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Sex for revenge....

Short story By: Sultry Alice

Rated -R-: soft-core erotica. A story of stalking and revenge for a friends suicide.

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Kate just got the news. She would be reassigned to the corporate office back in Denver. She had been working on an out of state project for the last six months. Now that the loose ends were wrapped up she was looking forward to returning home. Kate called her friend Judy. She couldn't wait to share the news with her best friend. There was no answer so Kate left a message. That evening Kate's mom called and told her that Judy killed herself by slashing her wrists in a warm bath. There was no note. Kate was devastated. She booked a flight back to Denver the next afternoon. When Kate got the mail the next morning there was a letter from Judy. A cold chill ran through Kate's body as she tore the envelope open.

Dear Kate,

I can't face living anymore. I didn't want you to try to stop me from ending my life so I am going to write and mail this first. By the time you receive this letter, I will be dead. I have been having sex with my boss Barry Jacobs. I kept this hidden from everyone. He said his divorce would be final any day and we wouldn't have to hide our love for each other. He just dumped me and called me a worthless whore. He told me it would be stupid for him to leave his successful wife for a loser like me. Oh, did I mention, he fired me too! I feel so cheap and worthless. I love you Kate, sorry I let you down.


Kate stood there in shock. Her hand was shaking as tears splattered on the letter she still clutched. Kate felt helpless and empty inside. Sorrow and anger took command of all her thoughts. Judy's death was a reality. The event lived on the indelible backside of history and could not be changed. Kate decided she would not share this letter with anyone. She didn't want to tarnish Judy's reputation any more than the damage already done by the suicide. Kate did not even know who this Barry Jacobs was, but she vowed to ruin him.

After Judy's funeral Kate did some research on Barry Jacobs. He managed a nationwide building supply chain store. His wife owned and operated a successful hair salon and beauty supply store in the Lincoln Park area of Denver. Kate went to the building supply store and checked out Barry. He was about 40 years old and fit. He had short brown hair and blue eyes and was not bad looking. Kate stood close enough to observe Barry as he talked to two of his employees. She noticed right away that he seemed arrogant and dominant. Kate then drove to the hair salon and bought some shampoo so she could check out his wife. Her name was Helen and she was a little younger than Barry. She had shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She had a pretty face and was about 40 pounds overweight. She seemed very friendly and happy. Kate noted what time the salon closed and came back a little before and waited. When Helen came out she followed her home. She lived in an upscale neighborhood north of Denver in a large ranch style home. Kate didn't want to draw attention to herself or her car so she went around the circle and back out of the neighborhood.

Kate took the next few weeks to move back to Denver and get an apartment. She constantly thought about what she could do to Barry to make his life miserable. One day an idea came to her and the more she thought about it, the better she liked it. She would seduce Barry and film him having sex with her. Once that was done she could send it to his wife and post it on the internet. She would wear a wig and make sure she could not be recognized in the video. Kate was pretty and shapely. She knew Barry would be interested if she planned it right. She worked on idea after idea in her head while she was eating, driving, and even working at her job. She drove by the store and noted what time Barry usually left and which days he worked and where he parked. Kate followed him to see where he went. Most of the time he went home after work and got there about 7:30 pm. Finally Kate devised her plan. She purchased a blonde wig to cover brown hair. Kate also bought a video camera for her laptop computer and set up the software to record and save the video. She set up the laptop to play a music cd and put up the screen saver but the video camera would run at the same time and record everything to the hard drive.

Kate rented a car and a motel room at the Hampton Inn about a mile from Barry's store. She left her laptop there with a few music CD's and a suitcase with some clothes and toiletries. She wore black lace bikini panties and a black lace push up bra that allowed her to show plenty of cleavage. Black slacks and a low cut white blouse. She put the blonde wig on and her best perfume. Kate checked herself in the mirror. She looked good. She drove over to Barry's store and waited for him to come out and head for his car. Kate started walking toward him. She was looking at the ground as she walked. However, she looked up when Barry was about ten yards away. He was looking at her and she caught his eye. She gave a small smile and nod of acknowledgement. Barry smiled back and seemed pleased to get a smile and nod from such an attractive woman. Just after they passed each other Kate dropped her purse and collapsed. Barry turned around and said, "Are you alright? Hello."

