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Sue, Beth and Tom!

Short story By: Sultry Alice

Tags: Soft, Core, Erotica, Sex, Act, 18, &, Over, Only

This is softcore erotica, but none the less, Erotica. This should not be viewed by people under 18 years of age or people not wishing to see graphic sexual acts depicted.

I believe this to be tasefully done, but I will need your comments to confirm this. This is my first ever attempt at erotica.

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Sue and Beth have always been more than just friends. They met at summer camp when they were 13 years old. They bonded instantly and were inseparable. Whenever they got to be together they would share their secrets and desires. Before long, they were having sex with each other. When they couldn't be together they would call each other and masturbate while talking. A short time after Beth turned 16 she met a boy named Joe and fell in love with him. Sue wished her all the best and they stayed friends but they stopped having sex together. When Beth turned 18 she married Joe who had just joined the army. When Joe got his permanent duty station Beth followed him.

Sue dated a quite a few guys but her heart was not in it. Sue found sex with the boys very unsatisfying. She could bring herself to multiple orgasms and the boys could not even get her excited. Sue began to realize she was strictly a lesbian and not bi-sexual at all. Sue searched for another girl like Beth but they always ended in short relationships. She knew in her heart she never would find another woman like Beth. Sue became more and more introverted and depressed as time went on. Then one day, she got a call from Beth.

"The son of a bitch is leaving me. Joe is so fucking in love with this Asian chick he has been fucking, that he moved in with her. I told him to file for a divorce and send me the papers. I am coming back to town. Can I stay at your apartment till I get settled?"

"Sure dear, your welcome to stay here as long as you like." Sue said imagining they might pick up where they left off.

"My plane arrives Monday at 4:15 pm, United Airlines flight 804 from Raleigh N.C can you pick me up?"

"Sure, I will be there. It will be so good to see you again."

All the way home in the car Sue let Beth talk and blow off steam about Joe. Sue was anxious to be intimate with Beth, but she could tell by Beth's mood that the time was not right. The next day when Sue got home from work there was a note from Beth.


I called Joe's brother Tom to tell vent about what Joe did. Well, Tom came by and picked me up and we went out for a drink to discuss the situation. I will be back in time for dinner. See you then.

Love, Beth

Sue waited and waited but there was no call and no Beth. About 9 pm Sue fixed herself some leftovers and put a movie in the DVD player to watch while she ate. About 11 pm Tom dropped Beth off at the house and waited in his car until Sue opened the door, then he waved and drove off. Beth was so loaded she could hardly stand up.

"I'm sorry Sue, I got carried away, I should have called you. God, I am fucking up everything. I even let Tom screw me. Oh shit……" Beth said running for the kitchen sink and throwing up in the side with the garbage disposal.

Sue felt her anger being replaced by compassion. Her friend was a mess and she felt bad. Sue put her arm around Beth who was holding on to the counter with a death grip, lest she fall down.

"I'm so sorry your life is a mess, you don't deserve that. You still have me. I will take care of you sweetheart. Everything will be alright."

Sue helped get Beth into bed and left a bucket next to her in case she threw up again. The next morning when Sue was making coffee Beth stumbled into the kitchen.

"Did you get the number off that truck that hit me?" Beth said holding her head with both hands.

"Here have some coffee," Sue said pouring a cup and putting it on the table.

"I can't believe I let Tom fuck me. I think I did it just to piss Joe off if he hears about it."

Sue sat down with her coffee.

"Was he any good?"

"Oh yeah," Beth said with a huge grin. "He was much better than his brother Joe. He doesn't have a long or thick cock but he sure knows how to use it."

"Does he have a girlfriend?" Sue asked just to make conversation.

"I don't know, it never came up in the conversation. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a lot of them. When is the last time you had a good fuck from a man?"

"I never had a good fuck from a man." Sue said with a smirk.

"Have you been taking care of business yourself, or do you have a girl you visit sometime?"

"I have just been doing myself when I feel the urge."

"You're making my pussy twitch just thinking about you rubbing your clit. You know I have only been into guys for a while now but I still remember when we used to have sex together. If you didn't have to rush off to work I would love to eat your sweet little pussy again."

Sue looked at the clock. "I can be a little late, let's do it for old time's sake."

They went into Sue's bedroom and slipped out of their clothes. Sue got on the bed and spread her legs, pulling her flaps open and exposing her clit.

"Come and get it my love," Sue teased while rubbing her already swollen clit with her thumbs.

Beth licked Sue's inner thighs in long slow strokes. Sue squeezed her ass cheeks together and lifted her groin with each lick to show Beth how much she wanted her mouth on her. Beth worked Sue's pussy with practiced perfection. She brought Sue to orgasm twice in 20 minutes time. When Sue was ready to trade places and take her turn Beth stopped her.

