Oral Sex Lessons..

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, Hard core Ertoica. A man and woman give each other lessons on how to please the opposite sex with their mouths. You must be 18 years of age or older to read. Very graphic.


Kim and Jack had been living together for two years. Neither of them felt a strong urge to get married they just liked each other’s company. Their relationship was part love but mostly convenience. They shared all the expenses and the household chores at their upscale condo. They slept together and enjoyed sex together a few times a week. Kim was 31 and Jack was 29 and they both had good jobs.

One Friday afternoon, on her way home from work Kim stopped by the mall. She wanted to get some shampoo and conditioner from the salon where she has her hair done. She noticed Jack’s car parked at the edge of the mall lot next to another car, way away from everyone else. She turned in, off the mall access road and could see the back of Jack’s head as she parked behind his car in the next row. Kim walked up to the car and when Jack saw her his whole body jerked. A startled girl sat up in the seat next to Jack. Kim leaned her head closer to the car window and could see Jack’s beet red cock as he tried to cover it with his hand.

“Kim, what are you doing here?” Jack said nervously looking back and forth between Kim and his passenger.

Kim did not say a word but you could see pissed written all over her. She got in her car and slammed the door. Her tires spun as she pulled away. She went straight home. Jack went to a bar for a few drinks. He didn’t want to face Kim sober. Kim held the lease for the condo and decided Jack was leaving even before he returned. She did not want to hear his bullshit, she was beyond angry, she was hurt and scorned.

When Jack came home they got in a huge shouting match, she was angry and he was drunk.

“How could you meet some woman in a parking lot for a blow job? What the hell is the matter with you? Don’t you like the sex we have here?” Kim said it to make Jack feel bad for what he did.

“You don’t even know how to give a decent blow job. You’re just a fucking hole to dip my wick into. You don’t have to throw me out, I’m leaving. Have a nice life.” Jack said as nasty as he could. He grabbed some of his things and threw them in his suitcase from the closet.

“I’ll get the rest of my stuff later.” He said as he left and slammed the door.

On Monday morning her boss informed her that she was going to Chicago for a three day seminar on the new computer program they would be using at work.  The seminar would be Tue-Thurs of the following week in a room at the Conference Center. Jack and his friend came over during the week and moved the rest of Jack’s stuff out. Kim and Jack did not speak they just gave each other dirty looks.

On Monday Kim flew to Chicago and checked in at the Hilton Magnificent Miles Hotel near the Conference Center.  All expenses were being paid by her company so she decided to make a mini-vacation out of the seminar. Kim put on a simple black V-neck cocktail dress and her four inch heel pumps. She looked at herself in the mirror before going to the lounge. She had a pretty face and her shoulder length brown hair looked good with the recent blond highlights. She could stand to lose 15-20 pounds but she had a nice shape. Her more than ample breasts showed a good amount of cleavage in the dress. She knew she would attract some attention at the bar and that made her feel sexy.  She got in the elevator feeling ready for some good old flirtatious fun.

There were quite a few people in the lounge. Kim walked straight to the bar, sat down and ordered a Hairy Navel.  Just as the lady bartender handed her the drink a man sat next to her. He ordered a Tequila Margarita and the bartender went to make it.

“Hello lady, my name is Steve. How are you tonight?” He flashed a friendly smile. Steve was about forty years old and nicely dressed in slacks and a sport shirt. He had short brown hair and blue eyes. He was a handsome man, clean shaven and tan.

“My name is Kim. I am fine and just starting to have a good time.” She said looking into his deep blue eyes and smiling.

The bar tender set his drink in front of him and he pushed a one hundred dollar bill toward her.

“When the lady is ready for another, take it out of my change.”

“Thanks Steve.”

“The pleasure is mine,” Steve said noticing that Kim was still staring into his eyes.

Before long Kim and Steve took a table in the corner and were chatting about all kinds of things.

Steve was an insurance salesman and was attending a conference nearby.  Steve had been divorced for about 15 years and liked the single life. They hit it off very well together and the more they drank the more they told stories about their lives.

Kim was feeling pretty loose and told Steve she caught her ‘live in’ boyfriend in a car at the mall getting a blow job and threw him out. They both laughed over that one and Steve shared a personal story about how his ex-wife lives with a lesbian now. Another round of drinks and Steve admitted that his ex-wife liked oral sex and he was not very good at it and that is probably why she lives with a lesbian now.  Kim told Steve what Jack said about her not being able to give a decent blow job.  They were both laughing so hard over those stories that Steve almost spilled his drink.

Steve put his arm around Kim’s shoulder.

‘You don’t know me and I don’t know you. We are just two people sharing this hotel for a couple of days.” Steve said watching Kim’s face for her reaction.

“I could teach you what a man likes from a blow job, and you could teach me how to satisfy a woman with my mouth.”

Steve could see that Kim was thinking about what he said.

“I am a responsible adult and promise to be very professional and descreet. But, if you’d rather not, that’s cool. We don’t have to do anything like that. I probably should not have said that in the first place. I apologize and take back the whole thing.”