Kate kept her eyes closed and pretended not to hear but she was aware Barry had walked up and was kneeling next to her.

"Hello there, can you hear me?" Barry said as he touched her shoulder.

Kate lifted her head and looked confused.

"I'm sorry, I must have fainted. My doctor changed my pain medication yesterday and I picked the new pills up just before I left Los Angeles. I am staying at the Hampton and took my new pills about an hour ago and they hit me like a ton of bricks." Kate said sitting up on the ground next to Barry.

"Can you help me stand up, I still feel a little woozy," Kate said reaching a hand out for Barry to take.

Barry stood up and held Kate's hand while she stood. Kate closed her eyes briefly and swayed while Barry still held her hand, then she opened them again.

"You are such a nice man to help me." Kate said looking up into his eyes then she made herself wobble just a little.

"Do you want me to call an ambulance or a friend?" Barry offered.

"I don't have any friends here, I have a business meeting tomorrow then I am leaving for L.A. again. I just won't take any more pills till I get home. I am afraid to drive my rental car while I feel like this. I can pick it up in the morning. I just need to get back to my room and wait for these pills to wear off. Can you help me get a cab or do you know someone that could take me back to my room?"

"I can drop you off at the Hampton, I go right by there," Barry offered.

"I feel so lucky you were there to help me, you are so kind, and awfully good looking. I hope that does not embarrass you but these pain pills have me feeling pretty loose, and you are good looking so there. I would really appreciate it if you could help me to my room. My name is Anne by the way."

"My name is Bill and it is nice to meet you," Barry said lying just in case.

Kate walked with Barry to his car and Barry opened the passenger door for her to get in. Kate kissed Barry on the cheek before getting in.

"You are so sweet to do this for me when you don't even know me and will never even see me again after today. I just love you for that!" Kate got in the car and waited for Barry to get in. Kate could see Barry was buying into the whole scenario.

"Do you have a steady boyfriend?" Barry asked as he was pulling out of the parking lot.

"I have lots of boy toys," Kate said with a huge grin while giving Barry's thigh a couple of pats.

"You're pretty cute yourself, I can see why they guys go for you Anne," Barry said taking a look at Kate's chest and smiling.

"Are you going to come up and help me get ready for bed handsome?" Kate said bluntly and with a cute smile looking like it would be such a treat.

"Of course I will see you to your room. I wouldn't want you passing out in the halls."

"You are so nice Bill. I can't tell you how much this means to me. Will you let me give you a real kiss to thank you, when we get to my room? It will be my way of saying thanks and make me feel better for causing you to go out of your way."

"Sure, if it will make you feel better," Barry said parking next to the Inn.

They went in the side entrance and took the elevator to the third floor. Kate got the card to unlock the door from her purse as they walked.

"Here it is," Kate said stopping in front of room 213. She slid the card and pushed the door when the green light came on. Kate walked in first and Barry followed her closing the door. Kate set her purse on the table and turned facing Barry. She held her arms up beckoning him to embrace her.

"Come and get your reward Bill," she said with a sexy voice and smile.

Barry pulled her tightly against him rubbing his chest against her boobs and pressing his crotch against her thigh. Kate could feel his erection and realized his cock was on the large side. Kate gave Barry a long and passionate kiss but did not open her mouth to invite his tongue. Kate lowered her hands and grabbed the cheeks of Barry's ass. She pulled him harder against her thigh and wiggled her leg against his erection letting him know that she was fully aware of it and liked it. When she broke the kiss she said softly in his ear, "It seems like your lips are not the only thing you have worth kissing. Feeling your cock against my leg has made me very horny. If you can stay a few minutes I would like to taste that big boy. I have been told I give a hell of a good blow job."

Barry ground his erection against Kate's thigh in small circles like he was dry fucking her leg.

"I can certainly spare a few minutes for the joy of sticking my cock in your mouth." Barry said somewhat arrogantly but with a polite smile.

"Let me drop some classical music in my laptop while you take your pants off. I love sucking dick to classical music, letting my tongue dance to the rhythm along a man's cock."

"Sure Anne, whatever turns you on!" Barry said as he was taking he shoes off.

