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The first time of a virgin.

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The clunking her heels made as she slipped her petite feet out of them masked the click of the bedroom door closing. His hands were gripped at her hips, close to desperation as they both explored the tastes of each other's mouths. He lead her backwards, guiding her with his hand on the small of her back until the end of the bed was pressed against the back of her calves. For the first time since they made it into the house, he unlocked his lips from hers. Gently he lay her down on the bed, her legs still bent at the knees, hanging over the edge of the bed.

He stood over her for a moment; taking in every inch of her small five foot three stature complimented by a short, tight, red dress with a deep V exposing her C-cup cleavage. Her chest rose and fell heavily with her deep breaths. The dress clung at her perfectly proportioned waist and was pulled tight at her wide hips. Toned legs and a perfectly shaped as peeked out from underneath the dress, teasing him.

His breathing wasn't much calmer than hers when he finally lowered himself on to her putting most of his weight on his forearms by her shoulders and neck while he started slowly grinding his cock on her through his dress pants. This motion caused the tight, red dress to ride up around her hips, exposing black lace panties with red lining. Running his hands through her long brown curls, slightly tugging at bits of hair while his tongue massaged hers, imagining her treating his cock the same way.

He pulled away from the kiss once again, kissing the corners of her bruised lips, her eyelids, between her eyes, her temples, down her jaw to her neck while he slowly sucked on the skin. Her beige skin was smooth against his lips. While he lavished over her neck and top of her chest, she unbuttoned his white dress shirt and he stopped only momentarily to allow the shirt to fall to the end of the bed.

She allowed him to unzip the tight dress on the side and pull it down exposing her perky breasts sitting perfectly in a strapless, red and black lace bra. The pale cleavage of her breasts attracted his lips as his hand cupped the other. It didn't take long for him to pull back the cup and expose her light brown erected nipple. He continued to suck, lick, and bite the nipple, everyone once in a while, flicking it with his tongue. She threw her head back as her hips thrust up, pushing her wet pussy harder into his cock. He could feel how we she was, soaking through her panties and starting to seep through his dress pants. Her hands tugging on his hair only encouraged him more.

Slowly, he licked, kissed, and sucked his way down the middle of her body. The cold air hitting where his mouth was caused her to arch her back, perfectly displaying her breasted and erect nipples. He ran his right hand over the curve, between her breasts then alternating massaging the breasts. With his left he slipped the dress down to her knees, then her ankles, then finally the floor. His lips sat at the top of her soaked lace panties.

His left hand slowly massaged her inner thighs, already hot with desire. He dipped his head down between her legs, which she gladly obliged to open. He skimmed his nose up and down her panties, smelling her sweet juices. Her hips began to move once more when he started rubbing her pussy through her panties with two fingers. He located her clit easily a rubbed with his thumb while his fingers teased the opening of her pussy. Her moans were high, almost in a surprised manner. This only encouraged him.

He began pulling at her panties at the waist. She set her heels on the edge of the bed, lifting her hips to make the process easier. Once the soaked panties were in his hand, he stayed on his knees on the floor at the end of the bed, face to face with a perfectly waxed pussy. He looked up along the curved torso at the virgin's face. At some point she had taken off the bra and was rubbing her own breasts and nipples. Her face turned to one of surprise, shock, and sheer innocence when he took her panties and licked some of the juices off of it.

God, she tasted so sweet.

His cock couldn't have grown any harder in his dress pants. Ignoring his own needs, taking things slow, he kissed the insides of her flaming thighs. The increased amount of sucking and licking caused her to close her thighs, almost enclosing his head between them. Smiling slightly at her inexperience, he opened her legs once again with his hands on her knees. Her juices now covered the top insides of her thighs, slipping down the curve of her ass onto the bedspread.

First, he licked all of the sweet juice from the inside of her thighs, then licked up the trail of juice making its way down her ass. She gasped at the activity in the taboo area. The gasp soon turned into a slow moan as he made his way up to her pussy with his tongue and fingers. While he played with her pussy opening with his tongue, his two fingers massaged up and down her wet pussy, occasionally pinching or flicking her clit, earning a jolt from her thighs each time. He made his way up to her clit with his tongue, sucking and flicking slightly, earning more juices from her. He continued on, sucking on her large labia. He could only imagine them pulling and sucking his cock back in her tight pussy.