“You got yourself a deal Steve, but no fucking, I hardly know you!” Kim said laughing at her own humor.

“My room or yours,” Steve said standing.

“Your room,” Kim said standing also.

They both were feeling pretty good but neither of them was all the way drunk.

“Who should go first?” Steve asked in a gentlemanly fashion when they entered his room.

Kim reached down and grabbed Steve’s cock through his slacks and squeezed it gently checking to see if he was hard.

“Looks like you’re ready to go Steve. Teach me how you like it. I will do whatever the teacher says.” Kim said with a coy smile. Steve slipped his shoes off.

“Well, to start off, a man likes it when a woman takes his cock out. The man can slip his pants off later. And before you take it out, put your mouth on it right through the slacks and let your warm breath tease it.”

Kim dropped to her knees and straightened Steve’s cock with her hand from outside his slacks. When it was long and hard then she ran her mouth along the length of Steve’s cock breathing hot air over it. She undid his belt and button and dropped his pants to the floor. The she licked his cock right through his jockey shorts before pulling them down too. Steve stepped out of his pants and spread his legs a little further for balance.

Steve’s cock was a good size, not huge however he had a large perfectly shaped head and it was nice and pink from tip to base. His nuts were tight in his little sack.

“Some men are ticklish or funny about having their nuts touched until they get into the heat of passion. Hold my cock and push my pubic hair back toward my body so it doesn’t get caught up in your mouth. “

Kim pushed the hair back exposing more of the shaft.

“Give my cock s few long licks up the bottom from the base to the tip and then lash your tongue back and forth over the tip. Stop and tell me how beautiful my cock is and how much you like it and what you intend to do with it. Men like the dirty talk and they want to feel that you think their cock is something special.”

Kim held the cock by the base and worked her tongue up the shaft licked all around the head.

“I love your cock, it is the perfect size.” She licked and kissed it some more. I am going to lick and suck your cock until you beg me to let you cum. I am going to take you to the edge and when I know you can’t stand it anymore I am going to suck on your cock till it explodes in my mouth.”

“Yeah, you got the idea. Now, hold your teeth back and wrap your lips around my shaft, not too firmly. Now slide you mouth down to my base and back up. If you feel like it is too much in your mouth just go down as far as you’re comfortable. You can drag your tongue along the bottom sometimes as you do it. Remember, lighter pressure going down and more pressure sucking back toward the head. When you get to the top, go back and forth just on the tip a few times. A man is extra sensitive at the ridge just below the head and underneath the head. However, the whole head is sensitive.”

Kim was sucking the shaft and licking and sucking the head.

“Don’t forget to look up at me and make eye contact once in a while. Most men like that. Try not to block the view with you head all the time, men like to watch their cock get sucked.”

Kim looked up and smiled then went back to licking.

“Put your thumb and index or middle finger in a circle like this and with a light pressure work the shaft while lapping at the head with your tongue. Don’t push too hard with your tongue because a man can get numb sometimes and lose some feeling. Now hold the cock firmly from the base and cup your hands over the balls. Now stick your tongue way out and whip my cock back and forth over your tongue.”

Kim was doing exactly like Steve told her.

“Pay attention to cues from the man. When he moans or starts taking quick short breaths you are getting to him. When his breathing returns to normal or he touches your hair or face he is cooling down a bit.”

Just then Steve let out a small moan and took a fast breath.

“Oh yeah, that feels good. If you don’t change a thing you will make me cum very soon.”

Kim went back to sucking on the entire top half of the shaft and Steve caught his breath a little.

“Don’t play that game too much. Changing when a man is about to cum, once or twice is ok though. You can hold my ass with both hands now and gently take my balls in your mouth and suck on them or kiss them then go back to my cock.”

Kim put Steve’s balls in her mouth and rubbed them gently with her tongue before going back to his cock.

“Nibble with your lips on the base of my cock underneath it. The part that is still inside me just above my balls, a lot of people forget about that area.”

Kim could feel with her lips where the base of the shaft entered Steve’s body and she used her tongue and lips there while lightly going back and forth over the rim of his head with her fingers in a ring like Steve said. Steve started moaning again.

“I want your mouth back on my head now, your making me so horny.” Steve said breathily as he gasped for more air.

Kim stuck out her tongue and held it while she raked Steve’s cock back and forth over it and flicked and sucked on his head and repeated it. Steve was moaning more now. Kim massaged his balls with her left hand and moved his cock with her right. She looked up at his eyes as she rocked the head of his cock in and out of her mouth letting it push her cheeks on the left and right  and working it with her lips. His loins started to shake and she kept the motion going.

“Oh man, Oh man, ahhhh.” Steve’s beet red cock shivered and exploded sending cum everywhere including all over Kim’s face and hair.

“The head of a man’s cock is very sensitive to touch right after he shoots his load. It is nice if you give him a few kisses or licks or hold it in your mouth but be careful not to hit it with your teeth right away.” Steve said while catching his breath.

Kim gently sucked on the head of Steve’s cock.

“Cum does not taste terrible but I can’t believe some women actually like the taste of it.” Kim said making a funny face. “It is salty and smells like fish,” she added.

