My Hospital Fantasy

By: SwedishFISHIES

Page 1, A fantasy about a former coworker.


Daydreaming while at work is normal for me. I guess you could say I’m your typical hippie child, hence the name Juniper. This daydream is wonderful for me and totally gives me a case of the hots.

Every afternoon, I watch you walk past me in the hospital halls. I smile coyly, wanting to catch your attention. Your jet black hair and cute square-framed glasses turn me on so badly. I want to lay with you and have you fuck me. I want to feel your warm body against mine.

I fantasize about you often. Maybe one day, that fantasy can be fulfilled.


“Maybe that day is today,” I think naughtily.

I walk from my quaint little office down the hall to the Radiology department, knowing that you’re sitting behind your tiny window, bored and waiting for someone to arrive.  I adjust my shirt, so my supple breasts peek out from the buttons, just enough to devour your attention.

I slide the window back and lean over to show my ample cleavage. Boy, does your mouth drop.

“Uh…Hey Juniper. How’s….your…uh…day?” you ask, seeming embarrassed.

I notice you trying to hide the mass forming beneath your scrubs. I laugh to myself, knowing you want me now.  Walking around the waiting room into your office, I smile mischievously.

Peering from the corner, I stand against the door, pulling my blouse open a little more. I watch as you become nervous, but even as you do, you slowly walk toward me.

“Wonderful… Now that I’ve seen you, Rhett” I say, rubbing your hard peck muscles.

You sigh heavily and pull your arms around my waist, your face inching toward mine. I press my index finger against your lips and say, “Not here. Follow me, sexy.”

I grab your pants and lead you across the hall into the x-ray room; you quickly try to conceal the giant bulge in your pants.

“Unlock that door, dirty boy,” I say, spanking your hot ass.

You fumble with the keys, wanting so badly to taste my soft lips. When you finish and open the door, you pounce on me, forcefully fucking my mouth with your tongue. I taste the desire in your kisses, and my pussy drips, begging for your touch.

“Why such a rush, big guy?” I ask.

“Juniper. Ever since I’ve laid eyes on your beautiful face, I’ve wanted you. I’ve wanted to take your clothes off and make love to your gorgeous body. I’ve wanted to suck on those hard, gorgeous breasts and stick my cock deep into you. I don’t know why. I’m married and can’t get you off of my mind. I haven’t had sex with my wife in ages because I long to fuck only you,” he explains.

I smile and begin to slide off your shirt.  Your perfect body glistens under the fluorescent lights above. I slide my hand up and down his stomach, toying with the top of his very tight scrub pants and making you even hornier.

You begin to undo the last two buttons of my blouse, pull it from my body, and slowly fondle my large bosoms. I moan, loving your touch on my breasts. I softly kiss down your neck and jerk your scrubs down to your ankles. The growing head of your cock peeks through the hole in your boxers.

“I want you in my mouth,” I say hungrily, licking my lips.

You don’t protest as I place my lips firmly around the head, sucking softly. You bite your bottom lip, trying hard not to make any noise.  Seeing this as a major turn on, I slide the length of your beautiful cock into my mouth.

Moaning, you allow your fingers to wander around my slit, gliding around my wetness. With this, I suck faster and harder, and your cock stiffens, releasing your sweet cum into my mouth. Swallowing, I kiss you deeply, wanting you to taste yourself.

“You’re amazing, Juniper, but now, it’s my turn. Get up on that table, missy,” you order.

I follow obediently, waiting for you to pleasure me.  The x-ray table is cold and send chills down my spine. You lean over me and kiss down my cold body, and I want more of you to touch me.  You unzip my skirt to reveal my soaked, lacy, red panties. You slide my skirt and panties down and throw them on the floor beside my shirt.

Gently, you continue to kiss down my body to my dripping pussy, sliding your tongue onto my clit. You nip it slightly with your teeth, and I cover my mouth to restrain from moaning too loudly.  As you maintain the rhythm of your mouth to my crotch, you softly add a finger to my throbbing pussy.  My body trembles from the attention I am receiving, and you begin to pump into her slowly at first. You make me feel like no other, and I can’t take the pleasure you are supplying to my body.

“You are amazing,” I say into his ear, making him thrust his fingers harder into my twat. As he continues, my back arches, and the most extraordinary orgasm overtakes me. You pull out your cum-covered fingers and lick them seductively. I smile, leaning up to kiss you softly, and I feel your hard member close to my opening. I shiver with expectancy, wanting so badly for you to fuck me.

You force your engorged penis into my tight, wet pussy, and I moan into your shoulder, leaning close to you.  You thrust harder over and over, and euphoria rips through my body with another powerful orgasm.

“More,” I say into your ear, as you resume your amazing rhythms of sex into my dripping vagina. You moan with each thrust into me; you kiss my neck and thrust harder. I moan again, cumming all over   your cock for the second time.

“You feel so good, baby,” Rhett says in my ear, once again continuing his rhythms. Pumping deep into my cunt a few more times, you arch your head back before cumming your sweet load into my pussy.  With his final thrust, I cum one final time on his softening cock.

Pulling your member from me, you lean over to kiss my lips, and I run my fingers through thick, black hair. You smile, kissing my cheeks and pulling up your pants and underwear. You lift me from the table, setting me down softly. I lean over to pick up my clothes when you grab my ass and pull me up to hold in your arms.

I turn around and pull my arms up onto your shoulders. You kiss me sweetly, your arms around my waist. I pull away, and each of us begins to redress. I look in the glass of the X-Ray personnel partition to fix my tousled hair. As I finish, I turn to look at you, greeting you with a smiling face.

“Thank you,” you say, running your hand down my face, “Thank you so much.”

“My pleasure, handsome,” I say kissing him one final time.

I walk from the x-ray department back to my tiny office, right back to work and missing my lover’s touch.

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