Returning back to the opening of her pussy he started to eat her out. He ran his tongue along as much of the ribbed insides of her tight pussy as he could, his fingers still rubbing the length of her pussy. Her hands moved from her breasts to his hair, pulling and tugging harder. He could hear soft moans escaping her lips. Slowly, he made the transition from his tongue in her pussy to sucking on her clit while his fingers slowly penetrated her tight pussy. Despite the natural lubrication, he could only reach three fingers inside her pussy, and only then did they make it to the second knuckle.

He began fucking her with his fingers slowly, hoping to open up the little virgin. Despite his attempts, the wet pussy remained taught around his three fingers. He decided to try deeper but once he tried pushing his fingers deeper into her pussy he heard her scream. It was a half pain half pleasure scream but he pulled out his fingers anyway.

"Shhhh baby, don't scream. I'll be gentle, I'll take care of your body," he promised her, his face beside hers; stroking her cheek with the hand he didn't have covered in juices. She looked innocently deep into his eyes and smiled with her bruised lips. He returned the smile. "Here baby, taste this." He held his juice-covered fingers to her lips. Tentatively, she took the fingers, right to the third knuckle, into her mouth and sucked.

That was enough to drive him over the edge. She smiled mischievously as he quickly pulled out his fingers. He began unbuttoning and unzipping his dress pants, unable to take it any longer, he needed her bad.

"Can I?" The soft, slightly hoarse from moaning, voice escaped her lips, shocking him.

He made eye contact with the dark green eyes as her small hands slid his dress pants and tight, black boxer briefs down his knees, ankles, and then floor like he had with her dress. Both naked now, he took his position over top of her, rock hard cock pressed below her belly button. Sticky and hot, he began to kiss her again. She tasted of her juices. He began kissing her all over and whispered in her ear, "I'll be gentle, don't you scream. We'll take this slow."

Hovering his hips over her pussy, his cock jerked causing a sound from her mouth.

"He likes you," he whispered to her, kissing her collarbone. He continued to kiss along her collarbone and neck as he slowly entered her. A soft gasp escaped her almost instantly and for a moment she tried pushing his cock out.

"Shhh baby," he cooed to the virgin, surprising himself he could manage to get words out. Slowly, he was able to ease himself into her. The full eight inched of thick, rock hard cock. He stayed like that for a moment, deep inside of her, his balls pressed against her ass. Her hands gripped at the nape of his neck and shoulder.

Slowly he rocked in and out. Her large lips did just as he thought, enclosing around the base of his cock along with the pull of her kegel muscles. He couldn't stop himself from matching her low moans. He changed pace periodically, staying deep inside and only thrusting in a small bit to almost completely pulling out and slowly penetrating her until his balls hit her ass. He stayed slow and rhythmic, stretching her tight pussy.

"Fuck me," Her angelic mouth uttered her first dirty words, "oh god, fuck me hard."

Her harsh words seemed to hit his cock for it jerked inside of her, some pre-cum escaping and blending into her juices. He listened to her and began thrusting himself in and out of her pussy harder.

He could hear his hard cock being sucked back into her soaked pussy each time along with his balls slapping against her ass. As soon as he began rubbing her clit with his thumb, her hips rocked harder.

The inside walls of her tight pussy pulsed against his hard cock while his hard bulging cock continued to pound her, stretching her perfect pussy.

Another low moan, "Deeper! Harder! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh god, fuck me!"

The dirty words didn't seem to fit in her mouth at all, but it turned him the hell on.

He continued to pound her hard, fucking up her sweet, tight pussy. Going deeper and deeper, his balls making hard slapping noises as they came in contact with the cum dripping from her sweet pussy.

Her hips began to rock even harder, her breath jagged, and pussy contracting and pulsing like crazy. The contracting of her pussy closed in around his hard cock. Both were being pushed to the breaking point.

He laid on top of her petite body, now limp cock still deep in her pussy. Cum continued to seep out of the orifice. Pulling out his member earned another sigh from the angel next to him. He kissed her from her head to toes before lying down beside her naked body. Dead silence, save the synced heavy breathing of the two lovers, filled the room along with the scent of sex.

Sunlight filled the room, casting a golden glow over the naked body of the woman on his side. He rubbed his hand up and down her thigh, looking into her eyes. He felt so high he could have been up in the sky.


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