“I guess it is an acquired taste, don’t worry, most women do not lick up a man’s cum to clean him off.” Steve said going into the bathroom to get a towel. He brought one out for Kim to use also. Then he went back to wipe himself and clean up.

                  ***   ***

Kim slipped out of her clothes and heard Steve brushing his teeth before he came back for his oral lesson. She laughed to herself and climbed up on the bed.

“Wash your hands before you come out. Women are sensitive to bacteria and can get bladder infections from dirty hands.” Kim yelled into the bathroom.

“Okay,” she heard Steve say.

Steve looked at Kim on the bed and smiled.

“You have a nice body, real nice. You’re a beautiful woman.”

“That’s good Steve! You don’t just dive in and eat a woman. They like some romance first. Let’s assume you went through the basics and wooed me into bed. Some women like to lie on their backs when getting oral and some like to be in a doggie style position. I like both, so we can practice both with the time we save on romance.”

“Sounds good to me, you’re the teacher, where do I start?”

“Crawl up here between my legs and kiss my inner thighs real sensually while working your way up. You can slip your fingers in between my folds of skin and rub the outer rim of my hole while you kiss me. Don’t go for my clit right away, let me build up some anticipation. We have a lot of nerve endings in the folds themselves and you can lick and suck on them when you put your tongue on my pussy.”

Steve followed Kim instructions.

“Women are sensitive about how their pussy will smell and taste to a man. Make them think they smell and taste good. Start with a few long pussy licks nice and slow from just above my butt hole to the top. Just go around my clit and hood the first few times.”

Steve pushed Kim’s thighs a little further apart to keep her hair out of the way and allow better access. After his first lick he moaned a little.

“You have the sweetest most delicious pussy I have ever tasted.”

Steve went back for a few more licks and worked his lips and tongue up and down the labia folds tasting everything. Kim became very moist and moaned a little with delight.

“Don’t put your fingers in my hole too soon, but you can stick the end of your tongue in it and flick it like I did on the head of you cock.”

 Steve’s cock twitched and stiffened when Kim said that.

“Now don’t use your fingers yet but bring your tongue up under my hood and push around through the folds till you feel my clit. It will be hard and not squish when your tongue pushes on it. Suck my clit into your mouth and hold it there. Keep sucking on it like you want to do to my nipples and then start lashing it with your tongue mostly up and down.”

Kim moaned as Steve did this.

“Just like you told me with a man’s cock, pay attention to my body language and when something is working, don’t change what you’re doing. Some women cum easy and some can take 20 or more minutes so think of something to help you keep a rhythm.

Oh that feels good, you are making me horny. You could make me cum pretty fast if you just keep doing that but let’s try my other position.”

Kim reached down and touched Steve’s head and he released the clit from his mouth and withdrew his head. Kim rolled over and got up on her knees with her legs spread wide and put her head on a pillow.

“Rub my pussy with your index and middle finger so you can lubricate them then start massaging my clit in slow circles like you are rolling a marble around under your fingertips. Now stick your tongue in my hole and try to lick my insides while rubbing me.”

Steve was really getting turned on by this. His cock was throbbing and his passion was driving his tongue.

Kim moaned and said, “oh yeah, that feels good. Now stick one finger in my hole at gently massage the area inside that would be just below my clit but on the inside. Kind of like where my balls would be if my clit was a penis. Yeah right there, ah, not too hard.”


“Now it is time to lick and suck on my clit again like before. Stick your tongue out and gently clamp your teeth on it to hold it out easier. Lash it all around my clit. Yeah like that keep doing that. Okay now suck my clit back in your mouth and keep sucking while you tongue me. When I cum, I will be really sensitive like the tip of your cock after your blow job, Just flatten your tongue and lay it over my pussy till I tell you to stop. Rub your fingertips around the rim of my hole outside and in and assault my clit with your tongue.”

“Oh baby, yeah just like that. Keep it up and I will let you slide your cock into my hot juicy hole.”

Steve could feel himself wanting to get in her pussy and cum more than anything, his tongue and fingers went wild on Kim and heard her muffled screams of delight in the pillow and her thighs quivered and her pussy gushed. Steve slowly released her clit and plastered his tongue against her pussy while Kim moaned into the pillow.

“Give me that cock now. You made me want it so bad. Don’t tease me. I want to feel your whole cock in me and I want you pound me hard so you can make me cum again.”

Steve got up on his knees and easily slid his cock into her hot wet hole. He was pounding it into Kim with long hard thrusts. His balls were slapping against her pussy and he held her hips for balance. Kim’s muffled screams of delight drove Steve into a fucking frenzy. He knew he made her cum again and his cock exploded in her sending shivers all through his groin. He pushed it in right to the hilt and just held it there while all his juices drained. His heart was pumping fast as he continued to cum. He could feel both of their juices dripping on his balls and thighs. Kim was sighing into the pillow and Steve rested his head against her back.

“You’re a good teacher,” He said in a low trembling voice.

“You’re a good lover,” Kim responded still sighing with delight.


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