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Valentine's Present for HIM!

Short story By: Sultry Alice

A nice surprise for her husband on Valentine's Day. Hard core Erotica. 18 and over only.

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Tom and Linda celebrated their twentieth anniversary a few months ago. They were both in their early forties and empty nesters for the first time since they got married. They showed signs of aging but both of them kept active and even went to the gym a few times a week. Tom was tall and lean but was starting to get a pot belly. He was still very handsome with black hair and blue-green eyes. Linda was petite and felt bloated although she was only about 20 pounds overweight. She had a pretty baby face and looked like a doll with her blond hair and green eyes.

Tom was at work one day and Linda used his computer to edit a picture before posting it on Facebook. Tom had Adobe on his computer and she did not have it on hers. After she edited the picture she decided to use Tom's computer to post the image. She opened Internet Explorer and dropped down the favorites list to go to Facebook. Right next to the Facebook icon was an icon for an adult story site. Tom never read books, just a few magazines and the daily paper. Linda clicked the icon and was automatically logged in a site with erotica stories. Noticed a dozen of the story names were in purple text as they had already been accessed and read. Linda was not mad or worried as she trusted Tom and he was faithful.

Out of curiosity she clicked and read one of the stories that were highlighted. It told of a man who liked to be bound and dominated. Linda read the whole story. The sex was vividly described in detail. She had to admit that the writer made her think about teasing a man's cock and controlling when and how he gets to use it. She read all the stories that her husband had already read. All the stories he read dealt with bondage and teasing by a mistress. She realized that in twenty years of marriage they never did anything like that, she didn't even know Tom was interested in that kind of sex. They always did the same things and they both seemed to enjoy it. Linda decided since Valentine's Day was coming, she would prepare a surprise for Tom.

Linda looked around the parking lot at the sex store and decided since it was early in the day and not crowded she would go in and get some things for her surprise. A big blonde haired woman with a leather vest and black jeans was behind the counter. She looked like a biker woman and well used at that.

"Hi ya hon. Can I help ya find anything?" The woman asked quite loudly.

"I just found out my husband likes bondage and I wanted to surprise him for Valentine's Day." Linda said softly standing close to the clerk.

"How much you want to spend, we have all kinds of stuff."

"Not more than $40 or $50. Can you help me?"

The woman took Linda around the store showing her what to buy.

"These plastic hand cuffs are popular, they could be broken if a man tugged at them hard but it is the idea that turns them on. This plastic riding crop whip will excite them and does not hurt unless you hit them in a sensitive spot. You can make your own blindfold. What about a plastic butt plug? Do you think he would like that?"

Linda spent $75 but she felt she had plenty of props for her surprise. She hurried home hid everything until Valentine's Day. A few days later it was Valentine's Day and she was very excited about Tom's surprise and could not wait for him to get home.

Tom came home from work with flowers and a box of candy.

"Happy Valentine's Day dear, I love you, these are for you." Tom said setting them on the counter and giving Linda a big hug and passionate kiss.

Linda was excited to spring her surprise on Tom but she contained her excitement until a few hours after dinner. With Tom dosing on the couch Linda went to prepare her surprise. She put on her sexy lingerie and then put her robe on. She hid the handcuffs under the pillow. She put a few votive candles in their bedroom and lit them. She put the massage oil she bought on the nightstand. She laid a large thick bath towel on the bed and then went to wake up Tom.

"Tom, wake up honey. It is time for your Valentine surprise."

Tom opened his eye and saw Linda had her robe on. He smiled thinking about having sex with her.

"I am going to give you a massage. I have a towel on the bed. Take off your clothes and lay face down on the towel. I will be right there."

Tom cheerfully went to the bedroom and stripped. It was not that often that Linda gave him a massage and he always liked it when she did. He got on the towel and heard her come into the room. Tom had his eyes closed and was very relaxed.

"Let me warm this oil up a little before I touch you," Linda said as she poured some massage oil into her hands and warmed it up. She started on Toms back and shoulders and he moaned softly in delight as her fingers worked his tensions away. When she finished with his back and legs she asked Tom to turn over. He got on his back and tucked his semi-hard cock to the left side like he always did in his pants.

"I want to blindfold you for this side so you can only feel me and not watch. I thought this might be more exciting." Linda said producing a large bandana. Tom sat up.

"Oh boy! This is getting kinky! I love it."

Linda secured the blindfold then gently pushed Tom's upper body back down onto the towel. She traced her finger around Tom's chest and down to his thighs and brushed it over his tight sack. Tom's cock stirred a little. His hands were at his side. Linda picked up his right hand and started massaging his fingers.