"I am good, don't worry about me, you can still make work on time." Beth said standing up and grabbing her clothes.

"You like it better from a guy now, don't you?" Sue asked a little disappointed.

"Yeah, I know you could drive me nuts, you always could. The truth is I prefer sex with men now. We can do each other tonight if you want. I know you like to give as well as get."

"Are you going to call that Tom again today?" Sue asked curiously.

"I was thinking about it. He is pretty good. You said you have never had a good fuck from a man, maybe you should try Tom."

"Do you want to make it a threesome?" Sue asked as she was getting dressed.

"I'll tell you what. Why don't I ask Tom to come over tonight? I will borrow your car and go for a drive so I am not here when he arrives. You can have him first if you want, if you change your mind, just visit till I get back and we can have a threesome. What do you think?" Beth asked with a sly smile.

"Okay, tell him to come over at 7 tonight if he wants to."

"Don't worry, he will want to. I won't tell him about the threesome in case you change your mind."

"Okay, deal," Sue said as she left for work.

All day at work Sue thought about doing it with a man again. It had been at least two years she had sex with a guy. She didn't mind, it might be fun the three of them. She just didn't find men very stimulating.

Sue and Beth had dinner together. After dinner Beth did the dishes while Sue took a shower and dressed. About 6:45 Beth took off in the car to go walk the mall and maybe do a little shopping. A few minutes after 7 the doorbell rang and Sue opened the door.

"Hello Sue, I am Tom. It is nice to meet you at last. I was in Europe when Joe got married and didn't get to go to the wedding or reception." He shook hands with Sue.

"Nice to meet you too, Beth ran to the mall for a bit. Please have a seat, she won't be too long. Would you like a drink?"

"Do you have whiskey and water?"

"Sure do, I'll make you one."

Sue watched Tom walk into the living room and sit while she made the drink. He was not quite six feet tall and had a slight build. He was a handsome man with brown wavy hair and blue eyes. His cute little bubble ass danced from side to side as he walked.

"Here you go," Sue said, handing him the drink and sitting across from him in an easy chair with a drink of her own.

"Too bad about what happened between Beth and your brother Joe."

"I love my brother, but he is a jerk. Beth was the best thing that ever happened to him and he pissed it away for some other girl. Some lucky man will scoop Beth up. She is hot." Tom said with a smile.

"What about you Tom? I know it might be awkward with Joe being your brother and all but Beth is hot like you say!"

"I like being a bachelor, Beth deserves a steady guy. I like variety. I am always looking around for the next good time. I am not the kind of man a girl wants to settle down with."

"You like to show the girls a good time and move on?"

"Yeah, that's more my style. Makes me sound like a cad huh?"

"You think someday when you're not busy you could show me a good time. I am not looking for a relationship just sex." Sue said with a grin.

"I was hoping you might ask, I am not busy right now and you're looking very good to me." Tom said as he stood.

Sue led Tom to her bedroom where they both wasted no time getting out of their clothes. Beth was right, Tom didn't have a long or thick cock, but it was hard, pink and beautifully shaped.

"Do you mind if we play around a little before getting right to the fucking?" Tom asked politely.

Sue jumped on the bed.

"Take your time Tom, I am all yours."

Tom went right for Sue's muff with his tongue. Sue closed her eyes and imagined it was Beth licking her again like that morning. It was not hard to imagine as Tom had just the right touch. He would swirl his tongue around her most sensitive spot then put it inside her and work against the same area from beneath it. Sue was starting to pant and quiver from Tom's tongue when Tom started kissing up her stomach to her neck.

While Tom was kissing and gently sucking on her neck she felt his manhood enter her. Tom kept his loins low so his penis would put more pressure on the top of her vagina just below her clit where she was most sensitive. Sue was already very excited and could feel her walls thickening when Tom withdrew and let his wet cock glide up and down over Sue's clit. Sue was feeling little shocks of pleasure shooting along her nerve endings. After a few dozen strokes Tom slid his cock back inside her. Sue didn't want Tom to take it out anymore. She was on the verge of orgasm now for way too long. She wrapped her legs around his back as a signal to stay in. Tom lifted her butt slightly with his body and was pounding her exactly where she liked it the most.

Sue never had an orgasm like that before. She thought she was going to pass out as Tom never stopped and she had a second one shortly after. Tom slowed down and gave slow but firm strokes as Sue caught her breath.

Sue could feel Tom's body stiffen and shake just before he released himself in her. He collapsed on Sue with a loud moaning sigh. Sue did not notice his weight at all.

"Oh my God," Sue whispered in Tom's ear.

"You can say that again," Tom gasped and quivered.

"Somebody say party?" Beth said loudly while laughing.

Tom and Sue didn't even hear Beth come home.


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