, I thrust deep, covering her insides with my fully engorged cock, rocking her onto submission. Nudging her thighs even wider, I rode her, on and on until she was screaming, her hot cunt convulsing around my member, I was swept up in a floodtide-raging molten passion, as I withdrew, surged and filled her again. Lifted her higher, I sank into her core- the heat -and she gave-opening her body, held immobile, impaled by it as she kissed me wildly and urged me on.
I have never fucked a woman so hot so eager for me to use her body- as she used me to fulfill a need to dominate and to be conquered- by sex! She unfurled again, this time taking me with her into the joy, the heat and the escalating pleasure that stole my mind as she screamed (or was it me) her release and hard racking shudders ripped through my body at the feel her body gripping me- gasping, groaning, I surrendered and followed her into completion!
Sated, undeniably pleased, and exhausted by the man she had chosen to drug in order to satisfy her lusts ( without him remembering it tomorrow)-she watch him sleep and wondered…what would he be like without the drugs? If his buddies were as great as he (as in satisfying the others), she knew her "partners" would be using them again, just as she planned on doing with "hers"-she smiled lustily.


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