"No peeking now okay?"

"I won't."

"Promise me, I am in control you'll do what I say." Linda said a bit sternly.

"I promise! I am but your slave." Tom joked and smiled.

Linda snapped the cuff on Tom's wrist.

"What are you doing?" Tom asked but remained still.

"I am cuffing you to the bed to make sure you do what you're told." Linda clasped the other end of the handcuff to the brass bed frame. Then she did Tom's other hand. Tom was smiling and started to talk and Linda cuffed her hand over his mouth.

"No talking unless I tell you, if you do you will feel my whip." Linda said firmly.

Tom's cock immediately stiffened all the way.

Linda took the two lengths of nylon robe from under the bed and tied Tom's legs securely to the foot of the bed. Tom's cock was twitching at full attention just begging to be touched. He had not been this aroused in a long time. He could hardly believe Linda was doing this to him. Linda dropped a few drops of KY Jelly on the head of Tom's cock and took his head between her thumb and index finger. She gently massaged just his head from the ridge to the top. Tom was squirming in anticipation and delight. All his thoughts were on that inch and a half of his cock. He felt his pre-cum climb his cock and ooze out. Linda stopped.

"You're not going to cum till I tell you. You hear me?" Linda said firmly. Tom did not answer right away and Linda wacked his thigh with the riding crop. "I asked you a question, did you hear me?" Linda repeated.

"Yes mistress!" Tom uttered quickly before Linda had to ask again.

"That's better." Linda said as she lowered her mouth over Tom's cock and he gasped with delight not expecting her to do that. Linda licked and sucked the jelly and the pre-cum of Tom's head.

"I am going to untie your feet. I want you to obey me and not question me. I will require complete silence. Do you trust me explicitly?" Linda asked.

"Yes mistress!" Tom replied.

Linda untied his legs from the bed but left the rope attached to his ankles. She folded his legs up over his chest and tied them spread eagle to the head board. Tom lay there with his ass forced up in the air. Linda put some KY jelly on her finger and pressed it against Tom's ass hole. Tom jerked a little from surprise. Linda has never touched him there. He didn't know what to think of it and she started massaging all around the outside of his butt hole. Tom liked the feel and that fact that this was new. Linda then reached around and rubbed the head of Tom's cock again. Just the touch made him want to cum he was so excited. Then she stopped. He felt pressure against his butt hole again and thought it was Linda's finger. Linda had lubricated the butt plug and slowly inserted it to the base. It was about three inches long and a little bigger around than a man's finger.

"You hold that in there and don't push it out or I will whip you ass till you cry." Linda said as she untied his legs so he was lying flat on his back with the butt plug up his ass. She rewarded him by holding his cock at the base and giving him long slow licks up the bottom to his head. Tom could feel the butt plug in his ass and when he clamped his muscles down on it to keep it in he almost came. Linda wacked his thigh again with the riding crop, you hold that cum in you till I say. You hear me?"

"Yes mistress." Tom quickly said.

Linda stepped out of her robe and panties and straddled Tom's throbbing cock. She lowered herself just enough that she could rub his head inside her pussy lips. She grabbed his dick and parted her lips with it. She worked the head up and down inside her wet folds. She was on the verge of orgasm. The role playing made her hornier than she had been in a long time. Tom was squirming and moaning like crazy.

"Don't you cum till I tell you." Linda warned. Tom fought the urge but with the plug up his ass and Linda rubbing his cock up and down her pussy he felt like he couldn't hold much longer. Linda could feel his frustration and his wild arousal. She bit her lip and her pussy squirted her juices. Her orgasm came in waves of immense pleasure. Linda lined up Tom's cock and slid down over it. He trembled beneath her as he could not hold back anymore.

"Ok slave, release yourself in me now." She commanded as she rocked on his throbbing cock. Tom yelled in delight as he was finally able to let himself go. Waves of excitement trembled through his cock and through his butt hole. Tom felt as if his whole insides were on fire with immense pleasure.

Linda reached down and removed the blindfold and looked into Tom's eyes. He was so overcome that he had tears in his eyes, tears of joy. Linda puckered her lips and he kissed her. He laid there handcuffed to the headboard with a plug up his ass and his wet and happy cock still in Linda's hot hole. They kissed and kissed as their sex juices ran between them.

"Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart," Linda said between kisses.

"Your present beats the hell out of mine!" Tom said when he had a chance to talk.


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