Kate turned on the laptop and started the video capture program and then put in a Johann Strauss CD and turned the sound down so Barry would be heard over the music. When Kate turned around Barry stood there wearing only his tee shirt and holding his large thick cock by the base with his left hand like it was a prize any girl would beg for. Kate let her eyes get big and flashed a big smile while looking at it. She unbuttoned her blouse at slipped it off. Barry was admiring her tits bulging out of the sexy lace bra. She kicked her shoes off and stepped out of her slacks. Barry's eyes were roving all over her and his cock was twitching with anticipation. Kate knew the camera was covering most of the room being six feet from the action. She knelt in front of Barry's cock.

Kate slipped her mouth over the head. She knew she could not take his whole cock in her mouth without gagging. She worked the top half following the music. She concentrated on the rim and the underneath of the head. Gary started moaning as she sucked on his head and hungrily lashed him with her tongue. Kate stopped and looked up at Barry.

"I saw your wedding ring and I don't care. Do I suck cock better than your wife?" She didn't wait for an answer but went back to working his cock again just using her lips to working on his head sucking and licking it all around in circles.

"Oh yeah baby, you suck my cock like a woman should. My wife is a lousy cock sucker. Oh yeah, keep doing that, my god that feels good."

Kate was thinking that some women don't consider their husbands getting a blow job as offensive as actually fucking another woman. Kate changed her rhythm and intensity so Barry would not cum yet. His moaning quieted down a little.

"I know you like this blow job, but I have to have your large gorgeous cock in me. My pussy is wet and aching for you. If you want I can finish sucking you off after I get some of this."

Before Barry could respond Kate sat on the edge of the bed and slipped her panties off. She spread her legs showing her neatly trimmed pussy. Barry walked up and parted her lips with his throbbing cock. He stood alongside the bed and rubbed his head up and down inside her folds. Kate scooted back on the bed so Barry would have to climb up on it to put his cock in her. That way his ass wouldn't block so much of the picture that was recording. Barry's cock followed her pussy onto the bed and he slipped it in her moist hole forcefully right to the hilt. Kate gasped for a minute at having her hole stuffed so suddenly. Barry grinned.

"Yeah, he is a big boy. The girls really like him."

Barry got a rhythm building and was actually going along with the music being played on the laptop. Kate knew that the piece playing was picking up speed and she got very excited as Barry's cock rammed her faster and faster. Kate's orgasm was eminent. She forgot who was fucking her and why, all that mattered was finishing what was starting. She locked her legs around Barry and her pussy went into glorious convulsions. His thick cock was rubbing every part of her insides. She yelled "Oh god, I'm coming!" Just as her orgasm peaked her fingernails dug into Barry's back. Her excitement caused Barry's cock to explode in her. He groaned loudly as he came. She felt him slow down but continue to bury his wad all the way in her as he milked all his juices out. She felt his cum dripping between the cheeks of her ass as their combined juices flowed back out her hole. His body went limp as most of his weight fell on her she could hardly breathe. Realizing this he lifted his weight with his arms.

"I could feel your pussy spasm when you came. I was going to pull out and cum in your mouth but your pussy was sucking my cock and I didn't want it to stop. That was the best fuck I have had in a long time. You are amazing Anne."

"I think you know how much I enjoyed it. I have never had a man fill me like you did Bill. I wish I was being sent to Denver more often but I rarely come here."

Barry stood up and grabbed some Kleenex off the night stand and cleaned his dick. Kate went in the bathroom and used toilet paper to wipe off some of the mess. When she came out Barry had his pants on and was tying his shoes.

"I have to go, but let me leave you my cell phone number. If you're ever back in town call me. I would be happy to hook up with you again. Barry wrote the number on the pad by the phone. Kate kissed him on the cheek and put the number in her purse.

"Don't be surprised if you hear from me someday, you were awesome. Goodbye and thanks again." Kate said as Barry walked down the hall. Kate called a cab to take her to the rental car showered and changed clothes before checking out. After she got in the rental car she threw the wig and the clothes she had worn in a dumpster. She didn't want to be reminded of this day by wearing them again. That night she checked the video, did some minor editing and burned a DVD. She mailed a copy to Helen at the store with the words "Personal to be opened by the addressee only" on the envelope. Kate enclosed a small typewritten note.

Do not let your husband see this video until after you have watched it. She signed it, a friend.

Kate decided since she enjoyed the sex with Barry and since Judy's suicide was not all his fault, she would destroy the video and not post it on the internet. Ruining his marriage was appropriate enough!


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