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Let's Talk: Your Best Friend

Short story By: Sweetandspicy

When your best friend calls you and want to tell you something, you might need to listen...

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Let's Talk: When Your Best Friend Tells You…
A friend of mine called me and we got to talking about sex (as usual). She was telling me about a dream she had and wanted my thoughts on it. Now mind you, I was hoping it wouldn't be one of those with animals, or some shit like that, because that was waaaay out of my league! But she surprised me when she said I was in her dream! I asked her what I was doing in her dream, she said," It wasn't what you were doing, but what I was doing to you!"
It got really interesting when I asked, "What were you doing to me?"
"I was fucking you!" she said. I thought what the fuck…!!!
"Oooh!! Well was it was it good?" I jokingly asked. As friends we have talked about everything, (and I do mean everything!) she has a man and I have heard all about their sex life. So whenever she needs a man's point of view about sex, or what a man likes for his woman to do in bed, I would tell her. I find myself hearing about it afterwards and we'll have a good laugh, but I never expected to be one of sexual discussion!
She huskily replied, "No it wasn't just good, in fact, it was the best fucking ever! I did things to you, which I never do with my man. I was hot and wild for you!" Now I am a man, and even though this was my friend, I was aroused by her words. "Are you uncomfortable with me telling you this?" she went on to ask. What could I say; I sure as hell wasn't going to tell her I was getting a boner! Part of me knew I was supposed to tell her that it was, but let's be real here: I fucking wanted to know!
"Naw, its ok", I said.
She let out a sigh of relief before she said," Great! I really need to tell you about this dream, so maybe you can figure it out."
I said, 'Go ahead, tell me, then we'll discuss it'.
Man, what I heard next, blew my mind and blew my cock into major hardness! My friend was telling me how she had invited me over, (as we're always at each other's place) and we got to drinking wine and beer. She cannot drink wine and function-she gets intoxicated easily, but that night she had been drinking it because of an argument with the boyfriend. I was to be the listener, as usual. So she goes on to say that the wine and music got to her and she asked me to dance with her. A slow seductive song about good it felt pushing inside, and I must admit, I probably was feeling the effects of the wine and the woman in my arms.
My friend was moving her hips to the sensual beat of the song, rolling her ass and making her pussy bump against my groin. She said she was 'feeling' the song in her blood, as she continued her seductive dance, getting as close to me as she could. So close, I felt her harden nipples against my chest and the heat from her pussy on my crotch. My hands were cupping her tight ass so I felt the rolling of those orbs and I cupped her to bring her tighter against my hard-on. She said she went wild with desire, her pussy was soaking with her juices and she had to have me inside of her. She told me how she went down to her knees, unzipped my shorts (no underwear) and took me in her mouth and started sucking me right there on the patio! She kept mouthing me, telling me how big my cock was and how good it tasted. After she had loved me with her hot little mouth, she said she took my hand and placed it inside her shorts- no undies either- wanting me to finger her slick folds. She was so hot and wet. As I was rubbing my fingers against her hard little clit, she was whispering "I need you to eat my pussy; I want to feel your tongue lapping and licking it.' She pulled away to take off her shorts, bending all the way over for me to see her swollen pussy from behind, as she ran her fingers through her folds, exposing all that sweet pinkness! I watched her climb upon the table, spreading her legs wide, stroking and smearing her juices all over her clit, before beckoning me to come over."Now, eat me!" she said.
My friend said I was the best pussy-eater and she loved the way I ate her. She said after I had made her cum with my mouth, she gave me another mind-blowing blow job before turning to place her hands against the table. She bends forward again, plants her feet apart, looks over her shoulders and tells me to fuck her hard, fast and long! She said she needed me to make her feel good and to make her scream. I walked up behind her, placed my hard ass cock between the slick heated folds of her pussy and in one lunge, I slammed my dick inside. She went wild! She said she rode my cock, bucking back and forth against it, taking it long and hard, and rolling her ass all around my cock. The hotter her pussy got the more she backed her ass on my cock. She said she turned over, laid back on the table, opening her legs. I stepped back between them and again I rammed my cock into her pussy.
She wrapped her arms around my neck at the same time her legs went around my hips. She lifted herself so my hands were cupping her ass, and she fucked me, moving up and down on my cock, riding me fast and furiously. She kept saying how my big it was and how it filled her completely, and that she wanted to fuck me with her wetness. We were both so close, her words being demonstrated with her movements, she said 'I'm pulling all the way off and when I come down hard on your big dick; I want you to cum with me'. When she said and did just that, she screamed and I hollered as we both came so powerfully.
I was so caught up in the telling of the dream, my cock was hard as ever, that I almost didn't hear my friend voice as she said," Well, would you like to come over for a drink? We can discuss it then."
I'm thinking: Yea, but we won't be discussing it- we'll be doing it!


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