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DEEP into the Woods

Short story By: suncatcher12342000

A local park ranger finds out why you should never go for a walk in the woods alone.

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It didn't make sense to Illadya. She had followed this trail half a dozen times, and she had never seen the little footpath that led off to the right. When the injured woman had straggled up saying she fell when she followed the trail, Illadya was certain that she had accidentally wandered down a deer trail. Illadya was reluctant to follow a trail she didn't recognize, but the woman was adamant that the trail was a new feature marked on her guide map. Illadya was responsible for checking out potential new trails and closing trails that were in need of repair or too dangerous for hikers. She packed her gear and made her way up the trail.
It seemed to be a footpath, nothing more. It led to the rim of a step gulley where Roiling Creek tumbled from its origin. A commonly used trail emerged into view on the other side, but she saw little evidence of recent use. She took out her field journal and marked that. After she had noticed that peculiar occurrence she also noted that the footpath avoided any real landmarks. She followed even more apprehensively when she found that it led to the very edge of the park's boundaries. Here was where a few gruff and hardy souls spent their lives.
She clambered up the last stretch to see that it led to a broad meadow where a solitary cabin stood on a knoll. The lack of pavement led her to believe that this must be a private residence, and possibly that of one of the local hunters. A gravel driveway led in a somewhat general direction of the park and the nearest small town. She knocked on the door hoping that maybe the occupant knew how the trail led to his home so conveniently.
After what seemed like forever, a man opened the door. He was obviously in his late forties or fifties with silvery hair pulled back in a long ponytail like a biker's. His face was weathered and lined, but his blue eyes twinkled mischievously. He wore a pair of faded jeans and an old flannel shirt, but he looked well groomed. His facial hair was neat and trimmed into a mustache and goatee that only enhanced an ample smile.
"Can I help you, young lady?" he asked in a gruff voice.
She nervously found her voice. "I work for the park, and a woman followed that trail on the lower end of the meadow and was hurt. I was wondering what you know about the trail."
He looked over at the bottom of the hill. "That trail is where I walk my dog, and technically it's on my property when it crosses the falls. But I haven't seen anyone hiking lately."
However skeptically she may have seen this version of events, she accepted this as the truth. "Well, I think a few signs, but I can post some on the park's side so that no one bothers you."
He thanked her for her efforts, and then he closed the door. She trotted back down to the park boundary. As she walked she hummed a tune. She noticed that a shed she did not see before was concealed on the edge of the property. It looked fairly old, but there were signs of recent repairs. She wandered over and looked inside. There was a plain work table and a few tools, but little else. She wondered what he could possibly need to repair the shed for. She shrugged and loped back down the hill.
Several days later she came across one of her signs she had posted shredded and discarded along the footpath. She regarded it for a few moments before she saw yet another. She followed the path only to see more shredded. At the head of the path she saw the same man tearing them up. She tapped him on the shoulder, "Excuse me, but what in the hell are you doing?"
He turned and looked at her, "I like it when the young girls wander up this path and get lost. Sometimes they are so grateful for my help they give me things I don't get much." He paused and looked her up and down. "Judging by your appearances you don't get it much either."
She gaped at him. It was true that she didn't have a relationship, and granted, she hadn't had any sex in six months or more, but she as not unattractive. She was short, but she had bright blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. She was athletic and toned, but she still had large breasts. Her drab dress concealed her figure.
"I'm sorry sir, but I can't not put the signs up. It's a violation of the state law if I don't."
He laughed uproariously, "Of course, but I'll just take them down again. Unless you want to keep me company, you can count on me being around." He looked back at her speculatively, "On the other hand, you aren't so bad. Maybe you ought to come back to my house for a while."
She laughed lightly, "Very funny. Well, if you don't mind people crashing around up here then I won't bother. But, you should probably put up no trespassing signs. Well, I have to get back to work."
She spun on her heel, and suddenly everything went dark.
She woke up and looked around. She was lying on a soft surface, but she wasn't in any place she recognized. The room was warm certainly, but there seemed to be no windows. It was nice enough, but she was a little frightened. She began to panic when she realized her wrists were bound to the bed over her head.
She struggled against them until she heard heavy footsteps. She looked up to see the man who owned the border property naked standing before her. He was stroking his cock, and he was watching her greedily.
"Not so tough now, huh?" he growled. "I figured you won't be missed for a while, and you might as well find out what that woman found out."
She looked at him questioningly.
He laughed deeply, "She didn't really fall. No, she wandered up here, and so I kept her for a few days. Like she was going to tell you she'd been fucked six ways from Sunday."
He walked over and lifted her legs and pushed them back. He stared at her waiting hole. He stroked the lips, and a trickle of fluid leaked from between. She sighed in spite of herself, and he pressed two fingers inside.
"You like that, huh? You want some more?" he said in a deep voice.
She nodded eagerly even though she was still a little scared.
He smiled wickedly and pulled his fingers out. Then he lowered his face to her sexed up hole and pushed his tongue inside. She gasped, and he flicked his tongue in and out until she was groaning. She raised herself up off the bed, and worked even harder. At last she nearly found release, but he stopped short.
"If I let you out of the ropes, are you going to try to run away?"
She shook her head, "No. Please fuck me. I'll be a good girl."
He loosened the restraints and turned her over so that she was on all fours. He grabbed her hips and jammed it into her well-lubricated sex hole. She squealed, and he grabbed her harder, all the while going deeper and deeper. She moaned and wailed while he pounded like a man on a mission.
At last he felt the urge, and he lowered his mouth closer to her ear, "Where do you want it, baby?"
She moaned weakly, "I don't know. Please! Just cum already!"
He smiled, "How about in that tight pink pussy? Would you like that? Do you want my cum all inside you?"
She moaned again in protest, "Please, no. Don't cum inside me. Anywhere but in my pussy." She gasped loudly and then screamed, "Oh!"
He groaned like a beast in search of a female in heat. He reared back and smacked her squarely on the ass. "C'mon baby, it'll feel really good. It's warm and sticky, and you'll love how it opens you up."
She looked over her shoulder, "No, please. I can't!"
When she tried to escape he pinned her body to the bed. "No, no, my pretty. You aren't going anywhere until I say you are. Now be a good girl and get ready for me. Open up that pussy and take it all."
She whimpered, "Please don't. Please, I'm scared, and it hurts so much. You're so big."
He lifted his weight off of her and lifted her ass off the bed again. He pulled her legs wider apart, and he rammed a finger inside her tiny asshole. She wailed again, and wriggled back to take in more. He laughed, and removed the finger. He jammed himself inside her as hard as he could.
At last he couldn't resist, "I got something for ya, baby. Think of it as my way of punishing you for trying to cut off my supply. Here comes daddy!"
He roared and filled her up. She moaned and took it deep. He let every drop fill her sweet hole until; at last, he pulled out. He glanced over at her still raised rump. A trail of cream was leaking out, and she was still writhing. He smacked her pale, round ass, and then he bound her arms.
She looked up confused, "Why aren't you letting me go? I did what you wanted."
His grin was evil in answer to her. "A few more days of this ought to teach you a lesson. If it doesn't, I can always find a way to keep you quiet. I'll be back in a while. Think it over, and I might even let you go sooner or later."
He paused for a minute, "But not before I hit that sweet ass."
He slammed the door and she heard a heavy grating of old tools in the shed over her head. She lay there face down crying while the cum leaked out of her, and soon he would be back. Her ass hurt already.


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